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Gold Rate in Tirupati (4th February 2023)

Feb 4, 2023
5,310 /Gram(22ct) -50

Turupati in Andhra is a popular city. Gold rates in Tirupati for 22 karats changes a few times every day. Gold prices in Tirupati reflect the latest prices as updated by the jewellers association in the state. 24 karats gold rates in Tirupati is more than the prices of 22 karats, on account of the purity that 24 karats gold has. We would suggest investors and buyers of gold to check latest prices before buying into the precious metal. We believe that gold prices would continue to remain stable in the city and you can keep buying in small quantities. 

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Tirupati (INR)

Gram 22K Today 22K Yesterday Price Change
1 gram 5,310 5,360 -50
8 gram 42,480 42,880 -400
10 gram 53,100 53,600 -500
100 gram 5,31,000 5,36,000 -5,000

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Tirupati (INR)

Gram 24K Today 24K Yesterday Price Change
1 gram 5,793 5,847 -54
8 gram 46,344 46,776 -432
10 gram 57,930 58,470 -540
100 gram 5,79,300 5,84,700 -5,400

* The above gold rates are indicative and do not include GST, TCS and other levies. For the exact rates contact your local jeweller.

Gold Rate in Tirupati for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22K 24K
Feb 3, 2023 53,100 -500 57,930 -540
Feb 2, 2023 53,600 600 58,470 650
Feb 1, 2023 53,000 500 57,820 550
Jan 31, 2023 52,500 -150 57,270 -170
Jan 30, 2023 52,650 0 57,440 0
Jan 29, 2023 52,650 0 57,440 0
Jan 28, 2023 52,650 150 57,440 170
Jan 27, 2023 52,500 -600 57,270 -660
Jan 26, 2023 53,100 400 57,930 440
Jan 25, 2023 52,700 0 57,490 0

Compare Average Gold Rate in Tirupati for 22K & 24K (10gm)

Term 22K 24K
10 Days 52,845 57,650
20 Days 52,538 57,322
30 Days 52,164 56,903
60 Days 51,089 55,732
90 Days 50,204 54,768
180 Days 48,539 52,952
1 Year 47,983 52,345
2 Years 46,159 50,357
3 Years 45,986 50,140
4 Years 43,347 47,251
5 Years 40,876 44,422

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Tirupati

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Tirupati

  • Gold Price Movement in Tirupati, January 2023
  • Gold Rates 22K 24K
    1 st January rate 50,600 55,200
    31st January rate 52,500 57,270
    Highest rate in January 53,100 on January 26 57,930 on January 26
    Lowest rate in January 50,450 on January 2 55,040 on January 2
    Over all performance Rising Rising
    % Change +3.75% +3.75%
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  • Gold Price Movement in Tirupati, November 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Tirupati, October 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Tirupati, September 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Tirupati, August 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Tirupati, July 2022

How gold rates in Tirupati have moved?

For the last few months we have been seeing gold prices in Tirupati following a very subdued trend. Gold rates in Tirupati for 22 karats have been following that price banks of Rs 46,100 to Rs 47,800 per 10 grams range. Most analysts of bullion believe that there is a bright possibility that prices break from this trend. Those looking to buy gold in Tirupati should not wait, as there is a possibility that gold prices in the city would not decline anytime soon. In fact, there should periodically and systematically invest small amounts in gold every month, so as to enable a good amount of gold purchases over a period of time.

How gold prices  in Tirupati are determined?

Gold prices in Tirupati are always indicative and can never be accurate and mos gold jewellery shops give only indicative rates. Apart from this, there can also be a price differential between different jewellery shops. Sometimes if the jeweller shop is known to you, he might give you a discount. Almost always the discount that is offered on gold jewellery is almost always done on making charges. It is hard for find uniformity in gold rates in Tirupati. It is best to call and check with the different jewellery shops in the city. There are plenty of small and big shops that can give a reflective price. Sometimes, investors tend to look for prices online, however, that may not a good idea. It is a better idea to call the local jewellers in the city.

What are today's gold rates in Tirupati?

Tirupati 22 karats gold rates today are the same as all of the cities in Andhra Pradesh. The prices of 22 karats gold rates in Tirupati for 10 grams is currently Rs 48,750 per 10 grams, while for 1 gram gold in Tirupati the rates are 4875. On the other hand 24 karats gold rates in Tirupati are quoted at Rs 53,750 per 10 grams. If you are buying gold jewellery in Tirupati it is better to look for 22 karats gold as jewellery cannot be made from 24 karats gold. Apart from this it is paramount to look for purity. There are also a number of hallmarking centres in Tirupati where one can check for purity of gold. There is a small cost to pay, when one visits the hallmarked centres, but, these are not too expensive. As buyers and investors generally buy in large quantities, a little investment for quality checking would be better. If you are a seller too it becomes important to check for prices and centres where you will get the best rates. 

What is the difference between 22k and 916 gold in Tirupati?

Readers often ask and are confused on the difference between 22 karats gold or 916. Actually, there is no difference between the same and they are actually one and the same. 916 signifies the purity of gold in 100 grams. So, in 100 grams of gold, when we say 916, it means that 91.6 grams is pure gold and the remaining is another mixture, which could also be copper. In Tirupati or in any other city of Andhra Pradesh, gold rates are quoted either as 916 or 22 karats. In fact, gold jewellery is almost always made from 22 karats, because it allows the jewellery to become stronger when mixed with a certain alloy. We would suggest investors and readers to check with the goldsmith on gold rates in Tirupati along with the purity. These days there is also white gold, which is available whose cost is the same. Today, 1 gram gold rates in Tirupati is Rs 48,900 per gram for 22k.

