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Citrus is the most loved brand of the customer in India relates to PayU Payments, India's leading provider of digital payment services, serving over 50,000 merchants. Citrus is a new UPI application that allows you to pay via direct account transfers. All transfers are free as you will only share your virtual payment address with Citrus app which guarantees that your money is totally safe and secure. For the large consumer base of 800 million Citrus allows digital payments easier, quicker, and healthier. Your financial and personal data is confidential and secured on Citrus' servers to prevent you against unapproved transactions via the Unified Payment Interface.

Citrus Pay is India's largest growing financial technology firm-offering payment method as one-tap payment, and other groundbreaking technologies-with more than 8000 + merchant partners & 21 million registered members. The citrus app is the only one that you need, whether it's dining, movies, splitting bills with your mates or transferring money to your friends, Citrus covers all to enhance your digital lifestyle. Apart from this through Citrus app you can send or receive money to someone just by utilizing his/her mobile number. Within seconds, it lets your money transfer to relatives, friends, and family members. You can easily split the bills for the canteen, movies, travel, and parties. Such cash transactions may be made to any bank account at any time. You can also track your transaction history which enables you to know the habits of your spending. All this you can do just with a single tap on your mobile phone.

Citrus Wallet

Want to book dining, movies, drinks, with your mates or want to pay mates, get paid back, or split a bill with your buddies? Citrus app is the only to fulfill all your needs.

Citrus Wallet is an app that helps you to transfer and receive money from someone that has a phone number or email address. You can transfer or receive money from your buddies, family, or colleagues, instantly just with some few taps. You can easily split the bills for canteen, movie, travel and party. You can get everything on your mobile with a tap. You can transfer money to any bank account right from the app, no matter where you are.

You can also access all of your past transactions and keep track of your habits of expenditure. With its innovative mobile payment solutions Citrus has 21 million users under its network. Citrus Wallet complies with PCI-DSS, and is authorised by Reserve Bank of India and supports Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Payments are simple and seamless with a single-tap checkout solution. Just save your details to your Citrus account and Citrus will look after the rest. With its groundbreaking solution of single-tap checkout, Citrus makes the payment facility easier and secure.

With Citrus Wallet you are enabled to transfer and receive money with a single tap. By utilizing wallet you can book your dining, split your bills with your loved ones, and even send money to your dearest who are far from you. This also allows zero-click checkouts accessible at select merchants like Meru. Loaded with functionality to improve your checkouts and keep your online payment experience seamless; Citrus Wallet is the free online payment solution that delivers you a hassle-free transaction experience.

Where should I use the money on my Citrus Wallet account?

The money on Citrus Wallet account can be used on a range of things. You can transfer or request money to your friends or family, on dining you can split your bills with your mates, receive money from your friends in case of an emergency. You can even use the money to make the payment with selected merchants online.

How to add money on my Citrus Wallet account?

You can put money into your account using four different ways:

  • Ask your mates to send you money on Citrus Wallet
  • For being a loyal user, earn gift cash from Citrus
  • Add money by yourself to your wallet whenever it is necessary
  • Set-up autoload feature using a credit card

Process to add money in the Citrus Wallet

Follow measures below to load money from LazyPay App into your Citrus Wallet:

  • Download and install the LazyPay App from the default the app store of your mobile phone.
  • At the bottom of the home screen, select the Wallet tab and tap on the ‘Load money’ option.
  • Enter the amount that you want to your wallet and tap on ‘Add’
  • Select the payment method from Debit card/Net banking. (Keep in mind that you cannot add money to your wallet using the credit card).
  • For making payment through your card enter the card details such as card number, card validity date and CVV.
  • Tap on ‘Pay’ and you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number instantly.
  • Now enter the OTP on the required field and tap on ‘Submit’
  • But for net banking payment, select the bank from which you want to load the amount.
  • After selecting the preferred bank tap on ‘Pay’ option.
  • Now enter your CRN Or Customer id and Password OR MPIN and then tap on Secure log in. 
  • Once done you will be able to view the updated citrus balance of your wallet. 
  • Please note that users can add up to INR 5000 per transaction and the regular incoming wallet cap is INR 50000, which covers refunds and wallet load. 

