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Find Indusind Bank IFSC & MICR Code

Indusind Bank IFSC Code

The country's central bank (RBI) has specified three ways in which we can remit money. These include the popular NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. However, to undertake these transactions, we must have the IFSC Code allotted by RBI to each bank and the specified branch.

The Indusind Bank IFSC Code is an 11-digit alphanumeric code having special 4 characters, 'INDB', stand for the name of the bank, the fifth character is always 'zero' for future use and the final six characters specify the 'exact branch address'.

How to Search for Indusind Bank IFSC Codes?

If you are searching for the IFSC code of your home branch, you can use two mechanisms to search. In the offline mode you will find it written on your cheque book, which has been given to you by the Indusind Bank branch. If you are looking for online IFSC Code of Indusind Bank you can find here in Goodreturns.

State Wise Indusind Bank IFSC & MICR Code

About Indusind Bank

What is the format of IndusInd Bank IFSC Code?

Online money transfer has streamlined the lives of millions of individuals ever since it was launched.

RBI has adopted two online payment methods in India including NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). Both of these approaches have been developed to enable the quick and effective flow of funds in a stable and efficient manner. To trigger transfers, NEFT and RTGS online payment methods make use of a specific 11-digit code known as the IFSC or Indian Financial System Code. To empower their customers to make and accept transfers, all banks that are part of the NEFT network are issued their own IFSC code. The IFSC is an 11 character code defined as a mixture of letters and alphabets. The code is divided into three parts, with the first 4 characters represents the name of the bank, the fifth character zero is kept for potential use or future application, and the last 6 characters represents a particular branch of the respective bank. So, for instance, INDB0000123 is the IFSC code of Indusind Bank Gwalior, Gwalior Branch. The first 4 'INDB' characters here reflect the name of the bank, i.e. The fifth character of the IndusInd Bank is 0 and the last 6 characters are the branch code i.e. 000123.

Use of IndusInd IFSC Code For Rendering Bank’s NEFT, RTGS And IMPS Fund Transfer

IndusInd Bank offers its customers the facility to make online payments via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS to promote quick, simple and stable money transfers. All three of these systems require the use of the IFSC code to transfer money. The code also serves to control the transaction in the case of a transaction by defining the source and destination bank.


One of the most successful and commonly used ways of making online transfers that has been implemented by the RBI is NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer. This initiative helps customers on a one-to-one basis to move funds safely and easily through batches, resulting in a minimum time gap. A specific IFSC code that can be used by customers at the time of making an online transfer is allocated to all banks which are part of the NEFT network. NEFT is, however, suitable for allowing transfers for lower amounts, unlike RTGS. IndusInd offers its customers the facility through NEFT transfer to render their IndusInd credit card bill payments comfortably. 


Another fund transfer method implemented by the RBI where the transfer of money or securities occurs on a real time basis is Real Time Gross Settlement or RTGS. Under RTGS, since the transfers are made on a 'real time' and 'gross' basis, there is no pause or delay period. This ensures that the transactions are processed and resolved without being clustered or blended with other transactions as soon as they are issued and processed on a one-to-one basis. Transfers made by RTGS are accurate and unalterable. RTGS transactions are suitable for having cash transfers of high value. 


The Immediate Payment Service, also known as IMPS, is a new addition to the freely accessible set of online payment services. Adopted by the NPCI in 2010, this service, like RTGS and NEFT, often electronically supports transfers or online transactions. IMPS helps consumers to manage their bank accounts and even mandate funds from their mobile devices. Like NEFT and RTGS, IMPS also uses the IFSC code to transfer funds to the account of the receiver.     

Online Ways To Locate IFSC and MICR Codes of IndusInd Bank

By following the below covered online ways customers of IndusInd Bank can find the IFSC and MICR code of their respective branch anytime anywhere.

