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Mswipe is India's largest private acquirer & network operator of smartphone POS merchants. They believe in representing merchants to the last. India now has 12-15 million SMEs, and mobile POS is the only platform that can link these SMEs effectively to traditional financial services & online commerce. Less than 500,000 SMEs today have any type of POS. Mswipe strives to provide these merchants throughout India with smooth mobile POS solutions and to build India's largest financial services network for SMEs.

Point of Sale (PoS) device seller Mswipe has now reported more than half of its merchant base on its newly introduced QR code-based payment system, which was released in May 2019, driven mostly by small and micro-merchants. Currently, Mswipe has over 5 lakh merchants holding PoS devices. The smart PoS machines operating on Android also have a QR-code payment function that displays QR code on the screen of the merchant before receiving payment.

"There are about 40 million merchants and sellers who can be identified as micro-merchants, who might not even have the standard PoS terminal or some type of digital presence ... this is what MSwipe mainly aims with the QR code service.

Mswipe also has launched an app store for Point-of-sale (PoS) devices with a goal to expand PoS terminal utility beyond the payment. The app is named as Money Store, that will provide merchants with one-click access to a broad variety of customized productivity apps from developers such as GoFrugal, Logic ERP, ePaisa, Logosoft, Adequate, Retailware, Intution, Clinicia and nGO. With accessibility being a big challenge for Indian developers, Mswipe's 500,000 merchant base will be reached by software developers who have listed their applications on the Money Store.

Additionally, the productivity apps would enable merchants to reduce the expense and space needed to operate a computer-based billing and inventory system. These stores will now be able to run PoS terminals with an easy-to-use interface with zero maintenance, providing billing, inventory handling with consumer service capability.

About mSwipe Wisepad 

The Mswipe device Wisepad allows every type of card, including Smartphones, Tablets & Computers, and operates on the VISA / MasterCard / AMEX and Rupay cards.

Some of the best features of mSwipe are listed below:

  • The Wisepad is a portable, wireless device that helps merchants to pay by card everywhere.
  • You can connect your Mswipe account to any bank account, mSwipe will not ask you for any new account with a specific bank.
  • You can store all your charge slips in digital format and can be accessed online anywhere.
  • Mswipe delivers apps for all big OS such as Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Windows Desktop, Java and Linux.
  • In the payment category, Mswipe has launched several innovative solutions such as "Card on Delivery" for e-commerce owners; SMEs & professionals including surgeons, physiotherapists, interior designers who welcome card payments.
  • Mswipe's platform combines with current mobile applications and can instantly post payment information through consumer backend systems to minimize the process of accepting payments for orders.
  • Jabong & Myntra enables consumers to pay by 'COD,' insurance providers – HDFC Life Insurance, Max Bupa allows insurance premiums at consumer's doorstep Orchid hotel now enables customer room check-out service, Inox & Satyam Cinemas enables customers to purchase tickets at MSwipe service operated by kiosks.
  • Widely Acceptable: Both credit and debit cards are approved by Mswipe Wisepad. It also supports American Express, Card, MasterCard, RuPay, etc. It also supports UPI transactions, along with cards, and Samsung Pay.
  • Support service: Mswipe Wisepad has a professional staff that focuses on your on-the-go inquiries. They support you with the instructions for the quick use of the Mswipe wisepad.
  • E-Chargeslips: Mswipe wisepad provides a charge slip, which is processed digitally for each purchase. The device to which Mswipe is connected can be conveniently accessed online.
  • Banking is easier: Mswipe fits for your new bank account very quickly. The trouble of launching the POS facilities for a fresh new account has changed.
  • App Alerts: Mswipe allows card transaction details easy to access online and on the mobile.
  • Mswipe Wisepad offers a GST ready platform that enables you to adjust the GST rates as required.
  • Mobile-based POS Application: Mswipe will generate invoices, record transactions, create invoices for sales, and allow payments on your smartphone.
  • Multi-Store Facility: You can set up numerous outlets from a single smartphone and can generate a separate spreadsheet of costs
  • EMI Payment Facility: The Mswipe card swipe machine provides you with the regular EMI deduction facilities via the POS. You may also deliver the EMI payment method without the requirements of PDC / ECS.
  • Simple Dashboard: For you to enhance your company, the Mswipe POS machine gives you a full overview of your transaction and business on one screen.

