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Ezetap has joined hands with payment pioneers, cloud technology and SaaS sectors to start a new wave in India to deliver enhanced digital payment network. As an intelligent SaaS payment platform, Ezetap Smart and Secure solutions are now assisting millions of retailers, e-commerce firms, businesses, and companies of financial inclusion towards transforming their businesses in today's Digital India period. The core vision of Ezetap is to be the only platform to enable businesses to achieve a financial transaction with its customers, by providing them with all types of instruments, tools, techniques.

Ezetap is the first payment technology provider that provides an end-to-end mobile payment system (including hardware) to satisfy the needs of rapidly growing businesses. Ezetap, listed twice in a row by CNBC in their Global Top 50 Disruptor List 2016-17. Ezetap is the first in the market to launch POS SDK service for companies across India. Seven of Asia's top ten mPOS merchants trust Ezetap for its digital payment solutions. 

Ezetap POS

Ezetap has released an open platform named the EzeSmart GPRS-based point-of-sale (PoS) terminal, which is Aadhaar Pay enabled and also provides an authentication feature of eKYC (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER).

In addition to mobile wallets, including credit and debit cards, EzeSmart also facilitates other payment methods such as UPI and Bharat QR. It means if a user has linked their bank account with Aadhaar Number then he/she can initiate a transaction through fingerprint by using the fingerprint sensor of the device. In addition, EzeSmart can also be used with a company's e-KYC requirements. 

Ezetap POS Specifications

  • Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0
  • Type of product- mPos Wireless Machine
  • Cards Accepted- All cards (Master, Maestro, AMEX, VISA and RuPay)
  • Micro ATM Feature- Available
  • Suitable With- Magnetic Stripe Cards ad well as Chip-enabled Cards
  • Battery Performance- 200 swipes per charge
  • Batch Closure- Automatic
  • Compliance- PCI-DSS

What makes Ezetap best in the market?

Over the years, India has switched from a cash-based, economy to a digital, transparent economy, leading to a spike in financial services. Startups like smart payment provider Ezetap centered in Bengaluru are leading the way in making India the mecca of financial innovation. Established in 2011 by Abhijit Bose and Bhaktha Keshavachar, Ezetap operates on the mobile point-of-sale (mPoS) segment and has since globalized into expanding the payment interface with other software applications and systems that are used by the merchants across India. Ezetap transitioned payments to a software-as-a-service business model at a period when PoS firms earn money from transaction fees, enabling merchants to embrace digital transactions via physical cards, online payments, and mobile wallets with a single click through UPI.

The multichannel payment platform has end-to-end functionality with compatible software solutions to manage digital payment processing. The startup has transformed the payment systems of merchants, e-commerce companies, firms, government departments and financial organizations, with a SaaS payment network. The bundled programs include EMI, rewards, product offers, cashback and innovative conversion of currency. E-Commerce grew by great strides and Ezetap was one of India's first companies to wish to persuade COD shipments into digital payments – it was one of Ezetap's first use instances implemented in 2013.

Know About Ezetap Dynamic QR Codes

By using digital payment methods, India is showing massive support for the Digital India project. Some of us have dumped the traditional wallets and fostered e-wallets and other digital payment methods. As we all know that UPI is India's most recommended payment option. Although UPI is a wider payment option, QR codes are gaining strong importance in India too. A dynamic QR code, as the title indicates, is dynamic in nature, and thus changes on each transaction. A retailer generates a Dynamic QR code in order to receive payments, which not only includes the name of the merchant and bank information but also the amount to be received by the payment made by the customer. Once scanned by a user, he does not have to type the number manually, the money will be sent to the merchant's account directly. This means the merchant is sure for the receivable amount, and no chance of fraudulent activities. And only for Dynamic QR Code payment system merchants are preferring Ezetap first for accepting the payments for their business. 

Advantages of Ezetap Dynamic QR Codes

Below listed are the reasons for which merchants are choosing Dynamic QR Code Payments.

Safety and Secure: Accepting QR Code payments will offer your clients, agents, and cashiers a measure of protection, particularly in the present times, where safety and security is the major issue in the platform of online payments. QR code is a feature that allows you to receive money in a completely contactless way which enables your customers to make a payment with just a few taps on their mobile screen. 

