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Petrol Price in Bangalore (17th August 2022)

Petrol prices in Bangalore have been turning more volatile, as prices of crude oil have been showing a firm trend. It is important to check todays petrol price in Bangalore ₹ 101.94 (16th August 2022), especially if you are going for a long drive. Remember, petrol and diesel prices are revised daily, so you can lose much, if you are travelling on a long distance. The rupee has also moved lower against the dollar, which has made petrol prices in Bangalore more expensive than before. It is hoped that the government can reduce excise duties, so as to enable rates to become more cheaper in the coming days.

Aug 16, 2022
₹ 101.94 /Ltr

Last 10 Days Petrol Rate in Bangalore

Date Price Price Change
Aug 15, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 14, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 13, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 12, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 11, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 10, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 9, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 8, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 7, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00
Aug 6, 2022 ₹ 101.94 ₹ 0.00

Daily & Monthly Petrol Price in Bangalore : Graphical Representation

Historical Petrol Price in Bangalore

  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Bangalore, August 2022
  • Petrol Price
    1st August ₹ 101.94
    31st August ₹ 101.94
    Highest rate in August ₹ 101.94 ( August 1st )
    Lowest Rate in August ₹ 101.94 ( August 1st )
    Over all performance No Change
    % Change 0%
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It becomes extremely important to check the daily petrol price in Bangalore before you fill your tank. This is because unlike before, where petrol prices changed every fortnight, what we are seeing is that prices keep changing in Bangalore city more often. For example, today's petrol prices in Bangalore was very different to what it was until a few days ago. This is because of the beginning of June 15, there is a daily price revision.

Daily Petrol Price Revise in Bangalore

In fact, after petrol prices were deregulated, we saw fortnight revisions.

This was highly inconvenient for consumers who ended-up paying Rs 2-3 higher for fortnightly revisions. This put an additional pressure and burden on the consumer. Things have become a lot easier these days with the everyday price revision of petrol not only in the city of Bangalore but, also the entire nation. Oil marketing companies like Indian Oil, HPCL and BPCL will now revise the prices early morning and this is a big plus for consumers.

India is a fast growing country, and also India is a big producer, consumer, and importer of petroleum products. Demand for oil products is increasing in India and India, There is a vast scope of oil storage. Having petroleum will provide technological improvements, financial incentives, policy initiatives and legislative measures. Mainly, the transport sector is the sector where most of the petroleum products especially petrol and high-speed diesel are consumed. Due to this consumption petrol price in Banglore is increasing day by day. Comparatively the petrol rates in Banglore in the past ten years are up by nearly thirty to forty rupees. There was a time when petrol price Bangalore was as low as Rs 40. But now due to the high Consumption and the necessity petrol rates are now at nearly almost at Rs 85 per litre. 

Petrol Rates Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state, and the silicon of India is situated in southern India. The city has around 8 million people, which makes it one of the biggest city in India. The city is home to a number of startups and unicorns driving the economy of the state and the country. Petrol price plays a crucial part in the city’s daily life and people’s expending.

The price in Bangalore in Bangalore has witnessed various ups and downs in the last couple of weeks and made a huge impact on the business operations and life of common people. On November 01 the price of petrol in the city was Rs 113.52 but after the government reduced the excise duty on both Petrol and diesel with effect from 03 November the price saw a decline of Rs 05 in petrol. As of November 25, the price stands at Rs 100.56, a major decline after a long period of time.

In the previous month, the rate of petrol in Bangalore city witnessed a number of ups and downs, however, these changes didn’t impact much. There was only 1.33% of an incline in the previous month.

The Excise duty plays an important role in determining the price of petrol in the city and the state. The crude oil price is also one of the determining factors in the price of petrol across the world. A small change in the price of crude oil in the international market makes a huge impact on the global oil market and so in cities of India, Bangalore is no exception.

Steady petrol price in Bangalore

From the past three years the petrol price in Bangalore has changed frequently once every 15 days. Before June 16th petrol price in Bangalore used to change every 15 days or two weeks by the top petroleum companies once. But the price of petrol now changed daily in the morning at 6.00 am. This change has been due to various reasons. Before two weeks once the price used to change around one or two rupees whereas now the price change in paise.
Anyhow due to the price change, larger vehicles tend to lose or save money every day. Even the companies which use a lot of petrol every day by buying and storing them in the big vessels may also buy petrol by having a track on petrol every day and buy it when the price of the petrol in Bangalore falls.

Why Diesel price is less than Petrol price in Bangalore?

We know that both petrol and diesel are produced from crude oil then why is the petrol price in Bangalore is costlier than Diesel price most of us wonder. There are many reasons such as the refining costs, taxes, demand, etc.

