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Zensar Technologies Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details


- The Company was Incorporated on 29th March, at Mumbai. The Company
manufacture and dealing in all kinds of computers, tabulators,
accounting and calculating machines and other machines and punch cards.

- Issued 5,000 shares against supply of know-how and 25,000 shares for
cash to International Computers & Tabulators, Ltd., London. 10,000
shares to directors, etc., and 10,000 shares to the public. All shares
issued at par.


- The Company received a letter of intent for the manufacture of 2904
computer systems.


- During September, shares subdivided. 2,50,000 shares offered at part
as rights to resident Indian shareholders as on 26.9.1978 in prop. 5:4,
fraction being ignored.


- 17,50,000 shares issued at par. 7,00,000 shares without payment in
cash to ICL, U.K.: 23,850 shares to Indian directors and employees;
3,75,000 shares to financial institutions and 6,51,150 shares to the
public during August.


- Industrial licence was received for the manufacture of mini
computer/micro processor based systems of the annual capacity of Rs 2
crores in the Company's existing industrial undertaking at Pune.

- The Company obtained a letter of intent to increase the present
licensed capacity for the manufacture of line printers from 100 nos.
per annum. This was converted into an industrial licence during


- ICIM Quattro Super Micro Computer was introduced.

- The Company entered into a technical collaboration agreement with
Centronics Data Computer Corporation (now known as Genicom Inc.),
U.S.A., with 70% of indeginisation in the very first year of
manufacture, for manufacture in India on OEM basis, their line printers
known as "Linewriters".

- The Company acquired the entire share capital of 44,000 No. of equity
shares of Rs 100 each of International Computers (India) Ltd., from
International Computers Ltd., London whereupon International Computers
(India) Ltd., became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

- The Company issued by private placement 1,50,000 - 15%
non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each to financial institutions.
These debentures are redeemable in instalments at a premium of 5% at
the end of 7 years from the date of allotment starting from 3rd June,

- During December 1986 - January 1987, the Company offered to its
resident Indian equity shareholders as rights 2,39,652-15% convertible
debentures of Rs 152 each for Rs 3,64,27,104 in the proportion 4
debentures for every 25 No. of equity shares held (fractions ignored).
Permission was also obtained to retain 25% of the issue in case of
oversubscription. Only 2,01,097 debentures was taken up. Applications
were also invited from public and private parties and 42,978 debentures
were allotted to this category.

- 11,980-10% convertible debentures of Rs 152 each for Rs 18,20,960
were offered to employees (including Indian working directors)/workers
of the Company on equitable basis. Only 1,572 debentures only taken
up. The remaining 10,408 debentures were allowed to lapse.

- Rs 52 out of the face value of each debenture was to be compulsorily
converted into 4 equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 3 per
share at the end of 6 months from the date of allotment. The remaining
non-convertible portion of Rs 100 out of the face value of each
debenture was to redeemed in full at par on the expiry of 7 years from
the date of allotment of debentures. The conversion of debentures took
place on 15th October, 1987.

- No convertible debenture was to be issued to International Computers
Ltd., U.K., which held 40% of the Company's equity share capital. The
company allotted 6,55,058 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a
premium of Rs 3 per share for cash to International Computers Ltd.,

- 9,82,588 shares issued in conversion of debentures (Prem. Rs 3 per
shares). 6,55,058 shares allotted to ICL, U.K. (prem. Rs 3 per share).


- During January, DRS - 300 a state-of-the-Company introduced main
frame Series-39 computers based on 5th generation VLS technology
incorporating VMC operating schemes.


- Macro Software Pvt. Ltd., became a subsidiary of the Company.


- The Company introduced the PC range. The company entered into the
prime UNIX PC market during the year.

- The Company introduced Krypton series of machines based on Motorola
68030, in association with Integrated Micro Products, Ltd., U.K.

- The Company offered during February, 3,47,562-12.5% secured fully
convertible debentures of Rs 170 each for an aggregate value of Rs
590.86 lakhs. Out of the total issue, 3,31,012 debentures were offered
to the equity shareholders of the Company on rights basis in the
proportion of 2 debentures for every 25 equity shares held and the
balance of 16,550 debentures were offered to the employees (including
working directors)/workers of the Company.

- Out of the rights portion, 2,60,097 debentures were taken up by the
shareholders and the balance of 70,915 debentures were issued and
allotted by directors to other persons. Out of employees' quota, only
80 debentures were taken up and the unsubscribed portion of the
employees' quota was allowed to lapse.

- Pursuant to the term of issue of the debentures, a portion of Rs 85
of each debenture was converted into 5 fully paid-up equity share of Rs
10 each at a premium of Rs 7 per shares with effect from 7th October

- The balance of Rs 85 of each debenture was converted into 8.5 equity
shares of Rs 10 each for cash at par on 23.11.1990. Accordingly
28,14,282 shares were allotted.

