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Gold Rate in Kerala (14th November 2018)

Nov 14, 2018
₹ 2,875 /Gram(22ct) ₹ -25

The State of Kerala has always seen good consumption patterns for gold, especially during the festive season or also during occasions like marriage or naming ceremony.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Kerala (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 2,875 ₹ 2,900 ₹ -25
8 gram ₹ 23,000 ₹ 23,200 ₹ -200
10 gram ₹ 28,750 ₹ 29,000 ₹ -250
100 gram ₹ 2,87,500 ₹ 2,90,000 ₹ -2,500

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Kerala (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 3,305 ₹ 3,330 ₹ -25
8 gram ₹ 26,440 ₹ 26,640 ₹ -200
10 gram ₹ 33,050 ₹ 33,300 ₹ -250
100 gram ₹ 3,30,500 ₹ 3,33,000 ₹ -2,500

Gold Rate in Kerala for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Nov 14, 2018 ₹ 28,750 ₹ 33,050
Nov 13, 2018 ₹ 29,000 ₹ 33,300
Nov 12, 2018 ₹ 29,200 ₹ 33,500
Nov 10, 2018 ₹ 29,000 ₹ 33,450
Nov 9, 2018 ₹ 29,200 ₹ 33,580
Nov 8, 2018 ₹ 29,300 ₹ 33,590
Nov 7, 2018 ₹ 29,350 ₹ 33,640
Nov 5, 2018 ₹ 29,400 ₹ 33,690
Nov 3, 2018 ₹ 29,500 ₹ 33,780
Nov 2, 2018 ₹ 29,450 ₹ 33,730

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Kerala

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Kerala

  • Gold Price Movement in Kerala, October 2018
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st October rate Rs.28,460 Rs.32,970
    31st October rate Rs.29,500 Rs.33,780
    Highest rate in October Rs.29,710 on October 28 Rs.33,960 on October 28
    Lowest rate in October Rs.28,460 on October 1 Rs.32,970 on October 1
    Over all performance Rising Rising
    % Change +3.65% +2.46%
  • Gold Price Movement in Kerala, September 2018
  • Gold Price Movement in Kerala, August 2018
  • Gold Price Movement in Kerala, July 2018
  • Gold Price Movement in Kerala, June 2018
  • Gold Price Movement in Kerala, May 2018

Kerala has always had a fascination for gold and gold jewellery. In fact, Malayalees, who traveled in large numbers in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s to the Gulf always came back with gold.

However, these days the restrictions on gold imports is more relaxed, so you can come back with decent amounts of gold for use, as well as for investments.

Factors that impact todays gold rates in Kerala

There are many reasons for the daily movement in gold rates in Kerala today. One of the biggest of these is the international demand for the metal.

We have been constantly seeing that the demand for the precious metal has been tapering in the state. This has led to subdued price demand.

Another factor that impacts todays gold rates in Kerala, include the currency movement. We have been seeing that the rupee has been weakening against the dollar. When this happens, prices tend to dip.

Gold rates in Kerala today are hence impacted by the same. Let us cite an example. Let us say rates were constant at $1000 per kg. Now, if the rupee moves from 68 to the dollar to 70 to the dollar, it would automatically make prices more expensive, since India imports a lot of gold. This is one of the top reasons why prices move higher in India and hence in the state of Kerala.

How gold rates in Kerala may differ?

The state of Kerala has one of the lowest gold rates today in the country. In fact, many investors visit the state because of the renowned chain of jewellers that are present here.

In fact, if you are looking to buy the precious metal, it would be advisable to check a host of things, before you venture into buying.

First, it is important to remember that gold rates may differ from city to city, within the state. It is a must to check with your jeweller on the prices. Many jewellery shops in Kerala could change the gold rates at different times, so you need to enquire. Also, there is a possibility that a few of them maybe charging a different rate. It is a good idea to always call and check.

 Also, one needs to see and determine whether the gold is hallmarked. If it is, then you are sure on the quality and the various other aspects. In short, there are various factors that you should consider before you buy gold in Kerala.

Where to buy gold in Kerala?

