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PayUMoney is a fin-tech company which provides payment technology to individuals and online merchants. It provides payment solutions to unregistered business as well in India. It provides a payment gateway for applications and websites. PayUMoney is one of the payment apps which provides convenience for its users apart from assuring safety digital payments. Most of the registered and unregistered companies in India have adopted this app as their payment gateway.

PayUMoney is a flagship company of Naspers, founded in 2002.

As of 2018, the company’s services are available at around 17 countries.

PayU is the result of multiple payment gateways across the various regions of the globe which has been acquired and bought under the PayU group. During 2014, all the online companies which were earlier part of the Naspers started to operate under the PayU brand.

PayUMoney is a payment app is adopted by several business houses in India which includes BookMyShow, Jabong, YEP ME, Amity University, Zomato, Travelyaari and so on. Apart from this, the e-wallet has partnered with major banks including CitiBank, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC and so on. Its association with leading banks and business makes transactions safe and trustworthy for making and receiving payments for both individuals and businesses.

Milestone Events of PayUMoney

  • In 2011, Ibibo launched PayU PG for websites mainly to integrate e-commerce transactions with online payments.
  • In 2014, PayU India was founded as PayU PG demerged from Ibibo to become PayU India.
  • In 2016, PayU acquires Citrus Pay for $130 million.
  • In 2017, PayU launches LazyPay with the acquisition of a stake in ZestMoney and PaySense
  • In 2018, PayUMoney achieves $100 million in revenue and becomes the biggest market for PayU.

Features and Benefits of Using PayUMoney for Customers

  • Payments made using PayUMoney is widely accepted across India either at merchant outlets or through their website.
  • Payments made by the users will be first kept with PayUMoney.

    The amount will be transferred to the seller only when they send proof of product delivery or the users explicitly orders to transfer money to the seller. By adopting this method, the customer’s money will be safeguarded at all the circumstances.

  • PayUMoney maintains various safety checkpoints, to ensure a protected digital environment.
  • The ‘superfast checkout’ option helps the users to pay for transactions instantly without re-entering the data for every transaction. As per this feature, the users can safely store card details, billing details, shipping information. It is advised for the users to protect the app with a password if in case, they have stored card or bank details in the wallet.
  • Users can transfer their loaded money from the PayUMoney wallet to their respective bank accounts as it erases the fear of losing unused money from the wallet.
  • Users can avail a range of cashback offers and discount coupons on several payments made up using the wallet.
  • Get instant cashback in the range of 2% – 10% of the transaction amount on purchases made using the wallet.
  • Get discounts or cashback offers on purchase of flight tickets, movie tickets, mobile recharges, bill payments and so on with the app.
  • Users can choose any mode of payment based on their preference. One can even pay for the spends using the debit or respective credit card or either with net banking option.
  • If in case, the user's money is debited from their wallet and they have not received a confirmation from the merchant for the delivery or the product is still not out for delivery, then users can contact the support team of PayUMoney.

Other Services of PayUMoney

  • The payment wallet offers POS (Point of Sale) machines to merchants. 
  • The machines are provided for card swiping which accepts almost all types of cards be it MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, RuPay cards and so on. 
  • To get the service, merchants should provide minimal documentation which includes submission of PAN card details or cancelled cheque. 
  • Merchants need not open a new bank account for this. 
  • The existing bank account of the merchants with any of the nationalized banks will be linked to the PayUMoney wallet. 
  • The machines will be used with the preferred mobile service provider of the merchants with GPRS connectivity. 
  • To provide the above-mentioned services, PayUMoney does not charge any monthly or annual fees. But, merchants have to make a one-time fee payment of Rs 8,500 for three years. 

