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Hind Rectifiers Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1958 - The Company was Incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 25th
April and converted into Public Limited Company on 11th May 1961.
The Company manufactures and deals in all kind of rectifier
apparatus, elements, other types of electrical apparatus or
devices, machinery, equipment and goods.

1959 - Issued 1,000 shares to Kaycee Industries, Ltd., without payment
in cash and 4,000 shares to directors etc.

1962 - Agreement was signed with the collaborators for the technical
know-how of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, U.S.A., in regard
to semi-conductors in the form of diodes, transistors, etc.

- Shares subdivided in April 1962. 2,00,000 shares issued at par:
50,000 shares offered as Rights in prop. 1:1; 30,000 shares
reserved and allotted to the foreign collaborators without
payment in cash and 1,20,000 shares offered to the public during
June 1962.

1965 - Shares allotted to collaborators: 8,457 shares in 1965, 10,793
shares in 1966, 26,750 shares in 1968 and 4,000 shares in

1970 - The application made to Government for the approval of the
collaboration agreement with Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co.
Ltd., U.K. (WBS), was revised to cover specific sophisticated
equipment and devices for the manufacture of which the
collaborators' assistance was essential. In 1980 Approval of
Government for the collaboration was received.

1979 - The Company received a letter of intent for setting up a new
industrial unit at Satpur MIDC Area in Nasik (Maharashtra) for
the manufacture of (i) 10,00,000 nos. per annum of diodes, (ii)
5,00,000 nos. per annum of thyristors, (iii) 2,50,000 nos. per
annum of triacs and (iv) 1,00,000 nos. per annum of power

1989 - 2,09,580 rights equity shares offered at par in the ratio 7:10.
Only 1,95,531 shares taken up.

1994 - The Company signed a technical agreement with Electric Research
& Development Centre, Kerala for manufacturing transistorised
PWM AC Drives. Another technical agreement with FRIEM S.P.A.,
Italy for high current water cooled rectifiers for
electro-chemical and electro-metallurgical applications.

- The Company signed MOU with powersem, GmbH, Germany for Isopack

1995 - Effective 1st April, Supreme Powertronics Private Ltd. was merged
with the company.

- 12,800 shares issued to the shareholders of erstwhile Supreme
Powertronics Pvt. Ltd. in ratio of 1:25.

- 4,95,531 bonus shares allotted in prop. 1:1.

1997 - The Turnover and margins were affected due to slowdown in the
economy and the tight money market.


-Hind Rectifiers has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:2


- The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs2/-.


-The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:1.


- Hind Rectifiers Limited has appointed Mr. A.K. Nemani, Vice President (Finance) as new Compliance Officer of the Company.


-Hind Rectifiers has recommended a dividend of Rs. 1.50 per share.


-Hind Rectifiers has recommended a dividend of Rs. 1.60 per share

-Board of Directors of the Company has recommended a dividend of Rs. 1.60 per share.
-Hind Rectifiers Ltd has received orders from Indian Railways are orders from Indian Railways,
Order from Diesel Modernisation Works.

-Board of Directors of the Company has recommended a dividend of Rs. 0.20 per share.