The first and the main reason for it is the refining cost. In the refining process of the crude oil, crude Oil is separated into different components then further it is treated to form petrol, diesel or other petroleum products. So during the further treatment for making petrol, it will cost a lot whereas for the diesel it will not cost that much comparatively. Diesel is heavier and less volatile when compared to petrol. So, Diesel is not as much refined as petrol is refined. There are other duties such as Excise Duty, VAT, etc. which are a little higher for petrol when compared to Diesel. All these together make the petrol price in Bangalore costlier comparatively.

Comparing petrol prices vs diesel prices?

In diesel car, initial buying cost is high, but mileage is greater than its petrol counterpart. So now what matters is how much you drive in a month, if you drive around 1500kms a month or 50kms every day, then go for diesel, otherwise petrol.

If you are someone who frequently takes long distance trips, comfortability would be a factor, and diesel cars are more comfortable than petrol, plus the ease of driving will be better in diesel ones.
Coming to Bangalore, the usage of four wheelers has risen in both petrol and diesel. But, people prefer the petrol cars because compare to diesel, petrol cars are low on maintenance. Oil marketing companies are planning to put in place a mechanism to which fuel prices petrol will be compared with international crude oil prices on a daily basis.
From the past four days, the petrol price in Bangalore is constant. 

Factors influencing petrol rates in Bangalore

Petrol prices consists of different factors such as the international price of crude oil, freight costs, refining costs, profit margins of the oil manufacturing company, commission of the distributors, state and federal taxes and other charges such as pollution prevention and pump servicing fees. Even though most of the factors appear the same from location to location, the value added tax (VAT) levied by the state government is one major factor that greatly impacts the petrol price in Bangalore or any other city in India.

In Bengaluru's scenario it is the VAT imposed on petroleum products by the Karnataka government that is the biggest factor when it comes to the petrol price in Bengaluru. Also, the petrol price varies from one fuel firm to the other and the price differ from BP and HP petrol pumps and IOC. Other influences that cause small differences in the fuel cost are commission charges for dealers and service charges for petrol stations, which are different for various stations around the region. 

Mechanisms to check the transparent petrol price of Bangalore

The price of petrol is updated on a daily basis in Bangalore as well as all other cities and states across India due to the implementation of Dynamic Fuel Pricing mechanism. Hence, due to the daily changes in the petrol price, it’s difficult for petrol consumers of Bangalore to track the transparent petrol price of the city. Many strategies for monitoring the petrol price of all the cities of India including Bangalore have been introduced by the OMCs which are: Via SMS facility, Via Mobile Apps, Via Toll-Free numbers and Through the Official Websites of the OMCs. The following procedure will allow you to check the correct or transparent petrol price of Bangalore from the comfort of your home or office. 

Via SMS- By following the below-given process you can easily track the latest petrol price of Bangalore through SMS service.

Fuel consumers of Indian Oil: SMS RSP dealer code and send it to 9224992249 

Fuel consumers of Bharat Petroleum: SMS RSP dealer code and send it to 9223112222 

Fuel consumers of Hindustan Petroleum: SMS HPPRICE dealer code and send it to 9222201122

Via toll-free numbers- You can get the current petrol price of Bangalore by calling the toll-free numbers of the respective OMCs given below.

Indian Oil- 9224992249  

Bharat Petroleum-9223112222  

Hindustan Petroleum-9222201122

Via Mobile Apps- Mobile applications which are delivering the existing fuel price of a city have been introduced by OMCs. Mobile applications delivering the existing fuel price of a city have been introduced by OMCs. Indian Oil customers can install and use the 'Fuel@IOC' app, whereas Bharat Petroleum customers can utilize the 'SmartDrive' application and Hindustan Petroleum's fuel buyers can access the 'MY HPCL' app to monitor the transparent fuel price of Bangalore.

Through website- You can follow the authoritative website of Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum to identify the correct petrol price Bangalore. But in addition to this, Goodreturns.in also assists you to seek the appropriate fuel prices for all cities in India. 

Which mobile apps are useful to track the regular petrol price of Bangalore?

Petrol and diesel prices continue to adjust on a daily basis and it is assumed that seeking the appropriate fuel price is a struggle as the main question in the thoughts of consumers is how to track the correct and latest petrol price of Bengaluru. After all, multiple oil and gas companies such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum have taken to various fuel customer service strategies such as SMS, mobile apps and customer support in order to keep up to date with the city's regular oil and diesel prices. Fuel consumers can download the mobile apps of the above mentioned  oil companies of India. The apps are currently available on Google Play Store and App Store and only Android/IOS users can install and use this app for free. Using the mobile apps fuel consumers across the country can easily track the latest price trend of petrol directly from their comfort.

