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Petrol Price in Gurgaon (10th August 2022)

Petrol prices in Gurgaon have been turning more volatile, as prices of crude oil have been showing a firm trend. It is important to check todays petrol price in Gurgaon ₹ 96.89 (9th August 2022), especially if you are going for a long drive. Remember, petrol and diesel prices are revised daily, so you can lose much, if you are travelling on a long distance. The rupee has also moved lower against the dollar, which has made petrol prices in Gurgaon more expensive than before. It is hoped that the government can reduce excise duties, so as to enable rates to become more cheaper in the coming days.

Aug 9, 2022
₹ 96.89 /Ltr ( ₹ -0.08 )

Last 10 Days Petrol Rate in Gurgaon

Date Price Price Change
Aug 8, 2022 ₹ 96.97 ₹ 0.08
Aug 7, 2022 ₹ 96.89 ₹ -0.08
Aug 6, 2022 ₹ 96.97 ₹ 0.08
Aug 5, 2022 ₹ 96.89 ₹ -0.21
Aug 4, 2022 ₹ 97.10 ₹ -0.08
Aug 3, 2022 ₹ 97.18 ₹ 0.19
Aug 2, 2022 ₹ 96.99 ₹ 0.06
Aug 1, 2022 ₹ 96.93 ₹ -0.25
Jul 31, 2022 ₹ 97.18 ₹ 0.19
Jul 30, 2022 ₹ 96.99 ₹ -0.11

Daily & Monthly Petrol Price in Gurgaon : Graphical Representation

Historical Petrol Price in Gurgaon

  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Gurgaon, August 2022
  • Petrol Price
    1st August ₹ 96.93
    31st August ₹ 96.89
    Highest rate in August ₹ 97.18 ( August 3rd )
    Lowest Rate in August ₹ 96.89 ( August 5th )
    Over all performance Falling
    % Change -0.04%
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  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Gurgaon, February 2022

How are Petrol Prices in Gurgaon modified?

India is pursuing the dynamic fuel pricing system currently in place to modify fuel prices.

Dynamic fuel pricing is a fuel pricing mechanism that analyses fuel prices on a daily basis , based on crude oil rates and exchange rate of currency. The approach was developed in India in June 2017, following a 40-day pilot running in five cities across India. Other countries which follow the system are the United States of America (USA), Australia, and Russia. Let’s take a look at the key advantages of dynamic fuel pricing.

  • Petrol price modification is done at 06:00 a.m every day
  • All the automated filling stations will automatically modify the price of petrol.
  • All non-automated filling stations will manually modify the price of the petrol.
  • Sellers can efficiently control working capital.
  • The system allows smarter stock or inventory management for the dealers
  • The changes in crude oil rates and the INR / USD rates can be transferred to end consumers immediately.

Gurgaon's petroleum customers can monitor the latest petrol price by downloading oil marketing companies' mobile apps including Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum and Shell Oil. Or else they can also go through SMS facility or customer care support. As suggested previously, industries are updating their websites every day after modifying the price. 

Mobile Apps to track the current petrol price of Gurgaon

Petrol and diesel rates keeps changing on a regular basis and it is believed that finding the correct fuel price is a hassle as the key problem in consumers' thoughts is how to check the correct petrol rate of Gurgaon or any city of India. However, multiple oil producers such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum already led to different methods of keeping a fuel cost altering summary, and the easiest way to track the rate changes is by installing smartphone apps that enable Indian fuel consumers to conveniently track the correct oil and diesel rates. All the metro cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai including Gurgaon are following the Dynamic Fuel Pricing mechanism which was implemented on June 2017 for regular modification of fuel rates across India. Mobile applications, however, enable fuel consumers to monitor oil prices on-the-go and also they can easily track the current fuel rates via SMS or by visiting the website of oil companies. Here are the smartphone applications that help you to keep your comfort constantly up-to-date with the current fuel prices. 

Fuel@IOC – IndianOil

The Fuel@IOC-Indian Oil mobile app enables Indian oil fuel customers to conveniently monitor the petrol price of Gurgaon from the privilege of their bedroom or workplace. IOS fans can open the App Store to install and access the app whereas the Android lovers can open Google Play Store for the same. Indian Oil's mobile app lets users check for the new fuel prices anytime anywhere and even on the go. Before fuelling your vehicle, it is recommended to evaluate the petrol price of Gurgaon or your area and deem this the Fuel@IOC-Indian Oil app is your perfect partner to stay abreast with Gurgaon's current petrol price always. So now you can monitor Gurgaon's current fuel price through using your smartphone before going to your office, which ensures the convenience and user-friendliness is only in your fingertips. You can use the app to easily identify the latest trend in the price of petrol in Gurgaon. Fuel@IOC-IndianOil is free to download on both Apple and Android smartphones which are the most popular operating systems. If you are not an IOS or Android user you can reach the official site of Indian Oil immediately to monitor Gurgaon's current petrol price. With access to the site or using Indian Oil's mobile app, you can conveniently monitor the current petrol price of Gurgaon without giving up on your convenience.  

