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Common Service Centers in Nashik

Common Service Centers or CSC in Nashik is backed by the government of India and it acts as a one-stop-shop to get all kinds of service facilities to be it for obtaining Passport, PAN card, Birth and Death Certificates, Aadhaar Card Enrollment, Insurance Services, Bill Payments, Online Bookings, Internet Browsing, DTP, Printing and so on. Get the location of common service centres along with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and contact number respectively from the below drop-down.

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Meaning of Common Service Center

Under the Government of India, Common Service Center is only the plan/scheme that comes under Digital India Program.

It is a wide network that is made available to PAN India in September 2006. Common Service Center is one of the conceptual features of the National eGovernance Program. It is one of the programs managed under Integrated Mission Mode Projects of the National eGovernance Plan. Apart from the array of B2C services to rural and remote residents, CSCs are service points for the delivery of necessary public resources, social welfare programs, hospital facilities, finance and banking services, schooling and farm facilities.

How CSC Manages in Nashik?

The Digital Seva Portal, which connects the Nashik community to various G2C and B2C facilities covering medical care, payment of utility services, education and employment, FMCG culture, commercial services, finance, banks and more, constitutes an important awareness of CSCs management. For every government support provided by E-Government Services India Limited, Nashik rural Indians are entitled to contact via the Digital Seva Portal. A village-level entrepreneur VLE (CSC) is responsible for delivering government and non-government facilities from the CSC Center in order to support CSC in rural areas of Nashik. A Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is responsible for the maintenance of a strong and appropriate CSC portal infrastructure through e-Seva and maintaining the running of the KIOSK network in Nashik during the day.

CSC Center in Nashik

CSCs in Nashik are characterized in providing rural-focused e-government services involving application forms, certificates and utility bill payment services. The CSC is the single point to provide double benefits of both G2C(Government to Citizen) and B2C (Business to Citizen) services. Due to the CSC, the rural Indians of Nashik can access to all the facilities at their doorstep. The rural citizens of Nashik can also avail massive public and private facilities powered by information and communication technology (ICT). Scroll down to know the objectives of Common Service Center in Nashik.

  • CSC comprises government services such as education, agriculture, healthcare, FMCG commodities, banks, financial services, payments for utility bills and much more.
  • The main aim of CSC is to build an early warning network for Nashik rural citizens with regard to employment, human capital development, fundamental rights, TRI facilities and the natural disaster.
  • Creating information and communication assets for Nashik's rural Indians to ensure peaceful growth
  • Providing e-government and e-services such as E-Krishi, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana etc.
  • Administer the KIOSK Information System in Nashik that offers a variety of management and resources solutions, in education, business and entertainment.
  • CSCs will establish information sessions for rural people in Nashik on government policies and digital finance systems, as well as on various digital financial services networks such as IMPS, UPI, Bank PoS apps.
  • Incorporated by CSC e-Governance Services India Pvt Ltd in Nashik, a Digital India initiative aimed at digitizing physical files and piling up papers kept in log rooms or government offices, government agencies and small non-governmental organizations.
  • CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has collaborated with India's National Payments Corporation (NPCI) to create the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) in Nashik where CSC worked as a business partner. This method of payment is called DIGIPAY and is accessible on all Android phones lawfully.
  • As defined in the Second Schedule of Information Technology Act, 2000, CSC SPV operates in Nashik as an eSign Service Provider (ESP) serving as a "trustworthy third party" providing UIDAI registry services to organizations and banks in conformity with the guidelines of the Certifying Authority of India.
  • CSC SPV allowed the lodging of a complaint portal system in Nashik through Digital Seva Portal where the VLEs may file a complaint on behalf of a person regarding human rights offenses.
  • CSC SPV operates with NHRC to mitigate violations of human rights in Nashik

What makes CSC to smoothly perform in Nashik?

In Nashik, many assets are needed to operate and manage a CSC. The infrastructures for managing a CSC in rural areas of Nashik are listed below.

  • Village level Entrepreneur-VLE gives the citizens of Nashik high-quality infrastructure. The VLE operates mainly via a network of 5-6 groups within the Nashik regional areas.
  • Service Center Agency (SCA)-The second/middle-level agency serves mainly customers in one or more regional districts of Nashik through VLE activity and management.
  • State-designated agency-SDA offers the necessary regulations, facilities, and assistance to SCAs to support the rural community of Nashik.

List of resources required to operate a CSC at Nashik

CSC activity in Nashik's local or rural areas involves a variety of items listed below.

  • The first criterion for the development of a CSC for residents of Nashik is an adequate room or hall well designed for the operation of all CSC related activities.
  • Establishing a leisure area will allow customers to stay at CSC before they finish their work
  • Install an Aquaguard that will increase the costumers ' experience by providing healthy and clean drinking water to them.
  • The primary requirement to buy a Laptop or Desktop to run a CSC in Nashik
  • Buy a good laptop or desktop with a minimum storage space of 500 GB and 4 GB RAM or more.
  • Bear in mind that the RAM needs to be the current edition, enabling you to more easily run the CSC.
  • The second important thing is to buy a Laptop or Desktop that must have the genuine and latest version of Windows OS
  • The Laptop or Desktop needs to be connected to a decent printer or scanner, enabling you to provide all services related to CSC.
  • To reach all Aadhar and PAN relevant facilities your Laptop or Desktop must be connected to a UPS and an Integrated WebCAM.

