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Eveready Industries India Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1934 - The Company was Incorporated. The Company was converted into a
Public Limited Company in 1955. The Company manufacture and sell
dry batteries and allied products, flashlight cases and parts,
zinc alloys, strips & plates, stellite super alloys, cinema arc
carbons, carbon electrodes & electrolytic manganese dioxide and
cultivation, manufacture and sales of tea. The battery is sold
under the brand name `Eveready' & tea as `Tej' and `Premium

1959 - 8,00,000 Right shares issued (Prem. Rs 2.50 per share) prop. 2:5.

1964 - 8,40,000 Right shares issued at a premium of Rs 4 per share in
the proportion 3:10.

1965 - 4,55,000 Bonus shares issued in the proportion 1:8.

1968 - In December, 20,47,500 Right shares issued at par in prop. 1:2.
20,47,500 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2.

1970 - 40,95,000 Bonus Equity shares issued in the prop. 1:22.

1972 - A letter of intent was received for the manufacture of 5,000
tonnes of MIC-based pesticides.

1974 - 61,42,500 Bonus Equity shares issued in the prop. 1:2.

1978 - 32,94,500 shares issued at a prem. of Rs 6 per share to resident
Indian shareholders, the Company's employee and financial

1980 - 108,61,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2.

1984 - On the night of December 2-3, an unprecedented accident occurred
in the Company's pesticides plant at Bhopal which resulted in
the escape of Methyl Isocyanate into the atmosphere. Many people
became victims of the accident and suffered injured. The Bhopal
plant remained closed since 3rd December 1984 under orders from
the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

- The license for the factory under the Factories Act 1948, expired
on 31st December, and it was not renewed. The Company therefore
closed down this plant effective from 11th July, 1985 under the
provisions of Section 25(o) of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

1985 - Engineers India Ltd. were appointed as Consultants to provide a
techno-economic feasibility study on relocation at an
economically enhanced capacity of 90,000 TPA of low density

- The Company's extensive efforts to sell the undertaking to some
public Units failed. Hence the Company was compelled to apply
for closure of the Chembur Unit on 16th April, 1987, under
section 25(o) of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947.

- The Company proposed to introduce in September for the first time
a superior heavy duty battery based on advanced zinc chloride
technology which could be used in audio cassette photoflash and
other high drain devices.

- A letter of intent was received for the manufacture of 4 lakh
cubic metres of speciality glasses and gas mixers based on
helium, to be established in a backward area in Mahrashtra State.

1988 - Two fresh suits were filed in the courts in the State of Texas
against Union Carbide Corporation, U.S.A. and UCIL. This was
dismissed in February 1992 on grounds of forum non-convenience.

1990 - The Company received permission from Reserve Bank of India to
engage in export of computer software and services.

- A new computer was installed and a dedicated computer
communication link was established permitting continuous access
to IBM mainframe located in U.S.A.

1992 - The UCC created an irrevocable truth called `The Bhopal Hospital
Trust' during March. UCC also pledged and charged its entire
share holding of 165,89,750 No. of Equity shares in UCIL in
favour of the trust.

1993 - A modernised facility for manufacturing R-20 paper jacket battery
was installed in the Hyderabad plant.

- The Company entered into an agreement with SPIC Fine Chemicals
Ltd., a joint venture promoted by Tamil Nadu Petro Products Ltd.
and Henkal KGaA (Germany) to sell their products throughout

- In December first product Henko; a premium detergent powder was

- The Company has also entered into an agreement with Hindustan
Latex Ltd. for the distribution of condoms under the brand name
`Nirodh', as well as in new brands which will be owned by the

1994 - The Company commenced the marketing of "WONDER" brand of Alkaline

1995 - A joint venture company in the name of Energiza India Ltd. was
formed in collaboration with Ralston Purina Overseas Battery Co.
Inc. USA for development of alkaline battery in India. These
battaries are being sold under the brand name "Energizer".

- The name of the Company was changed from National Carbon Co.
(India) Ltd., to Union Carbide India Ltd. The name of the
Company was again changed to Eveready Industries Ltd. with effect
from 24th April, 1995.