Kerala has a number of jewellery shops spread across the length and breadth of the state. Every top city including Cochin, Thiruvanthapuram, Calicut have plenty of jewellery shops. Apart from this even the smaller towns have a number of jewellery shops.

Among the more popular shops include Malabar Gold, Joy Alukkas, Jos Alukkas etc. In fact, there are plenty of choices that buyers of gold in Kerala have. You need to visit some of the frontline shops in the top cities and can also engage in window shopping just to make enquiries, if you so wish.

What to check while buying gold in Kerala?

Before buying gold in Kerala, it is worth checking the price. Remember, while gold rates may more or less remain the same across the state and the cities, the making charges are really what differs So, make sure that you check the making charges before buying.

Apart from that we strongly recommend that you look for purity. Make sure that you buy only hallmarked jewellery.

Gold rates and the rupee

 The currency plays a very crucial role in the movement of gold prices. India imports almost all of the precious metal. This means to a large extent, we need to worry about the dollar movement against the Indian rupee.

 Todays gold rates in Kerala almost always reflect currency fluctuations. For example, if the dollar moves from levels of 67 to 70 to the rupee, one would have to pay more for gold. In the past individuals coming to Kerala from the Middle East would carry gold along with them.

 This would sometimes make it cheaper. However, there are some restrictions on importing the same and investors and consumers need to be aware of the same.

 The restriction to carry gold in the form of jewellery is different for men and women. In any case, those who are looking to buy the metal, must keep in mind the exchange fluctuations that take place from time to time.

What determines gold prices in Kerala?

Gold prices in Kerala largely move in tandem with the international markets. So, if international prices go up, gold rates in Kerala would go up and vice versa. Similarly, if gold rates fall in the international markets, it would drop in Kerala as well.

Having said that we must say that 2017 has been a good year for investors in Kerala, who have got decent returns. In fact, their returns maybe close to 20 per cent this year, since the start of the year.

Gold is a good investment for those looking at more steady returns. It is also a great diversification saving instrument.

How to invest in Gold?

Gold, the yellow metal is respected throughout the world for its value and rich history, which has been interwoven into cultures for thousands of years. Unlike, paper currencies or other assets gold has maintained its value throughout the ages.

  •  Jewelry: People of Kerala have an unparalleled affection towards gold. When it comes to jewelry, nothing can beat the gold ornaments that adorn a Keralite bride. Koduvally, a village is located 25-kilometers away from the city of Kozhikode in Kerala, has more than 100 jewelry shops within the one-kilometer radius. 
  • Coins: The gold coins are available in different karats and weights. People buy gold coins for gifting purpose apart from the investment.
  •  Commodity Exchange: Gold is traded as a commodity for a variable time duration in the Multi Commodity Exchange popularly known as MCX, National Spot Exchange Limited or in the National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX).
  • Bullion: Precious metals in bulk, in the un-coined form such as gold bars, considered in mass rather than value.

Factors affecting Gold price in Kerala

Gold is seen as an essential asset in Kerala. It plays a vital role in festivities and celebrations. The factors which affect the price of gold in Kerala are as follows: 

• Inflation – Investing in gold is considered to be safe at all times. It becomes right during the time of inflation. Inflation reduces the purchasing power of an individual. The right form of investment during inflation is to invest in something which is stable. Gold is the best option to invest in during inflation time and hence naturally the price of the gold increases during inflation.
• Change in Global Prices – Majority of gold requirements in India are met through imports. It is natural that any change in the prices at the global level will have its fair share of impact even on the prices at the domestic level. The worldwide change in the yellow metals price may be due to the political crisis, economic turmoil, change in supply, change in demand and so on.

 • Jewelry Markets – The Jewelry market plays a vital role in affecting the gold rates in the country. In India, most of the gold purchased is used in the form of ornaments and jewelry. The jewelry market in India is vast. The increase or decrease in the demand for gold depends on the festival seasons and sentiments. The requirement for the precious metal will trend upwards during the festive season, and it slides down during non-festive season.
• Central Bank’s Gold Reserve – RBI, the country’s central bank holds massive reserves of gold, in addition to currencies. When the central bank of a nation starts to acquire and maintain gold, the price of the yellow metal shoots up. The rise in price is due to the increase in the supply of money and decrease in the supply of gold.

