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CNG Price in Chennai (December 2018)

CNG Prices in Chennai 

With the depletion of crude resources, people are now on a look out the alternative sources of fuel for using it for transportation, industrial use and so on. One such kind of fuel which can be altered in the place of petrol and diesel is Compressed Natural Gas or CNG. CNG is obtained by compressing natural gas through a particular procedure and it mainly contains methane. It is one of the safest forms of fuel available in nature. The vehicles run by using CNG have lower maintenance costs than other hydrocarbon fuel powered vehicles. Its unique quality lies in the fact that it mixes easily and evenly in the air due to its gaseous nature. Apart from this the CNG prices in Chennai is less when compared to petrol and diesel rates. It causes less pollution and is one of the most efficient fuel in the globe.

Dec 2018 ( ₹ -0.11 )
₹ 53.00 /Kg

Last 10 Months CNG Rate in Chennai

Date Price Price Change
Nov 2018 ₹ 53.11 ₹ 0.00
Oct 2018 ₹ 53.11 ₹ 0.00

Monthly CNG Price in Chennai : Graphical Representation

Compressed Natural Gas in Chennai

The Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is one of the odourless, clean and a non – corrosive gas which can be used as an alternative fuel to run all types of vehicles, apart from its use in industrial and household purpose.

CNG is procured by compressing the natural gas which mainly contains methane in it. The natural gas is compressed to less than 1% of the volume which it occupies at the standard atmospheric pressure. The procured CNG is stored and distributed in hard containers at a high pressure of 20 – 25 Mpa. The CNG as an alternative fuel is stored either in a cylindrical or a spherically shaped container.

In the city of Chennai, MG Auto Gas provides CNG at all of its stations. The MG Auto Gas was formed in 1991, with an intention to supply CNG and LPG to the users. All of its products are procured from Italy, Poland. It was set up with the intention to provide cleaner and healthier air to the entire human beings. The MG Auto Gas was set up with a motto of Go Green and Save the Environment. One can save up to 65% of petrol cost and increase the life of the car by switching to CNG enabled vehicles.


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