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La Opala RG Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1987 - The Company was originally incorporated as a Private Limited
Company under the name of La Opala Glass Private Ltd. on 11th
June, at Calcutta. The Company was subsequently converted into a
Public Limited Company and its name changed to La Opala Glass

- The Company was Promoted by Jhunjhunwala family, the main
promoter was Mr. Sushil Jhunjhunwala and his son Ajit
Jhunjhunwala. The company entered the crockery market and
introduced a wide range of opalware with a capacity of 688 tonnes
per annum at Madhupur, Bihar. The main object of the company is
to manufacture glass and glass products of all types.

1990 - The capacity of Oplware project was expanded from 688 TPA to
1,032 TPA.

- 96,150 shares issued at par.

1993 - 6,00,000 bonus shares issued.

1994 - The improved performance was attributed to better financial
management, reduced interest burden apart from better product-mix
and effective cost control.

- 7,50,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1995 - The company had set up a project for manufacture of 24% PBO lead
crystalware with an initial capacity of 1,500 Kgs. per day shall
be increased to 3,000 Kgs. per day from September at Madhupur,
Bihar in technical collaboration with Doosan Glass Company Ltd.,
South Korea.

- During February, the company offered 18,75,000 No. of equity
shares of Rs. 10 each of which 4,17,500 shares were offered at a
premium of Rs. 30 per share to the promoters, their friends and
relatives (all were taken up), 3,49,700 shares to NRIs, OCBs
(prem. Rs. 40 per share. All were taken up), 2,57,800 shares to
Indian Mutual Funds (prem. Rs. 40 per share. All were taken up),
6,200 shares to employees (prem. Rs. 30 per share, only 5,000
shares were taken up).

- Remaining 8,43,800 shares to the public (prem. Rs. 30 per share.
All were taken up including unsubscribed portion from employees

1996 - The overall performance of the company was improved despite very
difficult and competitive circumstances.


-La Opala RG Members approve Commencement of Electrical Power Business


-La Opala RG has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1


- La Opala Rg Limited has appointed Mrs. Nidhi Jhunjhunwala as an Additional Director of the Board of Directors of La Opala RG Ltd with effect from May 20, 2010 and subsequently she has been appointed as a Wholetime Director with effect from May 20, 2010 subject to approval in the ensuing Annual General Meeting.


-The company have recommended a Dividend of Rs. 1.50 Per Share (@ 15%)

-Award the status of One Star Trading House

-Awarded with Capexil Award.


-The Company has proposed dividend @ 20%(Rs.2 per share).

-Winner of the Udyog Ratna Award.

-Winner of Superbrand Award.

-R & T Agent of the Company has been changed from MCS Ltd to Maheshwari Datamatics (P) Ltd.
-La Opala RG Ltd have recommended a Dividend of Rs. 3.50 Per Share.

-La Opala RG Ltd has recommended the payment of dividend @ 50%, i.e. Rs. 5/-.
-La Opala RG has splits its face value from Rs 10/- to 2/-

-Commencement of Commercial Production of expansion of Sitarganj Unit