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Common Service Centers in Nagpur

Common Service Centers or CSC in Nagpur is backed by the government of India and it acts as a one-stop-shop to get all kinds of service facilities to be it for obtaining Passport, PAN card, Birth and Death Certificates, Aadhaar Card Enrollment, Insurance Services, Bill Payments, Online Bookings, Internet Browsing, DTP, Printing and so on. Get the location of common service centres along with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and contact number respectively from the below drop-down.

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Meaning of Common Service Centre

Common Service Centre is a centralized network for providing people in rural and remote areas of India with public services, social welfare systems, health care schemes, financial structures, schooling, and agricultural resources.

The main goal of the CSC is to enable all the rural Indians to get all government schemes and services at their doorstep. It is a broad network which has been made available to PAN India. CSC facility was introduced in September 2006 under the National Program on eGovernance. It is the only initiative of the National eGovernance Program projects funded under the Integrated Mission Mode Projects.

Act of CSC in Nagpur

For every government service offered by E-Government Services India Limited, rural Indians in Nagpur are accessed through the Digital Seva Portal. To function the CSC in the rural areas of Nagpur a VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) offer both government and non-governmental facilities from the CSC Core to rural citizens of Nagpur. A Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is responsible for managing a safe and comfortable venue for delivering portal facilities through e-Seva and ensuring that KIOSK system is accessible every working day in the Nagpur city. An important concept in the management of CSCs is a Digital Seva Portal, which connects Nagpur's population to different facilities in the G2C and B2C, including health services, utility payment, education and training, farming FMCG, culture, financial and banking services, and more.

CSC Center in Nagpur

Common Service Center in Nagpur is the one-stop service point operated by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide the rural Indians of Nagpur with broad public and private facilities. Government facilities offered through the CSCs platform include schooling, agriculture, healthcare scheme and facilities FMCG goods, utility payments, financial services and banking facilities. The CSC's main goal is to create huge social and economic growth to the rural citizens of Nagpur. The main priorities of the CSC are listed below, customized for all rural and urban residents of Nagpur:

  • Providing Indians of Nagpur (mainly rural people) with access to high education and skill development facility
  • To provide people with cost-effective and reliable health facilities at their doorstep
  • Providing effective public service facilities to the rural people of Nagpur, mainly via G2C (Government to Citizen) & B2C (Business to Citizen).
  • To allow access to information for all Indians of the rural areas of Nagpur
  • Building up communal improvement and also developing community involvement to improve the rural humanity of Nagpur
  • To bring the rural nationals of Nagpur with worthwhile & steady health care accommodations at their doorstep.
  • The prime intention of the CSC is to engage the KIOSK Information System bringing education means, commercial services, PAN and Aadhar correction, Internet connection, net surfing, email facility and other multimedia services
  • CSC grants many e-government assistance to Nagpur's rural communities in which there is no Internet connection such as Krishi, Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, Krishi Vikas Yojana Paramparagat, etc.
  • To introduce information and communication networks in order to ensure a secure development for the people of Nagpur
  • The principal objective is to build an early warning system for natural disasters, education, human resources development, basic rights, RTI and more for the residents of Nagpur
  • CSC SPV provided a complaint registry facility in Nagpur through Digital Seva Portal where VLEs can make a formal complaint on behalf of a citizen regarding human rights abuses.
  • CSC SPV associated with NHRC in Nagpur to deal with the issues of human rights
  • As stipulated in the Second Schedule of Information Technology Act, 2000, CSC SPV functions as an eSign Service Provider (ESP) posing as a "trusted third party" providing services to banks and companies in compliance with UIDAI registration according to the Certifying Authority of India.
  • CSC e-Governance Services India Limited affiliated with the Indian National Payments Corporation (NPCI) to develop the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) in Nagpur, where CSC worked as a leader in business This payment method is called DIGIPAY and is supported by all Android devices.
  • Founded by CSC e-Governance Services India Pvt Ltd in Nagpur, an endeavour aimed at digitizing physical documents and stacking papers in record spaces or government offices, government agencies and different NGOs.
  • CSCs in Nagpur played a significant role in spreading information sessions for rural government and various digital banking and finance methods such as IMPS, UPI, Bank PoS, etc.

How CSC is managed in Nagpur?

A list of resources is mandated to set up a CSC and managed it properly in Nagpur. Below listed are the infrastructures to manage a CSC in the rural areas of Nagpur.

  • Village Level Entrepreneur-VLE helps with better services to the village residents. The VLE operates in a network of 5-6 societies mainly among Nagpur's regional individuals.
  • Service Center Agency (SCA)- The second/middle-level agency primarily represents customers in one or more Nagpur districts by running and administering the VLE.
  • State Designated Agency-SDA provides SCAs with the requisite legislation, facilities, and assistance to support the rural population of Nagpur. 

List of equipment to set up a CSC in Nagpur

It needs for a range of items to form and run a CSC properly. Below are some of the infrastructures needed for running a CSC in Nagpur.

  • The first prerequisite for setting up a CSC for rural residents in Nagpur is a suitable room or hall well designed to conduct all operations related to CSC.
  • Setting up a leisure area will encourage consumers to wait more flexibly before their CSC work is completed
  • Build an Aquaguard that boosts your customer satisfaction by providing pure and healthy drinking water to them.
  • A laptop or Desktop that must fit with the below-listed specifications:
  • Have a desktop or laptop containing at least 500 GB of hard drive and 4 GB of RAM
  • Selecting the desktop that has the latest version of RAM is suggested
  • Your purchased Laptop or Desktop must have the latest version Windows OS
  • Buy a good printer and scanner which helps you to perform all the services related to CSC
  • To handle all the Aadhar and PAN related facilities, purchase a reasonable UPS and an Integrated WebCAM.

