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Linde India Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1935 - The company was incorporated on 24 January, with the setting up
of the Indian Oxygen and Acetylene Company in Calcutta. It
manufactures and deals in oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, acetylene
and other gases, welding and cutting equipment, etc.

- The BOC Group, IOL has served different sectors of industry, such
as steel, copper, cement, petrochemical, national defence and
medical institutions.

1985 - The company modernised its Jamshedpur unit. A new unit to
manufacture helium was set up in Taloja, Maharashtra.

1988 - A technical collaboration was entered into with Matsushita
Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd., of Japan in July, for manufacture
of a new generation of welding equipment and air plasma cutting

1992 - The Tarapur Unit has been awarded a Certificate of Merit by the
Council of Industrial Safety, Mumbai, for excellent performance
in Industrial Safety during the year.

1993 - 3,350,434 New Ordinary Shares of the Company have been allotted
to The BOC Group plc on 22 March, at a premium of Rs. 30 per
share on receipt of Rs. 134,017,360 in foreign exchange as their
subscription for these shares.

- The Members had also approved on 14 January, issue of 8,975,957
New Ordinary Shares to the members, in the ratio of one share for
every two shares held, at a premium of Rs.20 per share, 448,798
New Ordinary Shares to the permanent employees and further
467,116 New Ordinary Shares to The BOC Group (to maintain its
holding at 51% of the Share Capital), both at the same premium.

- The Company has commenced a major project for installation of a
Tonnage Air Separation Plant at Taloja, Maharashtra.

- The Company had, during the year, introduced a sophisticated
respirator manufactured by Puritan Bennett, USA for use in
critical care areas. The BOC Group, was launched during the

- The Company is also upgrading the locally manufactured Boyle
anaesthesia machine.

1994 - IOL's new 110 TPD liquid-capacity air separation plant at Taloja
was commissioned on 29 March, ahead of schedule.

- The special features of the plant include sophisticated
instrumentation and control systems, a combined Feed Gas and
Recycle Compressor, a special design to achieve full production
for high variation of electrical frequency, a Feed Gas Compressor
and systems to ensure pure, uninterrupted supply of Nitrogen gas
during power failure or plant breakdown.

- BOC's relentless pursuit of consistent quality was recongnised
when the Tarapur unit was awarded accreditation under ISO 9002 by
the internationally reputed certifying authority, RW-TUV of

- BOC's Plant Manufacturing Works manufactured its largest vessel,
weighing about 23 tonnes when empty, for storing crude Argon.
This has been installed at Taloja.

- BOC has introduced Individual Quick Freezing of marine products
using Liquid Nitrogen.

- BOC has recently introduced three models of New Generation
Anaesthesia Machines-Boyle Basic, Boyle Tec and Boyle Ultima.

- In July, IOL received two National Safety Awards for the year

- The Hyderabad Unit was adjudged winner in the category `Average
Lowest Frequency Rate', while the Visakhapatnam Unit won in the
category `Longest Accident-Free Period' Hyderabad also received
the runner-up Award in the second category.

- Special Commendation Certificates were also won by IOL units at
Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

- Prosperity Sharing agreements were signed at various units by
employees' representatives and the management.

- The Company has entered into a strategic alliance with a leading
chemical company by which IOL has been granted exclusive
distribution rights for approximately 2 million cubic metres of
Argon; with this arrangement, together with IOL's own in-house
capacity, IOL will become the major Argon supplier in the Indian

- The Company has obtained ISO 9002 accreditation for its Tarapur,
Jamshedpur and Bangalore gas plants during the year.

- During the current year, the Company proposes to strengthen it
cooperation with Ohmeda, the Health Care Division of BOC. It will
also participate in a global alliance between Ohmeda and
Hewlett-Packard for medical electronic business by which the
Company will market medical electronic monitors in India.

- Contracts Division had, during the year under review, installed
and commissioned the Company's Tonnage Air Separation Plant at
Taloja and also the Hydrogen Plant at the same site.

1995 - A programme has been embarked upon to re-establish the Company as
the leading supplier to the high growth, high technology special
gases business.

- The Company won the BOC Group Absolute Award for 1995 for the
lowest lost workday case accident rate for Units with more than 3
million workhours.

- The Company has won, during the year under review, a large third
party order from the Bhilai Steel Plant for a 550 tonne-per-day
Air Separation Plant.

1996 - The Company's unit in Delhi at Kirtinagar was closed down in
terms of the Hon'ble Supreme Court's Order dated 8 July,
directing closure of hazardous industries operating in Delhi,
with effect from 30 November.

1997 - BOC India Ltd. a member of multinational British Oxygen, has
set up, at Ambattur, Chennai, a 600-metre cube per hour liquid
oxygen compressing station costing Rs.1 crore.

- BOC India Ltd proposes to close down two of its existing
high-pressure old plants of 14 tonnes per day (tpd) capacity
each in Chennai and put up a tonnage plant of 120 tpd capacity
in the southern region.

