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ItzCash Card Ltd. was founded in 2006 and has grown from being India's first and biggest non-bank company to sell prepaid cash cards to modern leading integrated payment solutions corporation. Itz Cash Card Ltd. is the first firm to be granted a Certificate of Authorization under the Payment and Settlement by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). ItzCash has helped to establish a greater significance in the lifestyles of its customers over the past eight years and further added to the Government's goal of 'inclusive growth' for all its citizens.

Since its inception, the organization has played a significant role in empowering India's underbanked segments by offering simple, safe, and personalized payment services. The product array occupies broad acceptance – including services to shops, online and offline markets. Thus, as a result, ITZ Cash has driven banking and financial solutions to its peak in today's digital India. ItzCash is an active part of the Essel Group, which has a presence in various industries, such as media and entertainment, tourism, financial platform, broadcasting and publishing, etc.

The key goal of ITZ Cash Card Ltd is to create and deliver innovations that enable everyone to deal with income in a quick, secure and easy manner.
ItzCash strives to be the largest and most valued payment technology service, by offering all of the customers and stakeholders with limitless opportunities.  

Core Value of ITZ Cash

The core goal of ITZ Cash is to become the biggest, most reliable payment service provider by opening up a field of endless options for all customers and stakeholders and the goal 'to develop and produce technologies that will allow each and every person to manage money in an easy, safe, and convenient way.' Below listed are the core values and key goals of ITZ Cash.

  • To provide customers, partners, and stakeholders with innovative technologies and solutions.
  • ITZ Cash is the first non-bank company in India to receive RBI 's Certificate of Authorization under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007.
  • ITZ Cash has a wide network of franchisees consisting of more than 75000, ItzCash World outlets throughout 3,000 + Tier I & II cities, and more than 1500 corporate partnerships.  
  • ITZ Cash has issued more than 110 million prepaid card account in India till date.
  • ITZ Cash triggers more than 500,000 successful transactions each day via  ItzCash Payment Gateway across India.
  • ITZ recognized as the most attractive brands across India in 2015
  • ITZ serves more than 35 million customers annually.
  • ITZ is the major IRCTC (India 's online railway ticket booking) payment gateway among 34 various payment methods.

ITZ Cash Card

ItzCash Card Ltd is the largest prepaid payment provider in India and the leader of innovative transactional solutions.

ItzCash, in collaboration with HDFC Bank, DCB Bank & IDBI Bank and Visa / MasterCard network partners, provides multi-functional reloadable Prepaid Card. ITZ Cash Card is a simple, easy and reliable form of handling cash, which is the perfect alternative of carrying cash on the go.  

Features and Benefits of ITZ Cash Card

ITZ Cash Card is crafted with tons of benefits and features for the citizens of India. To know more about the same, please go through the below-given points.

  • Store your money safely and securely on the ITZ Prepaid card.
  • You can make use of the stored amount on the card, anytime anywhere
  • ITZ Cash Card offers you the best and convenient way to carry your cash on the go.
  • ITZ Cash Card can be reloaded by cash anytime from an ItzCash World Outlet
  • No bank account is required to avail the card
  • ITZ Cash Card is accepted t all Visa/MasterCard network ATMs, online, and also in merchant stores.
  • With ITZ Cash Card you can make utility bill payments, ticket bookings for bus, train, flight, movies via online
  • You can recharge your mobile and DTH services via online
  • With ITZ Cash Card you can do online shopping as well as offline shopping at any merchant stores across India.
  • You can withdraw cash from any HDFC ATM in India.

ITZCash Card Registration

Go through the below given process to apply for ITZCash Card

  • Visit the nearest ItzCash World Outlet and fill out all the mandated details of the application form.
  • Now attach all the required documents such as resident proof, identity proof, and photograph with the form.
  • The card will be activated in 3 working days upon submission of identity proof and resident proof.
  • Once the card is upgraded you can use the card at any Visa/MasterCard supported ATM. At any point of time, the cap on the card is increased from Rs. 10,000 a month to Rs. 50,000. In Case of IDBI Bank – Freedom Prepaid Card, the card can be utilized for all retails and online transactions, once it is upgraded.
  • Upon card activation, customers can continue utilizing card for online purchases and at Visa / MasterCard-supported retailer outlets. In Case of IDBI Bank – Freedom Prepaid Card, the card can be only used at ItzCash payment portal, after the card is activated. And the card can not be used at any merchant shop or other online purchases.