Go Global With PayU Money

The users of PayUMoney helps to receive or sent the payments across the globe within a few minutes using PayU’s international payments acceptance feature. The feature helps the customers to pay using their preferred currency

  • It supports payments made through international cards on your respective web site.
  • Integration is not required.
  • Accepts payments in multiple currencies at the best possible rates in the market.
  • Users can receive their settlement amount within two days in their respective home currency
  • Set up cost is nil
  • Other than web portal, it accepts international payments using payment links

Steps to Create PayUMoney Wallet

Step 1: Download the PayUMoney Wallet on your phone
Step 2: Register yourself by entering your e-mail ID, mobile number
Step 3: Enter the OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number
Step 4: Click on the Activate button

Now, you are ready to use the PayUMoney Wallet

How to pay using the PayUMoney App?

Step 1: Choose the products or services which you prefer to buy
Step 2: Pay through the PayU payment system either through credit or debit card or bank transfer. PayU app validates the transaction information using its fraud detection system
Step 3: You will receive an e-mail confirming your payment.

How to Load Money in PayUMoney Wallet?

The users of PayUMoney Wallet can either load money using their respective credit or debit card or using net banking facility.

To add money to PayUMoney App, either through debit or credit card, first, enter your debit or credit card number followed by the expiry date of the card and CVV number which is mentioned on the backside of your card and your name as mentioned on the card.

Steps to Load Money using Net Banking Facility for PayUMoney App

Step 1: Click on Net Banking
Step 2: Select the bank name from the drop-down list
Step 3: Click on Pay Now option
Step 4: Enter your bank login credentials
Step 5: Click on the ‘Submit’ option to complete the process

Transferring Money from PayUMoney Wallet Back to Bank Account

The users have an option to transfer money from PayUMoney Wallet to their respective bank account, but they will have to wait for 7 days for the process to get completed. The PayUMoney will charge a fee of 2.5% for the transfer of money from its wallet and there will be no charges levied if it is a refund case.

PayUmoney Dashboard

All requires a change and nothing means more when it comes to businesses than an enhanced and better method of keeping a tab on any aspect (especially the money). You'll be willing to do just that with the latest PayUmoney dashboard: expand your business with crucial information on transactions you really have to know. You can see all the transfers in the latest PayUmoney Dashboard highlighted as:

  • Amount credited: In Black color
  • Amount debited (refunds): In red color

Recent updates for existing merchants in the PayUmoney Dashboard is Transactions Tab. PayUmoney business dashboard also comes with a perfect ledger view enabling you to manually monitor all of your transactions. You will find out in the Ledger view:

  • All failed and successful transactions
  • Amount credited to you (successful transactions minus transaction fees) 
  • Amount debited by you (refunded + transaction fees)
  • This method should help you keep an eye on the cashflow system.
  • Even, if you're signed into the PayUmoney app, you can apply 'filters' to the details you'd like to use in the ledger view.

1. Data Filter: A default period of 90 days is automatically set on the PayUmoney dashboard. You may also change the date or timeline. 

2. Type Filter: In here there is a default "Select All" filter configuration that includes all debited transactions, credited, performed or attempted. However, you can view custom transactions by default. 

  • Sale: This filter covers attempted transactions or successful ones. The status includes in this: Payment Complete, Settlement in Progress, Payment Successful.
  • Refund: This filter lists all repayment payments which are Refunds Completed, Refunds in Progress.

3. Status Filter: To select a custom filter for the status filter you have to select “Select All”.

Here is what the different transaction statuses imply:

  • Payment Pending: The payment was made by the consumer but was not completed.
  • Payment Successful: Successful payment made by the customer
  • Payment Failed: Customer failed to complete the payment or failed to make payment.
  • Refund Initiated: Refund transaction initiated by you is in the queue.
  • Refund Complete: Partial payment to the consumer has been refunded.
  • Settlement in Progress: Payment is with PayU and will be settled within 2 
  • working days from the successful transaction date on your bank account.
  • Payment Completed: Payment has been settled in your existing bank account.
  • User Cancelled: Transaction cancelled by the customer.

4. Source Filter: Source filters help to identify the source of any transaction. As mentioned above the default status configured on the PayUmoney dashboard is "Select All." 