Through Goodreturns.in

Everybody can identify the IFSC codes and MICR codes of a bank if they know the full name of the bank and the branch they are looking for. For example, if the IFSC code of a particular branch of IndusInd Bank is necessary, it can be easily found on the cheque books / leaves issued by IndusInd Bank to its account holders. A complete list of the IFSC codes of all the banks in India is offered by the Reserve Bank of India on its official website. In comparison, you can also log in to the bank's official website to find the IFSC code. Similarly, you can even browse leading third-party financial websites such as Goodreturns.in to track the same. By surfing Goodreturns, you will be welcomed to a complete list of IFSC codes for almost all banks in India, including IndusInd Bank. The steps that you can adopt to acquire the IFSC or MICR codes are mentioned below:

  • Visit Goodreturns.in and then click on the ‘Banking’ tab from the top menu bar 
  • Now click on ‘IFSC Code’ button under the ‘Banking’ option
  • Now you will be redirected to the next page where you need to select your bank, branch, state and city from the drop-down list
  • Now click on the ‘Find Bank’ option and you will get the IFSC Code, MICR Code, branch name, branch address, and other related details of your selected branch.

Mechanisms to find IndusInd Bank IFSC and MICR Code

Customers of IndusInd Bank can follow the below-given alternatives to seek the IndusInd Bank's IFSC and MICR codes.

IndusInd Bank Cheque Book- By looking at an IndusInd Bank cheque book issued by the IndusInd Bank, account holders can find the IFSC Code for their branch. The cheque includes the IFSC at the top of the page and the MICR code at the bottom of the page. 

IndusInd Bank Passbook- On the front page of the passbook, the standard bank account details of an account holder are stated. The account number, the account holder's address and the IFSC code of the corresponding branch of the bank are included in this relevant detail. Hence, a passbook is handy when looking for an IFSC Code of your branch.

IndusInd Bank Mobile Banking App- An alternative to verify the particular IFSC and MICR code of your respective branch is also introduced by the IndusInd Bank Mobile Banking app.

IndusInd Bank Net Banking Portal- IndusInd Bank provides the Net banking portal to its customers to experience the benefits of online banking. Consequently, using the Net banking facility, an account holder can find the IFSC code of his / her respective branch.     

IndusInd Bank Swift Code

When a transfer between two banks takes place internationally, the SWIFT code is used. It is an electronic data transmission system that transmits messages in a pre-defined sequence, as and when the transaction occurs anywhere in the world. Customers should visit the nearest branch of IndusInd Bank or get in contact with the customer service department of IndusInd Bank in order to find the code.

Difference between IndusInd Bank MICR, IFSC and SWIFT code

Follow the below covered key points to know the difference between IFSC, MICR and SWIFT code

IndusInd Bank IFSC Code

  • IndusInd Bank IFSC is an alphanumeric character series of 11 characters in which the first four characters indicate the name of the bank and the last 6 characters reflect the branch of the bank. The fifth character is the zero numeral, which for later use is kept blank.
  • For banks that carry out fund transfers electronically, the IFSC code is used to correctly transfer or route signals to the relevant branches of each particular bank.

IndusInd Bank MICR Code

  • The MICR Code is a nine-digit code used in a banking system to authenticate the legality and authenticity of paper-based records.

IndusInd Bank SWIFT Code

  • Swift codes typically consist of 8 (or) 11 characters and are used internationally to classify banks and financial institutions across the globe.

Key details to know before initiating a fund transfer using IndusInd Bank IFSC Code

In the NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS methods, IndusInd Bank IFSC is used. It tells the specific location of the bank's branch where the payee's account is. Since IFSC's electronic money transfer is a fast and efficient operation, it also encourages business activities which also lead to the development of the nation.

NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)

Deferred Net Settlement (DNS) is the core of NEFT and allows the transfer of funds from any bank account to any other branch of the bank. Fund transfers via the NEFT mechanism do not take place on a real-time basis, however the transfer of funds settles in half-hourly lots or batches.

  • One can transfer a minimum amount of Rs 1 with no upper limit via NEFT
  • NEFT is usable 24/7, 365 days and fund transfer process takes place in batches
  • No charges are imposed for using NEFT fund transfer system

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)

RTGS is an online system for transfer of funds which is designed for transfers involving high-value funds and the transfer is performed on a real-time basis. In a real-time basis, transfers are continuously handled on a transaction-by-transaction basis over the whole operating hours of the RTGS.

  • One can transfer a minimum amount of Rs 2 lakh with no upper limit via RTGS.
  • No charges are imposed for using RTGS fund transfer method

IMPS (Immediate Payment Services)

IMPS operates throughout the day and is an immediate fund service. 24 * 7 can be used to transfer money to any other bank account. IMPS inward and outward transfers have no holiday restrictions.