 • The rate of Interest – The rate of interest on the bank deposits and financial instruments also play a significant role in determining the price of the gold. Higher interest rates imply that people will sell their gold and put their money to some better use and vice versa.

Figuring the gold price trend in Kerala

Gold prices in the city of Kerala have had a phenomenal run in the last one year. This is largely riding piggy-back on international prices of gold. Will gold rates move higher in Kerala? This is always a difficult question to answer. We believe that the precious metal has already gone-up by 24 per cent this year and to keep going up defies all logic.

Hence, in the more medium term, we believe that gold prices could be going lower. If you are looking to invest, do not jump in at the current high prices. Wait for gold prices to fall before entering the same.

 Checking of gold purity in Kerala very important

If you are looking to buy gold in Kerala, one thing that you must almost always do, is check for purity. The Bureau of Indian Standards has a good presence in Kerala, incuding at Ernakulam.

You can contact the office for testing centres, to test the purity of gold. What we suggest is that you buy hallmarked gold, which will save you time and efforts to buy gold in Kerala.

There is a small triangular mark, which would signify the quality of gold. That is the BIS mark and you can see the same for quality.

A lot of individuals from Kerala also buy gold from the Gulf. However, there are restrictions on  getting gold into India. A lady traveler can only get upto Rs 1 lakh worth of gold, while a male traveller can get ony Rs 50,000 worth of gold, without paying duties.

On amounts in excess of this, you have to pay the duty that is applicable. So, you need to ensure that you do not get value of gold into India, in excess of the above mentioned limit.

Today, it is also easy to get gold of similar purity in India. Gone are the days when we really struggled for good quality gold. Not to mention the patterns, which are the finest.

How to buy gold in Kerala?

If you thought that this was a very funny question, the answer is no.  You can buy gold in a number of ways, including gold through Exchange Traded Funds schemes. There are of course, the gold bonds that have also come-up. So, if you thought that the only answer to buy gold in Kerala, was through the physical gold buying route, you are making a mistake. Gold can be bought through various ways. In fact, if you use the electronic form of buying gold, that is through the exchanges in the forms of gold ETFs, it is better for you. 

We suggest that you look at various other forms of gold, in place of the usual gold ETFs and the gold bonds. Kerala has one of the finest chain of jewelery shops that you also find extending to many of the Gulf countries. So, there are a plethora of choices, when it really comes to buying gold in India.

Physical Gold Vs Gold ETF's in Kerala

There are many investors in Kerala who are interested in gold. But, the problem is that they are not sure about where to invest in. Two options, that is ETF's and physical gold is confusing the investors.

Physical Gold comes with many issues, such as storage problem, prone to theft and many more. In gold ETF's, there are no issues regarding theft and storage. The return will be the same.

The liquidity of ETF is very high when compared to physical Gold. Trading is few clicks or a call away. Just by some clicks on the mobile phone or by making a call to the fund manager or broker, the money will be credited into your account.

When it comes to physical gold, one needs to visit a jeweller or bank to buy or sell the jewellery. Even few banks sell gold but won't accept gold. The only advantage associated with physical gold is, they can take the loan on it, which is not possible for gold ETF.

ETF's are also tax efficient. It won't added to your wealth. If you sell the ETF after one year, there will be no long-term capital gains tax.

Should you opt for gold as an investment?

It is a good idea, if you are diversifying your portfolio to look at the precious metal as an investment. This is because, you do not want to place all eggs in one basket. However, the most important thing when investing is to time your investment. This is because, if you buy gold at any and every price, you will end up making losses. 

The ideal strategy here would be to seek expert opinion or where gold prices are headed before you buy into the same. Chances are that a patient investor may still end-up making decent money. However, one should hold for the long term, as gold has only given returns in the very long term. Do remember to check the daily price of gold in Kerala, before you decice to buy or sell the precious metal. 