CSC e-Services India Limited

Under the Companies Act of 1956, the Ministry of Electronics & IT set up a new organization, CSC e-Services India Limited, to supervise the implementation of the CSC project. To ensure the quality of services, CSC SPV establishes a formal mechanism for the delivery of G2C and B2C programs by CSCs to the rural citizens of Nagpur.

Key Goal of CSC SPV in Nagpur

Building CSCs as a comprehensive and ineffable IT-enabled network of Citizen Service Points connecting local residents with government offices, industries, banks, insurance companies, and educational institutions that make a great impact to the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of Nagpur's economy. CSC e-Governance Service India Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle (CSC SPV) established by the Government of India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to supervise the activities of Common Service Centers (CSC) under the 1956 Companies Act in Nagpur. This creates a consistent integrated framework for the allocation of resources to citizens of Nagpur by CSCs, while ensuring the functional consistency and viability of the CSC network. A major component of the Digital India Program is the Common Service Centre.

They are the single entry point for the delivery of various digital services in rural areas of Nagpur, transforming into a technologically and financially viable society. CSC's are more than just serving hubs in the city. This is also known as the transforming agents supporting rural entrepreneurship and developing rural efficiency and livelihoods. They are facilitators of community participation and concerted action to foster social change through a bottom-up perspective, with a focus on delivering G2C and B2C facilities to rural villages in Nagpur. Enabling the Common Service Center of a CSC as a one-stop access point is among the best-unified service points that link the rural residents of Nagpur with government offices, industries, banks, insurance firms, and educational institutions that influence the main, secondary, and economic sectors of Nagpur.

How to Register for a VLE in Nagpur

VLE is a channel that offers both government and nongovernment services via its networks. VLE ensures outstanding customer support through the Digital Seva Portal. In addition, any there is no any hidden fees are charged to VLE, and VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) enrollment on the CSC website is already restricted. Because the total number of active VLEs in each Gram Panchayat or village has exceeded their limits, there is no requirement for any more CSC IDs, but if the CSC suggests additional registrations, they will let you know on their site. CSC enrollment was previously much simpler, but it's very difficult to implement in the current days.

CSC 2.0 Scheme in Nagpur

Focused on the CSC system review, the Government introduced the CSC 2.0 program in 2015 to expand CSC reaching to all Gram Panchayats nationwide. Under CSC 2.0 program, at least one CSC had established at each of the 2.5 lakh GPs nationwide by 2019.
With an additional 1.5 lakh CSCs, CSCs that operate under the current program will now be strengthened and extended throughout the country. The CSC 2.0 scheme would improve the delivery of services through a single service network, rendering e-services and G2C services accessible across every part of the country. 

Core Advantages of CSC 2.0 Scheme in Nagpur

  • One of the major roles of the CSC 2.0 Scheme is to implement consistency of services and capacity building for corporate governance.
  • To implement a self-sustaining 2.5 lakh CSC framework across all the Gram Panchayats of India.
  • To empower women to become a VLE in Nagpur
  • To offer 24*7 Assistance Desk service to the local people of Nagpur
  • To generate an array of e-services through a single delivery network in Nagpur.

CSC 2.0 Implementation Guidance

In coordination with both the authorized Digital India Pillar 3 Public Internet Access Program– National Rural Internet Mission CSC 2.0 authorized in August 2015, CSC 2.0 intends to establish a self-sustaining infrastructure at a level of 2.5 lakh CSC. The CSC 2.0 model is conceived as a transaction-based and service delivery system, providing a broad variety of e-services through a robust, distributed connectivity network that will improve productivity through CSCs in India.

CSC 2.0's current GP-level model design works on a self-sustainable service delivery / transaction-oriented system with the intention of allowing effective use of resources generated in the form of BharatNet / NOFN and other connectivity infrastructure across the city. CSC is primarily a functioning program forum for the Government of India's Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs), with no competitive hardware and technology assistance limitations. Ongoing CSC activities and updates of new projects and VLEs with immediate assistance are supported by the training of the Entrepreneurship Development Program.

In order to ensure standardization across all States / UTs, the national brand "Digital Seva Kendras" was launched along with the co-brands of the states / UTs. It creates a consistent and accountable eServices mapping system provided by CSCs with a separate CSC and GIS mapping number for each and every region to enable the government to make up the gap in building a city-wide self-sustaining CSC network. At the state / UT tier, initiatives are underway to blend numerous service portals to CSC's Universal Online Portal, "The Digital Seva Portal," to provide all facilities (G2C & B2C) through CSCs.

CSC e-Governance Service India Ltd. – CSC -SPV

CSC — SPV is the facilitating structure for the CSC 2.0 initiative to develop the DeitY and State / UT Administration with sufficient resources for service development to ensure effective project utilization. And with the launch of the region-wide CSC sustainability program, the CSC SPV is the organization in Nagpur's most active facility. The main goals to be fulfilled are listed below by CSC-SPV:

  • To facilitate the development of national and state branding by state / UT.
  • To encourage and improve customer support services for the service of VLEs in the local language.
  • To conduct a skill development and entrepreneurship training system that regularly supports both existing CSCs and the newest CSCs throughout the region of Nagpur.
  • To analyze all the government schemes and services via all the CSC's located in Nagpur.
  • To operate as the representative to jointly facilitate on-board and distribution of services (G2C, B2C & B2B) across CSC's unified growth network. It will assure a comparable set of facilities that is accessible at all CSCs, irrespective of the area in Nagpur.
  • To execute and build a single CSC implementation plan for the adoption of CSC 2.0 at the national level. This will involve several main success metrics (KPIs), such as efficient financial management, skilled human resource management, MIS and administration, active service efficiency, help desk, resources management, and the convergence of all other networks within Nagpur.


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