  • One can transfer a minimum amount of Rs 1 lakh up to a maximum of Rs 2 lakhs via IMPS.
  • IMPS is operational 24/7, 365 days, and the transfer of funds takes place immediately.
  • No charges are imposed for using IMPS    

IndusInd Bank IMPS Fund Transfer Service

An instant, real-time electronic funds transfer system in India is IMPS or Immediate Payment Service. IMPS enables the inter-bank electronic funds transfer service through mobile phones more easily and conveniently. Through mobile and net banking services, IndusInd Bank provides IMPS service to all its customers. You can transfer funds not only to customers of IndusInd Bank, but also to another bank using this functionality. Funds transferred through the IMPS facility will be transferred to the beneficiary's account instantly. Time is really important in today's world. As funds are transferred within a few seconds, IMPS allows you to save your time and effort too. 

Eligibility required to use IMPS

The account holders must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to enjoy the IndusInd Bank IMPS Fund Transfer facility:

  • He or she must have an active account with IndusInd Bank.
  • Account holder must have registered his or her mobile number with the bank
  • In order to transfer funds from their mobile phone to the recipient, he or she should have a legitimate Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) linked to a bank account (savings account, salary account or current account).
  • To facilitate a transfer from one account to another, he or she must have an active MPIN

Benefits of IndusInd Bank IMPS

The first and paramount aspect of the transfer facility of IndusInd Bank IMPS funds is that it enables the holders of the account to transfer funds instantly. Other than that, the other characteristics of IndusInd Bank IMPS service are covered below:

  • It saves your time and effort as the beneficiary will receive the funds immediately
  • In a single day, customers can transfer up to Rs.50,000 via IMPS
  • 24/7 customer support facility for all customers of IndusInd Bank.
  • It is a 24x7x365 service which implies that customers of IndusInd Bank can make fund transfers anytime and from anywhere even on bank holidays, public holidays and Sundays.
  • Customers can pay utility bills, DTH top-up, pay credit card dues and more via IMPS facility
  • Customers can either use their Mobile Money Identifier (MMID), their mobile number, or their bank account number and bank IFSC code to facilitate an IMPS fund transfer.
  • Transactions through IMPS up to the amount of Rs.1,000 can be carried out free of charge.
  • On their android device, android tablet, iPhone, or Windows tablet, customers can access the IMPS facility of IndusInd Bank.
  • If the transaction is confirmed, a message confirming the transaction will be sent to both sender and the beneficiary     

Ways to transfer funds using IndusInd Bank IMPS fund transfer service

 The mechanisms that an account holder can follow to transfer funds using IndusInd Bank IMPS Fund Transfer are listed below:

Via Net Banking

  • Visit IndusInd Bank Net Banking portal and sign in to your account
  • Head to the “Fund Transfer” option and select ‘IMPS Funds Transfer’ from the available options
  • Now you will have to select a beneficiary from the list and type the amount you want to transfer.
  • You can get a confirmation on your registered email ID and phone number after the payment has gone through.

Via Mobile Banking

  • Sign in to the IndusInd Bank mobile banking app using the required credentials and tap on  ‘Fund Transfer’ option
  • Now tap on ‘Other Bank using IMPS’ from the available options and then select Using IFSC/AC No.’ in order to make fund transfer using IFSC Code.
  • Now select the beneficiary and enter the amount that you want to transfer
  • Mark any remarks if you want and confirm the transaction
  • you can get a confirmation message for the transaction immediately, once it is successful.


Via SMS, an IndusInd Bank customer can transfer funds to anyone. An account holder can send an SMS with the specifics of the beneficiary's MMID and mobile number and their MMID to facilitate the fund transfer via SMS. The steps for initiating an IMPS fund transfer via SMS are mentioned below.

  • The customer has to send an SMS in the specified format to the registered phone number of the bank-
  • Enter the beneficiary's mobile number first, and then enter the MMID of the beneficiary
  • Now enter the amount that you wish to transfer and enter the MPIN and your MMID
  • A confirmation message will be sent to both the sender and the beneficiary once the SMS has been sent successfully.     