Mswipe Machine

Mswipe card swipe machines or EDC machines accept all debit and credit card payments. You can get the machines and services at fair prices. Below are the lists of Mswipe machines with their benefits:

Wisepos Neo

The Wisepos Neo is the new smart POS terminal that accepts all payments such as NFC, QR Payments, card, chip, and magstripe. On a single charge, you can use the machine for up to 15 hours. The machine is configured with the latest Android version

Wisepos Plus

The Wisepos Plus is a digital terminal powered with 4G, with an embedded barcode scanner and printer to take out the receipts. This machine has a widescreen and runs all Android applications making it best tailored to many of the business demands.


The Wisepos is an advanced POS system for payments through magstripe, chip, and NFC. With a range of Android applications, dual 4G SIM support, and a built-in barcode scanner, you can manage your business more conveniently. With a single charge, you can use the machine for up to 14 hours.

Wisepad G2+

Wisepad G2 Plus ‘Cloud connect’ facility that synchronizes POS transaction data wirelessly with the Mswipe Merchant app on your mobile phone. The machine is enabled with GPRS and integrated receipt printer that renders it incredibly compact and convenient to use. With a single charge get 14 hours standby time to use the machine. 

Mswipe Merchant App

The Mswipe Merchant App is for everyone, and can be downloaded and installed on 16 API and above supporting Android and IOS devices. The app can be downloaded and registered with easy steps. Below given are the features and benefits of Mswipe Merchant App by which you can know more about the app.

  • Get amazing gift vouchers for your transaction and manage the vouchers as per your convenience.
  • Apply for a business loan from the app without any documentation process
  • Get alerts for all your transactions, vouchers, offers and more
  • With simplified dashboard stay up to date with the transactions carried out at your terminal
  • Reach to the customer care support via call, web / in-app messenger or email in 7 regional languages anytime anywhere
  • With the help of Profile Management option Manage SOA configurations, update device information and update images of the store.
  • Get summary and detailed statement of your account on a 24/7 basis
  • SOA's and Invoices are directly accessible in the app

How to download Mswipe Merchant App

  • Open the preferred store of your mobile and search for "Mswipe Merchant"
  • Now click on "Install" and the app will be installed in your mobile within some seconds depending on your internet speed.
  • Once done you can open the app and complete the further registration process.

Mswipe Merchant QR App 

Mswipe Application makes it simple for merchants to allow UPI and QR payments through VISA , Mastercard, RuPay and Amex card. Every business owner that operates a store or manages a company can use the app for collecting payments from their customers. To start accepting payments, just download the app and complete the simple sign up process.

Features and Benefits of Mswipe mQR

  • MQR operates well across all types of merchants such as retailers, hotels, restaurants, grocery shops, salons etc.
  • You can accept payments for your service from all major UPI or mobile payment apps including Google Pay, Paytm , PhonePe, BharatPe and more.
  • Accept payments through card via MasterCard, RuPay, VISA, American Express Credit Card etc.
  • Sign in to the Mswipe mQR app to get the details of your transaction, payment history and more.
  • Merchants can also accept payments from their customers through a dynamic QR directly from the Mswipe QR application on their smartphone
  • QR payments are deposited directly on the bank account of your preference, no need to open an additional bank account to accept QR payments.

Mswipe mQR works with:

  • Google Pay (Tez)
  • Paytm
  • Phonepe
  • VISA
  • Rupay
  • Masterpass
  • WhatsApp

How to pay with Mswipe mQR

  • Download the Mswipe mQR app from the preferred app store of your mobile device
  • Now complete the one-time registration process and log in to the app using your ID or MPIN
  • After purchasing a product at any mswipe supported offline store, open the Mswipe mQR app and tap on 'Scan to Pay' option
  • Now the rear camera of your mobile automatically open and acts as a scanner 
  • Scan the QR code and you will see the details of the shop or the shopkeeper
  • Now enter the purchasing amount and select the card or payment option from which you want to pay the amount
  • Now tap on 'PAY' and enter the MPIN, once the MPIN is verified your transaction will be completed.
  • After a successful transaction, you will get a confirmation message of the transaction on your registered mobile number

Mswipe Moneyback Card

Earn attractive cash on all e-commerce and pos spending with your Mcard. For all your purchases, use your Mswipe Moneyback Card and get 1 percent cashback. Earn Cashback whenever you use your Mswipe moneyback card for all of your online and offline transactions. The accumulated cashback amount will be added to your card balance once a month, so each time you spend, you will have more money in your account. Use the Mswipe Moneyback Card for your spending at online sites as well as at your preferred local shop. Get cashback on all your purchases in your Mswipe account instantly.