BPCL’s SmartDrive

The SmartDrive smartphone application from BPCL allows customers to keep track of purchases from fuel stations and also helps locate nearby fuel stations. SmartDrive is intended to collect customers and vehicle details so that it can provide you with regular updates on the PUC, insurance and maintenance of your vehicle, which is available in both the Google Store and the Apple Store. SmartDrive also provides information about both Petrocard and SmartFleet loyalty purchases with respect to the details of the petrol price of Gurgaon. Your ratings will assist the BPCL to the best support you, you are very welcome to appreciate the best facilities of the Fuel Stations at the SmartDrive app. You can also post images of the fuel pumps you are pleased with and share the dissatisfaction at each of their fuel stations that you have noticed. SmartDrive has a way to build a good relationship with consumers and associates, and they guarantee that they can walk with every phase to be the best and first preference of for your fuel requirements and services. Appreciate the Bharat Petroleum drive today and install the SmartDrive App to stay attached to Gurgaon's latest petrol price. 

My HPCL Mobile App

My HPCL smartphone app from Hindustan Petroleum also offers a new segment to keep updated with fuel prices to the fuel consumers of Gurgaon. For Android, IOS and Windows users, the mobile app is available to download for free. In addition to offering the updated petrol price of Gurgaon to the fuel consumers, it also offers some of the best sections like Outlets & Services, My Vehicle, Alerts, customer care, Ratings, Support & Tips and also provides access to Insurance Renewal (with associate company) and DTPLUS (HPCL Loyalty Program for fleet owners) and HPGAS (LPG). The petrol price of Gurgaon is influenced by some factors such as global market conditions and USD to INR exchange rate value. Hence, the petrol consumers of Gurgaon can conveniently search the city's new petrol prices from the comfort of their home or workplace anytime. Consumers can reach the revised cost of petrol every morning with a few taps before going to the office or filling their vehicle's tank.  

How to check the transparent petrol rates of Gurgaon?

Owing to the introduction of the Dynamic Fuel Pricing system, the price of petrol is updated on a regular basis across all the cities including Gurgaon. Thus, because of the regular modifications in the price of petrol, it is complicated for Gurgaon's petrol customers to track the city's accurate petrol price. The OMCs of India have launched many techniques for tracking the petrol price of all the cities of India such as SMS, Through Smartphone Apps, Through Toll-Free Numbers and Via the Official Websites of the OMCs, The below covered specifics will enable you to verify Gurgaon's accurate petrol price anytime anywhere. 

Through SMS- You can conveniently monitor the latest and revised petrol price of Gurgaon via SMS service. Follow the below given SMS format.

Fuel consumers of Indian Oil: SMS RSP dealer code and send it to 9224992249  

Fuel consumers of Bharat Petroleum: SMS RSP dealer code and send it to 9223112222 

Fuel consumers of Hindustan Petroleum: SMS HPPRICE dealer code and send it to 9222201122

Through toll-free numbers- By using the toll-free numbers of the specific OMCs mentioned below, you can get Gurgaon's actual petrol price.

Indian Oil- 9224992249   

Bharat Petroleum-9223112222   

Hindustan Petroleum-9222201122

Through mobile apps of the OMCs- OMCs has also launched their specific smartphone applications that provides the current fuel price of an area. Customers of Indian Oil can download and use the 'Fuel@IOC' mobile app, while buyers of Bharat Petroleum can utilize the 'SmartDrive' app and fuel users of Hindustan Petroleum can access the 'MY HPCL' application to track Gurgaon's transparent petrol price.

Through websites- You must monitor Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum's particular website to find Gurgaon's right petrol price. But Goodreturns.in also allows you to search for the correct fuel rates for all cities in India in addition to this. 

What are the factors influencing the petrol price in Gurgaon?

In Gurgaon, the exchange rate, crude oil prices and taxes are the factors that determine the price of petrol. The exchange rate is set by the Central Bank of India and the Reserve Bank of India. There is a range of variables influencing the exchange rate, namely interest parity rates, interest rates, imports and exports, a country's gross public debt and inflation rates. Crude oil markets have several factors affecting it. Seasonal fluctuations, weather trends, refinery capabilities, political changes in oil-producing nations and more are the most significant matters. 

The market price of petrol for purchase rises if:

  • The INR is weak against the USD
  • Rising of crude oil prices
  • Central excise duty rises
  • Ups in the local tax

The market price of petrol for purchase falls if:

  • The gains of the INR against the USD
  • Fall in crude oil prices
  • Fall in state VAT or local tax
  • Fall in central excise duty




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