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Bank Holidays in October 2021 in Uttar Pradesh

In October, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced holidays on the following days. October 2, on account of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti; October 9, the second week of Saturday as Bank Holiday;  October 14, on account of Mahanavami; on October 15, on account of Vijayadashami and on October 19, on account of Id-e-Milad; October 23, the fourth week of Saturday as Bank Holiday.

  • October - 2021

    • SUN
    • MON
    • TUE
    • WED
    • THU
    • FRI
    • SAT
    • 1
    • 2
      Gandhi Jayanti
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
      Second Saturday Bank Holiday
    • 10
    • 11
    • 12
    • 13
    • 14
      Maha Navami
    • 15
      Vijaya Dashami
    • 16
    • 17
    • 18
    • 19
      Eid e Milad
    • 20
    • 21
    • 22
    • 23
      Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday
    • 24
    • 25
    • 26
    • 27
    • 28
    • 29
    • 30
    • 31
Date & Month Day Holiday
October 2 Saturday Gandhi Jayanti
October 9 Saturday Second Saturday Bank Holiday
October 14 Thursday Maha Navami
October 15 Friday Vijaya Dashami
October 19 Tuesday Eid e Milad
October 23 Saturday Fourth Saturday Bank Holiday
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Bank Holidays in Uttar Pradesh during October

All the banks in Uttar Pradesh will remain closed on the above mentioned days.

The banks will not perform the usual functioning on these days. All the banks including Canara Bank, State Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank will remain closed on the bank holidays.

Mahalaya: It is a period of 16 days in Hindu calendar wherein Hindus pay homage to their ancestors by performing certain rituals and offering food. It falls in the second paksha during the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada maasa. The period is considered to be inauspicious, as only death rites of ancestors will be performed during this period. During this period all the banks will function normally and there will be no holiday.

Maha Navami: It is a Hindu festival. It is the final day of the Navratri celebrations. It is a nine-day period celebration of Goddess Durga. During the ninth day of Navratri, the goddess is worshiped as Durga and offered sugarcane stalks. Kanya puja is practiced on this day. In Kanya Puja, nine young girls (who have not attained puberty) will be invited in houses and are feasted with a delicious spread of food. Nine young girls are treated as nine forms of the goddess and are honored by washing their feet and putting tilak on forehead. They are further presented with certain gifts in the form of clothes, fruits, sweets and so on.

Dusshera: It is a Hindu festival. Hindus celebrated Sharad Navaratri for a period of nine nights of devotion and festivities in honor of Goddess Durga. After the culmination of Navratri, the holy occasion of Dusshera is celebrated which marks the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama according to epic Ramayana.

Id-e-Milad: It is a Muslim festival. It is observed with great pomp and festivities as the day marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. On this day, homes and mosques will be decorated in a grand way. People will donate food, clothes to needy people. Special processions and prayers will be held which will ply over various places in several cities to mark the occasion. People prepare mouth-watering delicacies will be prepared like haleem, kebabs, haleem, pulao, fried liver, biryani and semiya. People who follow Islamic faith will invite their near and dear ones for celebrating the festival.

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