1996 - The Company launched TEZ brand of packet tea in the State of

- The Company proposed to set up a state-of-the-art plastic
processing unit for manufacturing components for captive
consumption, industrial moulded products, as well as battery
operated plastic appliances.

- The Company along with EBC (India) Company Private Limited, a
subsidiary of Ralston Purina Overseas battery Co. Inc., U.S.A.,
set up a joint venture company viz., Eveready Energizer
Miniatures Pvt. Ltd., to promote the business of miniature

- Effective 1st April, MeLeod Russel (India) Ltd. (MRIL) and Faith
Investment Ltd., were merged with the Company. MRIL were
allotted 2 equity shares of the company for every 3 equity shares
of the erstwhile MRIL. Accordingly 19,902,490 shares allotted.
16,295,153 No. of Equity shares of the Company held by MRIL were

- Nepal Battery Company Ltd. and Natex Marketing Ltd. are
subsidiaries of the Company. The Name was changed to Natex
Investment & Marketing Ltd. in 1995. Eveready Energizer
Miniature Ltd. is also a subsidiary of the Company.

1997 - The Company launched its packet tea brands `Tez' and `Premium
Gold' in five other states.

- The new state-of-the-art D size battery plant was set up at
Noida, UP.

- The Company's joint venture with EBC (India) Company Ltd., a
wholly owned subsidiary of Ralston Purina Overseas Battery
Company Inc. USA, for miniature batteries got off to a promising
start with the first bulk shipments of watch batteries being
sold to select dealers in the country. `Eveready GP'
Rechargeable batteries for cellular phone were released in main
cities throughout the country.

- On 11 December 1996 Eveready Industries and EBC (India) Private
Ltd. a fully-owned subsidiary of EBC, signed a joint venture to
develop the miniature battery business in India.

- Eveready Industries Limited, a major player in dry battery
which has recently embarked on marketing packaged tea, is now
contemplating entering the food processing sector.

- Eveready Industries India Ltd., has constituted a three member
committee to look into the affairs of the company,

- EIIL and its joint venture partner Ralston Purina Overseas will
set up an Energiser battery manufacturing unit near Chennai.

1998 - The company was originally set up as United Carbon India and
later renamed as Union Carbide India.

- The company has set up a joint venture with Ralston Purina
Overseas Battery Co USA which sells alkaline batteries under the
Energizer brand name.

1999 - Eveready Industries Ltd. the flagship of the B M
Khaitan-controlled Williamson Magor group, will launch its
premium packet tea brand, Tez, in West Bengal and the whole of
south India shortly.

- Eveready Industries (India) Ltd, the flagship of the B M
Khaitan-controlled Williamson Magor group, will set up a joint
venture with Gold Peak Industries International Hongkong (GPI),
of the Asian multinational group GP, with assets exceeding HK
$6 billion, to form an assembly line for rechargeable
batteries, which are mainly used by cellular phone consumers.

- Eveready Industries and Exide Industries are looking at setting
up battery manufacturing units in Myanmar via joint ventures.

- Eveready Industries (India) Ltd. (EIL) will soon be launching a
new battery charger range which will be an improvement over its
currently launched power bank charger.

- The company has recently launched a brand of environment-friendly
batteries, which are marketed with the punchline `Ray of Life'.

- With effect from April 1996, McLeod Russel was merged with its
subsidiary -- Eveready Industries.

- Eveready Industries, the leader in the drycell battery industry,
has a market share of about 43 per cent.

- In the batteries segment, EIL has just launched its `Lava'
brand of dry cell batteries in the Bangladesh market.

2000 - Eveready Industries India Ltd. has acquired yet another tea
estate in the Dooars.

- Eveready Industries India Ltd. has introduced its rechargeable
Nickel Cadmium Pencil (AA) batteries in Chennai.

- Evereday Industries Ltd recently made a strategic move to have its packet
tea brands launched under the banner of its newly-created greendale division.

- The Financial institutions have put shackles on the blanket resolution of Eveready
Industries (India) Ltd. to spin off its non-tea business into a separate entity as a
precursor to induct a strategic partner.