Taking Gold Loan In Kerala

Most individuals in Kerala rise money in bad situations by taking a Gold loan because Banks and other NBFC (Non Banking Financial Services) give loan against gold in a matter of minutes. Most popular way of getting a gold loan is by visiting gold loan companies in Kerala such as Muthoot Finance and Mannapuram Finance. These two NBFC's are popular not only in Kerala but all over south India. There are many more NBFC but because of the interest rate and other facilities, these companies offers.

Muthoot Finance and Mannapuram Finance offers good interest rates, it will be better to compare the same with bank gold loans and also with other gold loan companies before you go for the loan. There might be a marginal variation in interest rates which will be changing time to time, So it is hard to tell which would be better. Also compare gold rates in Kerala before you take a loan because the gold rates in Kerala will be fluctuating depending upon few economical conditions. It is advisable to go for gold loan when the gold prices in Kerala is high.

There are few things one should compare to decide which company is giving better with gold loan those are processing charges and interest rates. The process of gold loan will be very easy in The private NBFC's. If you have documents in place it will take hardly few hours to get the loan amount.

Good Demand For Gold In Kerala?

In Kerala, Gold acts as a status symbol. The amount of gold one shows how wealthy the family is. Thus the demand for gold is increasing exponentially. Gold plays an integral role in religious ceremonies as well. Regardless of the religion and gold rates in Kerala. Gold has its own prominence regardless of the reasons. Either Hinduism, Sikhism or Christianity, gold has its own prominence across all religions. Purchasing gold on the religious Occasions is a common thing in Kerala.

In Kerala, Gold is always considered the safest investment. The Individual investors in Kerala do at least thirty percent of their investments in gold. Gold is attached to Keralites sentimentally as well. Gifting gold is the highest form of gifting, They belive by doing, so it showcases the value of an individual and purity of their intent.

Keralites love gold a lot so if they need to liquidate an asset to make money, then gold will be the last resort. Though there is some savings and investment strategies people in Kerala prefer gold as the only practical form of savings. Traditionally ancestral gold Jewellery is passed from one generation to other generations in Kerala. As it is believed to be the symbol of purity, prosperity and good fortune. So whatever the season and however the gold prices in Kerala is moving. The demand for gold will not go down.

How todays gold rates in Kerala get impacted?

Todays gold rates in Kerala are impacted by a host of things. The biggest of these is the global movement of the precious metal.

For example, when global prices move, we see, prices of gold in Kerala also rising. The other reason for the higher or the lower movement of the precious metal, is the currency rates. Over the last few years, the dollar has been moving consistently higher against the rupee, this has helped gold pricees to move higher. The rates of gold in the various cities of Kerala may differ a little.

One needs to check with the local jewellers the exact price. There are various top jewellers in Kerala. Among these include names like Joy Alukkas, Jos Alukkas, Jos Jewellers, Malabar Gold etc.

It would be a good idea, if investors call and make themselves aware of gold rates before buying. This would ensure that they get maximum value for the price they pay for the jewellery.

Latest Updates on Kerala Gold Rates

Gold Prices in Kerala Declines Following Global Cues

The gold prices in Kerala declined following cues from global market wherein the yellow metal's prices dipped due to strong dollar and recovery of global stock markets. The gold rates in Kerala were seen at Rs 2,950 per gram for 22 karats and at Rs 3,378 per gram for 24 karats.

The spot gold was seen trading at $1,221.10 per ounce and the U.S. gold futures were at $1,219.3 per ounce, down by 0.5 percent. A firm dollar backed by the United States of America’s strong economy and recovery in equities markets across the globe is putting pressure on the yellow metal.

The dollar gained an edge over gold and rallied up to settle at a 16-month high against a basket of major currencies backed by the outstanding performance of the U.S. economy added with a hike in interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

In India, the rupee depreciated against the dollar and was seen trading at 73.98 mark against the dollar. The fall in India’s rupee added with high prices of gold dampened the demand for the yellow metal ahead of the festive season of Deepavali.

