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Axis Bank, India's third-largest private sector lender, has introduced a new smartphone app named Lime that combines a mobile wallet, shopping, transfers and banking. The latest Axis Bank Lime app is open to other banks' customers too. Remember that this software is actually only accessible for Android bases devices. As a wallet, Lime helps users to load money via net banking from their debit and credit cards. As security, the wallet will have a four-digit mPIN. The application also has a shared wallet feature where several users can access and withdraw from the application. This also has a pool money feature where members may place funds for a specific purpose in a shared wallet and can be reimbursed in proportion or equally later on.

Also, Axis Bank has said that it is discovering partnership ties with payment banks. In addition, you can also share your wallet with your family members in which a set amount is to be used by the recipient for personal needs for any fixed period. LIME also offers a MasterCard for users who often shop offline, though which you can use the card at any merchant store to make payments. This application also enables users to transfer money by using the platform Near Field Communication (NFC). A technology named 'NearPay' enables one to transfer money by merely getting two phones close to one another. Once the person has to request money through the app which the other user then accepts the payment. This is proceeded by an instant transfer, which is generated by a unique sound notification. Banking is more enhanced by a function in which one can open a savings account from Axis Bank that unlocks advanced functions for the consumer. 

How to Download and Use Axis Bank’s Lime Wallet?

Interested users of Axis Bank’s Lime e-wallet has to first download the application on their smartphones from the Google Play Store.

This app is even available for Android-based users. After downloading the app, the users will have to fill in the required personal details and has to provide the necessary details related to debit or credit card to enable payments using the mobile app. Once this procedure is completed, the app can be used by the users to make online payments instantly.

Who all can use the Axis Bank’s Lime app?

Any of the Indian citizens who are aged above 12 years can use the Axis Bank’s Lime app with an active mobile number.

Please Note: The foreign residents, non – resident Indians cannot register for LIME app.

How Does the Axis Bank’s Lime App work?

Step 1: The interested users of the app should first download the app from the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Enter all the relevant required personal information and successfully register using your smartphone.
Step 3: Now add money from either debit or credit card or any of your existing bank account and start using the app.

What are the Minimum and Maximum amount loaded to Axis Bank’s Lime App?

In the case of Axis Bank customer’s maximum of up to Rs 1 lakh can be parked in the Lime Wallet every month. In case of a non – Axis Bank customer, the maximum sum of Rs 10,000 can be loaded per month.

About Axis Bank Lime App

The Axis Bank's Lime app enables customers to compare and buy items inside the app itself, via online shopping portals. Users can also book tickets for trains, buses and movies. A combination of sound and Bluetooth frequencies enables the device to manage proximity payments at offline merchants. Rajiv Anand, Axis Bank's head of retail banking, also said the app would include a floating buy-via-Lime option when shopping on other shopping apps and websites. After selecting the alternative, users will be redirected to Lime Pay which can enable one-touch and safe wallet payments. However, LIME can manage smartphone and DTH recharges, bill payments, peer-to-peer money transfers, split bills and monitor expenditures as well. The app helps users to set up a savings account in Axis Bank using Aadhar from their smartphone by initiating complete KYC procedures. When a savings bank account is activated and linked to the App, other key banking features from Axis Bank will be available.

In addition, one may always split their wallet with relatives where a certain sum is to be used by the recipient for different uses during any fixed time. LIME also provides a MasterCard for customers who sometimes want to buy offline, from which they would make purchases at any store that allows cards. Lime App also enables its customers to transfer funds by using the platform Near Field Communication (NFC). A function named 'NearPay' enables us to transfer funds by simply bringing two devices next to one another. In order to send or receive money via "NearPay", you only have to raise a request, which is then accepted by your partner through the app, and its done. This is process is also called Instant Transfer, which can be done by a single tap only. Banking facility is allowed by the app in which you can open a savings account from Axis Bank that activates advanced features for you.

Features of Axis Bank Lime

Below listed are the key features of Axis Bank Lime: 

  • You can make your payments simpler by Axis Bank Lime wallet, you can add money from credit/debit cards or net banking by a simple authentication 4 digit mPIN process.
  • You can also share the wallet with your loved ones, for which they can seamlessly withdraw money anytime.
  • Axis Bank Lime wallet allows it's customers to pool funds into a shared wallet for a specific reason and give an option to refund the amount seamlessly.
  • Users can compare products through online shopping portals and shop within the LIME app.
  • You can book your flights, bus tickets, movies, and plan vacations without closing the app.
  • The payment feature in the app enables consumers to make proximity payments via mobile & sound at offline merchants.
  • With Axis Bank Lime app you can pay all your utility dues with one click.
  • Users can make a wallet to wallet transfers, wallet payments to other bank accounts and also transfer money to their social network.
  • Split Bills: Easy way to control who spent how much and when. Runs wonderfully whether you dine with colleagues or share monthly expenditures with your roommates.
  • Lime Pay allows safe and quick payments on any phone app or m-site. First-of-its-kind one-click payment technology.
  • The app enables users to trigger and finish the KYC method in a few simple steps using Aadhaar from their mobile phone. The account number is created instantly on LIME. Upgrading to an account would enable you to use additional features and saving on investment products.
  • Users can pick a goal objective (e.g. vehicle, house, holiday, etc.) with the required amount, time to plan, and seed fund/installment, and then allocate funds from their account to that objective. The investments will generate higher returns for them.
  • You can also deposit directly into a high yield deposit.
  • You can track your spending habits which allow you to make your spending better.
  • You can get receipts for all your spends, and categorize your spending by taking a picture of your bills.

Process to add money to the Axis Bank Lime Wallet

Now use your bank account or debit or credit card to add money to your e-wallet. By adding money to your wallet you can pay directly for recharges, shopping, bill payments, etc. Below are the process for both Axis Bank Account Holders and Non-Axis Bank Account Holders.

Individuals having Axis Bank Account

  • Launch the Axis Bank Mobile app and select "LIME Wallet from the menu
  • Now tap on "Load" option and enter the amount you want to add to your wallet
  • Now enter your mPIN and select Axis Bank Account as a Payment option 
  • Once done tap on "PAY" and the amount will be added to your wallet instantly.

Individuals not having Axis Bank Account

  • Launch the Axis Bank Mobile app and tap on the "LIME Wallet option located under the menu.
  • Now tap on the "Load" option and enter the amount you want to add to your wallet.
  • Now enter your mPIN and select "Internet Banking" as a payment option
  • Once done tap on "PAY" and the amount will be added to your wallet instantly.


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