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LPG Price in Chandigarh (25th September 2021)

The LPG price in Chandigarh is mainly determined by the state-run oil companies and the same is subject to change on a monthly basis based on the global crude fuel rates. The rise in crude oil leads to a rise in the LPG rates in Chandigarh and vice-versa. LPG is a safe and colourless gas and hence its use has tremendously increased in the domestic and industrial sector. The government of India is currently providing domestic LPG Gas cylinder (14.2 kgs) in Chandigarh at subsidized rates to the low-income section of the society. The subsidy amount will be directly transferred to the customer’s bank account. Currently, the cooking gas in India is easily accessible to most of the people. The Domestic LPG cylinder price in Chandigarh (Chandigarh) stands at Rs. 894.

City Sep 2021 Aug 2021
Chandigarh ₹ 894 ₹ 869

What is Give Up LPG Subsidy?

Give UP LPG Subsidy is a campaign started in March 2015 by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with an intention to motivate the LPG users in India who can afford to pay for the LPG cylinders at market price to voluntarily surrender the LPG subsidy.

The central government in India is providing LPG cylinders at subsidized rates to all the domestic households in India.

This is done to help the needy people with an objective to help them to make the LPG cylinders affordable and it is not a burden on them in financial terms.

Post the launch of Give Up LPG Subsidy moment, most of the affordable family households in India have given up the subsidy amount which otherwise was directly credited to their respective bank accounts. The amount which is procured from the surrendered subsidy is used by the government to provide cooking gas connections at free of cost for the poor and needy families in the rural households.

A record 1 crore people are estimated to have voluntarily given up the subsidy as on April 23, 2016, after the launch of the campaign.

Here is the list of top five states in the country which gave up the subsidy on LPG cylinders – Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

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