31 October 2018
Gold Prices Shrinks in Kerala

The gold prices in Kerala shrunk today amid its recovery in the international market. The flood situation in the god’s own country has also added to the fall in the prices of the yellow metal as there are no takers for it owing to the natural disaster situation. The gold rates in Kerala were recorded at Rs 2,750 per gram for 22 karats and at Rs 2,960 per gram for 24 karats.

India is a gold loving country. The high prices of the precious metal had dampened the demand for gold in the domestic market. But currently, the declining prices added with the festival and marriage season is likely to improve the demand for the yellow metal.

In the global scenario, the gold rates edged up today ahead of the Sino- U.S. trade talks which are likely to ease out the tension between the worlds biggest economies. The gold lost its sheen during the last few days after it slipped to touch 19 month low last week.

Gold has failed its charm as investors found dollar more attractive over the yellow metal during the trade war and also when Turkey’s currency crisis which shook the economy of the world.

Currently, in the global market, spot gold was seen at $1,190.10 per ounce, up by $10.20 and the U.S. gold future was also up by 0.7 percent at $1,191.60 per ounce.

20 August 2018
Gold Rates in Kerala Moves Up Marginally

The gold rates in Kerala scaled up marginally to settle at Rs 2,752 per gram for 22 karats and at Rs 3,002 per gram for 24 karats.

The gold rates in India is gradually increasing owing to the improvement in the demand for the ornamental metal in the last few days. India is a gold loving country, the country is the largest consumer of gold in the world. The rural population in India buy more gold compared to their urban counterparts.

In the international market, gold value sank to a new low to hit an all-time 17 month- low as investors took refuge in the dollar. The dollar is more preferred owing to demand for the U.S. Treasuries and the strong dollar which has bounced back into its form after the U.S. Fed announcement regarding two more interest rate hikes before the end of 2018.
Apart from this, the tumbling of Turkish Lira has also strengthened the value of dollar to a major extent amid the trade tariff war between the U.S. and other member countries.

Currently, spot gold was seen at down by $15.60 to touch $1,198.60 per ounce during today’s trading session and U.S. gold futures were down by 0.8 percent at $1,208.60 per ounce.

13 August 2018
Gold Prices Inches up In Kerala

The gold prices in Kerala were up today slightly and stood at Rs 2,753 per gram for 22 karats and at Rs 2,993 per gram for 24 karats. Gold was trading at $1,215.50 per ounce in the international market, marginally up from the previous session.

Investors plan to buy gold when the prices of the yellow metal are cheaper. Gold rates are steady in the global market amid a strong dollar which has re-bounced back to its form after declining for a two-week low against Japanese Yen.

The dollar has remained steady in the global market today against a basket of other currencies which otherwise tends to impact it. The precious metal is sensitive to the interest rates and any rise or fall in them is likely to impact them both at the local as well as the international level.

9 August 2018
Gold prices in Kerala hold steady

Gold prices inched slightly higher in Kerala as the price of the precious metal was little changed, across the globe. Gold was last trading at $1218 an ounce in the global markets, which was more or less flat and almost at a year's low.

Investors have been looking to buy into the precious metal. Todays gold rates in Kerala was placed at Rs 27,660 per 10 grams.

We are unlikely to see a further dip in the global markets. In fact, in the last few weeks we have seen gold being steady, despite the US Fed staying steady on interest rates.

Gold prices are extremely sensitive to interest rates and any rise in these rates tend to impact prices in the local as well as the international markets.

 The dollar too has remained steady against a basket of currencies, which tends to impact it. Prices of gold in Kerala today at Rs 27,700 per 10 grams were almost steady.

2 August 2018
Gold Prices Dips Slightly In Kerala

The gold prices dipped partially in Kerala. The gold rates in the city of Kerala was recorded at Rs 2,765 per gram for 22 karats, down by Re 1 and at Rs 3,005 per gram for 24 karats, down by Rs 2.

The surging gold prices have dampened the consumer's spirit to purchase gold in India. The people are postponing their purchase decision to buy gold owing to high prices. The people of Kerala have an unparalleled affection and attachment towards the yellow metal and during wedding once can see a Keralite bride adorned in the precious metal from head to toe.