Fees and Charges for ITZ Cash Card

  • Joining Fees- Rs 100
  • Annual Fees- Rs. 20 per year (will be levied monthly Rs 1.85 inclusive of taxes)
  • Cash Withdrawal fees- Rs. 22 
  • IPIN and ATM registration fees- Rs 30
  • Card Replacement fees- Rs 70
  • Card Closure Fee- Rs 50
  • Statement from ItzCash World counter- Rs 10
  • Fees for Inactive Cards- Rs 25
  • ATM Balance Enquiry fees- Rs.10 from any bank ATMs.
  • Card issuance charges after expiry- Rs 100
  • Payment Gateway Fees- As stated on different 
  • sites and gateways of payment
  • Reload via Net-Bank- As applicable

NoQ24x7 Card

No queues 24 hours and 7days (noQ24×7) The noQ24 card assimilate ItzCash Card's perception of providing every customer with a secure and easy form of payment for fast and efficient transaction all over digital and physical domains, and provides convenient and secure payment service anytime, anywhere. India's first and exclusive Multi-Essential Services Prepaid Payment Card helps consumers to pay for all their expenses such as utilities, telephone, mobile and water; book train tickets, recharge Dish TV and more. The card contains a 12-digit account number and a 4 digit password on the opposite. When a customer purchases this card the account number and password is disguised. The customer must uncover the account number and password after purchasing the card. For making online, on-mobile and IVRS transactions this account number and password are essential.  

Features of NoQ24x7 Card

  • The card is your perfect partner that enables with convenience and ease the payments for essential services anytime-anywhere.
  • Smooth Payment: By utilizing the card you can pay your utility bills or any essential bills, book rail tickets and more anytime anywhere.
  • Secure and convenient: Pay through mobile or IVRS for your transaction which is the perfect payment method for Indians.
  • The card is available in multiple options ranging from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 10,000/- with convenient reload solutions allowing the customer to manage how much he / she is spending.
  • It makes it easy for the customer to process micro-payments. Re.  1/- up to Rs 10,000 
  • The card comes with no hidden charges, which means the consumer can make full use of the card 's value.

Where to use NoQ24x7 Card

A variety of essential utility payments such as Dish TV payments, electricity bill payments, train ticket bookings, mobile bill payments, mobile recharge, gas bills, public services by regional government entities and more are accepted through NoQ24x7 Card.

Validity of the card

NoQ24 card is valid for 6 months from the date of first use or 12 months from the date of issuance, whichever is earlier. When a cardholder logs into the ItzCash official site to track the status of the card or any other feature, or when a customer pays for any service using a noQ24 card, this is considered to be the first utilization.

ItzCash Corporate Gift Card

ItzCash gift card product and services that fulfill the gifting needs of consumers through multiple divisions. If it is a gift to workers or associates, researchers will create strategies that deliver experience, complexity and versatility to your business to fulfill the present and potential gift criteria. Through smoothly combining services, you will get the range of gift card choices. Whether allowing gift cards to be bought online or distributed through post with a gift card, you will get all the solutions that suit your gifting desires. It provides the special touch that any entity or organization needs to gift.

Crafted as the ideal option for every gifting experience for you or your company, ItzCash Gift Solutions removes the trouble of choosing the correct gift by enabling the consumer to pick just what they want. ItzCash Corporate Gift Card absolutely removes all the concerns about offering the best gift. ItzCash Gift Card is a trouble-free, safe and easy way to gift your company to your staff, vendors or others. Just pack the ItzCash Gift Card with whatever amount you want and you've got a wonderful present in your pocket.

ItzCash Money Transfer

Transfer the money at any time to any bank account, anywhere in India! ItzCash, in partnership with IDBI Bank and Yes Bank, introduces you the accessibility of transferring money to any bank account across the country from your current residence. ItzCash Money Transfer allows for domestic money transfers to nearly all banks across India through a very safe channel.