All the metro cities of the country including Bengaluru are currently following the Dynamic Fuel Pricing mechanism which was introduced on June 17 for regular modifications of petrol price across the country. Hence, it is suggested to track the current petrol price of Bangalore before heading to your office or fuelling your vehicle, this will not only keep you updated with the latest price of petrol but also save your money. Because of state taxes and other reasons, fuel prices differ across states or cities. However, smartphone apps allow fuel customers to track fuel prices anytime anywhere. Apart from this the current fuel rates can also be obtained through SMS services or by visiting a specific oil provider's website as mentioned above. Below are the mobile apps that enables you check the current petrol price of Bangalore by staying at your comfort. 

Fuel@IOC – IndianOil

The smartphone app Fuel@IOC-Indian Oil allows Indian oil fuel customers to conveniently search the fuel rates of Bangalore. Indian oil fuel customers can conveniently find the correct price of petrol and diesel through this app from the ease of their workplace or bedroom. This app is compliant with both IOS and Android devices for download. Android users can download the Fuel@IOC-Indian Oil app from the Google Play Store and the IOS lovers can download the same from App Store. The smartphone app of Indian Oil helps users to check for current fuel prices on a 24x7 basis. Before fuelling your vehicle, it is advised to track the latest petrol price of Bangalore as this strategy will help you to stay tuned with the fluctuations of petrol rates on a daily basis. Fuel@IOC-Indian Oil app is your right compliment to keep abreast anywhere with the updated petrol price of the city. To consider the ongoing fuel price pattern in Bangalore open your palm to grab this user-friendly app by downloading the app from the default store of your mobile just with few taps. Fuel@IOC-IndianOil is free to download on both Apple and Android phones, which are the most popular platforms in India. But apart from this mobile app segment, you can also track the latest fuel price of Bangalore by visiting the official sites of Indian Oil, calling to the customer care service or via SMS, in case you are not a smartphone user.  

My HPCL Mobile App

Hindustan Petroleum, launched by my HPCL mobile app, also adds a better section to stay informed with Bangalore's revised and precise petrol price. My HPCL Mobile App is absolutely free to download for all types of mobile users. Hence, IOS, Android, and Windows mobile users can download this app within a few seconds from the default app store of their mobile phones. This app also has some fascinating features for Bangalore's fuel users, such as Outlets & Services, My Vehicle, Notifications, Customer Care Section, Reviews, Assistance & Tips, and also offers access to Renewal of the existing insurance with the partner company, DTPLUS (HPCL Loyalty Program for fleet operators) and HPGAS (LPG). In addition to providing the transparent petrol price to the fuel consumers of Bangalore, this app also provides user-centric services to the HPCL’s user database. The petrol rates keep changing on daily basis based on the global market conditions and USD to INR currency exchange value.

Hence it is important for the fuel consumers of Bangalore to stay tuned with the daily price revision or market dynamics of petrol of the city. By keeping My HPCL Mobile App handy petrol consumers of Bangalore can track the petrol price of the city on their go based on 24x7 time-frame. Petrol consumers in Bangalore can quickly check for new petrol prices in the city from the comfort of their domicile or office. Before going to the office or loading the fuel container of their car, customers can hit the revamped petrol price every morning with a few taps by using the My HPCL Mobile App. Bangalore's petrol consumers who do not have a mobile can also access HPCL's website or use the SMS service or HPCL's toll-free number to regularly monitor the city's current fuel prices.   

Petrol price in Karnataka

Today's petrol rate in Karnataka is set according to the regular 'Dynamic Fuel Pricing' process. You can verify the latest oil price in Karnataka here, find today's petrol rate in Karnataka with quarterly market patterns. Petrol prices are revised regularly in Karnataka by state-run oil firms at 6:00 am IST. By covering the below you can know how petrol prices are determined in Karnataka and how they are relative to other states of India and also you can find the latest petrol price of Karnataka and components impacting India's petrol prices as well on this page. Karnataka is one of the southern Indian states and Bangalore, India's silicon valley, is the capital city of the state. Every day around 1,750 new vehicles are registered in the city and in the previous year the vehicle population in Bengaluru passed 80,45 lakh. Throughout the state, the overall number of vehicles registered in the previous fiscal year went up to 2,10 crore. With the rising number of fuel-run and vehicles in the state, the fuel consumption is also rising at a lucrative speed. 

Petrol Prices Unchanged in Bangalore

The petrol prices are in Bangalore despite slight gains in the fuel prices in the global markets as tighter supply and weak global crude demand weighed on fuel prices.

