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Common Service Centers in Mysore

Common Service Centers or CSC in Mysore is backed by the government of India and it acts as a one-stop-shop to get all kinds of service facilities to be it for obtaining Passport, PAN card, Birth and Death Certificates, Aadhaar Card Enrollment, Insurance Services, Bill Payments, Online Bookings, Internet Browsing, DTP, Printing and so on. Get the location of common service centres along with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and contact number respectively from the below drop-down.

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Know about Common Service Center 

CSC is a unified platform to deliver the social welfare, health systems, financial systems, education and agriculture to rural and remote communities of the country.

The CSC concept was implemented in September 2006 and is the only functional aspect of the National eGovernance Program. It is only the network funded under the Integrated Mission Mode Projects of the National EGovernance Plan. CSCs are access points for delivering vital infrastructure for public utilities, social welfare programs, health care, banking, education, and agricultural services to the rural and remote citizens of India.

How CSC Work in Mysore?

A primary perception in managing CSCs is a Digital Seva Portal that links Mysore's population to numerous G2C and B2C facilities covering health care, utility payments, schooling and employment, farming FMCG, commercial services, finance, banking, and so on. For every government support provided by E-Government Services India Limited, rural Indians in Mysore are allowed to contact via the Digital Seva Portal. To serve the CSC in the rural areas of Mysore a VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) provides Mysore residents with both governmental and non-governmental facilities from the CSC Centre. A Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is responsible for managing an intact and sufficient place for carrying CSC portal amenities through e-Seva and ensuring that the KIOSK network is active in Mysore throughout the day.

CSC Center in Mysore

CSC is very beneficial to rural areas and remote places in Mysore where there is no internet connection. It is a one-stop service point that provides the rural people of Mysore with numerous G2C and B2C facilities. The innumerable CSC objectives available for rural Indians of Mysore are mentioned below:

  • Supporting rural development which increases the Government to Citizen and Business to Citizen services among the rural citizens of Mysore
  • Providing high education and the opportunity to improve skills for the rural population of Mysore
  • Implementing cost-effective and reliable healthcare services
  • Promoting Rural Banking & Insurance Services in all the rural areas of Mysore
  • Initiating Commercial Services such as DTP, Printing, Internet Browsing, Village level BPO and so on
  • Telehealth & remote medical camps were also conceived as part of the enhanced features of the CSC in Mysore
  • To offer rural Mysore residents access to information facilities
  • To provide e-governance & e-services such as E-Krishi, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana and so on
  • To operate the KIOSK Information System which provides schooling, commercial facilities, entertainment and a range of other solutions related to information and services.
  • Generating information and communications resources among Mysore's rural Indians to provide them with a stable growth
  • The main objective of the CSC is to establish employment, development of human capital, fundamental rights, RTI services and an early warning system for natural hazards for rural citizens of Mysore.
  • CSCs will construct information sessions on government policies and digital finance facilities available to rural people in Mysore, as well as allowing for various networks of digital financial services such as IMPS, UPI, Bank PoS apps.
  • Carried out in Mysore by CSC e-Governance Services India Pvt Ltd, a Digital India initiative that aims to digitize physical documents and stack papers held in log rooms or government offices, government agencies and small non-governmental organizations.
  • CSC e-Governance Services India Limited partnered with The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to establish the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) in Mysore where CSC operated as a liaison for the business. This method of paying is called DIGIPAY and is legitimately supported on all Android running devices
  • As stated out in the Second Schedule of Information Technology Act, 2000, CSC SPV acts as an eSign Service Provider (ESP) serving as a "trustworthy third party" providing services to organizations and banks in compliance with UIDAI registration in accordance with the guidelines of the Certifying Authority of India.
  • CSC SPV allowed a complaint portal system in Mysore via Digital Seva Portal where the VLEs can file a complaint on a person's behalf regarding human rights violations.
  • CSC SPV has affiliated with NHRC to address human rights violations in rural areas of Mysore

Management of CSC in Mysore

Many assets are needed at Mysore to run and maintain a CSC. Below are the infrastructures for running a CSC in the Mysore rural areas.

  • Village level Entrepreneur-VLE offers good quality services for the people of Mysore. The VLE works mainly across a network of 5-6 communities throughout the rural regions of Mysore.
  • Service Center Agency (SCA)-The second/middle- organization mainly serves customers through VLE operation and management in one or more provincial districts of Mysore
  • Service Center Agency (SCA)- The second/middle-level agency mainly serves customers through VLE operation and management in one or more regional districts of Mysore.

Below listed are the assets that are required to manage a CSC in Mysore.

The first requirement for creating a CSC for Mysore's residents is a suitable room or hall well equipped for the running of all activities relevant to the CSC.

  • Setting up a recreation area would allow customers to remain at CSC until their work is complete
  • Mount an Aquaguard to increase the experience of the costumers by supplying them with safe and filtered drinking water.
  • The key prerequisite is to buy a Laptop or Desktop to operate a CSC in Mysore. 
  • You must keep in mind that the Laptop or Desktop must have at least 500GB of Hard Drive and 4gb of RAM or more.
  • Your picked system must have the latest version of RAM which allows you to run CSC activities more smoothly.
  • The second crucial aspect is to purchase a laptop or desktop which is installed with a genuine and new version of Windows OS.
  • The Laptop or Desktop must be connected to a decent printer or scanner which enables you to provide all CSC related services to the rural citizens of Mysore.
  • Your Laptop or Desktop must be connected to a UPS and an Integrated WebCAM to access all applicable Aadhar and PAN facilities in CSC.   