Settlements: Settlement is the method by which payments are received in your bank account. But it goes through an easy process before the payment reaches to you. To have the most out of PayUmoney dashboard, you can understand the whole payment settlement method. Settled transactions can be searched via the transaction UTR number or a particular time period. To get the settlement report you can go through 2 ways.

Settlement report for the day:

  • Under the PayUmoney dashboard go to the settlement section and click on the respective date from the list.
  • After selecting the date settlement breakup and transaction list can be checked for that day.
  • To download the settlement report in an excel format for that day, click on the download transactions option.

Settlement report for a particular time period:

  • Select date range under the settlement tab and click on the download icon,
  • Once the download is completed you can check the settlement breakup and transactions report of the selected date range.

TDR Report/Commission invoice

This provides your transaction charges summary including GST details. To download please go through the below-given process.

  • Under the settlement tab, click on the ‘Generate Report’ option.
  • Select and confirm the year and month according to your need
  • Now click on 'Download' and you are done.


You have the authority in your fingers if you want to refund your customers from the refund dashboard. Two types of refunds can be triggered:

Partial Refund: Allow you to refund the amount you want.

Full Refund: Allow you to refund the full amount

How to initiate a refund?

You can trigger the refund amount by following the below-given steps.

  • Login with your email id by visiting the login page. 
  • Click on ‘Transactions’ menu and filter your transaction as per your requirement.
  • Now select the transaction you want to refund and you will be redirected to the next page.
  • Now click on the ‘Refund’ icon and select full refund/Partial Refund as per your requirement.

New enhancements in PayUmoney dashboard for new users

New PayUmoney users can experience the updates in PayUmoney dashboard.

Test Mode: This mode allows you to check the PayUmoney payment gateway before you implement it. 

Easy Onboarding: Why worry for hours when you can get started within 5 minutes. Develop your own PayUmoney account with hassle-free online documentation. To enable the on-boarding procedure PayUmoney has implemented an online documentation portal where you simply search and upload documents to submit. So now, just go through the procedures and simply concentrate more on your growing business. 


Making the integration of payment gateways users / merchants are enabled to to process payments online via PayUmoney. In this progress, some of the main highlights are:

  • Seamless and online documentation
  • Redesigned Integration guide (developer documentation) in PayUmoney dashboard for easier access and implementation.
  • Merchant key and salt are given by default in the PayUmoney account of the merchant.
  • Secure high data transfer with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)


The PayUmoney payment button can be embedded with a single line of code into your website and can be tailored to the user experience of your website. For more details, you can take a short peek at the PayUmoney Dashboard video buttons. With all these continuous upgrades and product enhancements, PayUmoney developers are excited to empower the customers by making online payment processing fast, easy and effective. With its happy-to-help customer support, PayUmoney triggers a strong customer experience. Discover the all-new PayUmoney dashboard: seamlessly log in and start collecting payment.  

PayUmoney Refund

Just as online payments are processed through a payment gateway, the refund process are also goes through the same. All the wallet companies are involved in the situation of reimbursement. They have their own online payment processing methods, mechanisms, and authentication factor. Many of these methods require human support and not automation. At some stage, a minor delay in such procedures becomes responsible for slowing the further step. Which in drag prolongs the schedule for the refund. Customers may receive refunds in their accounts within 5-10 days, in typical situations. In certain exceptional cases, however, it may take longer than 10 days mainly because of technical defects. Refunds triggered by an individual has so many reasons some of the scenarios are mentioned below: 

  • Customers buy food from an app and make use of a credit card to pay. He/she cancels the order after a while. 
  • Customers orders clothes from online and when the package arrives he/she notices and returns the order due to disinterest or misfit in the product. 
  • Consumer books movie seats online and makes the payment online. He/she receives a successful notification from the transaction but the booking is not yet complete. 

Process to get a refund

You can request for a refund from your PayUmoney dashboard. Please follow the steps mentioned below to get your refund.