Taxation on profit from sale of gold in Tirupati

Whether you sell gold in Tirupati or any other part of India, you need to pay capital gains tax. Taxation on gold depends on the period of holding for the gold. If you have invested and sold within three years, than short term capital gains would apply. In such cases, gold would be taxed as per the tax slab. So, if you have held gold for many years, say for a period of more than 3-years, than in such cases short-term capital gains tax would apply and the investor would be asked to pay 20%, with indexation benefit. Indexation calculators are available online and the index is released by the government every year. Many buyers often sell gold during times of emergency and fail to see the tax implications. It is important to note that there would be a tax on sale of gold and one should pay-up accordingly.

 What is the difference in rates for 999 gold and 24k gold in Tirupati?

Actually, there is no difference in price for 999 gold and 24 karats gold. They are actually one and the same. 999 gold means that the gold is 99.99% pure, which is why it derives its name 999. This is also called 24 karats gold and is the highest form of purity that is today available in the market. Generally, 24 karats gold is in the form of gold biscuits and gold bars, from which jewellery is made. These bars and biscuits are mixed with certain alloys to make jewellery. In short, pure gold is taken and mixed with alloys to arrive at 22k gold. Jewellery is never ever made of pure gold and is mixture of some other metals like copper and nickel, which reduces the purity from 24k to 22k, 18k or even 14k. Which karat of gold to buy is a prerogative of the buyer and depends on his tastes and preferences. 

 Things to look for when buying hallmarked gold in Tirupati

Gold buyers in Tirupati are a discerning set of investors. They tend to focus on the quality of gold that they are buying, which is why hallmarked gold jewellery assumes paramount importance. There are 4 things that investors of hallmarked gold jewellery must look at. The first to look for the Bureau of Indian Standards logo. The second big factor you must try to locate is Hallmarking centre's identification mark/number. Each one is give a number and you must look for this number. Apart from this you must look for the purity or grade or the finesse of the gold, so you would know whether it is 22k, 18k or 14k gold. This means you can pay the price according to the purity of the gold. Lastly, one must also look for the jeweller's identification mark or the number as is the case. Remember to keep these things in mind, so you get the best value for your money.

Gold prices in Tirupati rising

Gold rates for 1 gram 916 have been rising in Tirupati. In fact, it has now hit a 9-month high as investors continue to see good potential for the metal in the long-term. In fact, it is now believed that gold jewellers are offering some discount for buying gold jewellery. This is because as prices rise, there could be some impact on demand, which is why jewellery shops and establishments in the country, go on a over drive to offer some discounts or else demand for the precious metal could be very subdued. I gram 22k hallmarked gold now costs Rs 4990, which was not the case until a few months ago, when rates were much cheaper. Investors are now looking for a decline in prices, before making fresh commitments towards purchases. Nobody is willing to buy into the metal at higher prices.

Things to check before buying 916 gold jewellery in Tirupati

22K gold in Tirupati today is the most in demand as it used in the making of Gold jewellery. Also known as 916 gold, it is used in making jewellery, which is why it is so popular. Among the things that you should keep in when buying precious jewellery is the gold rates today, hallmarking , wastage charges, purity and the possibility of buying back the gold jewellery. These days the latter is not important as you can find a number of establishments which actually buy back the precious metal and that too at very good rates. As far as hallmarking is concerned it is a must to buy the same as investors can rest assured that they have good value for their money. Today, hallmarked gold jewellery is available at many top jewellery establishments in the city of Tirupati, including the more popular ones.

How popular is 18K gold in Tirupati?

While we all know that 22k gold is popular in Tirupati, did you know that 18k gold is not as popular, though it is gaining ground. Nowadays investors are increasingly preferring 18k gold today as it is more affordable and especially in items like rings it is one of the preferred options. Also, when it comes to affordability, 18k gold is an obvious choice for buyers in Tirupati as the same is more affordable as the amount of pure gold in the same is far less. This is one reason why the preference is also increasingly tilted towards 18k gold. However, one must check the purity correctly and in this regards the various essaying and hallmarking centres in the city of Tirupati can be used for the purpose. If you paying 18k gold rates, it is imperative that you also get the value for the amount paid.

What are the various charges for Hallmarking in Tirupati?

Hallmarking of gold is now made mandatory in select cities and towns. The Indian Standard on Gold Hallmarking IS 1417:2016 specifies three grades for hallmarking of gold jewellery and artefacts which include 14k, 18k and 22k. The same has been amended to include additional grades of 20k, 23k and 24k. Indian standard on Silver hallmarking IS 2112: 2014 specifies six grades of silver alloys viz 990,970,925,900,835,800 used in the manufacture of jewellery/artefacts of silver.

Hallmarking of jewellery is not expensive at the moment, though we would request our readers to keep themselves updated with the latest prices. Hallmarking charges for the jewellery at the moment are Rs.35 per piece for gold jewellery and Rs.25 per piece for silver jewellery irrespective of the weight of the jewellery. The jeweller generally does not pass on the cost to the buyer and it is absorbed by him.

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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