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Uniphos Enterprises Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1969 - The Company was Established on 29th May, under the name and style
of United Phosphorous Pvt. Ltd. and was converted into a Limited
Company on 3rd February, 1986 by issuing shares to the public.
The company is promoted by Mr. R.D. Shroff. The Company
manufacture of red & white phosphorous, organic mercury compounds
and pesticides.

- The Company's main plant producing red phosphorous and other
compounds is located at Vapi, and white phosphorous and
phosphoric acid is located in the GIDC Industrial Estate at
Ankleshwar in Gujarat State.

1979 - 15,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1 during 1974.

1981 - With effect from 1st January, Shroffs Industrial Chemicals Pvt.
Ltd. was amalgamated with the Company.

1982 - 5,000 shares allotted without payment in cash to members of
Shroffs Industrial Chemical Pvt. Ltd. on its merger.

1984 - 15,000 shares issued at par.

1985 - Shares subdivided. 1,00,000 shares of Rs 10 each then issued at

1986 - With the public issue of equity shares during May, the Company
also issued 2,50,000-13 1/2% secured redeemable convertible
debentures of Rs 100 each. Out of this, the following debentures
were reserved and allotted: (i) 12,500 debentures to employees
(including Indian working directors)/workers of the Company (only
3,320 debentures taken up) and (iii) 5,000 debentures to business
associates of the Company.

- Another 1,00,000 debentures were reserved and allotted on a
preferential basis to non-resident Indians with repatriation
rights. The balance 1,32,500 debentures, along with unsubscribed
portion of 9,180 debentures out of the employees quota, were
offered for public subscription.

- The convertible portion of Rs 30 per debenture was to be
converted into 3 equity shares of Rs 10 each at par fully paid-up
on 1st July, 1998.

- The non-convertible portion of Rs 70 per debenture is redeemable
at par at the expiry of 7th, 8th and 9th years from the date of
allotment by drawing lots. Accordingly 7,50,000 No. of equity
shares were allotted in 1998-89. The Company issued equity
shares and debentures to the public.

- 15,00,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 5:2 during March-April
7,00,000 shares then issued at par out of which the following
shares were reserved and allotted on a preferential basis.
35,000 shares to the Company's employees (including Indian
working directors/workers), 14,000 shares to business associates
and 2,80,000 shares to non-resident Indians on a repatriation
basis. The balance 3,71,000 shares were offered for public
subscription during May 1986.

1990 - The Company privately placed with Canbank Mutual Fund
2,50,000-14% secured redeemable non-convertible debentures of Rs
10 each. These debentures are redeemable at a premium of 5% on
12th January, 1997.

1991 - The Company introduced a few new agro chemicals in the market.

- The Company undertook various new projects to increase the
production capacity of some of its products. A new plant for the
manufacture of monocrotophos and related pesticides was installed
and commissioned for production. A new furnace for the
manufacture of white phosphorus with a capacity of 2500 tonnes
per annum was installed.

- The company had set up a plant for the manufacture of phenyl
glycin chloride hydrochloride, a pharmaceutical inmediate.

1992 - The name of the company was changed to Uniphos Limited from
November 25, 1992. Subsequently, the name of the company has
been changed to United Phosphorus Limited from March 30, 1993.

- In July, the Company issued by private placement 5,00,000-18.5%
secured redeemable non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each.
These debentures are redeemable at a premium of 5% on 27th July,

1993 - The Company was reported to have been permitted to manufacture
phosgene and its derivatives in India.

- The Company issued 35,50,000-17% secured redeemable partly
convertible debentures of Rs 200 each on rights basis in the
proportion of 1 debenture: 2 equity shares held.

- Another 1,77,500-17% secured redeemable partly convertible
debentures each were to be issued to employees and overseas
corporate bodies on private placement basis.

- Part A of Rs 100 of each debenture was to be converted into 1
equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 90 per share on
the date of allotment of debentures.

- Part B of Rs 100 of each debentures was to be redeemed at par in
four equal instalments on the expiry of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th
years from the date of allotment.

1994 - The Company introduced Paraquat, a fourth generation herbicide.
Also, a project to manufacture Mancozeb was a fungicide
implemented in the Ankleshwar plant.

- As a part of backward integration, the Company commissioned a
plant for manufacture of D V Ester an important raw material for
manufacture of Cypermethrin Rorring export potential.

- During the year, as a part of forward integration programme, the
Company undertook to instal a project to manufacture an important
organo phosphorus insecticide based on an intermediate of the

- The Company undertook programme for installation of new plants to
manufacture new range of pesticides/intermediates having wide
range of applications in paddy, tea, rubber etc.

- On 3rd January, promoters were issued 18,00,000 Warrants. These
were converted into equity shares on exercising by warrantholder
in March.

- Inventa Corporation, Search Chem Industries Ltd., Bio-Win
Corporation Ltd., United Phosphorus (Zambia) Ltd., United
Phosphorus (UK) Ltd., are all subsidiaries of the Company.

- 51,86,835 No. of equity shares representing GDRs issued.

1995 - The Company expanded the capacities of pesticides, Formulations
and Aluminium phosphide. The Company launched two agrochemicals
viz., Acephate and Phorate which has very good domestic and
global demand.

- On 15th December, 1,22,87,135 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1996 - As a part of diversification activity, the Company undertook to
set up a state of art integrated Caustic Chlorine plant and value
added speciality chemical complex at Jhagadia, Gujarat.

- 200 bonus shares kept in abeyance were allotted. 200 shares
allotted on conversion of 17% secured redeemable convertible

- Crisil has downgraded its rating assigned to the Rs 28-crore NCD programme
from `A' to `BBB' and fixed deposit programme from `FA+' to `FA-'.


-Demuric Holdings Pvt. Ltd. intends to acquire 37,87,967 shares of the company inter
se on or after 13th March at market price.


-United Phosphorus acquires 25% stake in Midland Furnigant and 50% stake in Kaw valley.

-Acquires US chemicals giant Dow AgroSciences' oryzalin herbicide business, including the Surflan herbicide and all Surflan-based pre-mixes, globally for $21.3 million (Rs 100 crore).

-United Phosphorus enters into an agreement with M/s BASF, whereby the business
of Aciflorfen compound will be acquired by the company.

-United Phosphorus obtains exclusive marketing rights for a product from India's Controller General of patents, and has become the first company of its kind to receive the
marketing right.

-Manufacturing division of United Phosphorus Ltd. was transferred to Search Chem Industries Ltd. and the name of Search Chem Industries Ltd. was changed to United Phosphorus Ltd. after the transfer of manufacturing division. The name of United Phosphorus Ltd. was changed to Uniphos Enterprises Ltd. after the transfer ot manufacturing division

-1. The following directors submitted their resignation from the company:

Dr P V Krishna
Mr Kalyan Benerjee
Dr Anil Bhatt
Dr Reena Ramchandran

2. Shri M B Trivedi resigned as Company Secretary of the company
3. Shri K M Thacker was appointed as Company Secretary of the company.

-The company got the Exclusive Marketing Rights for its fungicide brand 'SAAF'


-The equity shares of the Company voluntarily delisted from the Stock Exchange - Ahmedabad (ASE) w.e.f. March 31, 2005.


-Uniphos Enterprises designated e-mail ID of the grievance redressel division for the purpose of registering complaints by the investors. : uel.investors@uniphos.com.

-Uniphos Enterprises has announced Rights in the Ratio of 173:100