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Platinum Rate in Visakhapatnam (19th August 2022)

Aug 19, 2022
2,355 /Gram -23

Platinum is incredibly robust, meaning there's a minimal chance the diamond will be dislodged by wires made from platinum. The natural white privilege of the metal, whose sparkling coating becomes more attractive over time, even enhances diamonds embedded in platinum.

Today Platinum Price Per Gram in Visakhapatnam (INR)

Gram Platinum Rate
Platinum Rate
Daily Price Change
1 gram 2,355 2,378 -23
8 gram 18,840 19,024 -184
10 gram 23,550 23,780 -230
100 gram 2,35,500 2,37,800 -2,300

Platinum Rate in Visakhapatnam for Last 10 Days

Date 1 gram 10 gram 100 gram
Aug 18, 2022 2,355.00 23,550.00 2,35,500.00 -23
Aug 17, 2022 2,378.00 23,780.00 2,37,800.00 -7
Aug 16, 2022 2,385.00 23,850.00 2,38,500.00 -50
Aug 15, 2022 2,435.00 24,350.00 2,43,500.00 -27
Aug 14, 2022 2,462.00 24,620.00 2,46,200.00 0
Aug 13, 2022 2,462.00 24,620.00 2,46,200.00 18
Aug 12, 2022 2,444.00 24,440.00 2,44,400.00 41
Aug 11, 2022 2,403.00 24,030.00 2,40,300.00 35
Aug 10, 2022 2,368.00 23,680.00 2,36,800.00 -38
Aug 9, 2022 2,406.00 24,060.00 2,40,600.00 44

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Platinum Price in India

Historical Price of Platinum Rate in Visakhapatnam

  • Platinum Price Movement in Visakhapatnam, July 2022
  • Platinum Rates 1 gram
    1 st July rate Rs.2,271
    31st July rate Rs.2,286
    Highest rate in July Rs.2,286 on July 31
    Lowest rate in July Rs.2,161 on July 15
    Over all performance Rising
    % Change +0.66%
  • Platinum Price Movement in Visakhapatnam, June 2022
  • Platinum Price Movement in Visakhapatnam, May 2022
  • Platinum Price Movement in Visakhapatnam, April 2022
  • Platinum Price Movement in Visakhapatnam, March 2022
  • Platinum Price Movement in Visakhapatnam, February 2022

You buy a commodity that comprises a metal that is almost absolutely pure, 90-95 per cent, when you pick platinum jewellery. Extracted from beneath the earth and converted with a minimum of other materials for jewellery use, the lustre, intensity and longevity of Platinum are iconic. Yet its purity, used at a ratio of 950 parts per thousand in the finest jewellery, makes platinum the best metal found on the marketplace currently. For milestone jewellery, such as engagement rings and wedding bands, Platinum is the obvious alternative since it keeps major precious stones better than any other precious metal. 

And platinum will never need to be re-plated, unlike white gold, which preserves its white privilege only after being plated with rhodium. The purity of platinum also suggests that it is inherently hypoallergenic. Identified as an aspect in the 18th century, scientists realized quickly that, using conventional techniques, this peculiar white metal, hard to melt, was also almost incorruptible by chemicals or gases, rendering it absolutely non-corrosive. Platinum is incredibly dense as well.

Uses of Platinum

Platinum is an extraordinarily unique precious metal, far rarer than gold. It is usually more costly than gold, but in modern history, regulated by the market rules, it has been traded lower than gold on countless events. It is about twice as heavy as 14-karat gold has some really recognizable traits that make it a very attractive jewellery metal. Platinum does not fade quickly due to its softness combined with great durability, which ensures that the initial weight of a jewellery item at the time of buying will remain the same, even after generations of extreme use.

This is often the reason that big diamonds are mostly set in platinum since the bristles can retain hard and platinum's extraordinary white privilege makes the diamond appear more white and thus more expensive. In jewellery, laboratory equipment, electrical components, dentistry, and automobile pollution control systems, platinum is used. The auto sector uses the largest amount of platinum processing available, led by the medical sector. Platinum is frequently used for jewellery. However, its predominant use is in catalytic converters for automobiles, trucks, and buses.

To produce optical fibres and LCDs, turbine blades, spark plugs, pacemakers and dental implants, Platinum is also used widely. The platinum compounds used to cure cancers are effective chemotherapy medications. Certain platinum is processed as a copper and nickel refining by-product. Platinum consists of prestige, significance and influence as a metal. Platinum, platinum wedding anniversaries, and highly-priced platinum jewellery such as rings and Rolex watches also headed to a collection.  

Physical Characteristics of Platinum

  • The pure form of platinum is a lustrous, malleable, ductile and silver-white metal.
  • This metal is more ductile than silver, gold, and copper.
  • Platinum is the most ductile of pure metals.
  • It is less malleable than gold, the yellow metal.
  • This metal has excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Platinum is stable at high temperatures and has strong electrical properties.
  • It is insoluble in hydrochloric and nitric acid, yet it dissolves in hot aqua regia ( a mixture of hydrochloric acids and nitric) to form chloroplatinic acid.
  • It does oxidize and form Pto2, at 500-degree Celsius and this oxide can be removed thermally.
  • Platinum is attacked by bromine, chlorine, iodine and sulfur.
  • Its resistance to wear and tarnish has made it well suited for its usage in the jewellery industry.
  • Its physical characteristics and chemical stability have made it useful for industrial applications.

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