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Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1946 - The Company was incorporated on 24th December, as a private
limited company with the main object of taking over the running
business of M/s. Dandekar & Co., which was founded by late
G.P. Dandekar and D.P. Dandekar in 1931 at Girgaum, Mumbai. The
Company manufacture stationary products, art materials and
pharmaceuticals. The Company was converted into a public limited
company on 24th March, 1988 and the name was changed to Camlin

- The initial product range of M/s. Dandekar & Co., comprised of
ink tablets, fountainpen ink, office adhesives, sealing wax,
school chalks, brilliantine, pain balm, etc. which took part in
business activities in 1939 and was shifted to Mahim, Mumbai.

1964 - The Company embarked on the first diversification of products
by producing for the first time in India, the complete range of
artist colours and materials such as water colours, poster
colours, oil colours, fabric colours, geometry boxes, drawing
inks, painting brushes and canvases. Many products were also
added subsequently.

1974 - The production of wood cased pencils was taken up in the fully
integrated plant in the industrially backward area of Tarapur,

1978 - In December 1947, 600 shares issued without payment in cash to
vendores as part consideration for taking over their business.
Till date, 32,250 shares were issued as bonus shares by
capitalisation of reserves (2,250 shares in Dec. 1966 in prop.
1:2; 10,000 shares in March 1975 in prop. 1:1 and 20,000 shares
in April in prop. 1:1.

1981 - As on 31st December, the company was holding 6,00,000 fully paid
up equity shares of M.$ 1 each.

1982 - A joint venture company "Camlin N.S. Sdn. Bhd" set up in
Malaysia was closed down with effect from 28th February,
following a directive from the Malaysian Government in line with
its decision to order closure of operations of all the joint
venture companies which were incurring losses over the past
many years.

- After obtaining necessary approvals from the Ministry of Commerce
Government of India, the Company divested its entire shareholding
amounting to M $ 6,80,000.

1984 - The Company took a major step forward by diversifying its
manufacturing and marketing activity into the field of
pharmaceuticals, ie., bulk drugs and formulations at Tarapur.

- The Company acquired a licence to manufacture 42.100 tonnes per
annum of bulk drugs such as Diloxanide Fuorate, Mebendzole,
Diazepam and Ibuprofen. A plant at Tarapur was set up with
an installed capacity of 15,400 tonnes per annum.

1986 - Workers of the pencil factory at Tarapur went on strike with
effect from 10th March. The operations were restarted only on
19th October after signing an agreement with the Labour Union
valid upto 31st March, 1989.

1987 - The Company decided to set up a plant at Tarapur for the
manufacture of Hi-Polymer Lead. A technical know-how agreement
valid for a period of 5 years was concluded in November/December
with Pilot Pen Co. Ltd., of Japan.

- In April, 3,200 No. of equity shares of Rs.100 each issued at par
Equity shares then sub-divided. 4,32,000 bonus equity shares of
Rs.10 each issued in prop. 1:1 in October 1987.

1988 - The Company's products are marketed under the brand names of
"Camel" and "Camlin". Its Analytical Laboratory at Andheri is
recognised as a public testing house by State Food & Drug
Administration of Maharashtra and the R & D laboratory is
aproved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research,
Government of India.

- During June, some of the then existing shareholders of the
Company offered for sale 3,00,000 equity shares of Rs.10 each at
a premium of Rs.20 per share to enable the Company to list its
shares on the recognised Stock Exchanges. Out of the total
shares offered for sale, 15,000 shares were reserved and allotted
on a preferential basis to the employees (including Indian
working directors) of the Company. The balance 2,85,000 shares
were offered for sale to the public (all were taken up).