- 16,55,460 No. of equity shares issued in conversion of debentures
(prem. Rs 7 per share) as on 7.10.1989.


- The Company entered into the reprographics business of photocopies
and fax machines which received good market response.

- The Company offered 2,16,925-12.5% secured partly convertible
debentures of Rs 275 each. Out of the total issue, 2,06,595 debentures
were offered to the shareholders of the Company on rights basis in
proportion 1 debenture for every 25 equity shares held (all were taken
up) and the balance 10,330 debentures were offered and issued to the
employees on an equitable basis. (Only 110 debentures were taken up).

- Another 2,75,607 No. of Equity shares were allotted to ICL U.K. to
maintain their holdings of 40%.

- Part `A' is the convertible portion of Rs 100 of the face value of
the debentures. Rs 20 out of Rs 100 will be converted into two equity
shares of Rs 10 each within six months from the date of allotment.
(Accordingly 4,13,410 shares were allotted). Balance of Rs 80 per
debenture was to be converted into five equity shares of Rs 10 at a
premium of Rs 6 per shares. However, the conversion was optional.
Those who opted out of conversion their debenture portion was to be
redeemed. Accordingly 10,01,920 shares were allotted on 19th October,

- Part `B' Non-convertible portion of Rs 175 was to be redeemed at part
on the expiry of 10 years from the date of allotment.

- Another 90,200 and 6,30,423 shares were allotted to ICL U.K. Ltd. to
maintain their holdings of 40%.


- The Company launched the ICL range of Ergolite PCs and new desktop
range of DRS 6000s.

- The Company entered into a technical collaboration agreement with
Fijitsu, Japan for manufacture of heavy duty, high speed line printers
in India.

- The Company had set up a joint venture in the name of RPG Ricoh Ltd.
With equity participation from RICOH Japan and ICIM to give prominence
to the reprographics business of photocopiers and fax machines.

- During November-December, 46,48,203, No. of Equity shares offered to
the existing shareholders in proportion of 1.2 at a premium of Rs 6 per
shares. (All were taken up).

- 2,32,412 shares at a prem. of Rs 6 were offered to the employees.
(Only 18,800 shares were taken up).

- Another 12,533 shares (prem. Rs 6) were allotted to ICL U.K. Ltd. to
maintain their holdings of 40%.

- 46,79,536 No. of equity shares (prem. Rs 6) issued to shareholders.


- The Company had set up a joint venture company in name of Fujitsu
ICIM Software Technologies with 30% equity participation and 70% by
`Fujitsu' in Sydney (Australia) in order to market and support software
and services for FUJITSU International Group Companies.

- The Name of the Company was changed to Fujitsu ICIM Limited with
effect from 16th July.

- 17,22,543 shares allotted on conversion of Part `B' of 12.5%
debentures. 17,44,276 shares allotted to foreing collaborator at a
premium of Rs 19 per share. 2,00,000 pref. shares issued during the


- With a view to improve overall working the company proposed to
introduce Fujitsu range of products, and undertake a variety of new
business opportunities including multi vendor maintenance, facilities
management and diagnostic and help desk support.

- The Company planned to improve its main product line and introduce a
new product line of communication and distributed network system
through high speed "Open System" LAN (Local Area Networking Technology)
which was to complement the PC and 101.

- The Company proposed to restructure and reorganise the company and
its operations. It was also proposed, subject to necessary approvals
being obtained to transfer the company's software business to
International Computers (India) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary.


- The Company successfully placed 25.1% of its equity holding in ICIL
with JF Electric (Mauritius) Ltd.

- Jardine Fleming is understood to be conducted the due diligence for
picking up a 25 per cent stake in Fujitsu ICIM's 100 per cent software
subsidiary, International Computers India Ltd. (ICIL).


- Fujitsu ICIM Ltd. has been removed from the rating watch by Crisil.
The rating factors in the spin-off of the company's software business
to a subsidiary company and dilution of equity stake.


- Fujitsu also has plans to set up a 100 per cent subsidiary in India
in the coming days.

- RPG group and Fujitsu are in agreement for sale of the SES division
to Accel.


- The Company has approved the merger of Zensar Technologies Ltd with
the company. One equity share of the company will be allotted for
every one share of ZTL held.


-Ties up with Cisco,Australian and Fujitsu, Japanese company for setting up offshore development centres at its Pune facility .

-Mr T J Gibson, resigns from the Directorship and Vice-Chairmanship of the company.

-Appoints Mr Tim Escudier as the Director and Vice Chairman of the company.