Seamless Payment Experience: Ezetap Dynamic QR Codes provide a fast, seamless and safe payment experience. Unlike card payments, you do not need to enter your card details or PIN to complete the payment at the store. After the success of the transaction, both the merchant and the customer will get the transaction details instantly.

Avoid Manual Reconciliation Process: You do not receive any payment details in a static QR code. Thus reconciling the financial statements may be a headache some times. A dynamic QR code, however, is an integrated solution, which is generated automatically from the bill summary. This ensures it provides all the essential details of the payment, making reconciliation simpler.

Save Your Money: Recently the government made the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) as Zero on UPI. As a merchant, however, you save money and time on UPI payments through Dynamic QR code, and you can allow any payment amount without having to think about the MDR.

Credibility through sectors: Dynamic QR codes are not only essential for payments in grocery stores, but also in all retail types, including clothing, accessories, and other. Also, some traffic police departments currently using dynamic QR-based payments which make it more efficient to tackle the situation of "I don't have cash." As of the current scenario, Ezetap is encouraging drug shops, hospital canteens, departmental, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, government, and entertainment sectors to utilize contactless dynamic QR code payment solutions.

Where you can use the Ezetap Dynamic QR Codes

One can use the Ezetap Dynamic QR Codes at the below given sectors; 

  • Collection Business/Doorstep Delivery: For purchasing at e-commerce, logistics, grocery stores, dispensaries, the delivery boy will request you to pay for your product. You can pay for the same by scanning the generated QR code via any UPI app. The generated dynamic QR code will have details of the bill and payment. You can scan the QR code simply via any QR scanning app (UPI app) and pay without entering the payment details.
  • Accepting Payments at Branch or Stores: The cashier uses the Ezetap application to push the QR code from their billing system to the Android Display in pharmacies, hospitals, or food stalls. The code contains all the required information, the consumer can scan and complete the payment using any QR code scanner app. 
  • Self-Service Kiosks: In fast food outlets, cafes, government services, restaurants the dynamic QR code is created together with the payment details and showcased at the kiosk. Once the customer has purchased an item he/she can make the payment by scanning the dynamic QR code. The customer can scan and pay with any QR code scanning app (UPI app).

How can you get Ezetap Dynamic QR Codes solution

India's largest payment systems and solutions provide a single payment solution that is personalized to fit your business needs. Ezetap is your perfect partner to enhance your payment process with unique payment methods to your business expects. From dynamic QR code to SMS Pay, Ezetap helps you manage the payment solution for a unified platform in your billing system. Get in touch with the Customer Care service at 1800 313 141516 and the customer care representative will prepare a demo to make you understand how you can start accepting contactless payments including dynamic QR code to save your time at the time of checkout. In India Ezetap Dynamic QR Codes are the future of the digital payment platform. Dynamic QR transforms the payment interactions, both at the counter as well as at the doorstep services.  

Ezetap Universal Payments

Nowadays the variety of methods a customer can pay is in abundance. Also evolving are the various touchpoints (online, in-store, or at-home) where a business can interact with its clients. Consequently, the complexities involved in receiving payments are increasing at a fast pace. For all of this Ezetap Universal Payments solution is your perfect partner to accept all types of payment for your business. 

The universal platform is the only way that encourages businesses to consider some new payment method that may arrive in the future. You never need to worry about usability with a low-touch process for adding any number of new payment terminals. In short, Ezetap 's universal payment platform is the only solution for now and the future that businesses need. 

Banking Partners

  • American Express 
  • Axis Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Mashreq Bank
  • RBL Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Yes Bank

Payment accepting Hardware

  • Mobile POS
  • Counter-top POS
  • Biometric Device
  • Unattended kiosks
  • Vending machines

Convenient Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card Payments
  • Mobile wallet payments
  • Biometric enabled payments
  • Payment via social messaging apps
  • QR code-based payments

Ezetap Payment Features

Below described are the payment features that enhance your business

Ezetap's SDK (software development kit) is an integration package that enables fast plugging of Ezetap's payment system into every smartphone device. This enables businesses to receive payments from their own application, without panicking about the implications of security or certification (PCI-DSS).

