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Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1979 - The Company was incorporated as a private Ltd company on 31st
May, and converted into a public company on 14th June, 1979. It
manufactures anhydrous liquid ammonia which is a heavy chemical
as well as a fertiliser. The company has been promoted by Deepak
Nitrite Ltd, and Shri C.K. Mehta.

- The Company entered into an agreement with Fish International
Engineers Inc., U.S.A. (FISH) for the supply of process design,
complete basic and detailed engineering within the ammonia plant
battery limit including all equipment specifications for purchase
and supply of data for off sites.

- FISH has guaranteed the performance of the plant capacity, raw
material and utility consumption and product quality.

- The Company entered into an agreement with HALDOR Topsoe, Denmark
for the supply of design for ammonia converter and review of
synthesis loop design.

- The Company entered into a Patent Licence & Technology Transfer
agreement with Union Carbide Corporation, New York, U.S.A., for
their amine guard process for carbon-di-oxide removal.

- The Company entered into an agreement with Engineers India Ltd.,
for providing consultancy, review of design, recommending design
changes, detailed engineering for off-sites, preparation of
equipment specifications for off-sites and associated engineering

1982 - 10 No. of equity shares subscribed for by Deepak Nitrate Ltd.
1,50,000 - 13.5% pref. and 1,14,99,990 No. of equity shares
issued at par; (a) 45,99,990 No. of equity shares issued at par;
(b) 45,99,990 Equity shares reserved for firm allotment to
Deepak Nitrite, Ltd. and C.K. Mehta and his family; (c) 11,50,000
No. of equity shares reserved firm allotment to International
Finance Corporation, Washington (d) 11,50,000 No. of equity
shares reserved for allotment on preferential basis to NRIs and
investors from Oil Exporting Developing Countries with
repatriation rights and (e) 46,00,000 No. of equity shares and
1,50,000 Pref. shares offered to the public in May. The original
9-11% Pref. shares redeemed.

1985 - The Company received a letter of intent to manufacture per annum
75,000 tonnes of dilute nitric acid, 33,000 tonnes of
concentrated nitric acid and 36,000 tonnes of low density prilled
ammonium nitrate.

1986 - The Company received a letter of intent for the manufacture of
2,29,500 TPA of ammonium nitrophosphate (ANP). The Company
undertook an integrated project for the manufacture of nitric
acid, ammonium nitrate methanol and ANP.

1988 - 25-15% Pref. shares and 3,000 No. of equity shares forfeited in
the previous year reissued.

1989 - Production and sales were affected by closure of the plant for
about 2 months due to strike by workers.

- A letter of intent was received for the manufacture of 45,000 TPA
of various resins based on methanol.

- During January, the Company issued 190,00,000-14% secured
convertible debentures of Rs 100 each for cash at par of which
60,00,000 debentures were offered on rights basis in the
proportion 4 deb. : 10 equity shares. Additional 9,00,000
debentures were allotted to retain over subscription. Also
20,00,000 debentures were reserved and allotted to UTI, LIC,

- Of the balance 110,00,000 debentures, the following were reserved
for allotment on a preferential basis: (i) 26,00,000 debentures
to NRI's on repatriation basis (ii) 13,00,000 debentures to
farmers, agriculturists, agricultural co-operative societies and
investors from rural areas and (iii) 9,50,000 debentures to
employees (including Indian working directors)/workers of the

- The remaining 61,50,000 debentures were offered for public
subscription. Additional 19,50,000 debentures were allotted to
retain over subscription (1,350 shares to Iris and remaining
19,48,650 to public).

- Each debenture with a face value of Rs. 100 consists of 3 parts
viz., Part A of Rs 20, Part B of Rs 30 and Part C of Rs 50 each
with a detachable warrant.

- Part A is to be compulsorily and automatically converted into 1
equity share of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 10 per share on 1st
January, 1990.

- Part B is to be compulsorily and automatically converted into 1
equity share of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 20 per share on 1st
January, 1991. 218,50,000 No. of equity shares issued on
1.1.1990 on conversion of Part A of the debentures.

- Part C of each debenture the holder shall have a right to seek
allotment of one equity share of Rs 10 as may be fixed by CCI.
If Part C is not surrendered for allotment of one equity share,
it will be redeemed after the expiry of 7 years or not later than
10 years from the date of allotment of debentures.

1990 - Fertilisers were sold under the brand name "Mahadhan".