CSC e-Services India Limited

The Ministry of Electronics & IT introduced a new agency, CSC e-Services India Limited, under the Companies Act of 1956 in order to execute the CSC initiative. CSC SPV is implemented as an innovative framework to offer G2C and B2C services by CSCs to the rural citizens of Mysore in order to boost the productivity of CSC services.

What is the key goal of CSC SPV in Mysore

CSC e-Governance Service India Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle (CSC SPV) established by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, under the Companies Act of 1956 to oversee the operation of the Common Service Centers Scheme (CSC). This creates a centralized coordinated mechanism for providing services to the residents of Mysore through CSCs, in addition to maintaining functional stability and system sustainability. Common Service Centers (CSCs) form a strategic pillar of the Digital India program.

These are the access points for providing various digital services to the rural areas of Mysore, thereby leading to a digitally and financially sustainable society. In rural Mysore, CSCs are more than just service delivery centers. They are placed as agents of transformation, fostering rural entrepreneurship and developing rural capability and means of subsistence. They are facilitators of community involvement and concerted action to enhance social progress from a bottom-up strategy with an emphasis on rural residents of Mysore. The main vision of CSC SPV. Developing CSCs as a secure, reliable and pervasive IT facilitated network of Citizen Service Points connecting local residents of Mysore with government offices, business enterprises, banks and insurance firms and educational institutions, impacting the economy of the country's primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

Implementation of Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) in Mysore

VLE is an outstanding network providing both governmental and non-governmental customer facilities. The Digital Seva Portal offers VLE with exemplary service to its clients. VLE is not allowed to pay any fees and enrollment is strictly exempt on the CSC platform for VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur). Since there are total active VLE in each Gram Panchayat village is full, no further CSC IDs are needed, however, CSC's will let you know on their website if the CSC needs any more registrations. In the past, CSC's enrollment has become much easier, but in the present days, it is very complicated to introduce it.

CSC 2.0 Scheme in Mysore 

In 2015, according to its analysis of the CSC scheme, the government introduced CSC 2.0 to expand the CSC to all panchayats in the nation. At least one 2.5 lakh GP in the nation was built with CSC 2.0 by 2019. In order to initiate an additional 1,5 lakh CSCs in the country, the CSCs functioning under the new program will now be upgraded and reinforced. CSC 2.0 would facilitate the delivery of resources over the single infrastructure network by introducing e-government services and G2C networks for Indians.

Benefits of CSC 2.0 Scheme in Mysore

  • The single distribution network at Mysore provides you with a complete spectrum of e-Services.
  • Through optimizing the corporate governance and capacity growth processes, the CSC 2.0 framework plays a significant function.
  • A new 2.5 lakh CSC network is introduced at Gram Panchayats.
  • 24 * 7 support desk system for the residents of Mysore
  • Encouraging women in Mysore to become VLE

Installation Guidelines for CSC 2.0 Project

The CSC 2.0 National Rural Internet Mission, CSC 2.0, authorized in August 2015, involves the implementation of the 2.5-lakh CSC network, which is part of both the Digital India Pillar 3 and the Public Connectivity Program. The framework CSC 2.0 delivers transaction and service distribution across a broad, unified network, which strengthens the e-service facilities throughout the country.

A single service delivery/transaction network operates the GP-level implementation of the CSC 2.0 current model to facilitate the efficient usage of BharatNet / NOFN services as well as other local networking networks. The CSC works for the Government of India
(VLE) primarily without restricting accessible and growth-friendly facilities. The CSC Program supports compatible and enhances the VLE initiatives, existing and actively supported, via the Entrepreneurship Development Training program.

The national mark "Digital Seva Kendras" was developed to retain consistency across all States / UTs, along with co-brands of States / UTs. This offers an open and straightforward e-Services mapping system that CSCs create with a different CSC and GIS mapping number for each region which will enable the government to bridge the gap in establishing a self-supporting CSC network throughout the city. The State/UT system is also set up to combine different service platforms with the Universal Online Platform of CSC's 'The Digital Seva Portal' to provide (G2C & B2C) services through CSC. 

CSC e-Governance Service India Ltd. – CSC -SPV

CSC — SPV is the management system for the CSC 2.0 initiative to successfully execute the DeitY and State / UT programs with acceptable service delivery methods. Since the introduction of CSC Sustainability Program in Mysore, it is the most effective service center with a primary target to:

  • Enforce a curriculum and entrepreneurship skills training program which significantly enhances existing CSCs and new CSCs in Mysore.
  • Design and optimize the local language VLEs customer support facilities in Mysore.
  • A comprehensive CSC development strategy for CSC 2.0 was created designed and is now being initiated nationwide. Additional strategies in Mysore (KPIs), such as active financial regulation, skilled human resource personnel, MIS and administration, effective quality support, resource distribution, assistance desk operation, and other interventions will be involved.
  • Operate as an organization providing onboard common services (G2C, B2C & B2B) for enhancement across the unique CSC network. This is designed to create an identical range of services available on all CSC's across Mysore.
  • To expand the analysis across all government services and initiatives via CSC's in Mysore.
  • Foster the rising of state and national branding by state / UT.




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