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Zandu Realty Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1919 - The Company was incorporated in December, at Mumbai. The Company
Manufactures Ayurvedic and Allopathi preparations, including
biological products. The Company products are sold under the
trade name "ZANDU".

1947 - 5,000 Right Preference shares issued at par in proportion 1:3.

1969 - 2,500 Bonus Right Equity shares issued at par in the prop. 1:6.

1971 - 2,500 Right Equity shares issued at par in the prop. 1:7.

1972 - 2,500 Right Equity shares issued at par in the prop. 1.8.

1974 - 2,500 Right Equity shares issued at par in the prop. 1.9.

1975 - 10,000 Bonus Equity shares issued in prop. 2:5.

1983 - The Company achieved commercial cultivation of glycirrhiza roots
at Anand.

- 5,000-7 1/2% Pref. shares cancelled against the issue of bonds as

1985 - 21,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 3:5.

1993 - 28,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2 on 12th January, 1990.
Another 84,000 bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1 on

1994 - 1,68,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1995 - The Company has set up a new manufacturing unit at Piparia (Dadra
& Nagar Haveli), another unit at Medak in Hyderabad.

1996 - The Company was planning to set up a new manufacturing unit at
Masat (Silvassa) to meet the increasing demand for its products.

- The Company undertook to set up jointly with Gujarat Agro
Industries Corporation a vegetable plant extraction project for
the manufacture of glycirrhiza.

1997 - New products introduced were Gulbahar, Trishun Rub, Almalio and

- 67,200 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:5.

- Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE) has assigned a PRI+(PR
one plus) rating to the Commercial Paper programme of Zandu
Pharmaceutical Works Limited (Zandu) for Rs 60mn. This rating
indicates superior capacity for repayment of short-term
promissory obligations.

- Zandu set up in 1910, manufactures about 300 ayurvedic drugs.
The major products are Zandu Balm, Chyavanprash Special and
Kesari Jivan.

1998 - The Rs 100-crore (Rs 100 crore = Rs 1 billion) company is one
of the leading players in the over-the-counter ayurvedic
healthcare segment with products including the popular Zandu
balm, general fitness medicine Zandu Kesari Jivan, Zandu
Chyavanprash and digestive tonic Zandu Pancharishta.

- The company launched new products such as Zandu Honey, and
Gulbahar, a medicated drink comparable to Hamdard's Rooh Afza.
Zandu is also aiming at establishing a national presence.

- It has prescription products in the therapeutic segments of
arthritis, liver problems, and digestion.

1999 - The Mumbai-based Zandu Pharmaceutical Works is working on a major
microbicides/spermicides project, which if successful, could
bring to the Indian market a preventive product for AIDS and
other sexually transmitted diseases. Zandu Pharmaceutical Works
is renowned for popular brands like Zandu Balm, Zandu
Chyavanprash, Zandu Kesari Jivan, Alma Lio etc.

- The Indian company is also working on several new drugs
including those for the treatment of diabetes, diarrhoea and
plans were also afoot to move into the ayurvedic veterinary
segment, besides the cosmetics and toiletries segment.

- Zandu Pharma recently commissioned a consultancy to provide
inputs to streamline the organisation.

- The company has developed and introduced "nature-based"
over-the-counter (OTC) products and cosmetics.

- The company has set up finest research facilities where extensive
reach is carried out in the field of Ayurvedic medicines with the
help of modern testing techniques and latest production facility.

- The company is also working on certain ayurvedic drugs for the
cognitive functions of the brain and human trials would be
conducted in certain areas.

2000 - Dr. Krishnakant M Parikh, managing director of Zandu
Pharmaceutical Works, passed away on 4th August in Belgium.


-The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:3.


--Registered Office of the Company has been shifted to 687, Anandapur, E.M. Bypass, Kolkata 700107 (West Bengal).


-Company has changed its name from Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. to Zandu Realty Ltd.


-Zandu Realty has entered into a Development Agreement with M/s. Sheth Corp Private Limited, Mumbai


-Zandu Realty Ltd has entered Into a supplemental Agreement with M/s. Sheth Corp Private Limited (SCPL)

-Zandu Realty Ltd has approved the Scheme of Amalgamation of Emami Realty Limited with the Company.

-Zandu Realty Ltd has informed the following Directors as Members: Mr. Hari Mohan Marda, Chairman, Mr. Aditya Poddar, Member, Mr. Amar Bhalotia, Member.