Ezetap's API (application program interface) is a set of protocols and resources that make it easier for a company to integrate Ezetap's payment system into their web app. This allows companies to safely receive payments over their web browser.

Ezetap's EMI (equal monthly instalments) platform is a trouble-free mechanism with which companies can conveniently offer their consumers an alternative to convert a transaction into EMI. Merchants can upsell goods with this option, and thus boost revenue. Ezetap's EMI solution is facilitated by major banks across the country.

Multi TID
One Device, Multiple Terminal IDs – Multi TID is a smart service that allows companies to use a single device to process payment acceptance for multiple business entities. This allows businesses to manage their operations smoothly.

Multi Bank Acquiring

The multi-bank acquiring method from Ezetap allows to route customers' payment transactions to the appropriate issuing bank or selected acquiring entity. This provides companies with the easiest online payment charges (Merchant Discount Rate-MDR) and thus optimizes overall costs. 

Split Settlement

Split settlement by Ezetap is a function in which companies can split the payment of a single transaction into different individuals or bank accounts. This enhances work efficiency because businesses do not have to think about operating a complex settlement procedure at the time of payment. 

Auto Reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation is also an Ezetap payment mode that reduces manual reconciliation which is prone to errors. It also minimizes settlement periods by simplifying all transactions such as payment, billing etc into a single integrated network.  

Smart Charge Slip

Ezetap’s smart charge slip or digital charge slip is a smart statement that substitutes the paper-based or physical charge slip. This is also a marketing mechanism to help companies to gain feedback from consumers, interact with their community, and sell more products, goods and services.

Insights and Reports

Insights and Reports is the personalized interface for Ezetap to manage payments in real-time and also offers useful information regarding time, place and other relevant data pertaining to the transaction history of a business.


UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is a digital single-window payment network established by India's National Payments Corporation (NPCI). It helps consumers to transfer money across bank accounts without needing to submit banking details at the time of transaction. 

Ezetap Integrated EMI Solution

Ezetap 's Integrated EMI solution is a personalized payment system for businesses seeking for an easy yet customizable Affordability Payment Solution to enhance their customers’ experience. The Ezetap EMI solution is embedded into your existing POS or payment solution. This allows businesses to offer their consumers instant allocation of every transaction to Easy Monthly Instalment by credit/debit card or NBFC.

Key benefits of Ezetap Integrated EMI Solution

  • Boost efficiency of your POS solution with integrated EMI solution.
  • Increase your sales with affordable solutions for your customers
  • Enhance the payment experience of your customers with easy and secure payment process
  • Boost your sales with enhanced loyalty and utilization.
  • Make affordable big-ticket purchases to your customers and grow average purchase value.

Associate Banks and NBFCs

  • HDFC Bank (Debit/Credit Cards)
  • ICICI Bank (Debit/Credit Cards)
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Axis Bank (Debit/Credit Cards)
  • SBI
  • Federal Bank
  • American Express
  • Bank of Baroda
  • YES Bank
  • IndusInd Bank
  • RBL Bank
  • Axis Bank 

Features of Ezetap's EMI Solution

Go through the below-listed features of Ezetap’s EMI Solution and know more about the unique payment solution.

Integrated EMI

Improve quality level by recording each EMI activity easily by utilizing the innovative optimized EMI solution.

No Cost EMI

Enhance your sales by giving your consumers No Cost EMI payment option.

Offer and Discounts

Offering fast bank discounts and cashback will lure more customers.

Debit/Credit Card EMI

Making big-ticket purchases is simple for your consumers as they can get instant EMI on their Debit and Credit cards.

NBFC Financing

Upsell the goods by offering cardless customers with simple NBFC financing options.

How to grow your business using EMI?

Go through the below given steps to register for Ezetap’s EMI Solution

  • Visit the link https://corp.ezetap.com/emi and enter the all the required details such as name, mobile number, email address.
  • After all the details click on the captcha box to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Now accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by clicking on the box.
  • Verify the entered details and click on ‘SUBMIT’



















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