  • Go to the PayUmoney site and log in with Id and Password.
  • Now on the dashboard click on the 'Transactions' option.
  • Now filter your transaction as per the Transaction ID, Type, Date, Status & Source, and select the transaction for which you need the refund.
  • Now click on the 'Refund' option and select 'Full Refund'/'Partial Refund' according to your requirement and click on "Submit"
  • Once done the refund will be initiated to your account.

Note: You will be not charged for initiating the refund. However, the transaction fee charged during the initial processing of the transaction will not be recovered. Refund will proceed on the same day The refund balance may take 5 to 21 days to reflect in your account. For Netbanking transactions, it may take several more days for some government banks. You can also drop a request via the PayUmoney contact us page, in case you are not able to initiate the refund from the dashboard. To raise a request, select the 'Refund Related’ option in the Issue type, and you are done. 

PayUmoney for Merchant

The department of Merchant Care was established to generate support to PayUmoney-registered merchants. This is the first contact point for any merchant who wishes for the PayUmoney registration process, or who is already enrolled with PayUmoney. Merchant Care manages all the necessary inquiries on behalf of the trader and interacts with different service teams within PayUmoney to generate end-to-end services. PayUmoney allows zero cost merchant registration process with numerous offers and discounts. 

The collection of payments without any issues is a suitable platform for small start-ups and unregistered companies. With PayUmoney companies can expand their customer touch without promoting their brands or services. Even small companies of high-quality goods and services can expand their customer circle with PayUmoney through which they can take advantage of the potential to enhance their brand value in the market. In terms of criteria, generating a PayUmoney merchant account is quite easy. But make sure that you have the below-listed documents to generate merchant account:

  • Copy of your PAN Card
  • Any of the KYC Document such as Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License
  • Bank details or canceled cheque of your savings bank account

Features and Benefits of Using PayUMoney for Merchants

  • The payment gateway of PayUMoney provides merchants registration free of cost.
  • Businesses can use the payment app to reach out to their customers and for promoting their brand. Even small brands that produce high-quality products can get noticed instantly by consumers and avail a chance of growth amongst imminent competitive brands.
  • PayUMoney offers a good medium for small startups and for unregistered business to collect payments without facing any disaccord.

Process to get PayUMoney Merchant Key and Merchant Salt Live Credentials

Follow the instructions below to get your PayUMoney Merchant Key and Merchant Salt Live credentials with ease.

  • Launch the PayUMoney app and login with your ID/Password if you have created an account. If not tap on Create Account.
  • Now enter your email id and tap on "Next" to log in
  • Once you logged in tap on "Integration Details", located under Integration Help.
  • Now you will get your current Live Credentials - Merchant Key and Merchant Salt. Copy the details and paste the keys in the appropriate fields.
  • Once done confirm it and it's over. 

PayUMoney Payment Gateway

PayU gateway allows Indian companies to accept online payments with all payment methods including credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, etc. Payment Options under PayUMoney Payment Gateway are as follows: 

Cards, Wallet and Net Banking

Master, Visa, Amex, Diners, Maestro, Rupay, PayUmoney, More than 45 types of Net Banking, and over 6 types of wallets are accepted.

Acceptance of International Cards

Accept all the International cards with an activation time period of 48 hours for International Acceptance.


Supported all the EMI Payment of all the major banks across India such as HDFC, ICICI, Citi, Axis, SBI, etc.

Email/SMS Payments

Payments are received via Email or SMS. It can be used from the panel as well as through API.

IVR Payments

IVR Payments (Interactive Voice Response) is a feature that helps you to make purchases over the telephone for bills, dues, and contributions by interacting with an automated system.

Multi-Currency Payment Acceptance

With Multi-Currency Payment option 13 Currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, etc allows your customers to pay for your business according to his/her currency. 