- During June, the company offered 1,00,000-14% secured redeemable
convertible debentures of Rs.240 each for cash at par. Out of
which, 5,000 debentures were reserved for preferential allotment
to employees/Indian working directors/workers of the Company
(only 2,050 debentures taken up) and 11,000 debentures were
reserved for allotment of UTI on firm basis. The remaining
84,000 debentures, along with the unsubscribed 2,950 debentures
of employees quota were offered for public subscription. All the
debentures were taken up. 150 debentures were forfeited during

- Each debenture consists of a convertible portion of Rs.140 and a
non-convertible portion of Rs.100. At the end of six months from
the date of allotment of debentures, Rs.140 of each debenture
was automatically and compulsorily converted into 5 equity shares
of Rs.10 each at a premium of Rs.18 per share. The
non-convertible portion of Rs.100 of each debenture shall be
redeemed at par in three equal instalments at the end of 7th, 8th
and 9th year from the date of their allotment by drawing three
equal lots.

- 96,000 shares issued at par in March 1988. 4,80,000 bonus shares
issued in June 1988 in prop. 1:2 to shareholders prior to the
offer for sale to the public. 4,97,550 shares allotted (prem.
Rs.18 per share) in conversion of debentures.

1989 - 1,700 shares were allotted (prem. Rs.18 per share) in conversion
of debs.

1990 - 750 shares issued in conversion of debs. (prem. Rs.18 per share).

1991 - As at 31st March, 1991, the Company revalued its land and
buildings and the net surplus of Rs.330.26 lakhs arising out of
it was credited to the revaluation reserve.

1994 - The Company entered into a marketing alliance with Colart Fine
Art & Graphics Ltd. U.K.

- The Company embarked upon a project for expanding manufacturing
capacities of existing bulk drugs/chemical plant at Tarapur.

- The Company undertook to set up a facility for manufacture of
industrial grade synthetic adhesives at Taloja near Mumbai.

- The Company issued Warrants to promoter group on preferential
allotment basis. Of the 4,60,000 warrants, 3,32,000 warrants
were converted into equity shares.

- 3,32,100 equity shares allotted in conversion of warrants.

1995 - A major fire broke at Tarapur factory due to suspected electrical
short circuit which led to destruction of godown, raw materials

- The Company initiated measures such as introduction of new
products, change in product-mix, reduction in overheads and
thrust on higher value addition.

- 71,900 No. of Equity shares allotted in conversion of warrants.

1996 - 56,000 No. of Equity shares allotted in conversion of warrants.

1997 - The Joint Venture Agreement with M/s. A. W. Faber-Castell Gmbh &
Co. Germany was terminated by both parties with effect from 30th

- The company redeemed the last instalment of 33,340-14% Secured
Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures of Rs 100/- each issued
in the year 1988.


-Camlin Ltd has informed that Mr S D Dandekar, Executive Chairman of the Company, will be retiring from the Chairmanship of the Company. Mr D D Dandekar, Managing Director of the Company will be redesignated as "Chairman and Managing Director" w e f June 01, 2002.


-Camlin Pharma, a division of Camlin Ltd, launched its mosquito repellent body spray, Repelmos, in the southern states

-Delist from The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd (DSE) with effect from December 11, 2004.


-Camlin - JV with ColArt Fine Art & Graphics, U.K


- The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs1/-.


-The Company have appointed M/s. Bigshare Services Private Limited having office at E/2,, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki-Vihar Road, Sakinaka, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400072 as Company's Registrar and Transfer Agents for the Company.


-Company has changed its name from Camlin Ltd. to Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.

-Kokuyo Camlin Ltd has ecided to issue Equity Shares on right basis in the ratio of 14 Equity Shares for every 29 Equity Shares held in the Company, of face value of Re. 1/- per Equity Share
-Kokuyo Camlin Ltd has informed that the Company has received Rs. 10323.66 Lacs by way of allotment of Equity Shares on Rights basis.
-Kokuyo Camlin has given Rights in the Ratio of 14 : 29

-Directors has approved the appointment of Mr. Venkataraman Sriram as a Director.

- Kokuyo Camlin to build state-of-the-art factory in Maharashtra.