Citrus Payment Gateway

Accept payment for your startup with the finest Payment Gateway Solution offered by Citrus. Allow your customers to initiate a smooth and secure payment option for your business. 

Features of Citrus Payment Gateway

To know the features and benefits of Citrus payment gateway please go through the below-listed points without leaving your comfort.

  • Make successful payments with the highest success rate for transactions with best payment options
  • Payment process for your customers is easy and seamless
  • Citrus Native SDKs offers smooth in-app payment interface
  • Make one-tap payments across saved cards in PCIDSS certified vault with a simple user-interface.
  • Fastest refunds and instant checkout options trusted by more than 21 million customers.
  • Get amazing payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card, more than net banking options, Visa, Master Card, Amex, Rupay and more
  • You can avail Citrus payment gateway solution with minimum documentation and on-board procedure allows you to accept hassle-free payments from your customers.

Citrus App

Citrus is part of PayU Payments, India's leading provider of digital payment services, with over 50,000 merchants. Citrus is the latest UPI application that allows you to transfer money from your bank account directly. All banking needs are secure in Citrus because all can be done with the help of a virtual payment address. For the large consumer base of 800 million, Citrus digital payment platform allows you to make digital payments faster, easier and safer. The all-new Citrus app offers you the best payment experience of all time with innovative new functionality and a beautiful user interface. 

You will experience UPI with Citrus which allows you to send money directly from your bank account to the bank account of the recipient in a matter of seconds. The instant UPI money transfer is only available if your bank account is linked to your VPA (Virtual Private Address) via your phone number. VPA is your unique payment ID, it is just like an email address (eg. abcdxyz@bank.com) that helps you to transfer money to anybody and request them for money without needing to remember bank account details and IFSC codes. 

The All-New Citrus App 

Currently, Citrus is more user-friendly as it will offer you the finest payment experience of all time with innovative new functionality and a beautiful GUI. You can experience UPI with Citrus which helps you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to the bank account of the recipient in a matter of seconds. This innovation is possible in UPI because your bank account will be linked directly to your VPA (Virtual Private Address) through your mobile number. VPA is your unique payment ID (it appears like an email Address eg: yourname@bank.com) that helps you to transfer funds to anyone and request anyone for money without needing to recall bank account numbers and IFSC codes. Transfer of money through UPI is convenient, real-time and time-saving. For individual data security is important and with Citrus no need to worry about the safety while transferring money or any UPI related transactions. Citrus will never access your confidential banking data and such data are controlled by your bank and NPCI which is directly regulated by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India). 

Citrus Cash

The company that works in the online and mobile payment system, Citrus Pay, announced the release of their newest Citrus Cash app. The most unique benefit of the app is, users can send and receive money via email. Citrus Cash is the latest entry to the many mobile wallets already available on the market, including Oxigen, Zipcash and Airtel Money. To avail the benefits of the app you have to register for an account at citruspay.com or download and install the app from the default app store of your mobile phone. This app allows the user to transfer money to their nearest and dearest.

Customers' credit information is highly protected as the app is integrated with multi-layers of security. The application is also consistent with PCI-DSS and follows all RBI guidelines. All the consumer facilities are cost-free. Citrus Cash is presently for individual customers and B2B transactions will be accessible in the upcoming days. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and is accessible free of charge on all mobile browsers and on the web. 

Citrus payment gateways have attempted to understand what customers want from payment systems. From splitting bills or transferring to your friend Citrus provides you all the banking needs in your hand. Up to Rs 10,000 per month can be loaded into your Citrus account which can be used anytime anywhere.

