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Somany Ceramics Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1968 - The company was incorporated on 20th January at Calcutta. It
manufactures and deals in glazed tiles and carries on leasing

- The company entered into a collaboration agreement with
Pilkington's Tiles Limited, U.K.

- Special Refractories Ltd., is a subsidiary of the company.

- Issued 93,200 No. of equity shares to directors, etc., 20,000 No.
of equity shares to ICICI, 78,000 No. of equity share to
Pilkington's Tiles Ltd., U.K. (30,000 shares for cash and 48,000
shares against plant and equipment). 1,08,800 No. of equity and
10,000 Pref. shares offered to public in January 1970.

1974 - 100 forfeited shares reissued.

1976 - 2,99,950 Bonus Equity shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1983 - The company undertook to set up a new unit at Kadi in Gujarat
with a licensed capacity of 6,000 tonnes per annum. Production
was started in June.

- Kadi unit had teething troubles and did not reach its installed

1984 - Pref. shares redeemed on 28.2.1985. 2,99,950 bonus equity shares
issued in prop. 1:2.

1985 - Production increased further to 5,665 tonnes despite power supply
constraints. The company continued to face problems at Kassar
due to changeover of a large part of firing system from furnace
oil to residual fuel oil.

- A modernisation programme was undertaken at Kassar which would
enable the company to introduce newer designs.

1986 - Production declined to 19,742 tonnes due to strike at the Kassar
factory from 22nd June 23rd September, 1987 and poor power
availability. The company proposed to install a 22 MW diesel
generating set and steps were taken to install storage tanks for
liquified petroleum gas, for which Government approval had been

- Modernisation in the body preparation section was in progress.
This programme was expected to improve the efficiency of the
tablet pressing section. It was also proposed to install more
modern imported automatic hydraulic presses by way of replacement
of the existing mechanical presses. On completion of the
proposed programme of modernisation and expansion, the production
capacity at Kassar would stand increased to 31,000 tonnes per

- Modernisation at Kadi unit envisaged replacement of existing
mechanical presses with automatic hydraulic presses, upgradation
of glazing lines with the introduction of tile decorating
machines and moderation of tile sorting and packing section.

1987 - 50 forfeited shares reissued.

1988 - Commissioning of hydraulic presses at Kassar was completed and
trial production was started. Active steps were being taken for
further modernisation under the TDF Scheme at Kadi was approved
by Government.

1989 - The company took up a floor tile project with a capacity of
12,000 tonnes per annum. Despite completion of erection of the
machinery, commissioning was considerably delayed on account of
Government's inability to provide and natural gas by November

- 8,99,900 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1990 - Despite a strike by workmen at Kadi unit from 22nd June to 22nd
August, total production rose to 30,961 tonnes. There was a
satisfactory growth in sales and profits also.

- Imported machines under TDF Scheme were installed at Kadi.

1991 - Two more automatic hydraulic presses were installed at Kassar.

1992 - One more automatic hydraulic press was being installed at Kadi.
Simultaneously, more screen printing machines were being

- The Company entered into a collaboration agreement with M/s
Pilkington's Tiles Ltd. for upgradation in the existing

1993 - During October/November the company made a right and public issue
of 3,32,950 and 1,67,050 - 15% secured redeemable partly
convertible debentures of Rs. 300 each respectively. Right issue
was made in the ratio of one debenture for every four equity
shares held by the existing shareholders (all were taken up).
Out of public issue, 5,000 debentures were offered to the
employees, 16,700 debentures were offered to the shareholders of
Schablona India Ltd. and remaining 1,45,350 debentures were
offered to the public (all were taken up).

- Part-A of Rs. 100 was to be converted into one equity share of
Rs. 10 each at a premium of Rs. 90 per shares on allotment.
Remaining Part-B of Rs. 200 was repayable in 3 equal instalments
from 6th, 7th and 8th year from the date of allotment.

1994 - The capacity of floor tiles was expanded from 15,000 tonnes to
30,000 tonnes.

- The Company entered into a collaboration agreement with M/s.
Pilkingtons Tiles Limited for upgradation in the existing

1995 - 5,000 sq. mtr./day wall tile unit by double fast firing was
commissioned and is fully operational.

- 45,99,600 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 2:1.

1996 - The Company introduced India's largest ceramic tile (45cm X
45cm), production of such large size ceramic tile requires very
high technology and skills.

1997 - SPL has tied-up with Schblona India to manufacture ceramic decals
and fire the same on glazed tiles. SPL would be one of the first
Indian companies to use this technology.

- SPL introduced 45x45 cm tiles - a world class product - for the
first time in the domestic market.

- A new unit has also been commissioned at Kassar with a fire
printing technology that can print any kind of prints on tiles.

1998 - SPL Limited holds 185,000 fully paid Equity Shares of Rs. 10 each
in the Company as on 31st March.

1999 - The company has entered into a technical collaboration with
Leonardo Ceramica, Italy which is a part of the "Cooperative
Ceramica di Imola" group: the fourth largest producer of ceramic
tiles in Italy and a leading manufacturer in the vitrified
porcelain tiles segment.

- The Company has entered into an Agreement with National
Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) in order to provide the
requisite facilities for dematerialisation of its shares.

2000 - SPL Ltd., the makers of Somany tiles, has entered the vitrified
tiles segment by launching `Greviti'.

2001 - SPL Ltd., makers of Somany tiles, has launched a new concept in
floor and wall tiles, called the VersaTile brand.


-Delists shares from Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd


-SPL Ltd has entered into Joint Venture (JV) Agreement with Keraben S A with the aim of manufacturing, promoting, distributing and selling the products within India and other countries.


- Company name has been changed from SPL Ltd to Somany Ceramics Ltd.


- Somany Ceramics Ltd has appointed Mr. Y. K. Alagh as Additional Director on the Board of the Company.


-Somany Ceramics Sub-division/split up the existing each fully paid Equity Shares of nominal face value of Rs.10/- each into 5 fully paid up Equity Shares of the nominal face value of Rs. 2/- each

-Shri Sandeep Kumar has been appointed as the Nominee Director on the Board of the Company


-Somany Ceramics Proposed acquisition of 26% equity stake in M/s Vintage Tiles Private Limited

-Somany Ceramics inaugurates First Somany Studio showroom in Dindigul

-Somany Ceramics inaugurates First Somany Studio showroom in Indore

-Somany Ceramics inaugurates First Somany Global Exclusive showroom in Ahmedabad

-Somany Ceramics inaugurates First Somany Exclusive showroom in Anantnag


-Somany Ceramics inaugurates Somany Exclusive showroom in Kochi

-Somany Ceramics enters into partnership with Fiandre Group

-Somany launches ‘The King of all Slabs’

-Somany Ceramics inaugurates Somany Studio showroom in Bangalore

-Somany Ceramics inaugurates First SOMANY STUDIO showroom in Gandhidham

- Board recommended a Dividend @ 60% i.e. Rs. 1.20/- per Equity Share of Rs. 2/- each.

- Somany Ceramics Ltd has appointed Mr. Narayan Anand as an Independent Additional Director of the company.
- Board recommended a Dividend of 75% (Rs. 1.50 per equity shares of Rs. 2/- each) .
- Somany Ceramics won spotlight awards for the year 2014

-Somany Ceramics completes expansion at Kassar plant