-Partners with a US based technology consulting firm to offer high-quality, cost competitive offshore outsourcing platforms for financial institutions in global markets.


-Signs a 50:50 Joint venture with Asia Logistics Technologies.

-Mr. R A Chamberlain, Director has resigned with effect from November 20, 2003.


-Zensar Technologies ties up with 6 overseas cos

-Zensar Technologies Limited has informed that they have received intimation from Blue Niles Holdings Limited in respect of their purchase of 11,95,600 equity shares aggregating to 5.13% of the issued capital of Zensar Technologies Limited.

-Zensar inks pact with PeopleSoft`

- Forms joint venture with a Chinese software firm in Shenzhen

- Ties up with the risk management subsidiary of $85 billion KeyBank, Capital & Risk Consulting (CRC) Group to offer comprehensive solution for Basel II implementation services


-Zensar Technologies signs SPA for acquiring equity share capital of OBT Global

-Zensar Technologies has acquired a US company, OBT Global


-Zensar Technologies Ltd has appointed Mr. Venkatesh Kasturirangan as Director of the Company.

-Zensar secures Kotak Mahindra Bank order

-Zensar Technologies Board recommends dividend of Rs 3.80 (38%)


-Zensar signs multi million dollar IM deal with UK based utility major.

-Zensar Technologies Board has proposed a dividend of Rs 4.50 per share (45%)

-Zensar Technologies and University of Wollongong (UoW) to collaborate for Innovation


-Zensar Technologies, the leading global IT and BPO services provider announced the completion of a major systems integration project with Priceline.com.

-Zensar Technologies has bagged an order worth Rs 100 crore from one of the South Africa's insurance companies in order to provide services to its customers for five years.

-Zensar Technologies is now a Platinum Partner in the Oracle

-Zensar bags power consultant contracts in 2 State

-Zensar expands Global presence with launch of Shanghal Development Centre in China

-Zensar acquires Akibia Inc.

-Zensar Technologies has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1


-Zensar's Enterprise Application Practice bags multi-million dollar deals in key Geographies

-Zensar Akibla launch Global IM Services

-Cisco Awards Zensar Technologies Ltd Service Excellence Award

-Zensar announces an agreement with Google to provide Google Apps solutions to the large retail and manufacturing customers


-Zensar announces inauguration of new facility in Bengaluru (India). Zensar Technologies' new facility in Bengaluru to provide Cloud, Social Media and Mobility Solutions.

-Zensar wins over 21 million USD of new deals in October

-Zensar enters Top 10 Best IT employers Ranking.


- Assurant Health and Zensar Announce Multi-year Information Technology Support Agreement.

- "Zensar Technologies Launches Enhanced End-to-End Suite of Multivendor Support Service Offerings"- Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development & Application Integration Competencies and status of Silver Partner for Business Intelligence, Collaboration and Content, Mobility and Data Platform competencies.

- Zensar Technologies signs large multiplayer contracts in the US.

- Zensar Technologies launches Insourcing Services Division

- Zensar Technologies Ltd has entered into an agreement with Kapela Fund 1 and The Tomorrow Trust to set up a new Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment company in South Africa.


- Zensar signs significant deals of near 100 crores

- IT firm, Zensar Technologies today said that it has won a contract worth USD 6.7 million (approx 40.10 cr) from UK-based services provider Morrison Utility Services for cloud based
application services.

- Zensar Launches First Ever Employability Skills Development Program.

- Zensar Technologies and Agile Financial Technologies partner to expand BFSI focused services globally

- Zensar Technologies Inc. acquires Professional Access Inc.

- Zensar Technologies announces large multimillion dollar deal with leading UK high street retailer.

- Zensar has signed significant multimillion dollar deals in the US in its infrastructure management business.

-The Company won new orders of about Rs 190 crore in its Application Management Services business
-Zensar’s newly acquired entity, Professional Access Launches 'PARADE' to Accelerate Oracle eCommerce Deployment
-Zensar to launch first digital literacy bus in Pune
-Zensar Foundation launches its fourth Digital Literacy Centre, in Sudumbre

-"Zensar Technologies named as Digital Transformation Partner for leading East African Retailer, Nakumatt".
-"Zensar Technologies enables South Africa's largest online retail store, NetFlorist to enhance customer shopping experience".
-Zensar Technologies wins Service Excellence award from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
- "Zensar partners with Unicomer Group, a leading retailer in 24 countries in Latin America For Financial and Procurement process Transformation".
-"Zensar Technologies signs multi-million dollar Development deal with AVIS Fleet in South Africa".
-"Zensar Technologies acquires Foolproof Ltd."
-"Zensar to partner with FULLBEAUTY Brands in the transformation of its Financial Processes".