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Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1975 - The Company was incorporated on 14th July at Calcutta.

1977 - 1,00,000 equity shares issued to the public.

- The Company ceased to be a subsidiary of the Balrampur Sugar
Co., Ltd.

1980 - Blarampur Agro Industries (P) Ltd., and Vivek Agro Industries
(P) Ltd., became subsidiaries of the Company.

1983 - A letter of intent was received to increase the crushing capacity
of its factory from 1,600 to 2,500 tonnes of cane per day.

1985 - 1,50,000 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:2.

1986 - Most of the items pertaining to the expansion scheme were
installed and commissioned. IDBI sanctioned the balance term
loans, during the year. The modernisation-cum-expansion scheme
for the sugar unit was to be achieved in 2 phases. The first
phase was to cost Rs 413 lakhs of which Rs 320 lakhs was
received as term loans from IDBI and Rs 54 lakhs as loans from
Sugar Development Fund Authorities (SDFA). The 2nd phase was to
cost Rs 220 lakhs of which Rs 162 lakhs was sanctioned by IDBI.

- Vivek Ganna Pvt Ltd., Ganna Agro Pvt. Ltd., Maharajaganj Agro
Industries Pvt. Ltd., and Stuti Agro Pvt. Ltd., became
subsidiaries of the Company.

- The Company issued 50,000 - 15% convertible debentures of Rs 100
each by private placement to UTI.

1988 - During the year (9 Months), the Programme formodernisation
-cum-expansion of crushing capacity from 2,500 TCD to 3,500 TCD
was initiated in a phased manner.

1989 - The 1st phase of the programme was expected to be completed. To
meet the capital cost of the scheme a term loan of Rs 605 lakhs
was financed by IDBI, IFCI and ICICI and Rs 72.27 lakhs from the
Sugar Development Fund.

- The Company was granted a letter of intent to set up a new sugar
unit of 2,500 TCD at Ramgarh, district Sitapur (U.P.). Land for
the said unit was acquired through U.P. State Industrial
Development Corporation Ltd.

- Balrampur Agro Industries, Ltd., Vivek Agro Industries, Ltd.,
Ganna AGro Pvt. Ltd., Maharajgamj Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. and
Stuti Agro Pvt. Ltd. ceased to be subsidiaries of the Company.

1990 - The letter of intent was transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary
of the Company.

- Balhnan Sugar Mills, Ltd., (BSMSL) formerly known as Seksaria
Sugar Mills, Ltd., became a subsidiary of the Company.

- 4,50,000 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1991 - UTI used the option to convert 10% of the debentures into equity
shares of the Company. Accordingly 31,250 equity shares of Rs 10
each were issued at a premium of Rs 6 per share to UTI.

1992 - A letter of intent was received for increasing the crushing
capacity of Balrampur Sugar factory from 3500 TCD to 5000 TCD.

- 49,00,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1, 31,250 shares (Prem.
Rs 70 per share) allotted to UTI on conversion of debs.

1993 - 5,00,000 equity shares issued (Prem. Rs 516 per share) on private
placement basis.

- The Company undertook to set up a industrial alcohol project of
60 KLPD capacity in Balrampur.

1994 - During the year, the Company proposed to further increase the
crushing capacity at Balrampur from 5000 TCD to 10,000 TCD and
that of Babhnan from 3,500 TCD to 5,500 TCD.

- The industrial alcohol project of 60 KLPD capacity was
successfully commissioned.

- Pursuant to the scheme of amalgamation Babhnan Sugar Mills Ltd.
(BSML) and amalamated with the Company effective from 1st April.
Under the said scheme the Company was to issue two equity shares
of Rs 10 each for every five equity shares of Rs 10 each held by
the shareholders of the erstwhile BSML. Accordingly 22,33,240
equity shares were issued to the non-resident shareholders of
erstwhile BSML.

- 27,97,500 bonus equity shares issued in the ratio of 6:5.

1995 - The Company's bid to purchase two sugar units from UP State Sugar
Corporation Ltd. was under the review of the State Government.
The expansion at Babhnan unit was commissioned and the expansion
at Balrampur was past-commissioned to the extent of 7,000 TCD.

- Necessary steps were taken to implement the industrial alcohol
project and commercial production was expected to commence by end
of March.

- The Company proposed to issue bonus shares in the ratio of 3:2 to
the existing shareholders.

- 1,42,320 equity shares allotted to NRIs.

1996 - 11,25,6465 Equity shares allotted as bonus shares in the prop.
of 3:2.

2000 - ICRA has assigned an A1+ rating to Commercial Paper programme of
the company on an enhanced amount of Rs 75 crores.

- The Company has informed about promotion of e-commodities
limited, a dot com company.

- The Company has redeemed preference shares worth Rs 20 crore.


-Board approves for the buyback of upto 1.897 million equity shares of Rs.10 each of the company at a price not exceeding Rs.100 per share.

-Declares interim dividend of Rs.8.5 per share.

-Balrampur Chini Mills diversifies into Indian Made Foreign Liquor sector.

-Company did not buy back its own fully paid up shares of face value of Rs.10 each.


-Appoints Mr Naresh Chandra as the Additional Director of the company.

-Mops up $10 million via an ECB from Rabo India Finance and placed with Raobank International.

-Company's equity shares have been delisted from The Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Ltd.

2003-Delisted from The Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Ltd.

-Balrampur Chini promoters shed 10% stake


-Balrampur Mills mulls acquisition to boost growth

- Balrampur Chini Board recommended a dividend @ Rs 10


-Balrampur signs MoU with IFC Washington for carbon trading

-Balrampur Chini Mills enters into an agreement for acquisition of integrated sugar unit

-Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1


-Balrampur Chini acquires sugar unit from Dhampur Sugar Mills

-Balrampur Chini sets up two intergrated Greenfield Sugar Complex

-Balrampur Chini acquires Indo Gulf sugar mill


-Balrampur Chini Mills - acquisition of shares of IGIL

-Balrampur Chini - Commencement of Kumbhi Sugar Plant

-Balrampur Overseas Pvt Ltd, a Company incorporated in Hong Kong with a purpose of trading activities became 100% subsidiary of Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd


-Dr. Arvind Krishna Saxena has been appointed as a Wholetime Director of the Company

-Balrampur Chini Board recommended dividend of 50% i.e. Rs 0.50


-Shri. R K Choudhury, Director, is appointed as Chairman of the Shareholders / Investors Grievance Committee effective

-Balrampur Chini Board recommended a Dividend of Rs. 3.00 (300%)


-Balrampur signs pact with Tata Power to sell power


- BalrampChini - Board recommend a Dividend of Rs. 0.75 (75%)

-Balrampur Chini Board recommends Dividend of Rs. 2.00 (200%) per Equity Share of Re. 1/- each
-Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd has informed that "Merger of Khalilabad Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd. with Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd".

-Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd has informed hat Shri D. K. Mittal (IAS Retired) and Shri Krishnava Dutt have been appointed as Additional Independent Director of the Company w.e.f. February 06, 2014.

-Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd is one of the largest integrated sugar manufacturing companies in India.
-Balrampur Chini gets green nod for Rs 72 cr expansion project.