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Petrol Price in Mumbai (25th February 2018)

Daily petrol prices in Mumbai were revised beginning from June 15, 2017, after it was felt that the oil marketing companies were capable of revising petrol prices on a daily basis. While it was earlier not possible, due to various technical issues, these days it is highly possible to revise prices on a daily basis.

Petrol Price in Mumbai Today (Applicable from 6 am)

Last 10 Days Petrol Rate in Mumbai

Date Price Price Change
Feb 24, 2018 ₹ 79.40 ₹ -0.09
Feb 23, 2018 ₹ 79.49 ₹ -0.09
Feb 22, 2018 ₹ 79.58 ₹ -0.02
Feb 21, 2018 ₹ 79.60 ₹ -0.01
Feb 20, 2018 ₹ 79.61 ₹ -0.19
Feb 19, 2018 ₹ 79.80 ₹ -0.14
Feb 18, 2018 ₹ 79.94 ₹ -0.16
Feb 17, 2018 ₹ 80.10 ₹ -0.29
Feb 16, 2018 ₹ 80.39 ₹ -0.27
Feb 15, 2018 ₹ 80.66 ₹ -0.15

Daily & Monthly Petrol Price in Mumbai : Graphical Representation

Historical Petrol Price in Mumbai

  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Mumbai, January 2018
  • Petrol Price
    1 st January Rs.77.87
    31st January Rs.80.79
    Highest rate in January Rs.80.79 on January 30
    Lowest Rate in January Rs.77.87 on January 1
    Over all performance Rising
    % Change +3.61%
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  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Mumbai, November 2017
  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Mumbai, October 2017
  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Mumbai, September 2017
  • Trend of Petrol Rate in Mumbai, August 2017

Daily Petrol Prices in Mumbai Revised

Mumbai petrol prices in the first few days of price revision are seeing changes of a few paise. This is largely beneficial for consumers as they can easily absorb the same. On the other hand it may be difficult to absorb the huge burden of says Rs 2-3, which would happen after a fortnight's revision in daily prices. We are providing todays petrol prices, which is largely the daily price, the revision of which happens at 6 am in the morning. You would do well to check the daily petrol prices on goodreturns.inn and fill petrol, in case you are planning to completely fill your tank.

How are petrol rates in Mumbai determined?

Petrol prices in Mumbai are determined in a host of ways, including the international prices of crude and the movement of the currency against the US Dollar.  When global prices of crude rally, they tend to impact domestic petrol prices, which means todays petrol prices in Mumbai are likely to go higher. For example, if crude oil moves from $55 to $70, its impact would most certainly be felt on the prices of petrol at the retail levels.

However, what would also be paramount would be the currency movement. For example, when the US dollar rises against against the rupee, crude prices become costlier for fuel. On the other hand if the rupee gains against the dollar, both petrol and diesel prices become costlier. It is hoped that this in turn would entail lowering the prices of petrol at the petrol stations.

Petrol Prices Touch Rs. 80 Per Liter in Mumbai

Petrol prices all over India have gone up by 1 to 2 percent in the past week. Petrol Price in Mumbai per liter of non-branded petrol crossed over Rs 80.
The increase in rates can be blamed to the price of Brent crude which acts as a benchmark for petrol prices in Asia.

The rate of crude oil highly depends on the global supply that has been short due to reduced production. The added burden on petrol prices is an effect of state levies from the Maharashtra government. Since International factors cannot be controlled, Mumbai petrol prices could see a reduction, if the government makes a move to bring petrol under GST to stabilize prices.

Petrol Rates Dropped in Mumbai

Mumbai is a coastal city, the commercial and business capital of the country. It is the place where the highest number of working Indians. There is a massive demand for petrol in the city. But, after seeing high petrol prices in Mumbai, the same has come down as the central government of India, recently announced a cut in basic excise duty on petrol and diesel. Petrol price in Mumbai has since fallen to Rs 2.50 per liter.

On Oct 3rd, petrol price in Mumbai was down to Rs 79.92 per liter, and now on Thursday the petrol price in Mumbai fell further to Rs 77.49 per liter. Similarly, in the financial capital, the petrol price in Mumbai retained at Rs 79.92 on Oct 3rd. However, it dropped sharply to Rs 77.51 per liter on October 4. The current petrol price in Mumbai is Rs 77.49 per liter.


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