Features of PayUMoney Payment Gateway

Use PayUMoney to get a simple and secure way to accept payments. Features and benefits of PayUMoney Payment Gateway are as follows:

  • PayUMoney allows businesses of all sizes to accept mobile and online payments across India. 
  • You can set up your account instantly by submitting the minimum details. 
  • The UI of PayUMoney is designed to offer you online experience which lets you avoid the physical documentation process. 
  • With 128 bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication all your transactions are secured. For each payment PayUMoney implements 100 + threat guidelines, which lets you avoid all types of fraudulent activities. 
  • The interface of PayUMoney helps you to activate your account with a few taps by which you can start accepting payments within minutes.
  • There is no mandated requirement of opening a new bank account to accept payments, You can link any existing Savings or Current Account by providing your bank account number and IFSC code and start accepting payments on your preferred bank. 

Pricing and Charges of PayUMoney Payment Gateway

PayUMoney Payment Gateway is a service that allows businesses to receive payments digitally. With PayUmoney you can set up and get started pretty quickly and it provides a multitude of payment options, that enable the customers to experience different payment options. One of India's largest payment gateway PayUMonney serves its seamless and secure payment options and services to more than 450,000 merchants.

PayU is used by India's leading e-commerce platforms such as BookMyShow, Foodpanda, Snapdeal, Goibibo and Myntra, for accepting payments from their customers. The top focus of PayU is to create a payment ecosystem to enable merchants and customers to receive and pay online in an easy and secure way. Let's have a brief peek into how PayU 's payment gateway operates and its costs to get a clearer understanding. PayUmoney provides an easy and precise pricing plan for all types of transactions. 

  • All mode of transaction will be charged with a transaction fee of 2%
  • Through the AmEx payment option, a transaction fee of 3% will be charged.

PayUmoney Buttons

With PayUmoney Buttons, add a button on your blog or website to accept payments. Simply copy and paste the code on the payment page of your website and start receiving payments. 

Why choose PayUmoney Payments Button On Website or Blog?

1. Easy set-up

Generate a payment button within a minute and copy-paste the HTML code. It's so simple! 

2. Seamless customization

Easily modify the Colour, Size & Type of payment button to satisfy your website. Select your customer details, too, that you want to collect.

3. Dynamic Buttons

Create a 'Pay Now Button' for fixed price & limited items websites or create a 'Donate Button' flexible price websites such as fundraisers, charity camps and more.

4. Incredibly efficient and responsive design

Create a customized payment system across devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops with an auto-adjustment checkout page.

5. Online KYC

No need to take stress for lengthy documentation, go through online KYC and experience hassle-free documentation.

6. Accept all payment modes

Grant your customers all the trendy payment methods: Credit & Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets, EMI, LazyPay, International Payments etc.

Key benefits

  • Transaction fees- 2% with GST
  • Zero set-up fee
  • Zero annual maintenance fee
  • Only pay per transaction

Easy steps to add a payment button

  • Log in by using the user credentials to your PayUmoney dashboard
  • Generate a personalized payment button 
  • Copy & Paste the single line of code on your website and you are done.


As per the different digital modes for transactions such as UPI or QR, reducing the use of physical cash. The PayU ePOS also enables you to accept contactless payments via different mediums. No matter your business is online or offline, large or small, with the PayU ePOS you can easily accept payments from your customers. Every business person looks actively for ways to increase revenue, enhance cash flow and save some capital. This is why a product like PayU ePOS plays a vital role in the digital world of payment. 

How to collect payments using PayU ePOS instantly?

There are two different ways you can collect your payments online through PayU ePOS:

  • Generate your unique QR, share it with customers and enable them to scan the QR to start accepting payments instantly.
  • Generate & share payment links via email, SMS or WhatsApp with your customers and receive payments in a matter of seconds. Your customers can make payment to you without leaving their comforts. 

Why choose PayU ePOS for your business?

1. Contactless, quick and safe for in-store purchases and delivery at your doorstep:

This are what the customers are searching for when they buy the service or merchandise. As described above, as an increasing phase of digital payments PayU ePOS allows merchants to receive payments via several contactless forms. PayU is PCI-DSS certified which means that your data is secured, so no need to worry more about your data security. PayU EPOS will therefore enable you to maintain your customer trust and loyalty. 

