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20 Microns Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

The Company was incorporated and registered under the Companies Act, 1956 as a
Private Limited Company vide Certificate of Incorporation No. 9768 of 1987 on 29th
June, 1987 at Ahmedabad & subsequently, it became a Public Limited Company on
17th January, 1994. The Company which was promoted by Mr. Bhanubhai B. Patel,
Mr. Anant K. Kamdar & Mr. Chandresh S. Parikh, was a Pioneer in the Mineral Industry
and has established itself as one of the top five Mineral manufacturers in India.

Since the concept of micronization was totally new and revolutionizing in the Indian
market and the introductory product from the Company was of a 20 Micron particle
size, the name sounded quite unique and substantially relevant to the Industry. This is
how the Company was named and is now a major brand recognized in the industries
we serve.

Mr. Chandresh S. Parikh, with his innovative insight, business acumen and farsightedness
and with the active support of Mr. Bhanubhai B. Patel and Mr. B. B. Parikh, ventured to
start this Mineral Processing Company. He was supported by Mr. Bhanubhai B. Patel who
has wide experience in Paints industry, Mr. Anant K. Kamdar and Mr. B. B. Parikh who was
a marketing Director (Mr. B.B. Parikh disassociated himself from the Company during the
year 2003).

The Company commenced its Commercial Operations on 04.10.1988 by setting an industrial
unit at WAGHODIA, Gujarat with an annual Capacity of 2,400 MT.

With a view to meeting with increasing demand of Micronized Minerals and focusing
attention for carrying on the same business, separate legal entities as named below were
incorporated by separate group of Promoters in complete co-ordination and leadership of
Mr. Chandresh S. Parikh.

Sr. No. Name of the Company Incorporated on

1. Hi-tech Minerals Private Limited February 12, 1990
2. Fi-Microns & Minerals Private limited March 09, 1992
3. Aric Industrial Products Private Limited June 20, 1988
4. United Microns Private Limited January 25, 1988
5. Fi-Minerals Private Limited September 06, 1996

Subsequently, realizing the importance and rationale of Amalgamation such as:

i) To achieve economies on large scale, Synergy of operations and optimization
of costs,

ii) To lead to a greater economy and efficiency by sharing rather than duplicating productions,
distributions, marketing, research, management services, and facilities.

iii) To combine resources of all the companies would be better utilized for the purpose of
future growth and development.

All the above companies were amalgamated with 20ML, upon completion of all legal formalities,
including obtaining High Courts’ Orders of the respective States in that behalf. The entire process
of amalgamation was completed during 1998 and 2002.

This has helped the Company to become a Flagship Company and a conglomerate. 20 ML also
became a multi-locational Company with an annual capacity of 90,400 metric tonnes and paid-up
share capital of Rs. 1244 Lacs. The manufacturing operations are carried on at Waghodia, Vadadla
& Bhuj in Gujarat; Alwar, Swaroopgunj & Udaipur in Rajasthan and Hosur & Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu.
The manufacturing activities at Bhuj are being carried on by Wet Process and to facilitate operations
of the said unit, imported Cryogenic Magnetic Separator was installed thereat. This has brought
about maximization of yield and better returns. The Company had also obtained mining leases at
Chhotaudaipur & Mamuara in Gujarat for Dolomite and China Clay, respectively; Moras in Rajasthan
for Calcite and Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu for Lime Stone. The Company has a wide spread Marketing
set-up with the Offices at Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Vadodara.

The Products of the Company have been widely accepted in different industries like Paints, Paper,
Plastics, Cement, Rubber, Ceramics, etc. The sales turnover for FY 07 increased to Rs. 8,741 Lacs
from Rs 6749 Lacs in FY 06. This increase was mainly due to effective marketing of value added
products & increase in consumption by Plastics, Extrusions, Petrochemicals & paper industries
across the Country. This growing industry has helped the mineral industry to grow at the same rate.
The focus on higher capacity utilization at all manufacturing locations and identification of high-value
products has also added to higher turnover.

The Company has well equipped Research and Development Center (R&D Center) located at village
Vadadla, Dist-Vadodara, Gujarat is a well equipped unit possessing all adequate facilities to carryout
well diversified R&D work pertaining to the minerals and their application in different fields. The
center's activities are always aimed at achieving the Company's objective to be globally competitive
by way of product innovation, up-gradation of technology and continuous improvement in quality of
the finished goods. The Company has a customer oriented approach and the R & D Centre lines up
its activities to cater to their needs. The R & D Centre is working on its own without the support of any
outside agency and has developed various mineral based Value Added Products & Speciality Chemicals.

During the year ended 31.03.2008, the Company’s turnover amounted to Rs. 11,469 Lacs, including
Exports turnover of Rs. 1,162 Lacs & net profit of Rs. 459 Lacs. Despite adverse effects due to
devastating Earthquake in Bhuj in the year 2001 and it’s after shocks, the Company came out
successfully from those ill-effects and made a remarkable turnaround.

Major Achievements

Year Achievement

1988 Ventured into Micronised Minerals for Paints

1989 Plastindia generated inroads into plastic market

1990 Investment in expanding the Micronising process and R&D facilities

1991 Expansion of production capacity to 17,000 TPA at Waghodia (Gujarat)

1992 Acquired Dolomite Mines (Lease) at Chotta Udaipur (Gujarat)

1992 Implementation of total quality management TQM.

1994 Production capacity increased by 17,000 TPA at WAGHODIA (Gujarat).

1994 Acquired the mining lease of China Clay in Kutch district

1994 R&D division becomes a separate entity itself

1995 New Unit installed at Vadadla (Gujarat) with 18,000 TPA capacity

1996 Acquired the mining lease of Dolomite in Chotta Udaipur in Gujarat

1997 Planned - China Clay project at Bhuj (Gujarat) - Green field Project

1997 Acquired Mining Lease for China Clay at Mamuara, Kutch (Gujarat)

1998 Further acquired Mining Lease of Calcite in Sirohi District of Rajasthan

1998 Ordered first of its kind Cryogenic Super Conducting Magnetic Separator
for Kaolin project at Bhuj (Gujarat)

1998 Accepted Venture Fund participation for the growth of the Company

1999 Introduced Value Added products for Pigments replacement

2001 Installed Plant Of 6000 TPA Capacity At Alwar (Rajasthan)

1997 2001 Bhuj Plant of China Clay affected by Natural Calamity Earthquake

2004 China Clay Production planned at Tirunelveli

2005 Acquired Land at Tirunelveli and implementation started at T’velli for
China Clay in South

2006 Plant Capacities at all locations achieved at + 85%


-20 Microns Ltd (TML), has fixed price band of its initial public offer (IPO) at between Rs 50-55 per equity share.
- 20 Microns Ltd has appointed Mr. Atil C Parikh as an Additional Director on the Board of the Company.


- 20 Microns Ltd has appointed :
1. Mihir Joshi as the GVEL Nominee Director
2. Mr. Atul Patel as an Additional - Independent Director, on the Board of the Company.

- 20 Microns Ltd has recommendation of dividend @ 10% i.e. Rs. 1 per Equity Share.

- 20 Microns has own ISSPA Excellence Awards for the year 2011.

- Board has recommended a Dividend @ 18% i.e. Rs. 1.80/- per equity share.

-Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 5
-20 Microns has splits its face value from Rs 10/- to 5/-

- 20 Microns appointment of Dr. Ajay Ranka as an Additional Director of the Company.