Key Features of Mswipe Moneyback Card

  • Use the EMV chip and pin card anywhere in India at online stores & portals.
  • Access to unique in-app deals at zero annual fees
  • Use the app to change your PIN, block card and track your spending habits with the built-in spending analysis

Manage the card through the Mswipe Merchant App 

  • Recharge the Mswipe Moneyback Card through Mswipe settlement amount
  • Track your spends with the help of built-in analyze feature
  • Check the balance of the card, earned cashback and more
  • View your transaction history from your comfort

Process to use Moneyback Card

  • Launch the Mswipe Merchant App in your mobile and go to the Moneyback card section
  • Scan and register your card and link it to your existing Mswipe account
  • Once done you can use the Moneyback Card for both online and offline payments.

Process to apply for Moneyback Card

  • Visit mswipe.com and under the drop-down menu of 'Product' click on 'Mcard'
  • Now click on Moneyback Card option and then click on 'Apply Now' option
  • Enter your Name, mobile number and city.
  • Once done click on the 'Submit' option and you are done.


Cherish pre-approved credit to any Mswipe merchant on all of your transactions. Reimburse in easy installments with minimum interest rates. The card is accepted at more than 500,000 Mswipe terminals in more than 700 cities across India. Shop at your favourite shopping platforms travel and stay in luxurious places or cover emergency spending. Purchase online and pay with Mcards in easy instalments on leading online shopping websites. 

Enjoy the best deals and offers on services and products for all Mcards members, including retail, dining, electronics, consumer appliances, health & wellness, travel and much more. Track monthly expenses and instalments view monthly statements and account information through the Mcards app. You can manage your multiple card PINs, block the card in case of lost, and even track your card. Use Mcards at online and offline stores as every other bank card to take advantage of easy instant loan installments. 

To become a member of Mcards and experience special benefits, download the Mcards mobile app now.

Key benefits of NBFC EMI Card

  • Pre-approved credit limit for both planned and unplanned expense.
  • Avail discounts on a broad variety of items and pay back all your transactions in easy loan instalments.
  • The card comes with a free lifetime membership 
  • No need to pay annual or additional charges
  • The NBFC EMI card is extremely handy whenever you need the most credit access 

Download Mcards Mobile App

  • Open the default app store of your mobile and search for 'Mswipe Merchant App'
  • Now click on the install icon to download the app.
  • Once the app is installed in your mobile, open the app and complete the further registration process.

Mswipe Mera Online Store

Mera Online Store (MOS) is an app where local stores can sell grocery and more online enabling for regional e-commerce-with fast home delivery service. Neighbourhood grocery delivery solution allows consumers to shop from the warmth of their homes while merchants handle their purchases, consumers and deliveries through their customized online retail application. The most loving part of the app is the user can experience zero contact delivery and payments through UPI which makes the app more convenient and user friendly. MOS also offers a hassle-free collection of items for retailers to display their inventory, which is usable to all consumers via a unique link of the store. 

Mera Online Store is an alternative for even the most popular online supermarket or hypermarket because of its seamless interface for merchants and customers. Mera Online Store app is the only what you love to carry your business online.

Key benefits of the app

  • Generate and run your online shop from the app.
  • Easily sale your products online by adding them to the app
  • Share your unique link of the store with the customers, receive orders and accept payments instantly.
  • Manage your customers orders and gift cards from the app. 

How does it work?

  • Download and install the ‘Mswipe Mera Online Store’ from the default app store of your mobile.
  • Login to the app using the credentials and generate the profile for your outlet.
  • Add the complete information related to your product such as description, price and quantity.
  • Now share the link of your shop to your customers
  • Now allow your customer to open the link on his/her mobile or desktop.
  • Now the customer needs to select your products and quantity.
  • Once your product is selected by the customer, he/she will make the payment online or go with the COD option.

POS Loans

Develop your business with convenience, receive immediate loans through your POS terminal. Get an instant business loan for existing merchants by simply logging in to the Mswipe Merchant App. Avail loan with the minimum documentation process and reimburse the loan amount from your POS transactions in easy installments. 

Why choose POS Loans?

Pre disbursement support

Solve your query within 72 hours with the 24x7 customer support service. To solve your queries get in touch on on WhatsApp: 9326232706 or mail at: POSLoansupport@mswipe.com 

Minimum documentation and disbursal

Current Mswipe merchants can get an instant approval for the loan usually within 72 hours with minimum paperwork.