2. Multiple payment options: The comfort of today's consumer service and with PayU ePOS, customers can pay the style they wish. The online payment styles include credit / debit cards, e-Wallets, UPI and more.

3. EMI option for your customers: Another functionality that you give the consumers comfort is allowing them the option to pay over time. With PayU ePOS you can give your customers the choice to pay through EMIs. 

4. Receive payment directly to your bank account: Payments made through ePOS is transferred directly to your bank account which will enable you to save time and boost efficiency. 

5. Smart dashboard: You can check the status of your business performance on-the-go and which enables you to make wise decisions accordingly.

6. No set-up charges and maintenance charges: PayU ePOS is completely free, unlike the physical POS machines which have set annual changes. 

Where you can use PayU ePOS?

1. Retailers: No matter you are an owner of a grocery store, electronics retailer or any, you can offer PayU ePOS with a smooth and contactless payment experience for your customers. By sharing the QR code or payment links to your customers, they can make the payment instantly via their preferred payment options just in a matter of minutes. Also, you can accept payments at the doorstep of your customers if you provide delivery services too. 

2. Freelancers: Freelance work is a perfect way to gain massive when operating from your home's convenience. Additionally, though, freelancers still struggle with the late payment issue or even no salaries. You may conveniently receive payments using the PayU ePOS. No technological expertise or experience is needed to build PayU payment links. This can be achieved in only a few minutes.

3. Home-based Entrepreneurs: The last several years have seen a spike in home entrepreneurs. You may have noticed individuals on social media networks or through WhatsApp groups advertising their products / services. But if you're a home entrepreneur as well, you can boost your revenue using PayU ePOS. Including the product, you can submit payment links to your clients, so they can pay you with ease and hassle-free. 

4. CAs/Tutors: This year online classes are gaining more popularity due to the pandemic of Covid-19. Likewise, there are CAs offering customers with their services. By sharing payment links with their guardians / students and customers, respectively, they can conveniently receive payments through PayU ePOS. 

Multiple firms that can use PayU Subscriptions

Firms can use services, both online and offline, to maximize their sales and build a long-term partnership with their clients. Offering unique subscription options will help to attract and maintain such subscriptions. With PayU Subscriptions you can instantly and conveniently create stunning payment plans for your services and products. Subscription services may be developed to sell anything from movies / entertainment to magazines, to books to medical services, and beverages to grocery stores. With PayU Subscriptions, you can quickly manage recurring payments and give your consumers a seamless payment experience and which also result in an increase of your sales and revenues.  

Key benefits of PayU Subscriptions

  • Connect to stable sources of revenue and consistency to foresee fixed income emerging per week / month / year in your active bank account.
  • Subscriptions are beneficial as it enables your customers to save more time and effort which making payment for a purchase. 
  • Recurring clients prefer to render referrals

Offer a seamless end-to-end experience to your customers

Subscriptions will be a smart way to attract the clients into a long - term relationship and trust. Subscriptions will be a smart way to attract the clients into a long - term partnership. Think properly or discuss with your teams and make a record of the products and services that you would like to deliver. Maintain the interaction unique for your PayU subscription customers by delivering them end-to-end benefits and offers.

Process to track your PayUmoney Subscriptions

  • Log in to your PayUmoney dashboard, click on ‘Other Tools’ and then click on the ‘Subscriptions’ Cloud icon.
  • Now you will see a list of active subscribers, active plans and payments received.
  • Now click on any of the subscriptions to see the comprehensive view of payments received for the particular subscription.

Process to cancel PayUmoney Subscription via Non-API method

Below given is the process for both customer and merchant to cancel their PayUmoney Subscription.

For customer:

  • The user can access any of PayUmoney 's emails regarding subscription. (Either the existing e-mailer or the emailer of monthly payment deduction).
  • Now find the option “To cancel the subscription, click here”. Now click the link to cancel the subscription and follow the further steps.

