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Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1932 - The Company was incorporated on 26th July, at Mumbai.

1970 - The solvent extraction oil plant set up at Oudh Sugar Mills
started working.

1971 - Government of India granted their final approval for the Company
to be associated with a project for refining and
fractionation of crude palm oil in Malaysia being set up by
Edible Products (Malaysia), Berhand.

1972 - Construction work was expected to start by the first week of

1973 - The first phase of production was scheduled to commence by
July/August. The erection work, after some delay, was
completed in December.

1974 - 77,485 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1976 - The Company purchased the sugar factory at Rosa in U.P.
belonging to carew & Co., Ltd., having a crushing capacity of
1,000 tonnes per day.

1980 - Under the scheme of Arrangement, the Company's unit was
transferred to a new company Akola Oil Industires, Ltd. (AOIL) as
on 1st, July. As per the terms of the Scheme of Arrangement,
every holder of one 9.5% preference share of Rs 100 each in
Oudh Sugar Mills, Ltd. (OSM) was entitled to receive one, 11%
preference share of Rs 100 each in AOIL and the holder of one
equity share of Rs 100 each in OSM was entitled to receive 4
equity shares of Rs 10 each in AOIL. These 4 equity shares of
AOIL would be in addition to the equity shares of OSM held by the

- 25,000 Pref. shares deemed to stand redeemed on 1.7.1980 as per
scheme of arrangement sanctioned by the Bombay High Court.

1984 - The New Swadeshi Sugar Mills Ltd. was merged with the Company
with effect from 1st July, 1984 by order of the Bombay High Court
dated 16th July, 1986. As a result, the Company acquired one
sugar mill and one distillery at Narkatiaganj, one vegetable and
fruits canning factory at Allahabad and Macfarlane paints factory
at Calcutta.

1985 - 61,155 equity shares allotted withtout payment in cash to members
of New Swadeshi Sugar Mills Ltd. on its merger with the company.

1986 - Hargaon Investment and Trading Co., Ltd., Calcutta and OSM
Investment and Trading Company Ltd., Calcutta became subsidiaries
of the Company.

1992 - Production and working results were adversely affected as the
Hargaon distillery had to be closed down for about 3 months under
the orders of the U.P. Pollution Control Board. Also, the
production and working of the Narkatiaganj distillery was
affected due to non-availability of molasses.

- Production and sales of the fruit and vegetables, canning factory
were lower compared to previous year due to poor offtake by the
Defence Purchase organisation and lack of export orders.

- During 1992-94, production sales and working results of solvent
extraction plant at Silapur were adversely affected on account of
poor availability of raw material and fluctuation in the price of
oil and oil cakes and increase in sales tax by U.P. Government.

- Production, sales and working results of Macfarlane paint factory
was reported to be satisfacotry.

1994 - The Hargaon distillery continued to be affected due to
non-allotment of sufficient mollasses but the production and
working results of Narkatiaganj improved.

- The Fruit & Vegetable Canning unit received substantial order
for exports as well as from the defence department.

- Though the sales were better compared to previous year, the
working results were adversely affected due to increase in prices
of raw materials and other inputs without corresponding increase
in selling prices on account of prevailing competition.

- @ 44 Quarter Ord. shares issued. Bearer Ord. shares coupons of Rs
25 & 12.50 each fully paid. 1,30,068 rights equity shares
allotted at a prem. of Rs 350 per share.

1995 - Sales & working results of the Hargaon distillery were adversely
affected as the distillery operated intermittently due to
depressed market and poor off-take on account of the huge
production of industrial alcohol. However, the production,
sales and working results of Narkatiaganj distillery continued
to be better.

- The Solvent extraction plant at Silapur worked only, for a period
of 73 months on account of poor availability of raw material
and fluctuation in prices of oil and oil seeds. During the year,
the Company decided to close down the factory.

- Production and Sales were better but the working was affected due
to prevailing competition and increase in the cost of production
without corresponding increase in selling prices.

- Due to steep fall in the orders mainly from Wagon & Shipping
industry the unit suffered. Despite all efforts to improve the
working of the factory, the unit continued to incur losses.
Hence lease of the factory was terminated effective 30.4.1996.

- Bearer Ord. shares of Rs 25 & 12.50 each fully paid. @ 44
Quarter Ord. shares issued 6,92,386 rights equity shares allotted
at a prem. Rs 400 per share prop. 2:1.

1996 - Production and sales at Hargaon improved significantly as
compared to last year due to U. P. Governments' decision to
allow export of alcohol from U. P. helped the industry to
reduce its inventories and improved capacity utilisation.

- @ 44 Quarter Ord. shares issued. Bearer Ord. shares coupon of Rs
25 & Rs 12.50 each fully paid.

1997 - Production at Hargaon distillery could not improve due to U.P.
Government's delay in announcing Molasses and Alcohol policy
and shortage of molasses during second half of the year. The
performance of Narkatiaganj distillery was satisfactory.

- Performance of the factory was adversely affected due to steep
fall in defence supplies. However, due to change in the brand
name from `ACCOS' to `MORTON' and vigorous sales drive sales of
the factory has picked up.

2002-K K Birla resigns from Directorship of Oudh Sugar Mills.

2003 - Delisting of ordinary shares from The Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Limited, Kanpur.

-Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 3:4


-Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd had appointed Godbole as an Additional Director of the Company w.e.f. April 23, 2007.


The company has issued rights in the ratio of 22:100 at a premium of Rs.50/- Per Share.

-Oudh Sugar Mills has recommended dividend @ Rs 1.50 per Equity Share.

-Oudh Sugar Mills appointed Mr. lnderpal Singh Kalra as a Nominee Director.

-Oudh Sugar Mills appointed Mr. Pushkar Sahay as a Nominee Director .

-Oudh Sugar Mills appointed Mr. Yashwant Kumar Daga as an Additional Director.

-Oudh Sugar Mills Commencement of Sugarcane Crushing Operation for the Sugar Seasons 2014-15.

-Oudh Sugar Mills gains over 4% on bourses.