- The Board of The Bisnauth Tea Company Ltd. and Eveready Industries
India Ltd. approved a scheme of Amalgamation of Bisnauth with Eveready
with retrospective effect from April 1.

- Eveready Industries has launched Eveready Big Lantern, specifically designed to
suit tough conditions and long hours of use.

2001 - To Celebrate Valentines Day, Eveready Industries Luvlite, a unique tourch-cum-key chain.

- The Company has entered into agreements for sale of 4 tea estates in Darjeeling and 2
tea estates in the Dooars for a consideration of Rs 4491.51 lakhs in the aggregate.

- The Company, a Williamson Magor group company, would sell off its alkaline batteries
business for sum of $1.5 million

- Eveready Industries Ltd. has transferred its entire equity holding of 49 per cent in the joint
venture company Energizer India Ltd. to EBC India Company Ltd.


-Arun Kumar Bajoria has acquired a property in Delhi belonging to Eveready Industries Ltd for Rs 20 crore, through Hooghly Holdings, a 5,100 square meter realty at 23 Aurangzeb Road,Kolkata

-Stake increased by promoters in Eveready by 6.7%

-Raised nearly Rs 80 crore from the sale of tea gardens, with the recent agreement for the sale of Romai Tea estate in Assam to Rossel Tea for Rs 13.91 crore

-Sold 3,30,000 equity shares of Rs.10/- each of Kilburn Chemicals Ltd by way of inter-se transfer of shares.


-Offloads around 9% of its holding in Standard Batteries Ltd

-Approval to shift the entire facilities at Tiruvottiyur High Road to the Guindy site and integrate the same with the facilities existing there


- Metals Centre Limited have acquired 3440812 shares representing 6.16% of the voting rights of the company

-Appoints the celebrated filmstar Mr. Amitabh Bachhan, as Brand Ambassador for 'Eveready" for Batteries and Flashlights for a period of 2 yrs

-Metals Centre Ltd has acquired 34,40,812 (6.16 per cent) equity shares of Eveready Industries India Ltd by scheme of amalgamation


-Eveready rolls out NiMH rechargeable batteries

-Eveready Industries enters into MoU with BPL

-Eveready Ind acquires BPL Soft Energy System Ltd


-Eveready Industries India Ltd has signed an agreement with Phoenix Lamps Ltd (Phoenix) for sales and distribution in the country of the latter's general lighting lamps (GLLs) excluding automotive applications.

-Eveready Industries India has appointed Mr. Subir Dasgupta as Additional Director of the Company with effect from May 11, 2007, subject to the approval of the Members at a General Meeting.

-Eveready Industries India Ltd has has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd, (HDIL) for the transfer and / or assignment of its right, title and interest under a lease for land at Navi Mumbai, for the residue unexpired period of the lease, subject to necessary clearances, approvals and such like requirements at a consideration of Rs 115,00,000.


-Eveready Industries India Ltd (Eveready) had signed a Distribution & Dual Brand Agreement with Phoenix Lamps Ltd (Phoenix) for sales and distribution of the general lighting lamps (GLLs) under the dual brand "EVEREADY" and "HALONIX",


-Eveready Industries - Investment in an Overseas JV/Special Purpose Vehicle Company.


-Eveready hikes battery prices


-Eveready upgrades its Torch and Lamp Portfolio

-Eveready ropes in Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador


-Eveready launches lantern portfolio with rechargeable range

-Eveready hikes Battery prices.
-Eveready Industries launches portable power products.

-Eveready Industries have recommended dividend of Re. 0.50 per fully paid up equity share of Rs. 5/- each.

-The Company launches India’s brightest ever 8W LED bulbD bulb.

-Eveready Industries India Ltd has titled "Enjoy A "Better Life" with Eveready Appliances".
-Eveready to launch electrical, non-electrical appliances
-Eveready Inds gains on plans to enter home appliances biz
-Eveready gains over 1 percent on plans to hive off tea business
-Eveready introduces electrical home appliances
-Eveready Ind bags Rs 17.94 cr supply order from Govt firm