- The Company undertook to implement projects for manufacture of
resins and carbon-di-oxide/dry ice at a total estimated cost of
Rs 75 crores.

1991 - A major breakdown of one of the two engines/compressors and
disruption of gas supply due to the nationwide strike at ONGC.

- The ammonium nitrophosphate plant along with the second stream
of the dilute nitric acid plant and the Methanol plant were
proposed to be commissioned by the end of October.

- Trial productions of second stream dilute nitric acid plant,
ammonium nitrate plant and ammonium nitro phosphate plant were
commissioned. Methanol plant was commissioned in December.

1992 - The methanol plant affected due to an explosion and the ANP plant
due to partial decontrol of fertilisers. The methanol plant
remained closed for the major part of the year due to an
explosion in the converter section of the plant. The ANP plant
remained practically closed since September.

- The disruption of methanol due to the explosion on 30th October,
and the financial crunch experienced by the Company, compelled
the company to keep projects for manufacture of resins and CO2
in abeyance.

1994 - The Company re-activated the carbon-dioxide project.

- During November, the Company allotted 150,00,000 warrants to the
promoter group against 10% up front payment carrying the right to
convert the same into equity shares within 18 months price of Rs
28.65 per share.

- 151,02,093 No. of equity shares were allotted at a premium of Rs
10 per share to those who exercised the warrants on 31.5.1995.

- The Company decided to undertake debottlenecking of the ammonia
plant which would raise the capacity by 20%.

1996 - The company proposed to debottleneck the Ammonia ANP fertiliser
plant in order to augment their capacities and to bring down the
cost per ton. Also proposed to add bulk fertilisers as well as
specialised agro products and services to provide an enlarged
basket of products to the farmers at a single window.

- Pref. shares redeemed during the year, 150,00,000 shares allotted
(prem. Rs 18.65) to promoters on conversion of warrants.
4,27,900 shares forfeited.

2000 - The Pune-based Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corporation
Ltd is setting up a new nitric acid plant with an annual capacity
of one lakh tonnes at Taloja in Maharashtra.

- Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd has chalked
out plans to invest about Rs.100 cr.


-Board approves for the buyback of equity shares upto 10% of its paid up capital and free reserves.

-Mr A C Mehta appointed as the additional Director on the Board of the company.

-Hands over its price bid to fertilizer unit of Rourkela Steel Plant.

-Shri D C Mehta ,MD is elevated to the position of Vice-chairman and in his place Shri S C Mehta has been appointed as the MD.


-Buyback of equity shares closed on January 20.

-Inducts Knight Frank as its real estate consultant.

-Board approves for setting up 6MW capacity cogeneration capitive power plant .


-Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd has informed that the company has entered into License Agreement and related contracts with Aker Kvaerner Inc., Houston, USA, for manufacture of 70,000 MT per annum Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) at the plant at Taloja, Mumbai. The total outlay for this project is estimated to be Rs. 2,000 million


- Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd has informed that Shri Pranay Vakil has joined the Board of Directors of the Company.


- DFPCL awarded for ‘Excellence in Fertiliser Extension Services’.

- DFPCL was ranked amongst the Top 500 Companies according to Fortune (India).

- Aquisition of 49% equity stake, with management control, in the Gujarat-based Desai Fruits And Vegetables Pvt. Ltd.


-The Company has recommended dividend of 55 % i.e. Rs. 5.50 (Previous Year Rs. 5.00) per share on Equity Shares (Face Value of Rs. 10/- each) of the Company for the year ended March 31, 2012.

-Deepak Fertilisers to invest Rs 415 cr on expansion activities


-The Company has recommended dividend of 55% (Rs. 5.50 per share) on equity shares of the Company for year ended March 31, 2013.

-Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals Corporation Limited participates in a bidding process for phosphate project in Togo, West Africa

-The Company has acquired 2,89,91,150 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10/- each representing 24.46% of share capital of Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilisers Limited.


-The Company has recommended dividend of 65% i.e. Rs. 6.50 (Previous Year Rs. 5.50/- ) per share on the equity shares (face value of Rs. 10/- each) of the Company for the year ended March 31, 2014.
-Deepak Fertilisers - Joint Venture (JV) in Australia

-Deepak Fertilisers Shareholders Agreement with Unity Infraproiects Limited
-Deepak Fertilisers resume production of ANP fertilizer
-Deepak Fertilisers Order of Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in the gas discontinuation matter
-Deepak Fertilisers zooms on HC verdict to resume gas supply