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Diesel Price in Delhi (18th September 2021)

Delhi, the official National Capital of India is a union territory of India. The city has a population of more than 11 million and accords for the second most populous city in the country. The city contributes around $167-$370 billion for the economy of the country. The city has witnessed growth at a rapid pace which has led for more number of people owning private vehicles.

As per the reports, the total number of two-wheeler vehicles registration during 2012 in Delhi stood at 4,661,714 as against 4,395,086 during the previous year of 2011, up by 6.06%. The city has highest road density as well as the largest number of registered cars in the country.

City Today Price Yesterday Price
Central Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
Delhi Shahdara ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
East Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
New Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
North Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
North East Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
North West Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
South Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
South East Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
South West Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62
West Delhi ₹ 88.62 ₹ 88.62

Revision of Diesel Prices in Delhi

Diesel prices are revised on a daily basis as per the dynamic fuel pricing technique in Delhi starting from June 16, 2017.

As per this system, the diesel prices get changed regularly starting at 6 am in the morning across all the fuel filling stations in sync with global crude oil prices. The move is to bring in more transparency in diesel pricing and to pass on the profit in diesel prices to the end consumers.

These revised prices can be checked by the consumers by checking the oil marketing companies websites (Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum) or by downloading an application which gives a regular update on diesel prices in the mobile phone or by even sending an SMS to the respective oil retailers along with the dealer code.

If the petrol pump belongs to Hindustan Petroleum, then send an SMS to HPPRICE DEALER CODE and send it to 9222201122.


For Indian Oil Corporation, send SMS to RSP DEALER CODE and send it to

Tax Rate on Diesel Price in New Delhi

The respective state governments in India levies state based Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel prices in India. Delhi is a Union Territory and hence only VAT is applicable on diesel rates. The tax rates on fuel in the New Delhi is less compared to the rest of the states in India and hence the prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi costs less when compared to other cities in India.

Currently, the state-based VAT of diesel price in New Delhi stands at 17.25%.

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