To use the app all you need is to download the app sign in using the credentials. You can then load money with a credit card, debit card or directly from your bank account into the e-wallet app. You can transfer money from your e-wallet app to friends from Rs 1 to Rs 10,000. The app not only enables you to make payments or load money but also lets you transfer money to your specified bank account anytime anywhere. 

The e-wallet application has a standard GUI with all the common features most users are searching for, such as loading funds, transferring money to other users, requesting money from other users, transferring funds back to their authorized bank accounts and even viewing the payment details and transaction history. 

The application could do with a little more improvement on the UI level because it requires a little bit of time to find out the position of different functions. The service has also been associated to companies such as Indigo Airlines, Airtel, Pepperfry, Sun Direct, etc. to enable improved checkouts. 

Citrus Merchant

Receive your payments with the Best Payment Gateway Solution for your business. Allow payments for 1.99% + Rs 3 on every transaction. Enhance the experience for your customers by allowing them to make hassle-free, secure and convenient payment option. 

Features and Benefits

As a merchant go through the below-given list to know the benefits.

Successful and real-time payments: Best transaction success rates for the highest payment stack available.

User-friendly payment pages: Quick and secure payment process for your customers.

Secure and seamless payment: Citrus Native SDKs for the smooth, in-app payment process.

Card Storage Vault: One-tap payments with a simple interface through saved cards in the PCIDSS approved vault.

Citrus Wallet: Quickest Checkout & Fast Refunds for the 21 million+ users.

Payment options: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, Visa, Master Card, Amex, Rupay

Instant Registration: Simple paperwork and on-boarding save a significant deal of time and effort.

How to sign up?

  • Visit the link http://www.citruspay.com/merchants/startups/ and click on ‘SIGN UP NOW’
  • Enter your name, email address, mobile number and password.
  • Click on ‘Create merchant account’ and you are done.

How to withdraw Citrus wallet balance to your bank account?

Follow the below steps to withdraw wallet balance to your bank account:

  • Open the Citrus app and tap on ‘Withdraw money’ from the home screen.
  • Now under the ‘Withdraw money’ section, select desired bank and enter your account details to proceed.

Please note:

You can withdraw up to Rs 25000 in one calendar month.

It takes 2 working days for withdrawals to reflect to your bank account. (Except Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays)

Process to complete KYC 

In order to complete the KYC process, follow the below-given steps

  • Open the Citrus app in your mobile and tap on ‘Take a photo’ to upload the front and backside of your Aadhaar card
  • Once done you will need to take your photo with a plain background.
  • Place your signature on a white paper, click a photo of it and upload 
  • Now verify your Aadhaar details and click on the checkbox to confirm
  • Now a final confirmation page is displayed on your mobile screen, in order to verify your Aadhaar details.
  • Once the required details are uploaded, your documents are verified and you will also get a successful message for the same.

Citrus Payment Marketplace Add-on

Citrus Payment Solutions is an Indian firm that makes payments possible online business services. Citrus payment Marketplace add-On would allow consumers to use the Citrus Payment Portal as their mode of payment. One can use his / her credit / debit card or net banking credentials for initiating payment transaction online. The admin can pay sellers using the Citrus Payment Gateway with the help of this framework. t also helps the admin to give the amount of the refund to customers utilizing the Citrus Payment Gateway. Please keep in mind that this is a Marketplace Add-On, and you must activate Multi-Vendor Marketplace module first.

Key benefits

  • Built the front-end label for mode of payment
  • Utilize sandbox method for testing purposes or for development.
  • You can send email, address, phone number name, and other specifics of the customer to the gateway.
  • Customize when to authorise the refund – before or after release of the payment
  • Choose the appropriate countries whose subscribers will use this gateway for payment.
  • Clarify the total value in minimum and maximum order.
  • By using Citrus Payment the admin can pay to sellers.
  • Reimburse via Citrus Payment to customers.
  • Splits billing amount automatically to each seller and to the admin.
  • Embraces translations into several languages.







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