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Zenith Exports Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

ZEL was incorporated on July 23, 1981, with the objective of taking over the partnership business of Zenith Enterprises (Zenith), a family partnership concern promoted by Shri B.R. Loyalka in 1969. Zenith's initial activities were mainly confined to hire purchase financing of
vehicles. It started export of industrial hand gloves made from leather in 1975 when Shri Loyalka's three sons joined the family business. The firm started export of silk fabrics in 1977. The firm's business activities, which were modest (Rs.10-12 lakhs) in the initial years, started picking up in 1981, when it was taken over by ZEL. ZEL has
since become a recognised export trading house engaged in the manufacture/export of leather goods such as industrial leather hand gloves, wallets, etc., silk fabrics and silk made-ups.

The company is engaged in manufacture and exports of industrial leather hand gloves and handloom silk fabrics as well as silk made-ups. The company has facilities for manufacture of leather hand gloves and other leather articles at two units located in Calcutta. In addition, ZEL
has arrangements with a large number of silk weavers located in and around Bhagalpur, Varanasi and Bangalore for manufacture of silk fabrics on job-work basis.

Main objects to be pursued by the Company on its incorporation:
1 To become vested with and continue the partnership business now being carried on under the name and style of M/s.ZENITH ENTERPRISES including all its assets, rights, benefits, titles, interest, approvals, Registrations, permits, facilities, concessions, sanctions, privileges,
licences, debts liabilities, and obligations and the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto in the said partnership business and in connection therewith.

2 To carry on business as traders, exporters, agents, representatives, dealers, producers, stockists, importers or distributors of industrial, commercial, agricultural, scientific, household, domestic, farm and forest products/ goods, plants, machineries, equipments, apparatus, gadgets, appliances, accessories, spare parts or other merchandise
including tea, coffee, jute and jute goods, textiles, cotton, yarn, wool and woollen goods, handicrafts, piece of arts, jewellery, ornaments, steel, plastic, rubber, chemicals, engineering goods, minerals, electronic, musical and sports goods, cloth, dresses, garments, transport vehicles, food products, live stocks, books, reading and educative materials, paper and paper products.

3 To carry on business of hire purchase of all kinds and description of vehicles, mopeds, appliances, installation, fittings, machinery and office equipments.

2002- Zenith Exports Ltd has informed that Mr Debabrata Lahiri, Non-Executive Independent Director has resigned from the Board.

-Zenith Exports Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors in their meeting held on July 30, 2002 has appointed Mr Pramod Patwari, Finance Controller & Secretary of the Company as Compliance Officer.


-Zenith Exports Ltd. has informed that the shares of the company have been delisted from the Stock Exchange Ahmedabad w.e.f. December 08, 2003.


-Delists equity shares from The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd (CSE) with effect from April 25, 2005.


- Zenith Exports Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on July 31, 2008, has appointed Mr. Shyamal Bhattacharjee as an Additional Director of the Company with immediate effect.


- Zenith Exports Limited has appointed Mr. Mangi Lal Jain as an Additional Director of the Company by passing Board Resolution dated April 30, 2010.

- Zenith Exports Ltd has appointed Mr. Mangi Lal Jain as an Additional Director of the Company by passing Board resolution dt. April 30, 2010.