For merchant:

  • Login to the PayUmoney Dashboard by using your login credentials.
  • Now click on ‘Other tools’ and then click on the Subscriptions Cloud icon,
  • Now you will see a detailed list of active subscribers, number of active plans and payments received.
  • To see a comprehensive view, click on any one of the subscriptions. 
  • Now click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ icon and confirm to cancel the subscription.

Features of PayUmoney Subscription 

Fixed Billing Schedule: Charge just what the consumers purchase over a payment period. This may be weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Charges for set-up: Allow your customers to pay a one-time fee at the time of generating the subscription.

Simple customizable integration: PayUmoney helps you to easily integrate APIs that you can use to establish a personalized subscription package and the option to configure the UI for your customers

Auto-Pilot mode: Automate your recurring charges for a customer as per a set timetable.

Multiple options to Collect Recurring Payments with PayU

You can collect Recurring Payments with PayU through below listed methods:

UPI AutoPay: PayU merchants can now able to provide their customers with an option of automate recurring payments through UPI. This is NPCI's most current innovation, with PayU. 

eNACH: With e-NACH, whoever has a bank account can simplify repetitive and regular transactions throughout existence. During the initiation of the billing cycle / subscription program, the consumer will provide approval to select his chosen bank via e-mandate registration or Debit Card or Net Banking, For collecting payments through e-NACH, PayU itself has integrated with the major bank. 

Debit Card/Credit card: Through debit or credit cards you can charge your customers recurring payments. With the subscription plan they choose, the customers will only need to perform a one-time registration by which you can begin charging them a fixed amount on a recurring basis according to the plan. 

Collect Recurring Payments through NACH

The new functionality enhancement from PayUmoney is that you can now receive regular payments directly from the bank accounts of your consumer through e-NACH automatically. Today, the recurring framework of PayU enables a merchant to deliver its customers a standing instruction option for Credit Card, select Debit Cards and Net Banking (e-NACH and e-mandate) via different methods of integration. The Electronic National Automated Clearing House or e-NACH is India 's flagship electronic payment system, integrated by NPCI. With e-NACH, whoever has a bank account can automate repetitive transactions. Basically there are two types of transactions:

  • Registration transaction, also known as e-mandate transaction
  • Payment transaction (also called e-NACH transaction or SI transaction)

It is an enhancement of the robust Subscription service set that puts together all payment forms such as credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts to manage recurring payments. At the beginning of the billing cycle / subscription plan, the user must have authorisation with the option of his/her chosen bank, and all future payments will be completely automated. For collecting payments via e-NACH PayU has already embedded 21 major bank accounts and counting. 

PayU App

By utilizing the PayU app you can manage and track all your transactions anytime anywhere and also you can raise a request for payments in a jiffy through itemized invoices and payment links and develop your custom website to receive payments. The app is designed to track your business on the go. PayU app is crafted to track all the small and large scale business, and by keeping a focus on the growth of your business the app allows to accept payments from your customers in a most convenient way.

You can track the performance of your business the sales, refunds and cash flow through the new PayUMoney app. You can track your daily sales with a few taps, and analyze how you've done over the past month or custom duration. The PayU app is your best partner when it comes to track and manage your business from your comfort. You can also use the app to easily create and share invoices with a stunning, easy-to-use interface on the go. Offer your consumers a broad variety of payment choices, and get paid instantly. 

The PayU app is your ideal partner, you can manage your business or easily build and exchange invoices via a gorgeous, easy-to-use functionality on-the-go. Offer your consumers a broad variety of payment choices, and instantly get paid.

Invoices and Payment References
Make and share basic payment requests or detailed itemized invoices quickly with your customers. It contains all the details as you wish through a personalized request form for payment. No matter you are a small or medium-sized company, generate invoices, share them through the medium of your choice and easily track them via PayU. With PayU you can easily remind your customers for unpaid invoices via simple taps.