The money transfer option is provided from Tier I to Tier IV cities at over 3000 ItzCash World Outlets. It allows the customers to initiate fund transfer to any bank account anywhere in India. You can make funds transfer from your comfort without visiting your nearest bank branch. The qualified franchisee owners provide easy transfer of money into the recipient's bank account even beyond banking hours at a convenient time.

With ITZCash Money Transfer service you do not need to stand in lines, carrying cash, filling out forms by hand at ItzCash World Outlets. You can experience your all banking needs from the comfort of your home. 

Key Benefits of ITZCash Money Transfer

  • ITZCash Money Transfer payment system is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Your money will be transferred in a secure and safe way
  • Accelerated and flexible agent timings
  • Money is transferred to the recipient within 24hrs
  • No need to wait in lines

ITZCash Money Transfer Charges


Processing fees: 0.60% Per Transaction


Slab on transactions: Maximum recommended fee schedule

Up to Rs 5000: 1.5% or Rs 10

Rs 5001 – 10000: Rs 20

ItzCash World Outlets

Your local stores, PCOs, or even your loving neighbour are the ItzCash World Outlets (or ICWs as they are known). ItzCash World Outlets offers you one-stop payment portal for a payment card, utility bills, booking train tickets etc. 

Merchant Categories

The merchants' list covers everything that you are thinking about which are: 

  • Entertainment
  • Donations
  • Insurance
  • Hotels
  • Travel
  • Utilities
  • Shopping
  • Mobile Service Providers

Online Payment Categories

Whether its prepaid product. online wallet, mobile platforms or online payment gateways you can experience all the services on your go. You can also upgrade your DTH subscriptions, book airline tickets, book movie tickets, subscribe to newsletters, pay the premium for your insurance and many more. 

  • Mobile bills
  • Gas bills
  • Landline bills
  • Electricity bills
  • Water bills

How to find ItzCash World Outlets?

There are over 75,000 strong ICW base across India. Yeah, you 're sure to locate an ItzCash World Outlet wherever you go. You can locate the ItzCash World Outlets, from the below-given details:

Online: Visit https://www.itzcash.com/consumer/jsp/customerICWInquiry.jsp

Phone – Get in touch with Customer Care on +91-22- 61125757

ItzCash eWallet

The ItzCash eWallet is a virtual payment account that addresses your email or mobile number registered as your account. To register and activate your ItzCash eWallet visit the nearest ItzCash world franchisee store and to get more information visit the ItzCash eWallet website. ItzCash eWallet allows users to make digital payments to all Indian merchant partners. You can purchase tickets for train, movies and also you can make online mobile recharge, balance transfer or recharge your account with ease. To avail, all the features access an ItzCash eWallet account and get registered without any charges. 

Key benefits of ItzCash eWallet

  • Make online shopping, instant and secured balance transfer, fast transaction.
  • Get a secure virtual account and reap the benefits on the go
  • Get the online wallet instantly with the simple online registration process
  • Once you get registered you can get free gift vouchers

Registration Process

For instant registration visit the link https://www.itzcash.com/user/jsp/Registration.jsp and follow the below given instructions for the same. 

  • Enter your name, mobile number, and email id.
  • Once you submit the details you will get a confirmation message of your account details including verification number.
  • Now click on the link provided in the email to verify your email id.
  • However, you can also visit the ItzCash eWallet page and login with the credentials as shown in the mail and confirm your email by entering the verification code provided in your email address.
  • Now send an SMS from your registered mobile number to verify your mobile number. (Type MV and send it to 7200057575).
  • Once the verification is done your eWallet account will be active.

ItzCash Choice Gift Cards

Crafted as the ideal option for any gifting moment for you or your business, the ItzCash Gift Solution removes the trouble of selecting the ideal gift by enabling the consumer to select precisely what they want. With this card individuals or companies can enhance their gifting experience. 

