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Dunlop India Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1926 - The Company was Incorporated at Calcutta.

- The Company opened its first factory at Sahaganj in 1936 and it
pioneered the manufacture of a number of products such as
automobile and aeroplane tyres, cycle tyres and rims and
pneumatic tyres for the bullock carts.

- The Company's object is to manufacture rubber goods of all
descriptions and other items related thereto.

1952 - The Company commenced production of Dunlop foam cushioning.
Manufacture of transmission belting and Vee belts was also
started. Conveyor belting and long length braided hose were
added to the range later on.

1965 - 20,00,000 bonus equity shares issued in the prop. 1:3.


-Dunlop inks pact with Apollo to Revive TN unit

1966 - In December, 20,00,000 bonus equity shares issued in the prop.

1972 - On 18th August, 10,00,000 right equity shares issued in the prop.
1:10 at a prem. of Rs.11 per share.

1976 - 36,66,667 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:3.

1977 - 3,30,000 No. of equity shares issued to LIC, ICICI, UTI, GIC and
its subsidiaries in the ratio of their commitment to subscribe to
the company's debenture stock and in lieu of their option to
convert any part of these debentures into shares.

1979 - India Tyre & Rubber Co. (India) Ltd. with an issued and paid-up
capital of 1,40,000 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each became a
wholly owned subsidiary of the Company with effect from 16th

1983 - 39,86,340 No. of equity shares issued in part conversion of 13.5%
(4,00,000 deb. of Rs.300 each) secured convertible debentures.

1984 - The Company issued 15% non-convertible debentures of Rs.10 crores
The allotment was made on 16th November. The said debentures
fall due for redemption on 15th November, 1991. Financial
Institutions holding 8,11,824 debentures consented for deferment
of redemption of the said debentures.

- The balance 1,88,176 debentures were redeemed. Unclaimed
debentures at the end of the period amounted to Rs.0.48 crores.

- 6,190 No. of equity shares issued in part conversion of 13.5%
debs. (remaining 747 debs. forfeited).

1986 - The company also took up in hand a project for augmenting the fan
and vee belt production capacity in collaboration with Mitsubishi
Belting, Ltd., Japan.

- The steel cord conveyor belting plant which was set up with the
assistance of BTR Belting, Ltd., U.K. was commissioned.

1987 - New service centres and Dunlop points were opened to further
strengthen the Company's distribution network.

- DIL properties Pvt. Ltd. became a subsidiary of the Company and
DIL Finance Pvt. Ltd. incorporated during the year was made a
subsidiary of the DIL Properties Pvt. Ltd. Dunlop Industrial
Finance Ltd. and Sahaganj Industrial Finance Ltd. became
subsidiaries of the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, the India
Tyres and Rubber Co. (India), Ltd., Dunlop Finance Company Pvt.
Ltd. and Dunlop Investment Pvt. Ltd. are also subsidiaries of the

- The Company made necessary applications for approval for the
conversion of preference share capital into 14% secured
non-convertible bonds.

- 100 No. of equity shares issued in part conversion of 13.5%

1988 - The overall working was affected by a 97 days strike at the
Sahaganj factory from 1st August to 5th November. A 4.3 KVA
generator was imported from Sulzer, Poland and installed at the
factory. Also, a new set of imported radial tyre making machines
were installed to double its production.

- Some of the new products introduced were the new range of truck
tyres, lug tyres for light commercial vehicles and tyres for two
wheelers under the brand name 'Spectra-wide'. The Company
developed a 2,400 mm wide steel cord belting of very high
strength, to be supplied to Neyveli Lignite Corporation.

- Approvals from High court, Calcutta, was received. The Company
Law Board, however preferred an appeal against the High Court's
Order. The Company hence made an appeal to the Supreme Court.
The Company's appeal was turned down by the Supreme Court and the
preference shares and second cumulative preference shares were
redeemed on 14.6.1993.

- The Company proposed to issue 94,94,649 - zero interest secured
redeemable partly convertible debentures of Rs.200 each.

- Part A of Rs.40 of the face value of each debenture was to be
converted into 1 equity share of Rs.10 each at a prem. of Rs.30
per share on allotment of debentures.

- Part B of Rs.160 of the face value of each debenture was to be
redeemed at Rs.30, Rs.30, Rs.30, Rs.30 on 30th September 1996 to
30th September 1999 respectively.

- Dunlop Rim & Wheel Co. Ltd., U.K. the holding Company holds
75,15,229 No. of equity shares of the Company.