In the international level, the prices of gold slumped amid strengthening dollar ahead of the Fed Reserve monetary policy meeting which will be held today. Analysts’ are keenly looking forward to the key outlook on interest rates from this meeting.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is likely to levy heavy trade tariff on Chinese imports worth $200 billion, escalating the tension further between the two countries which is likely to impact negatively on the Beijing’s economy. The reason also resulted in the U.S. dollar gaining an edge over the Japanese Yuan and this, in turn, pushed the gold further down.

The spot gold in the international market settled at $1,225.20 per ounce, down by $2.10.

1 August 2018
Gold Rates Declines in Kerala

The gold prices in Kerala, the god’s own country was slightly down and settled at Rs 2,775 per gram for 22 karats, down by Rs 20 and at Rs 3,013 per gram for 24 karats, down by Rs 10.

The decline in the price of the yellow metal is a good news to the customers as they were waiting for the downfall in the gold rates for a long time since January 2018. The gold rates started to surge on a daily basis beginning from 2018, which led to the decline in the demand for the yellow metal in India.

The local jewelers witnessed less number of people visiting the shops for purchase and the countries demand for gold import sunk to a new low to touch 44 tonnes during the month of June 2018, a straight six-month fall in a row.
In the global scenario, the gold value edged up owing to the diminishing dollar. The main reason behind this being the prediction of the U.S. economic growth data which threw more light on the pace of the interest rate hikes by the U.S. Fed in the following days.

Added to this, the trade tariff war between the U.S. and European Union has eased out and both the parties have agreed to withdraw the car tariffs which was announced earlier.

27 July 2018
Gold Prices Lightly up in Kerala

The gold prices in Kerala, the god’s own country rose lightly dampening the spirit of India’s gold loving customers. The gold rates were recorded at Rs 2,795 per gram for 22 karats and at Rs 3,023 per gram for 24 karats in the state of Kerala.

The escalating gold rates have reduced the number of people visiting the local showrooms to purchase the ornamental metal. People are waiting for the gold prices to dwindle before heading for its purchase. One has to wait and watch if the prices of the precious metal are likely to come down or not in the domestic market.

In the global level, the prices of the yellow metal slid further on Thursday as the dollar value strengthened. The dollar and gold share an inverse relationship, a weak dollar will strengthen the prices of gold and vice-versa.

The United States of America has softened its stand against the European Union and both are set to sit for talks in the White House, as the President of U.S. has decided to withdraw the trade tariff which was imposed previously on the cars imported from the European Union.

Other than this the Chinese Yuan dipped due to the ongoing trade tariff war between the U.S. and China. The value of the Chinese Yuan was down by 0.6 percent to touch 6.7910 dollars.

26 July 2018
Gold Prices Marginally up in Kerala

The gold prices in Kerala were marginally up following the clues from the international market. The prices of gold in Kerala were recorded at Rs 2,786 per gram for 22 karats and at Rs 3,016 per gram for 24 karats.

The increase in the price of the gold has led to the downfall in the purchase of the yellow metal. People in India are waiting to witness a heavy downfall in the price of the yellow metal before purchasing the same.

Gold, the yellow metal is a must in all the weddings, ceremonies, occasions as it is considered as an auspicious element, which holds a special place in the life of Indians. Indians have a special attachment towards the precious metal which has led the country to occupy the position of the largest consumer of gold in the world. The fondness for gold is not only predominant among the women but is present even amongst the men in India.

Due to the heavy prices, the demand has slid by a staggering 18% in fiscal 2018 and is likely to continue further if the gold rates do not normalize.

25 July 2018
Gold rates down in Kerala

Indications from the international market showed that gold rates in Kerala inched down due to strength in US dollar, which rose against a basket of currencies, and U.S. bond yields increased.

Currently, spot gold price at the local gold shops was down to 0.1 percent at Rs.28,070 per gram. Kerala holds huge importance in the global market for the precious yellow metal and not just in India.

Kerala is a state which is a great marketplace for Yellow metal investors and buyers alike. Today gold rates in Kerala were moved down compared to the previous price at Rs.28,070 for 22 karats and Rs.29,530 for 24 karats.

30 January 2018

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.


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