  • Applications of gift cards
  • Rewards and acknowledgement
  • Gifts for business
  • Service rewards
  • Consumer deals
  • Payout commissions
  • Payout incentives
  • Incentives for sale
  • Incentives for dealer
  • Gifting on events and festivals

Usage of Gift Cards can

  • Enhance your relation and trust
  • Generate loyalty / trust between employees
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • ItzCash 's Choice Gift Card is a gift card which can be used to redeem against a  range of gift vouchers & cards from popular brands that are available online at www. ItzGift.in 

How does it work?

  • Visit www.ItzGift.in and log in by using the credentials
  • Now you will see gift vouchers across leading retail brands are active to redeem by using your Choice Gift Card
  • Now as per your choice, select the retail brand and use your Choice Gift Card to initiate the payment
  • Once the payment is successful, the gift voucher will be delivered to you at your doorstep within 2-4 working days

ItzCash Mobile Wallet

Make a secure and convenient payment on your way just with a simple swipe. ItzCash has changed the way of payment process whether it is online or offline purchase initiate a simple, safe and convenient manner of payment on your go. ItzCash Mobile Wallet is a mobile payment method to pay utility bills, making fund transfer, and track your monthly expenses just with a simple swipe.

Key benefits of ItzCash Mobile Wallet 

  • Prepaid mobile recharge for Reliance, Idea, BSNL, Tata Docomo, Uninor, Videocon, MTS, MTNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Loop Mobile, and T24 Mobile. 
  • DTH recharge for Sun Direct, Airtel DTH, Videocon D2H, Tata Sky, Reliance Big TV, and DISH TV.
  • Pay electricity, gas bills and other utility bills.
  • Transfer money to your nearest and dearest.
  • Fund transfer to bank accounts vis IMPS.

Why choose ItzCash Mobile Wallet?

  • Transactions in a real-time and instant confirmation
  • Manage your expenses and track your transactions via the app.
  • Pay all your utility bills on the go.
  • Support in all mobiles and works on all mobile networks.
  • Secure technology with high-end services

ItzCash Cash Management Solution

ItzCash payment services optimize cash processing and transaction procedures for corporate and business customers through a dynamic cash management interface that streamlines the whole payment system process whether it is suppliers or end consumers that use streamlined, easy and reliable "non cash"  payment solutions. ItzCash 's Payment Solutions allows customers to utilize a large network of powerful franchisee networks comprising 180,000 + ItzCash Point & 50,000 + ItzCash World affiliates spanning 3,000 + Tier I & II cities that enable clients to connect with new customers and even provide touchpoints with their own associates, employees, field workers and active cash deposit customers. 

The franchisee stores instantly sync cash collection points to the client's facility and this system offers customers with additional cash collection points outside their own branch & collection centres channel.


  • Higher coverage in rural and semi-urban geographic locations
  • Experience in the cashless payment method
  • Minimizes losses and write-offs 
  • Decreased impact at divisions / collections hub
  • Reduced cash holding at the branch
  • Instant confirmation and receipt of payment for each transaction
  • Efficiency to end customer and corporate representatives. 

Itz Cash Online Payment Gateway

The revolutionary online payment systems enable you to enhance your online business. With the wide range and client base with more than 8 million semi-close card customers, the online payment gateway provided by Itz Cash is already supporting a host of multi-national firms throughout an array of industries. The online payment gateway helps you with customized programs by which you can offer your customers with smart and secure service. 

Key benefits:

  • Unique and premium payment pages
  • Secure and robust platform with dedicated customer support service
  • Accept payment from your customers across India
  • Track your past transactions in real-time
  • Easy and convenient to integrate solutions
  • Specialized team to manage your account
  • Experience the benefits and support from the implementation management team.
  • Robust online reporting
  • Experience a better understanding of your customer’s need and behaviour.
  • Advanced online management reporting

Itz General Purpose Corporate Cards

ItzCash unveiled India's first General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) prepaid card prepaid card operated by the Visa and MasterCard network. This can be operated across all domestic ATM's and more than 1 million merchants. This corporate offers you a simple way to transact through online, at merchant platforms or cash withdrawal through ATMs. This card perfectly suits your spending habit and also offers you an array of payment services, no matter where you are. This card comes with many loaded values and can be used as a debit card as per your need. 

