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LPG Price in Kerala (23rd September 2021)

The LPG price in Kerala is mainly determined by the state-run oil companies and the same is subject to change on a monthly basis based on the global crude fuel rates. The rise in crude oil leads to a rise in the LPG rates in Kerala and vice-versa. LPG is a safe and colourless gas and hence its use has tremendously increased in the domestic and industrial sector. The government of India is currently providing domestic LPG Gas cylinder (14.2 kgs) in Kerala at subsidized rates to the low-income section of the society. The subsidy amount will be directly transferred to the customer’s bank account. Currently, the cooking gas in India is easily accessible to most of the people. The Domestic LPG cylinder price in Kerala (Trivandrum) stands at Rs. 894.

City Sep 2021 Aug 2021
Alappuzha ₹ 891.50 ₹ 866.50
Ernakulam ₹ 891.50 ₹ 866.50
Idukki ₹ 891.50 ₹ 866.50
Kannur ₹ 904.50 ₹ 879.50
Kasaragod ₹ 904.50 ₹ 879.50
Kollam ₹ 894 ₹ 869
Kottayam ₹ 891.50 ₹ 866.50
Kozhikode ₹ 893.50 ₹ 868.50
Malappuram ₹ 893.50 ₹ 868.50
Palakkad ₹ 903.50 ₹ 878.50
Pathananthitta ₹ 896.50 ₹ 871.50
Thrissur ₹ 896.50 ₹ 871.50
Trivandrum ₹ 894 ₹ 869
Wayanad ₹ 898.50 ₹ 873.50

What is Test Due Date of an LPG cylinder?

The test due date refers to the due date on which periodic inspection and testing of an LPG cylinder have to be carried out to ensure that the cylinder is suitable for reuse or for refilling purpose.

The LPG cylinders are made from special steel with protective coatings and are manufactured as per the BIS 3196 guidelines by the cylinder manufacturers and the same is approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE).

The LPG cylinders carry a BIS license. As per the PESO circular No. R.4(2)100/2007 dated on August 20, 2007, all the new LPG cylinders which are manufactured during the second quarter of the year 2000 have to be taken for first Statutory Testing & Painting (ST&P) after 10 years. Further subsequent testing of the cylinders will be done after a period of 5 years.

As per the norms of the Chief Controller of Explosives, PESO, the government of India and BIS specifications IS-5845, all the empty cylinders which are received at the LPG bottling plants are visually inspected for various defects including that of Statutory Testing & Painting (ST&P) due before it is taken for the next filling.

Please Note: There is no expiry date for LPG cylinders.

Expiry refers to the shelf life of perishable products. It is the recommended time meant for safe storage and usage of such products within the set time frame.

LPG cylinders fall under non-perishable products and the service of these cylinders depends on the external physical factors and actions which includes pressure, exposure to atmospheric conditions, impact load, temperature, usage and so on.

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