Payment Site
Using the PayU application to build a simple web site. Add your items, descriptions, pricing and take your business online to attract more customers. The website of PayU Payment is integrated with the PayU payment gateway, which means your all payments are secured. By visiting your website customers can purchase their products through a range of 100 + payment methods. 

The PayU app is your ideal partner, you can track your business or easily create and share invoices via a gorgeous, convenient-to-use interface on-the-go. Offer your consumers a wide range of payment methods and get paid quickly from your customer. If you are going to start a business an easy and secure payment option is a must. The suitable payment method makes it easy and convenient for your customers to experience hassle-free checkout.

However, when choosing a decent payment gateway for your business, the all-new Pay U App is your ideal partner. With Pay U App you can sell your services and products of your business via online and offline, which helps you to grow your business faster than ever. PayU is the best option for your business to get paid from your customers as it will help your business at every phase no matter where you are.

The PayU App helps you to make on-the-go transfers, request funds by sending the invoices or payment links to your customer and also you can make your own business website in a minute from your comfort. All you need is just a matter of seconds, download the free PayU App on your android or iOS devices and you are done. 

How to optimize PayU’s UPI experience in your IOS device?

UPI requires no explanation and it would not be an assumption to claim that this payment system has driven India's digital payment revolution journey by itself. UPI has risen to a height of more than a billion transactions per month in a short period of 4 years and has been the primary form for most Indians nowadays. Although P2P (person – to – person) transactions in UPI are a convenience, with numerous flows, the realm of P2M (person – to – merchant) payments is still a bit confusing. Yet another element is the engagement of the P2M UPI on iOS devices.

Solutions including in-app interaction and intent stream provide Android users with native experience and improved transformation, whereas iOS users are provided with the stream of collect flow. Collect Flow is perhaps the most challenging of all UPI flows through which a customer creates the Virtual Payment Address (alphanumeric text), gets confirmation on the same / another device. So in order to complete the transaction, one needs to select the same confirmation message or open any installed payment app such as Google Pay, PhonePe etc and initiate device login by entering the MPIN.  

Offer easy & Secure PayU experience to iOS users

Intent Flow: Through utilizing the PayU iOS SDK, a similar intent interface can be given in Android devices where the user is immediately redirected to their selected PSP app. Initial level authentication can occur with the Apple Face Recognition and second level with the Bank MPIN. Hence, the intent flow in iOS provides lower turn-around time and increased performance that has so far been possible only in Android devices. The merchants record higher sales rates in the 8 to 10 per cent range similar to the experience gathered only in the old days.

Enhanced Collect Flow: One of the drawbacks of a standard collection flow is the implementation process, through which customers sometimes lose their VPA or make errors while accessing. The request for payment can be launched in the advanced collect flow using the consumer's mobile number rather than VPA. The consumer's mobile number is auto-filled by the merchant, then they get a confirmation, open the app and submit the bank MPIN. Hence, eliminating the inconvenience of finding and entering an alphanumeric VPA is so easy and convenient at your hand. Therefore, this flow gives 6 to 8 per cent higher performance rates everywhere than the normal collect flow!. But wait, 6 to 8 per cent higher conversion rate is just marginally impressive due to improvements in user feedback, you ask ...? Well, in the case of a collection flow triggered by a number, the essence of the transaction switches from a "Pull transaction" to a "Push transaction" i.e. a deliberate transaction that is pre-authenticated by the user as compared to a pull transaction in the case of a collection flow and hence leads to improved rates of return. 

VPA Entry Optimisation: PayUmoney has made it easier to you in order to join VPA. The consumer chooses the name of the app, and the PayUmoney will fill out the second part of the VPA '@text' and the consumer fills the prefix in. The VPA is then checked until the initiation of the transaction (in the event that the memory score does not result as 100 percent). To top it off, the authentication is carried out manually and does not require any third party contributing to a smoother checkout. For iOS customers, the UPI P2M payment method has been seamless and effortless, resulting in higher conversion rates, quicker checkouts and improved customer service.  




















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