The petrol rates in Bangalore were recorded at Rs 101.94 per litre.

In the international scenario, Brent was seen at $104.0 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) traded at $96.29 per barrel.

The crude prices gained in Asia as they rebounded from previous declines amidst supply tightness and geopolitical tensions. The weak demand for fuel in the United States of America has cast a shadow on the market this week.

The signs of decline in the U.S. crude demand have weighed on the fuel prices and have sent benchmark contracts sliding by around 3% during the previous session. Even the tight global supplies have continued to keep the oil markets buoyed.

During June, the demand for gasoline and distillate fuels surged up by record highs in India, despite sky-rocketing prices with total refined product consumption running at 18% more than a year ago.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had bolstered the oil prices to jump over $100 and trade beyond the $100 per barrel range for over a month. China’s move to impose lockdown restrictions has weighed on the fuel demand to decline. The dragon country is one of the biggest importers and consumers of crude globally.

The recent meeting of Joe Biden – the U.S. President with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince to ramp up crude production was not fruitful as the oil producers club did not agree to immediately increase the oil production, to reduce the crude rates.

22 July 2022
Petrol Prices Consistent in Bangalore

The petrol prices are consistent in Bangalore after witnessing a massive cut following cut in central excise duty. The petrol rates in Bangalore were recorded at Rs 101.94 per litre.

In the global platform, Brent was seen at $113.8 per barrel, up by 1.15% and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) at $111.4 per barrel, up by 1.00%.

The crude prices gained in the overseas markets as tight fuel supply, and a marginally weak U.S. dollar supported the oil markets. The U.S. dollar and crude prices share an inverse relationship, a weak dollar helps the oil prices to climb up and vice versa. As crude is traded in the U.S. currency, a weak U.S. dollar will fuel cheaper for buyers of other countries currencies.

China has placed Shanghai under prolonged lock-down owing to a surge in the pandemic cases. The dragon country is all set to reopen the city on June 1. China is one of the largest consumers and importers of fuel globally. The lock-downs and restrictions on the movement of people had diminished the crude outlook demand, weighing on its prices to drop.

Apart from this, the inability of the European Union to reach a final agreement on banning Russia’s crude imports following its invasion of Ukraine has also capped the oil prices from rising further.

23 May 2022
Petrol Prices Trimmed in Bangalore; Down by Rs 9.15 per Litre

The petrol prices are trimmed in Bangalore bringing in the much-needed respite for the common man who is fighting the rising high inflation rates. The petrol rates in Bangalore traded at Rs 101.94 per litre.

In the global markets, Brent was trading at $112.5 per barrel, up by 0.46% and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) at $110.3 per barrel, up by 0.35%.

The central excise duty has been reduced on petrol by Rs 8 per litre and by Rs 6 per litre on diesel. The petrol rates in Bangalore were consistent for quite a long time has been bought down by Rs 9.15 per litre.

Petrol prices are revised at 6:00 am by the state-run oil marketing companies (IOCL). They follow the dynamic pricing model.

The central government had hiked the excise duty on petrol to Rs 32.9 per litre and diesel to Rs 31.8 per litre in 2020.

Meanwhile, in the overseas markets, the fuel prices settled slightly higher as the planned ban on Russian crude imports by the European Union helped the oil prices. The easing of lock-down restrictions in China is likely to uplift the crude demand in the coming days.

The EU is set to ban imports of crude from Moscow in a phased manner as a part of the oil embargo sanction on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.


22 May 2022
Petrol rate in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the biggest metropolitan city of India. The population is very huge while comparing with other major cities in India. The petrol rate in Bangalore is not changed today and stands at Rs.75.30/- due to elections which are going to held in the city tomorrow. From the last 10 days, petrol rate in Bangalore has been moving in a very narrow band.

The fuel rates in Bangalore mainly depends on how international prices of crude oil move. It is largely linked to international crude prices, which trade abroad. Indian crude basket determines the price of petrol in Bangalore. In the international oil market, crude prices went up, backed by worries over tightening global supply because of US curbs against Iran and Venezuela. International Brent crude oil futures were trading at USD 71.93 per barrel, up by 21 cents or 0.3 per cent from their last close.

