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Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details


- The Company was incorporated as Public Limited Company on 16th March
with the ROC and obtained the certificate of commencement of business
on 7th of April.

- The Hospital has 4 cardio-thoracic surgery operation theatres (OTs),
2 neurosurgery OTs, 5 major OTs, 4 minor OTs, 2 emergency OTs and 1
maternity OT. These OTs are being used for the various
specialties/services that are available in the hospital.


- The Company entered into an agreement with Indian Hospital
Corporation Limited on 17th July. IHCL is providing technical
consultancy and project consultancy for setting up, commissioning and
functioning of the hospital.

- The Company has also installed 2 DG sets of 750 KVA capacity each as
standby arrangements.

- Three steam boilers with a capacity of 2000 kg/hr each with requisite
storage and distribution systems have been installed to meet the
requirement of steam.


- The company entered into an agreement with MCS Ltd for redressal of
investor grievances for a period of six months from the last date of
dispatch of letter of allotment advice/share certificates/refund


- The Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery have state-of-the-art
facilities for cardiac care and treatment. 3 Catheterisation
laboratores with Digital imaging & electrophysiology facilities have
been set-up.

- The Neuro Sciences department is one of the few centres in Asia
providing advanced neuro surgery facilities.

- Since August, 300 beds have been commissioned with an average
occupancy of 200 beds.

- The Company is setting up "Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals" a 695 bed
multi-disciplinary super specialty tertiary care hospital with state of
the art facilities at a site on Delhi-Mathura Road, near Sarita Vihar,
New Delhi.

- The Company proposes to set-up satellite centres in strategic
locations in and around Delhi which will have 8-10 consultancy rooms
and basic diagnostic facilities.

- An Incinerator with a capacity of 125 kgs per hour has been installed
for disposal of combustible waste, infectious waste, human tissue,
bandage, dressing linen etc.

- IMCL has installed compressors for compressed air and medical gases.

- The Company has entered into an equipment lease agreement with IHCL
for leasing of specified medical equipment.


- Indraprastha Medical Corporation Limited is entering the capital
market with a public issue of 2,29,18,900 equity shares of Rs.10 each
for cash at par aggregating to Rs.22,91,83,000.

- Indraprastha Medical Corporation is a multi-speciality 600-bed
corporate hospital being set up in New Delhi. Besides the hospital
complex the corporate hospital also has plans to set up five satellite

- The first joint sector venture in healthcare in the country was set
up in collaboration with NCT (National Capital Territory) of Delhi,
bringing together the strategic focus and operational advantages of the
private sector.


- Recently, a combined team of cardiologists and neurologists
successfully developed a new technique of safely embolizing septal
artery without affecting vital circulation of the rest of the heart
muscle. The hardware was a combination of material used in coronary
angioplasty and cerebral AVM repairs. This procedure has been
performed for the first time in the world.

- A new technique "thrombolysis" devised by the neuroradiology unit to
treat early stroke victims involves injection of a special medicine
directly into the clot within an artery in the brain to dissolve it.

- Palliative Medicine, for the first time in the country, being offered
as a dedicated speciality service by the hospital, is a concept of
medical care that provides for people who are terminally ill.

- The Assisted Reproductive Unit comprising a team of highly skilled
and experienced specialists trained in the UK and USA has been

- Eight national and international conferences held with renowned
faculty drawn from across ten countries, most important of them being
OPTIMA 98 - a 3-day international conference conducted by the
Department of Neurosciences, being the first of its kind in the

- A six-month certificate course on Operation Theatre Technology and
Tertiary Nursing Care for qualified registered nurses graduated from
various institutions commences 1 July, comprising two semesters each of
clinical and theoretical practice.

- The hospital is one of the multicenteric multinational drug trial
centres for drug control studies for hypertension.

- The hospital is now on the internet with the most comprehensive
website with, inter alia, an animated walkthru of the hospital,
facility for online appointments and updates on all available services.


- The group also has an ambitious plan of setting up hospitals in
Ludhiana, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Vizag and possibly Calcutta and Mumbai.
Abroad, after Dubai and Muscat, the company is looking at East Africa
and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

- The Apollo Hospitals group has no immediate plans to include its
Delhi-based associate company -- Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd
(IMCL) -- in the on-going consolidation process involving merger of the
remanning three group companies into single entity.

- Besides the Delhi Government, IMCL has been promoted by Dr. Reddy and
Shrodders Ventures of the UK who together hold 49 per cent stake in the
company. The public holds a 25 per cent stake in IMCL.

- The agreement entered into between the promoters in 1998 gives an
option to the Delhi Government to divest its 26 per cent stake in IMCL
in three tranches once the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital becomes fully
operational. The stake has to be divested at a pre-determined
compounded rate or the prevailing market price, whichever is higher.


-M/s Vasudeva & Co. has been appointed as the Auditors of the company.


-Delist from The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Limited w.e.f. January 20, 2005.


-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd has appointed Shri. Rakesh Mehta, Chief Secretary, Govt. of NCT of Delhi as an Additional Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.


-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd has recommended the payment of dividend @ 15% i.e. Rs. 1.50per share.


-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd has recommended the payment of dividend @ 16% i.e. Rs. 1.60per share.


-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd as a part of the expansion plan undertaken by the Company, 50 additional beds have been commissioned in the Hospital.

-Indraprastha Medical has recommended the payment of dividend @ 16% i.e. Rs. 1.60 per share


-Indraprastha Medical has recommended the payment of dividend @ 16% i.e. Rs. 1.60 per share

-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd has recommended the payment of dividend @ 16% i.e.Rs. 1.60 per share.

-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd have appointed Ms. Archana Arora Principal Secretary (Finance / Planning), Govt. of NCT of Delhi as an Additional Director of the Company.


-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd has recommended a dividend @ 18% (Rs. 1.80 per share).

-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd have appointed Mr. D. M. Spolia - Chief Secretary, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, as an Additional Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.

-Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd have appointedMs. Vineeta Rai as an Additional Director of the Company.