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Trent Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1952 - The Company was incorporated on 5th December, at Mumbai. It
manufactures cosmetics, perfumery, toilet preparations, basic
drugs, drug intermediates and formulations thereof.

1978 - 20,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 4:5.

1981 - 36,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 4:5.

1982 - The Tata Oil Mills Co. Ltd., offered for sale 4,17,000 No. of
equity shares of Rs 10 each of the Company at a premium of Rs 10
per share.

- 5,00,000 shares of Rs 10 each then issued (prem. Rs 10 per share)
of which 40,000 shares reserved for preferential allotment to the
employees/business associates of the Company. The balance
4,60,000 shares (along with reserved quota not taken up if any)
offered for public subscription during December.

1985 - In May/June, in order to augment the long-term resources for
working capital requirements, the Company issued 15%
non-convertible secured debentures of Rs 100 each of the
aggregate value of Rs 1.25 crores on `Rights basis' in the
proportion of one debenture for every 10 equity shares held.
These debentures are redeemable at a premium of Rs 5 per share on
the expiry of seven years from the date of allotment.

- The Company received separate industrial licence for the
manufacture and exports of various types of medical equipment
from Kandla Free Trade Zone.

- Application was also made for conversion of the letter of intent
into Industrial Licence in respect of the project for the
manufacture of pharmaceutical formulations.

- 5,24,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 2:5 in March 1986.

1986 - Two separate undertakings were established for the manufacture of
medical equipments and pharmaceutical formulations respectively
at the Kandla Free Trade Zone.

- The Company issued 2,75,000-13.5% secured redeemable convertible
debentures of Rs 100 each as follows: (i) 2,62,000 debentures to
the existing equity shares holders on rights basis in the ratio
of 1 debenture for 7 equity shares held and (ii) 13,000
debentures to the employees/workers on equitable basis.

- Out of the employees' quota only 7,690 debentures were taken up
and the balance 5,310 debentures were allowed to lapse. Thus a
total of 2,69,690 debentures were allotted.

- A portion of Rs 25 of each debenture was compulsorily converted
into 1 equity share of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 15 on the
expiry of 1 year from the date of allotment. The remaining
portion of Rs 75 of each debenture, after conversion, would be
redeemed at par at the end of 7 years from the date of allotment.

1988 - The cosmetics division launched two new products which were well
received in the market.

- The Company's industrial undertakings at Kandla Free Trade Zone
(KAFTZ) Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujarat, engaged exclusively in
exports, was sold as a going concern to the Company's wholly
owned subsidiary `Lakme Exports Ltd.' Lakme Exports Ltd., were
also to take over the services of all employees at KAFTZ.

1989 - 10,04,437 No. of equity shares issued (prem. Rs 75 per share) as
rights and to employees. Another 1,04,500 No. of equity shares
of Rs 10 each allotted as fully paid up to the shareholders of
Bruel Investments Ltd.

1991 - The Company has initiated steps to enhance its exports to general
currency area. The Pharmaceuticals division continued to be
affected by high cost of raw materials without any commensurate
increase in the selling prices.

- The Breul Investments Ltd. has become a subsidiary of the

1992 - Breul Investments Ltd. was amalgamated with the Company with
effect from 1st April. As per the terms of scheme 1,04,500 No.
of equity shares of Rs 10 each of the Company were allotted to
the shareholders of BIL in the portion of 55 No. of equity shares
of the Company for each share held in BIL.

1994 - The new products introduced by the Cosmetics divisions viz.,
"Ultra" and the "Orchids" ranges in colour cosmetics fields were
well received in the market.

- With a view to focus and concentrate on the core business of
cosmetics and personal care products and ensure growth of pharm
business, the Company decided to restructure the business by
selling the pharmaceutical division called the Tata Pharma to a
proposed new Company called "Tata Pharma Pvt. Ltd."

- Miaami Pharma & Chemicals Ltd. (MPCL), was merged with Lakme Ltd.
effective 1st January, as per the scheme approved by BIFR. On
9.12.1994, the shareholders of erstwhile MPCL were allotted one
equity share of each of Lakme Ltd., for every 45 shares held by
them in MPCL. Accordingly, 1,09,333 shares were allotted.

1995 - A new product range `Elle 18' as well as several new products and
variants were introduced during the year and were very well
received in the market.

- The company formed a joint venture, Lakme Lever Ltd., with
Hindustan Lever Ltd., to which the Company has transferred its
sales and marketing of cosmetic operations.

- 67,10,707 Bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1.

1996 - On 1st January, the Company has formed a subsidiary, Lakme Brands
Ltd. to acquire all the trade marks, technology, R&D
infrastructure and brands of the parent Company.

1999 - Name changed to Trent Ltd. with effect from 28-06-1999.

2000 - Lakme has introduced a new range of Lakme Pure Radiance Blusher.

-Trent Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 1:10


-Trent Ltd has entered into an Agreement with The Xander Group Inc., a global private equity firm.

-The company has issued rights in the ratio of 1:5 at a premium of Rs.490/-Per Share.


- Trent Ltd has appointed Mr. Mehernosh M. Surti as Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of Trent Limited w.e.f. April 01, 2009 in place of Mrs. H. R. Wadia.


- Trent Ltd has appointed Mr. Zubin S. Dubash as an Additional Director of the Company with effect from April 26, 2010.

- Trent Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors vide Circular Resolution dated August 18, 2010, has appointed Mr. Noel N. Tata as an Additional Director of the Company w.e.f. August 19, 2010. Mr. Tata would be the Company's non-executive Vice Chairman.

- Trent Ltd has appointed Mr. Bhaskar Bhat as an Additional Director of the Company w.e.f. September 27, 2010.

-Trent Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 4:9


-The Company has entered into an MOU with the Inditex Group to develop and promote Massimo Dutti stores in India

-Company Recommended payment of Dividend @ 75% i.e. Rs. 7.50 per Equity Share of Rs. 10/- each.

-Mr. Simon Susman as an Additional Director of the Company.


-The Board of Directors have appointed Mr. Bahram N. Vakil as a Additional Director of the Company.

-Company recommended payment of dividend @ 65% i.e. Rs. 6.50 per Equity Share of Rs. 10/- each.


- Company recommended payment of dividend @ 70% to its Shareholders during the year

- The Board of Directors of the Company approved a Scheme of Amalgamation and Arrangement (‘The Scheme’) between Landmark Limited, Fiora Link Road Properties Limited and Trexa ADMC Private Limited with the Company.


-Trent's westside opens stores at 'Sun City' Jodhpur, 5th Store at Bengaluru, 9th store in Borivali and 5th Store in Chennai during the year.

-One of India’s largest and fastest growing chain of retail stores,Trent's Westside announced the launch of private label teen fashion brand ‘Y&F ' Young and Free’

- Mr. N. N. Tata Vice Chairman, has taken over as the Chairman of the Board of Directors w.e.f. March 31, 2014.

- Trent Ltd has appointed Mr. Harish R. Bhat as Director of the Company.

- Recommends dividend at 70% to the Shareholders of the Company.