- The 8% Cumulative Preference shares are unconditionally
guaranteed as to repayment of capital and divided by the holding
Company, 'Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd.' England.

1990 - A new truck tyre 'X 100' was introduced in the market.

- An application was made to Government for setting up a third tyre
factory in Maharashtra which would be utilised for the
manufacture of All Steel Radial Truck Tyres.

- The Company decided to issue 30,00,000 - 14% non-convertible
debentures of Rs.100 each on private placement to financial
institutions and banks of which 3,00,000 debentures were issued.

1991 - The Company allotted 7,00,000 - 14% secured non-convertible
debentures of Rs.100 each to financial institutions on private
placement basis. These are redeemable during the period

1992 - The debentures held by Financial institutions and Army group
extended the period of redemption by three years effective 15th
November, 1993.

1994 - Some new items were introduced in the aero tyre as well as in
belting areas. Two new brands viz. 'Glider' textile belted car
radial tyre and 'Mahaan' a heavier rear wheel tractor tyre were
well received in the market.

- The Company undertook a focussed efforts towards reorganising and
restructuring at its two factories viz. Sahaganj and Ambattur.

- The Company proposed to set up a third factory in the joint
sector to manufacture steel radial tyres at the Salvi Industrial
Estate, Baroda. A MOU was signed with GIIC, for the said project

1995 - In addition to capacity upgradation at its Sahaganj factory, the
company undertook to set up a huge integrated hose manufacturing
facilities in Mysore, Karnataka with the state-of-the-art
equipment got from Germany & UK.

- The Company entered into a technology tie up with Sumitomo Rubber
Industries, Japan (SRI) Mitsubishi Belting Ltd., Japan & BTR,

- The following foreign collaboration agreements were entered into:

- (i) with Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Japan for a renewed tyre
design and production know-how,

- (ii) With Dunlop, Ltd., U.K. for technology in aviation tyres and

- (iii) with Mitsubishi Belting, Ltd., Japan for power transmission

- The Honourable high court sanctioned a scheme of amalgamation of
DIL properties Ltd., Sahaganj Industrial Finance Ltd., DIL
Finance Ltd. & Dunlop Finance Co. Ltd. with Shaw Wallace
Properties Ltd.

- The Company was setting up a joint sector project at Haldia to
manufacture Carbon Black. A memorandum of understanding was
signed with WBIDC.

- An application of the Company was also pending with Govt. for the
manufacture of Nylon '6' Industrial Yarn/Tyre Cord and fabric in
a backward area in Orissa.

- The Company launched a joint venture with Gujarat Industrial
Investment Corporation Ltd. (GIIC) for a steel radial tyre
project at Savli Industrial Estate at Baroda. The project to be
in two phases targets 2.4 million steel radial tyres p.a.
covering major categories such as car tyres, truck tyres and

- The Company proposed to participate in a joint venture of the
Jumbo Group at Dubai along with local Investment Corporation to
manufacture high performance steel radial tyres for passenger and
high commercial vehicles.

- The company was directed by Honourable Supreme Court to install
pollution control measures at the said factory. Since it could
not be commissioned in time, the operations of the factory were
suspended during June & upto mid July 1996.

1996 - The Company introduced several new speciality tyres such as 18 PR
Mahan Heavy Duty Lug Tyres which already in the first few months
of launch captured a 20% market share in the heavy duty segment
of the domestic tyre industry.

- The Company was embarking on a modernisation-cum-expansion
programme at its existing plants at Sahaganj and Ambattur. The
company was also setting up a factility for the manufacture of
state-of-the-art high pressure hoses at Mysore which was
expected to commence production during 1998-99.

2001-:Dunlop India Ltd, the Manu Chhabria-owned tyre company, has filed a writ petition in the Calcutta High Court challenging the order of the Appellate Authority for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (AAIFR).

-Dunlop India Ltd has appointed Mr Mohan Lall as a Director of the Company w.e.f. October 31, 2006.


-Dunlop forges alliance with STC for raw material supplies.

-Dunlop India Ltd has appointed M/s. K N Gutgutia & Co., Chartered Accountants as the Statutory Auditors of the Company.

-Dunlop India Ltd has appointed Mr. Pratap Shanker Trivedi as an Additional Director of the Company w.e.f. May 12, 2007.


- Dunlop India Ltd has informed that the following changes taken place in the composition of the Board of Directors of the Company:
- Mr. Ravi Chachra has been appointed as an Additional Director of the Company w.e.f. January 28, 2008.