CSC e-Services India Limited

Under the Companies Act of 1956 to enforce the CSC initiative, the Ministry of Electronics & IT developed a new agency, CSC e-Services India Limited. CSC SPV is developing an efficient framework to provide the rural people of Nashik with G2C and B2C initiatives by CSCs to raise the efficiency of CSC services.

Intention of CSC SPV in Nashik

Developing CSCs as a comprehensive and ineffable network of IT-enabled Citizen Service Points that connects local citizens with government departments, enterprises, banks, insurance providers, and educational institutions that have a significant effect on the economy's primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. CSC e-Governance Service India Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) established by the Government of India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under the Companies Act of 1956 to supervise the facilities of the Common Service Centers (CSC) in Nashik. It provides CSCs with a secure, coordinated resource allocation mechanism for the citizens of the region while ensuring effective stability and longevity for the network.

CSC's are the part of the Digital India Program single entry point for the delivery of numerous digital services in rural areas of Nashik, enabling them to create a technically and financially viable network across the region. CSC's are also recognized as the transforming agents in Nashik that promote rural entrepreneurship and facilitate the development of livelihood in the urban-rural areas. Common Service Center in Nashik is one of the unified one-stop service point with a goal to connect all the rural people's with G2C and B2C services as well as all government offices, corporations, banks, insurance firms, and educational institutions that oversee Nashik's primary, secondary, and economic sectors.

Implementation of VLE in Nashik

VLE is a network offering outstanding end-customer services relevant to both governmental and non-governmental organizations. VLE promises outstanding customer service through the Digital Seva Portal. VLE is not allowed to pay any fees, and registration with VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) is legally excluded on the CSC website. Because the total number of active VLEs has crossed their caps in each Gram Panchayat or village, there is no need for more CSC IDs, however, if the CSC requires extra registrations, they can let you know on their website. Registration of CSC has become much simpler in the past but it is very complex to adopt the same in the current days.

CSC 2.0 Scheme in Nashik 

In 2015 CSC 2.0 was adopted by the government to extend the CSC to all Panchayats in the country, depending on its review of the CSC system. By 2019 at least one of the country's 2.5 lakh GPs was installed with CSC 2.0. CSCs operating under the new system can now be enhanced and improved to include an additional 1.5 lakh CSCs throughout the country. The CSC 2.0 initiative will promote service distribution across the single infrastructure network through the deployment of e-services and G2C services for the people of India.

Major advantages of CSC 2.0 Scheme in Nashik

  • Gram Panchayats has been launched with an independent 2.5 lakh CSC network.
  • The CSC 2.0 program plays a significant role in standardizing corporate governance systems and capacity development.
  • A full range of e-services is accessible through the unified delivery network in Nashik.
  • To encourage women of Nashik to be VLE's
  • To provide 24 * 7 help desk service for regional citizens of Nashik

Guidelines for CSC 2.0 Installation

The CSC 2.0 National Rural Internet Mission, CSC 2.0, approved in August 2015, entails the development of a self-sustaining 2.5 lakh CSC network, integrated with both the authorized Digital India Pillar 3 and Public Connectivity program. The CSC 2.0 mechanism is a transaction-oriented and service delivery system that provides a wide array of e-services through a vast, unified network that improves e-services performance across the country.

The GP-level implementation of the CSC 2.0 standard model is run by a single service delivery/ transaction network to allow the effective use of BharatNet / NOFN networks as well as other local networking systems. For the Government of India (VLE), the CSC is primarily functional without restriction on affordable services and support to growth. Entrepreneurship Development Training System helps the CSC systems to be consistent and improvements of new and actively promoted VLE projects.

The national brand "Digital Seva Kendras" has been established along with co-brands of States / UTs to maintain uniformity amongst all States / UTs. It provides an accessible and transparent e-Services mapping framework that CSCs establish for each area with a specific CSC and GIS mapping number that will allow the Government to fill the gap in creating a self-supporting city-wide CSC network. The state/UT framework is also established to merge various service portals with the Universal Online Platform of CSC's 'The Digital Seva Portal' so that all facilities (G2C & B2C) can be supported through CSC. 

CSC e-Governance Service India Ltd. – CSC -SPV

CSC — SPV is the management system for the CSC 2.0 project for the effective implementation of DeitY and State / UT operation with appropriate ways of delivery of facilities. With the launch of Nashik's CSC Sustainability Program, it is the most successful service center with a primary objective of: 

  • Works as an entity offering common resources on board (G2C, B2C & B2B) through the specific CSC network for advancement.
    This would build a comparable set of services that are available at all CSCs in Nashik.
  • Established and developed a coherent CSC growth plan for CSC 2.0 which is now being launched nationally. It would involve additional initiatives in Nashik (KPIs), such as active financial control, professional human resource services, MIS and management, active quality support, resource allocation, assistance desk service and other initiatives.
  • The development and enhancement of customer care services for local language VLEs in Nashik.
  • Implement a skills training curriculum and entrepreneurship that effectively facilitates Nashik's existing CSCs as well as new CSCs.
  • Promoting the enhancement of state and national branding by state / UT.
  • To increase the analysis of all government infrastructure and programs in Nashik throughout the CSC.










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