Key features of Itz General Purpose Corporate Cards

In order to avail the Itz General Purpose Corporate Cards, please go through the below listed features and benefits of the cards.

Issuing Banks: ItzCash offers Corporate Prepaid Cards in collaboration with major banks.

Card Association: ItzCash Prepaid Cards are branded as a network, and released in partnership with Visa and MasterCard.

Card Acceptance: ItzCash Prepaid Cards are approved by more than 8 million retailer outlets which feature pan-India Visa / MasterCard logos and ATMs. In contrast, these cards are also utilized for e-commerce transactions, bill payments, online shopping, travel bookings and more. Instead of regulatory restrictions, Prepaid cards can not be used for non-INR purchases and for international spending.

Fund transfer: The prepaid cards provided under the corporate account may be filled with the specific instructions from the approved corporate representative's  and transfers of funds must be performed from the specified corporate account owned with a scheduled commercial bank. Those transfers must occur from the corporate's own account and in local currency. 

Personalization of the card: ItzCash provides prepaid card customisation and ensures the cardholder 's name (up to 20 characters) can be written on the card. In fact, 4th line embossing enables the company name to be written "or" any other information ( e.g. employee Identity / customer Identity, etc.) below the name of the cardholder as per a maximum character cap. It also provides a custom card package that includes the welcome letter and envelope issued by the corporate. 

Insta-Issuance facility: ItzCash also provides Insta Issuance services whereby uncustomized (without cardholder's name) prepaid cards are post-printed and delivered in a tailored welcome package for immediate issuance to the beneficiary over the counter. Such cards exist with or without worth loaded upon them in deactivated states until the same cards are given to customers. Once the approved documents/guidelines reach ItzCash, the cards are initiated based on the type of prepaid card and program criteria.

Seamless online usage facility: Prepaid cards can also be used for monthly bill payments and online purchases on merchant websites. The online card includes second level encryption for safety purposes and according to RBI regulation. All online purchases require additional verification and thus it is important that the accounts of cardholders are verified in the database of the bank. But it is essential to keep in mind that the INR transactions are authorized and are available to Indian platforms only.

Merchant promotions and offers: ItzCash is also a major component of the (MasterCard/Visa) rewards system which enables all MasterCard/Visa prepaid cardholders to experience amazing discounts and offers when they use their card at partnered stores and online shopping portals in order to make a purchase.  This lets sales managers make their payout rewards go much higher to have a more rewarding experience for cardholders.

Balance enquiry facility at ATM: Balance enquiry is accessible on all cards through ATM. Though, the utilization of alternate services (SMS / online access) is recommended for cardholders because the facilities are chargeable. ItzCash also delivers in weekly periods and along with transaction updates across the latest balance available on the prepaid card. 

MIS and Reports: ItzCash also delivers pre-agreed status for overall issues of the card. 

ItzCash HDFC Meal Card

Get a whole new flavour in your life-the ItzCash HDFC Meal Card. Paying all your dining bills and shopping for all your grocery at every Visa-supported store is a simple and quick option, thus minimizing the need to hold cash or paper vouchers to pay your bills. Here's a preview of what the ItzCash HDFC Meal Card will deliver to you:

  • Unrestricted access to the amount loaded on the card for quick and hassle-free transactions. It implies that the transactions are safe and fast.
  • SMS updates on each purchase, hence helps to track spending.
  • Offers tax benefit to the workers according to the regulations on meal expenses.

Enjoy gift boxes with ItzCash

ItzCash also presents experiential gifting strategies to end consumers, through 'Experience Gift Box' leading to an adaptive improvement in the field of gifting. The Experience Gift Boxes delivers theme-based concepts of gifting across fitness, fun, fine dining, and pleasure. The gift package comes with a pamphlet with summary and specifics of a range of activities to select from across spa treatments, restaurants, sports , adventures, gourmet and indulgence depending on each style of the trip and a redemption of gold card. The beneficiary can pick any one activity from the options available and call the contact details given to make a booking. 




































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