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Panacea Biotec Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1984 - Panacea Biotec Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited company
in the name and style of Panacea Drugs Private Ltd. on 2nd
February. Subsequently the Company became deemed Public limited
Company u/s 43A(1 A) of the Companies Act, 1956 w.e.f. 30.6.93.

- The Company is engaged in 4 product lines of Pharmaceuticals are
Vaccines, Biologicals, formulations, Natural Products.

- The Company has been promoted by Mr. Sosh, Kumar Jain, who is a
pharmacist having about 40 years of experience in the
pharmaceutical industry.

1993 - The name of the Company changed to Panacea Biotec Limited on 7th

- The Company now proposes to expand the capacity of Vaccines
Division, along with an expansion in the capacities of capsules
and suspensions.

1994 - The Company is using technology developed in-house and is not
entering into any technical collaboration as it has adequate
technical expertise.

1995 - During the year the company is public issue of 21,28,000 No. of
Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each for cash at a premiumof Rs. 50/-
per share aggregating Rs. 1276/80 Lacs, and reservation of
6,72,000 No. of Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each for cash at a
premium of Rs. 50/- per share aggregating Rs. 4,03,20,000 for
firm allotment to NRIs/OCB's.

1996 - The Company has successfully commissioned a state-of-the-art
Viral Vaccine Research facility at Latru near Chandigarh.

1997 - Panacea Biotec (PBL) has been going global with a gusto. It has
introduced some speciality formulations like Nimulid and, two of
these are under worldwide patent in PBL's name with applications
filed in 72 countries.

1999 - During the year under review, the Company had allotted 50,00,000
- 12% Redeemable Cumulative Preference Shares of Rs.10/- each
aggregating Rs.5.00 Crores to Industrial Development Bank of
India on private placement basis.

2000 - Panacea Biotech Ltd, a pharmaceutical company in North India, is
exploring opportunities for growth through expansion,
diversification and backward integration.

- The company has proposed an amendment in articles of association
for implementing the depository system for its stocks.

- The company's various product introductions like Nimulid,
Livoluc, Nimulid gel, Risipid etc have been well received in
the market.

- Panacea Biotec Ltd (PBL) has entered into a joint venture with
Heber Biotec Ltd (HBL) of Cuba to manufacture Hepatitis-B vaccine
in bulk form. A new company - Pan Heber Biotec Ltd - has been
formed for the purpose in which the two partners hold equal

- The company is setting up another plant at Lalru to manufacture
branded formulations for the export market.

- The company is planning to launch an anti-histamine drug in
June this year.

- Panacea Biotech has set up two wholly-owned subsidiary companies in the
UK and Hong Kong with the objective of importing and exporting pharmaceutical,
technology and other products.

- The Company has entered into agreement with NSDL and CDSL for dematerialisation.

2001 - Panacea Biotec Ltd (PBL), a Delhi-based pharma company, has recently signed an
agreement with National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) to commercialise
the know-how for an opthalmic formulation of ocular delivery, using nanotechnology.


-Appoints Mr Rajesh Jain and Mr Sandeep Jain as the Joint Managing Directors of the company.

-Files for worldwide patent for its new NDDS for an anti-TB combination drug.

-Board approves for the subdivision of shares from Rs.10 per share of Re.1 per share , and also decides to wind up the company's wholly owned subsidiary at Isle of Man, UK.

-Company's non-executive director makes a gift of 2,01,000 shares of Re.1 each representing 0.35% of the company's total capital.

-Commences marketing of herbal and dietary supplement products under its SBU viz. "Best on Health" and launches ThankGod capsules, ThankGod Anytime cream, ThankGod pain & Itch relief cream etc.


-Stock split from Rs 10 per equity share to Rs 1 per equity share

- Panacea Biotec forays OTC market with Herbal Products


-California-based Chiron Vaccines, the world's 5th largest vaccine producer, has struck a deal with Delhi-based Panacea Biotec to set up a joint venture in India

-Panacea Biotec launches new product HEARTFELT, natural therapy for cholesterol management developed by its Research & Development Team.

-Panacea rolls out new nimesulide injection

-Launches Combination vaccines through JV with Chiron Vaccines, UK on November 24, 2004


-Panacea Biotec launches 'Upright' for effective relief from severe pain & inflammation

-Panacea Biotec introduces Noval Anti-allergy Drug - Ralif


-Panacea Biotec enters into an agreement with PT Bio Farma to manufacture Measles Vaccine


- Panacea Biotec signs agreement with Family Vaccines to supply combination vaccines


- Panacea Biotec - EasyFive Injects; USD 222.37 million Award by UNICEF


- Panacea Biotech's Baddi unit gets US FDA approval

- Panacea Bio - Board recommends Dividend of Re. 0.25 (25%) each on Equity Shares of the Company, for the financial year 2009-10.


- PanaceBiotec - Panacea Biotec Launches - PacliALL

- Panacea Biotec announced that the company is mulling to foray into healthcare infrastructure sector with setting up of multi specialty hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana.


- PanaceBiotec - Panacea Biotec celebrates 63rd Indian Republic day with launch of "POLPROTEC" in Nigeria".

- Panacea Biotech launches Inactivated Polio Virus vaccine in Nigeria

- PanaceBiotec - Panacea Biotec inaugurates state of the art Oncology Production Unit

- PanaceBiotec - Panacea Biotec Entered into Strategic Alliance with Osmotica Pharmaceutical

- Panacea Biotec wins order worth Rs 187 cr from Govt to supply polio vaccines

-Panacea Biotec Ltd has opened up its wholly owned subsidiary in UAE in the name of Panol Industries.

-Panacea Biotec Ltd has entered into collaboration with a leading International Pharmaceutical Company for the development and supply of an immunosuppressant generic product in USA.
- "Panacea Biotec Announces Collaboration with Rising Pharmaceuticals Inc.".
-Company has received UNICEF Award for supply of Companys DTB-HebB-Hib (Pentavalent) Vaccine Easyfive-TT to UNICEF.

-Panacea Biotec Gets Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) order for supply of EasyFive-TT Vaccines worth

-"Panacea Biotec Launches - CABAPAN, A Cost Effective product for the treatment of metastatic Castration Resistant Prostrate Cancer (mCRPC)".
-Panacea Biotec Receives Prestigious Intellectual Property & Science Award "Top 50 Indian Innovators 2015"".
-Panacea Biotec Launches - TENEPAN, a cost effective product for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)".
-"Panacea Biotec Introduces World's First Fully Liquid Tetravalent Vaccine Easyfour-TT against DTP and Hib".