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Autogas Price in Chandigarh (19th August 2022)

Auto gas prices in Chandigarh move in tandem with natural gas prices. Auto gas is known to be a clean fuel and eco-friendly. It is derived from both natural gas and through crude oil.Auto fuel is now marketed by IndianOil under the brand name 'AutoGas'. One of the most important reasons for autos in cities to move to Auto Gas is because it is cheaper then petrol. Some estimates suggest that conversion to this fuel saves about 35-40 per cent, when compared to petrol. Checking daily Auto Gas prices in Chandigarh daily, can help save money, through filling at the appropriate time.

Jun 2020 ( ₹ 3.48 )
₹ 34.28 /Kg

Last 10 Months Autogas Rate in Chandigarh

Date Price Price Change
May 2020 ₹ 30.80 ₹ -11.42
Apr 2020 ₹ 42.22 ₹ 1.33
Mar 2020 ₹ 40.89 ₹ 0.00
Jan 2020 ₹ 40.89 ₹ 0.97
Dec 2019 ₹ 39.92 ₹ 0.70
Nov 2019 ₹ 39.22 ₹ 3.65
Oct 2019 ₹ 35.57 ₹ 0.49
Sep 2019 ₹ 35.08 ₹ 0.65
Aug 2019 ₹ 34.43 ₹ -3.56
Jul 2019 ₹ 37.99 ₹ -6.29

Monthly Autogas Price in Chandigarh : Graphical Representation

About Auto Fuel

The Auto fuel is one of the alternative fuels which is currently in trend and is used widely across the country.

This fuel is known to produce less carbon-di-oxide to the environment and hence it is considered as one of the cleanest forms of fuel in the current generation. Apart from its use to run the vehicles the fuel can also be used in generators. This alternative fuel can be either derived from both natural gas and crude oil using different procedures. Using natural gas, auto fuel can be obtained through fractionation and through crude oil, auto fuel can be obtained via refining process.

Auto fuel is abundantly available in nature and it is considered as one of the most eco-friendly fuel. It is a mixture of petroleum gases and includes propane and butane. This substitute fuel will be in gaseous form at atmospheric pressure and normal temperature. It can be liquefied when moderate pressure is applied or when the temperature is sufficiently decreased. In India, Auto fuel is marketed by the oil major, IndianOil under the brand name AutoGas. There are more than 370 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations which is located at more than 260 major cities across the country.

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