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Platinum Rate in Lucknow (29th November 2022)

Nov 29, 2022
2,618 /Gram 53

Today, for the setting of fine diamonds and other gemstones, Platinum is considered the pioneering alternative. Although there are several different places where gold and other metals can be found, mostly platinum is extracted from Russia and South Africa, rendering it a far rarer metal. Platinum is far more costly than the other metals used in the jewellery industry because of its quality, density, and sturdiness. In total, for a platinum ring, you can expect to spend about two to four times as much as you can for an 18-karat of gold ring.

Today Platinum Price Per Gram in Lucknow (INR)

Gram Platinum Rate
Platinum Rate
Daily Price Change
1 gram 2,618 2,565 53
8 gram 20,944 20,520 424
10 gram 26,180 25,650 530
100 gram 2,61,800 2,56,500 5,300

Platinum Rate in Lucknow for Last 10 Days

Date 1 gram 10 gram 100 gram
Nov 29, 2022 2,618.00 26,180.00 2,61,800.00 53
Nov 28, 2022 2,565.00 25,650.00 2,56,500.00 -9
Nov 27, 2022 2,574.00 25,740.00 2,57,400.00 0
Nov 26, 2022 2,574.00 25,740.00 2,57,400.00 -21
Nov 25, 2022 2,595.00 25,950.00 2,59,500.00 -22
Nov 24, 2022 2,617.00 26,170.00 2,61,700.00 9
Nov 23, 2022 2,608.00 26,080.00 2,60,800.00 1
Nov 22, 2022 2,607.00 26,070.00 2,60,700.00 49
Nov 21, 2022 2,558.00 25,580.00 2,55,800.00 -9
Nov 20, 2022 2,567.00 25,670.00 2,56,700.00 0

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Platinum Price in India

Historical Price of Platinum Rate in Lucknow

  • Platinum Price Movement in Lucknow, October 2022
  • Platinum Rates 1 gram
    1 st October rate Rs.2,251
    31st October rate Rs.2,486
    Highest rate in October Rs.2,548 on October 28
    Lowest rate in October Rs.2,251 on October 1
    Over all performance Rising
    % Change +10.44%
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  • Platinum Price Movement in Lucknow, August 2022
  • Platinum Price Movement in Lucknow, July 2022
  • Platinum Price Movement in Lucknow, June 2022
  • Platinum Price Movement in Lucknow, May 2022

Key takeaways of Platinum

Platinum has become synonymous with elegance and longevity, being thirty times rarer than gold and four times stronger.

  • 95% pure platinum and four times durable than gold
  • Hard-wearing and damage-resistant metal
  • For sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic properties make it perfect

Purity Of Platinum

For milestone jewellery, such as wedding bands and engagement rings, Platinum is the obvious alternative since it keeps significant gemstones better than any other luxury metal. Platinum is incredibly robust, meaning there's a tiny probability the diamond will be dislodged by prongs made from platinum. The perfect whiteness of the metal, whose dazzling lacquer becomes more attractive over time, even improves diamonds embedded in platinum. And platinum will never need to be re-plated, unlike white gold, which preserves its whiteness only after being plated with rhodium. You choose a product that is composed of a metal that is almost absolutely pure, 90-95 percent, when you pick platinum jewellery.

Platinum has a higher concentration of the elemental metal as compared with the gold alloys widely found in jewellery. Pure gold is classified as 24 K, but in most jewellery it is much too fragile and pliable to wear, so it must be alloyed with other metals. White or yellow 14 K gold only comprises 58.5 percent of the actual metal and 75 percent contains 18K. Generally robust and malleable, to generate an alloy that can be processed, shaped and formed into the world's most beautiful jewellery, platinum only needs to be combined with the smallest amount of other platinum group metals. Platinum jewellery is either pure platinum, 90 percent or 95 percent. Glance at a piece of platinum jewellery inside and you can see the mark of purity. For the quality of any precious metal alloy, the Federal Trade Commission requires precise labels.

Purity Comparison of Gold, Silver and Platinum

By following the below-listed facts you can easily differentiate the purity level of three different and valuable metals:


  • Karats determine the purity or fineness of gold. Pure gold is extremely fragile, so metals such as silver, copper, nickel or zinc are usually alloyed or combined with gold jewellery.
  • Pure gold is deemed 24 karat gold (24k) and is surprisingly highly malleable. It has a gold fineness of 999.9 per thousand gold pieces. 
  • An alloy containing 75 percent gold and 25 percent other alloys is 18 karat gold (18k). The fineness of it is 750 per thousand pieces of gold. For jewellery making, this is an exceptional purity of gold as it blends pure gold with plenty of alloys to ensure reliability.


  • In its purest form, silver is extremely delicate and malleable, so it is often alloyed in limited quantities with copper in comparison to other metals to provide strength and toughness.
  • Pure Silver has the maximum silver concentration: 99.9%. While its shimmer is exceptional, it is reduced in intensity. Jewellery produced with this silver purity should not be worn every day.


Platinum is a precious metal that is highly dense and sturdy, which makes it the perfect choice for toughness, sustainability and attractiveness. Besides that, it is hypoallergenic, meaning it can be worn even by those with allergic skin. It must be made of at least 95 percent platinum metal, that is a purity of 950 parts per thousand, for jewellery to be called platinum. A label specifying the parts per thousand platinum contained in an item must be used in any piece of jewellery containing less than 95 percent platinum. For eg, 900 platinum (900 platinum or 900 pt.) will be classified as a piece containing 90 percent platinum, which is the equal of 900 parts per thousand platinum. This metal is favoured for placing diamonds in an extremely consistent setting due to its outstanding hardness.  


Disclaimer: There maybe definitely a variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious platinum. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on platinum information provided. Platinum rates are the futures rates across all cities in India and hence there maybe price variation.

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