- BOC India, a member of the BOC group, has signed an agreement
with Spantech Products of the UK to market a new gas
container-BOC Handimix 10 cannister-in the country.

- BOCL has also entered into a tieup with Zuari Agro to market
the latter's production of argon (3.8 million cubic metres a

- BOC India has set up a new liquid compressing station in Kona, in
the Howrah District of West Bengal.

1998 - BOC India Ltd, the major producer of oxygen, nitrogen and argon
for industrial purposes, is exploring the possibility of
diversifying into LPG and hydrogen gas.

- BOC India, the subsidiary of the UK-based industrial gases
giant, has decided to close down its oxygen plant in Asansol,
West Bengal, with effect from September 30.

1999 - BOC India has launched a major initiative to improve the returns
on existing assets, particularly in merchant and medical gasses
businesses, by improving volumes without a concomitant increase
in costs.

- The Maharashtra Government has granted BOC India Ltd permission
to close down operations at its gases unit at Ghatkopar,
Mumbai, on the grounds of continuing losses and persistently
poor productivity.

- BOC India Ltd has launched a miniaturised oxygen plant for home
use as part of its growth strategy for the home-care segment of
medical gases business.

- Industrial gases major BOC India Ltd is setting up a helium
process plant, the first of its kind in the country, at
Bakreshwar in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, as part of a
gameplan to become self reliant in the production of rare and
special gases which have vital strategic importance.

2000 - BOC India, manufacturer of industrial and medical gases, has been
awarded the contract for design, supply, installation and
commission of hydrogen generation package for the Bakeshwar
thermal power plant.

- BOC India has comissioned a nitrogen purification plant for Tata
Steel's cold-rolling mill at Jamshedpur.

2001 - Crisil has assigned an AA rating to the Rs.50 crore NCD program of BOC India Ltd.

- BOC India has entered into a strategic alliance wiht Bharat Petroleum Corporation for
distribution of liquefied petroleum gas.


-GIC withdraws Mr B C Banerjee as the Nominee Director from the Board of BOC India.

-Mr P B Ramanujam appointed as the Additional Director on the board of the company.

-Enters into an agreement with TISCO for supply of gaseous oxygen.

-Signs a settlement with the Union representing the workmen of its closed Asonsol Plant.


-Sets up a Remuneration Committee of the Board comprising four non-executive Directors.

-Commissions its new 225 tonnes per day Air Separation Unit plant for the supply of gaseous oxygen to TISCO.

-Appoints Mr Colin Gordon as the Director on the Board of the company.

-Commences new production/operations involving filling of medical and industrial cylinders at its Asanol plant.

-Unveils "Oxyline" , a new mobile oxygen unit to cater to individual patients and small medical units.

-Inaugurates a new ISP operating unit in Bangalore to produce compressed medical oxygen, industrial oxygen and compressed argon/argoshield


-BOC signs gas supply agreement with JSW Steel.


-BOC India Ltd has appointed Mr. Trevor J Burt as an Additional Director of the Company by the Board of Directors at its meeting held on January 18, 2007 with effect from that date.

-BOC India Ltd has signed a 10 year long term agreement with Adhunik Metaliks Ltd for setting up and operating a 100 tonnes per day Air Separation unit at their steel works at Rourkela, Orissa for supply of oxygen, nitrogen and argon to them.


- BOC India Ltd has appointed Mr. Kashyap Roy as an Additional Director and the Finance Director of the Company.


- BOC India Ltd has appointed Mr. Binod Patwari, Head of Finance and Control - South & East Asia of The Linde Group as an Additional Director (Non Executive) of the company.


- Commencement of commercial Production at the Company's 418 tpd Air Separation Unit at Kalinganagar, Orissa.

- Appointed Mr. Arun Balakrishnan as an Additional Director (Non Executive Independent Director) of the Company.

- Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting has recommended a dividend of 15% (Rs. 1.50 per equity share of Rs. 10 each) for the year ended.


- Mr Sanjiv Lamba, a Non-Executive Director of BOC India as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.

- The Company has commissioned its 2550 tonnes per day Air Separation Unit (ASU) at Tata Steel Ltd's works in Jamshedpur. Further inform that the Company has also commissioned a Merchant Air Separation Unit at Taloja having a total merchant liquid products capacity of 450 tonnes per day. Both the aforesaid Air Separation Units are operating satisfactorily.

- BOC - Signing of contract for long term supply of gases to Tata Steel Ltd.'s Kalinganagar Project.

-Company has changed its name from BOC India Ltd. to Linde India Ltd.


-The Registrar of Companies, West Bengal consequent upon change of name of the Company from BOC India Limited to Linde India Ltd.


-The Company has recommended a dividend of 15% (i.e. Rs. 1.50 per equity share) for the year ended December 31, 2013.

-Linde India launches its first dedicated cylinder filling site for healthcare medical gases at Siliguri
-Linde India sets up new facility in West Bengal