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CNG Price in Bharatpur (19th August 2022)

The term CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.The CNG prices in Bharatpur is revised on a monthly basis and the prices are fixed by the central government in India. It is a gaseous fuel which is a mixture of hydrocarbons and it mainly includes Methane. CNG is used as a fossil fuel substitute and it is used as an alternative to petrol, diesel, auto LPG and so on. The CNG as a fuel can be used for any of the vehicles including cars, two – wheeler, buses, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. It is a lighter fuel than air and hence it disperses quickly without any dangerous accumulation. The narrow flammability range has made CNG one of the safest fuel on planet earth. It has a higher ignition temperature when compared with other fuels and this reduces the chances of accidental and spontaneous ignition in case of spillage. 

Aug 2022 ( ₹ 2.00 )
₹ 92.00 /Kg

Last Months CNG Rate in Bharatpur

Date Price Price Change
Jul 2022 ₹ 90.00 ₹ 0.00
Jun 2022 ₹ 90.00 ₹ 3.00
May 2022 ₹ 87.00 ₹ 3.50
Apr 2022 ₹ 83.50 ₹ 17.75
Jul 2021 ₹ 65.75 ₹ 0.00
Jun 2021 ₹ 65.75 ₹ 0.00
May 2021 ₹ 65.75 ₹ 5.75
Apr 2021 ₹ 60.00 ₹ 0.00
Mar 2021 ₹ 60.00 ₹ 0.00
Feb 2021 ₹ 60.00 ₹ 1.50

Monthly CNG Price in Bharatpur : Graphical Representation

Properties of Compressed Natural Gas

The following are the list of properties of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG):

  • CNG is a compressed natural gas which mainly consists of methane.
  • The energy content of CNG is 9MJ/L (megajoules/litre).
  • The storage pressure stands at 20 – 25 MPA.
  • CNG can be found only in the gaseous state.
  • The operating pressure is 1.1 kPa.
  • The density vs air ratio is 0.5537:1.
  • The air: gas combustion ratio is 10:1.

Uses of CNG

  • CNG can be used as an alternative fuel to run vehicles.
  • It is most suitable to use in Buses and trucks or heavy vehicles.
  • It acts as a substitute for piped natural gas.
  • It can be used in power appliances and fuel industrial processes.
  • It can be used for commercial purposes as well.
  • It is considered as one of the most environmentally friendly fuel as it emits less carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide to the natural environment.

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