17 April 2019
Petrol price in Bangalore increased marginally

Petrol price in Bangalore today was increased to Rs 75.23 per litre. The rise in fuel rates was seen despite a fall in international rates. The prices of Oil eased by 1 percent from their 2019 highs after the attention has now shifted to the lack of progress in the US and China talks. To pile on to the fears of the global economic slowdown was the release of grim manufacturing data from Germany and the US. Slower growth in the world economy is bad for oil demand, thus pushing its prices lower. Benchmark Brent crude futures fell by 1.3 percent to $66.96 a barrel. The contract hit a four-month high of $68.69 on Thursday. Supply cuts from the OPEC and its allies have caused oil prices to increase by as much as 20 percent from January. PMI data released in Germany and France further disappointed traders as the slowdown concerns have moved to all the major parts of the world.

23 March 2019
Petrol price in Bangalore revised higher

Petrol price in Bangalore today was increased to Rs 75.18 per litre even as international rates fell and the rupee strengthened. While the Indian rupee turned tables from being the worst performing currency in Asia to the best, the international benchmark for crude oil Brent fell by 14 cents from its last close to $67.72 a barrel. US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures were down by 14 cents to $59.84 per barrel. The hike in petrol price in Bangalore today appears to be a result of the rise in the benchmarks in the previous trading day. Crude rates are mixed for the moment with factors like the OPEC production cuts and concerns of a slowdown in economic growth have been balancing the price both ways. In a previous session this week Brent hit its four-month high, however, data suggests that economic activity has slowed down in Europe, Asia, and North America.

22 March 2019
Petrol price in Bangalore falls

Petrol price in Bangalore today was reduced by 7 paise to Rs 75.13 per litre. The fuel's rates were reduced despite an increase in international rates to their 2019 highs. Supported by the tightening of US stocks and reduced output from OPEC due to scheduled cuts and sanctions on Venezuela and Iran has pushed the oil rates higher. Benchmark Brent crude oil futures were up by 5 cents to $68.55 a barrel while the US West Texas Intermediate was down by 13 cents to $60.10 per barrel. India imports crude oil from the USA as well as the Middle East. Apart from the global rate of crude, the foreign exchange rate also impacts the price at which fuel is sold in India. With rupee sailing strong for nearly two weeks, it is likely that the fall in petrol price in Bangalore today was a result of it.

21 March 2019
Petrol price in Bangalore stagnant for the second straight day

Petrol price in Bangalore today was unchanged at Rs 72.78 per litre on firm global cues. The international oil prices climbed marginally from supply cuts from the OPEC and US sanctions on Venezuelan and Iranian exports. The climb was curbed by the concerns of an economic slowdown around the globe. Benchmark Brent crude oil futures rose by 18 cents or 0.3 percent to $67.79 a barrel when compared to their last close. US WTI increased marginally by 6 cents to $ 59.09 per barrel. The global rates have increased by almost a third in 2019 mainly due to OPEC's decision to withhold around 1.2 million barrels per day. Analysts are expecting the prices to curb down from the suspected global economic slowdown. On Wednesday, a Thomson Reuters/INSEAD survey found that Asian business confidence held near three-year lows in the first quarter from the US-China trade dispute that was dragged on.

20 March 2019
Petrol price in Bangalore halted

Petrol price in Bangalore today remained at Rs 75.20 per litre as international oil prices slipped from their four-month highs on Tuesday, but still hovered near their 2019 peaks as supply cuts led by producer club OPEC remain. Sanctions against oil producers Iran and Venezuela from the US are also adding pressure to the crude prices. Traders feel that the market may be being capped by the rising American output. Global benchmark Brent crude oil futures were was down by 4 cents at $67.50 per barrel. Earlier today it rose to a four-month high of $68.20 a barrel. US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures for April delivery dropped 25 cents to $58.84 per barrel, after hitting an intraday peak at $59.57, its highest level since 12 November.  Petrol price in Bangalore is set based on the average of the fuel prices for 15 days and the exchange rate of the rupee. The Indian rupee rose for the seventh straight trading session today.

19 March 2019
Petrol price in Bangalore raised

Petrol price in Bangalore today was increased by 7 paise to Rs 75.20 per litre. The retail prices of fuel were raised across Indian cities despite a fall in crude prices internationally. In the global markets, benchmark Brent fell by 26 cents to $ 66.90 a barrel from concerns of an economic slowdown that could possibly dent demand for fuel and despite the possibility of prolonged OPEC-led oil supply curbs. After a report said the OPEC's panel meeting on Monday to review progress with an OPEC-led supply cut deal is recommending the producers cancel a policy meeting that was scheduled for April, caused the prices to go lower. While Saudi Arabia, OPEC's de-facto leader has been cutting output by more than the amount it is required to and after canceling the April meeting, it is suggesting its unwillingness by other OPEC and non-OPEC producers to do anything to stop prices from rising. However, the increase in oil outputs from the United States has helped to offset the supply cuts.

18 March 2019

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