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LPG Price in Chandigarh (August 2020)

LPG price in Chandigarh, are largely dependent on international prices of crude. When these go higher, LPG cylinder rates in Chandigarh also tend to move higher. For the poorer sections, the government has subsidized these prices. Cooking gas is now easily accessible to most of the population in Chandigarh. Price of Non-Subsidised LPG cylinders today in Chandigarh is at ₹ 605.00. These are revised every month by the government of India. LPG is known to be a very clean fuel, which is why it is preferred. There has been a substantial rise in the use of this gas for domestic and commercial purposes over the last few years.

Aug 2020
₹ 605.00 /14.2 Kg

Last 10 Months LPG Rate in Chandigarh

Date Price Price Change
Jul 2020 ₹ 605.00 ₹ -1.50
Jun 2020 ₹ 606.50 ₹ 23.50
May 2020 ₹ 583.00 ₹ -175.50
Apr 2020 ₹ 758.50 ₹ -61.50
Mar 2020 ₹ 820.00 ₹ -53.50
Feb 2020 ₹ 873.50 ₹ 145.00
Jan 2020 ₹ 728.50 ₹ 19.00
Dec 2019 ₹ 709.50 ₹ 14.00
Nov 2019 ₹ 695.50 ₹ 77.00
Oct 2019 ₹ 618.50 ₹ 17.50

Monthly LPG Price in Chandigarh : Graphical Representation

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas commonly known as LPG is a mixture of hydrocarbons. The LPG will be in gaseous state at ambient temperature and pressure and it will be liquefied under pressure for the purpose of easy storage, handling and for transportation purpose. The LPG will be transported in pressurized vessels from one place to another. LPG will be obtained through the refining of Crude Oil or from the natural gas through the fractionation process.

Propane and Butane are the main constituent hydrocarbons present in LPG. Other gases like propylene, butylene, n-butane and Iso-butane and so on will be present in a small fraction.

Uses of LPG

LPG has various uses and the most important ones include:

• Household for cooking, heating water and so on.
• Industry for ovens, boilers, furnaces.
• Electricity generation for co-gen, gas turbines, generators and tri-gen.
• Agriculture for crop drying, flame weeding and so on.
• Live Stock for Diaries, Poultry Sheds, Piggeries and so on.
• Transportation for buses, autogas, taxis, commercial vehicles.

Prices of LPG Cylinder in Chandigarh

The prices of LPG cylinders vary from one month to another.

The prices of an LPG cylinder in India is determined by the state-run oil marketing firms. Domestic LPG prices are arrived at after taking into consideration two important factors – the global fuel prices and currency exchange rate.

The price of a domestic LPG cylinder in Chandigarh for October 2018 is at Rs 892.50 and for September 2018, it stood at Rs 830.

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