Low interest rates

POS loans are accessible with affordable interest rates.

Repay your loan through MPOS machines

Reimburse your loan amount through MPOS machines. No PDC’s or ECS required.

Mswipe Brand EMI Portal

The Mswipe Brand EMI framework: a winning experience for all merchants, brands, financial institutions & cardholders. Now develop, administer & post your deals, reports & insights with convenience. It is one of India’s leading marketplace across more than 100 brands.

Key benefits of OEM

  • Merchants can get offers instantly
  • Gather customers at POS
  • Brand EMI platform with no cost EMI option
  • Insights into the performance of the offer

Benefits offered to the merchants

  • No down payment is required
  • Upsell walk-in customers
  • Convert to cash
  • Transform non-transacting customers 

Mswipe Money Store

Money Store is a customized app store customised on Mswipe 's smart POS systems that allow merchants to select the perfect in class apps with seamless payments. With Money Store get access to more than 100 apps. The Mswipe Wisepos terminal provides you with free and easy access to all apps crafted under the Money Store app store. All business sectors are supported through this app such as fuel stations, parlours and spa services, restaurants and QSRs, mobile shops, retail stores, fashion and clothing stores and many more types. 

Which devices are compatible with Mswipe Money Store?

The Mswipe Wisepos device offers you direct access to any of the Money Store applications. Support are given to all business segments-gas stations, salons and spas, restaurants and QSRs, mobile shops, grocery stores, fashion and apparel stores, and much more. The below-listed devices are supported with Money Store app.

  • Wisepos Plus
  • Wisepos Neo

Key benefits of Money Store app

  • Money Store has categories that help you quickly pick applications as per your business category.
  • Wide range of more than 100 business and productivity apps.
  • No need for manual mediation
  • All Money Store apps functions with your smartpos terminal. 
  • You can now get automatic settlement alerts with Money Store on smartpos.
  • Don't go any further, have live transactions and comprehensive account statement with one click. Explore details about all transactions type, total transactions, all successful transactions, and on hold transactions.
  • Collaborate with Mswipe and make outstanding apps from the Money Store.
  • By making apps at Money Store you can reach over a million of Mswipe merchants.  

Mswipe Customer Care Number

Customers can get in touch any time via call, web / in-app messenger or email with support in 7 regional languages. 

For 24x7 customer support: 1860 266 2699

Via Email: helpdesk@mswipe.com 

For free demo: sales@mswipe.com 

Head Office: 26th Floor, A-Wing, Mafatlal Mills Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013

Branch offices across India

  • Bangalore: Corporation No.2/1, Dr. A.D. Loganathan, Edward Road, Tasker Town, Bangalore - 560 052 (call at: 0804 096 9167, 0804 114 4242)
  • New Delhi: 71/1, 2nd Floor, Najafgarh Road, Shivaji Marg, New Delhi - 110 015 (call at: 0954 009 9996, 011 4703 2461)
  • Hyderabad: House No.3-6, 361/28, Behind Stanza, Himayat Ngar, Hyderabad - 500 029, Telagana State (call at: 040 4200 0504)
  • Indore: 204, Sangam House, Above Mahipurwala furniture, New Palasaya, A.B Road, Indore - 452001 (call at: 0804 096 9167, 0804 114 4242)
  • Pune - Wakdewadi: Bharat Petrol Pump Lane, Opp. Mehta Hospital, Wakdewadi, Shivaji Nagar, Pune -411 103 (call at: 18602662699)
  • Ahmedabad: B-719 , SAKAR –09, Near Old RBI , Opp. Aatma House- Ashram Road- AHMEDABAD 380009. (call at: 18602662699)
  • Nasik: Madhukunj Hsg. Soc., Gr. Floor, Rajmata Garden, Tidke Colony, Nasik (call at: 18602662699)
  • Coimbatore: 1st Floor, No.143, RVN Layout, new Siddhapur & Coimbatore - 641 044 (call at: 040 4200 0504)
  • Chennai: Modern Towers No.23, West Coat, Royalpettah, Chennai - 600 014. (call at: 0804 096 9167, 0804 114 4242)
  • Kerala: Door no. A23, 32/2291 (New No. 40/1873. Vasudev complex. Civilane road. Palarivattom, Ernakulam, Kerala- 682025 (call at: 0954 009 9996, 011 4703 2461)
  • Kolkata: 47/4A, 1 M.C. Garden Road, Kolkatta - 700 030 (call at: 040 4200 0504)

















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