Recipient’s specifics required for using IndusInd Bank IMPS

The account holder should add them as a beneficiary in order to transfer funds to anyone. Usually, once all the details have been submitted, the bank needs 30 minutes to authorise a beneficiary. You can either transfer funds using the MMID of the beneficiary or the IFSC code of the bank or the beneficiary's account number (if the transaction is carried out online). In order to transfer funds using the IMPS service, the following information is necessary:

  • Bank account number and bank branch IFSC code of the beneficiary
  • Mobile number and MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) of the beneficiary

IndusInd Bank RTGS Form

A combined application for RTGS, IMPS and NEFT transfer is the IndusInd Bank RTGS form. The bank allows both bank account holders and non-customers to make RTGS transactions. A consistent money transfer process in which the transaction takes place individually and not in slots is RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement. The IndusInd Bank RTGS transaction allows account holders to use cheques, pay orders and demand drafts to make direct and convenient payments. By following the steps below, users can do online RTGS transactions: 

  • Sign in to your IndusInd Bank net banking account and select the online fund transfer option
  • Now register the beneficiary bank account or credit card for RTGS and fill up the IndusInd Bank RTGS Form with the required details
  • Once you are done you can now initiate an online transfer of funds to the beneficiary’s bank account.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment Via NEFT

You have the advantage of picking different online payment solutions to ensure that your IndusInd Credit Card bill payments are made on time. The most secure facility available is the NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer, approved across India and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India 's security directives. IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment can be made by account holders via NEFT by following the below-listed steps:

Procedure to make IndusInd Bank credit card bill payments via NEFT

You need to register your credit card as a beneficiary in order to enable your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment via NEFT. You will be able to pay your credit card bill per month without any trouble once you have done this. Follow the below-listed steps in order to add your IndusInd credit card as a beneficiary.

  • Visit IndusInd Bank net banking portal and sign in to your account using the required credentials such as username and password.
  • Head to the Funds Transfer option and click on ‘NEFT’
  • Now select the Add/ Manage beneficiary option and enter your IndusInd Credit Card number under the beneficiary’s name section.
  • Now enter your 16 digit IndusInd Credit Card number that is the account number of the beneficiary.
  • Now enter the beneficiary IFSC code: INDB0000018 and click on confirm
  • Once you are done your card will be added as a beneficiary within 30 minutes.
  • Now you will be able to pay your credit card bill by entering the amount that is to be paid and select the account using which you are willing to pay for the same.

Keep in mind you must provide Indusind Bank's correct IFSC code to avoid any delay or revocation of your transaction. It is suggested that you make the NEFT transfer at least 2 days before the due date on your credit card statement to ensure your credit card bill is reimbursed within time. You will receive an SMS once the cash has been transferred to the account and can be used for any future reference. 

Key points to consider while making IndusInd Bank Credit Card payment via NEFT

Paying by NEFT for your IndusInd Credit Card Bill provides you the following advantages:

  • Via NEFT, there is no minimum or maximum amount of threshold to transfer
  • The applicable charges are very marginal which makes it easy to afford  
  • It is a simple preference and you can initiate fund transfer from anywhere and anytime
  • NEFT transactions are secure, as they are regulated by the RBI's specific standards.
  • In order to render your transactions, you do not need any cheque or DD.
  • More than 100 banks in India are NEFT enabled, hence you can pay bills of any bank’s credit card.

IndusInd Bank Timings

IndusInd Bank supports its customers with financial, transaction - based, and digital banking. The timings and operating hours of IndusInd Bank should be known to account holders who plan to visit the bank to use different facilities. Let's explore it. Indusind Bank has declared an improvement in its operational hours and the re-establishment of all temporarily prohibited non-essential services following the lockdown of COVID-19. The bank will work as normal from Monday to Saturday (except Saturday 2nd and 4th) from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. At those hours, all banking services, even non-financial services, such as passbook updating, account opening, etc., will be available. All account holders also are recommended to use Indusind Net-banking or Mobile Banking platforms for all transactions and unless strictly necessary, not to visit the branch office.

Current NEFT and RTGS Timings

From Monday to Saturday (except 2nd & 4th Saturdays and bank holidays) between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM NEFT transactions are processed. Similarly, from Monday to Saturday (except 2nd & 4th Saturdays and bank holidays) between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM RTGS transactions are processed. 










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