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Punjab National Bank IFSC Code

The country's central bank (RBI) has specified three ways in which we can remit money. These include the popular NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. However, to undertake these transactions, we must have the IFSC Code allotted by RBI to each bank and the specified branch.

The Punjab National Bank IFSC Code is an 11-digit alphanumeric code having special 4 characters, 'PUNB', stand for the name of the bank, the fifth character is always 'zero' for future use and the final six characters specify the 'exact branch address'.

How to Search for Punjab National Bank IFSC Codes?

If you are searching for the IFSC code of your home branch, you can use two mechanisms to search. In the offline mode you will find it written on your cheque book, which has been given to you by the Punjab National Bank branch. If you are looking for online IFSC Code of Punjab National Bank you can find here in Goodreturns.

State Wise Punjab National Bank IFSC & MICR Code

About Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is the second largest bank in the country in terms of branches. PNB was formed in May, 1894, which makes it an almost 122 year old bank in the country.

Today, the bank has emerged among the reputed banks in the country with a very wide spread bank network. There are many branches of PNB, to transfer money from one branch to the other, you should have IFSC codes of PNB.

History of PNB

The first branch of Punjab National Bank was opened in the 1895. Since then the bank has never looked back.

Interestingly, the bank declared a dividend of 4 per cent, in the first seven months of operations. While, the first branch was opened in Lahore, the second was opened in Rawalpindi in 1900.

PNB has served the masses of the country in the almost 122 years of its existence. It has also been proud to serve leaders like Jawahar Lal Nehru, Gobind Ballabh Pant, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Smt. Indira Gandhi are leaders who have banked with Punjab National Bank.

Do not forget to visit the IFSC codes section of PNB for sending and receiving money.

In July 1969, PNB was nationalized. Today, the government of India holds a maximum stake in the bank. For the last many years, the bank has had an impeccable track record in the timely payment of dividend.

Lately, the bank has been facing some problems, regarding non performing assets. However, as the economy recovers it is hoped that there would be recovery in the asset quality of the bank.

Search for PNB IFSC Code

Our user friendly portal allows you to search for the IFSC code, through the State and the branch. We have covered almost all of the branches of PNB and will keep updating the same. You first need to key in the name of a particular bank, followed by the find bank option.

GoodReturns.in not only provides, the IFSC codes for Punjab National Bank, but, also for almost all of the commercials banks in the country.

Where to find the list of PNB IFSC codes?

There are a number of places where you can find the list of PNB IFSC codes.

One of the best places is your cheque book. If you look at your PNB cheque book carefully, you will observe that each of the cheque leaves have the IFSC codes of PNB written on the same. There are various other places where you will get the IFSC code of PNB and one of them is your Punjab National Bank passbook. Of course, in this time and age the best place to locate it would be through the various websites in the country. We at goodreturns.in have also provided a very comprehensive list of all of the IFSC codes of PNB in the country. These are very much updated and can be used as a reference. It is best to bookmark websites like ours, which will come in handy in the days to come. Remember, always verify the correct IFSC code before remitting money.

What if PNB adds to new branches?

Whenever PNB adds new branches, we update the list of PNB IFSC Codes to reflect the new branches. Say for example, if Punjab National Bank has added a new branch in the state of Uttar Pradesh. We add that new branch IFSC Code. It is important to add all branches and have an update of these as soon as is possible to help readers with the latest IFSC Codes. Normally, the IFSC Codes of PNB branches and other branches would never change and it is more or less permanent. The RBI allows new branches to every bank and the government owned banks have been rapidly expanding especially in the unbanked areas, to enable that banking reaches all. Punjab National Bank being one of the top lenders in the country has also facilitated the process of banking for all and has made great strides in setting up branches through the length and breadth of the country. Hence, if you are looking to the list of IFSC Codes of PNB do not forget to visit our website, which is updated as and when the need is felt to reflect the branches.

Identifying the IFSC Codes of PNB

The IFSC Codes, whether of Punjab National Bank or any other branch depends on the RBI. However, the initial codes for each branch will remain the same, while the branch code changes.

So, each time a new branch comes on we have the IFSC Codes of that bank being issued. For example, recently banks like Airtel Bank was launched. These are not commercial banks, but, largely payments banks. Off late there are no licences that were issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

Every bank and branch has its own unique IFSC code. So, every PNB branch has its own code. So, State Bank of India also has its own code. These days there are so many banks, that each of them you should know. One thing is you cannot transfer money unless you know these and this is particularly true for NEFT and RTGS transactions. It is important to remember that you also need the IFSC code for IMPS transfer.

Registering with PNB for sending NEFT and RTGS amounts

You need to register with Punjab National Bank for sending money through NEFT and RTGS. the first thing that one needs to do is apply for net banking. Once your net banking is done, you would be able to see "transfer funds".

Under that you can either send to an existing account or you can add a beneficiary. To add a beneficiary, you first need to check the IFSC codes and the exact account number. Thereafter, you can add a beneficiary.

The bank will then provide some security features to confirm the beneficiary, which is an added security measure. Once the same is added you can send money to the account using the IFSC Codes mentioned and the PNB internet banking account. The process is not cumbersome, though it should take time for registration of the beneficiary.

In any case, by chance if the IFSC code is wrong, PNB would remit the amount back and there are no worries.

What to do if your IFSC Codes is wrong?

It is highly possible at times that the IFSC Codes that you have of PNB is wrong. It such cases when you try to remit the money it would not go through. So, what you need to do is approach the Punjab National Bank branch and inform him of the same. Also, in some cases it may be highly possible that you just do not get the bank branch at all. In all such cases, what you need to do is contact the branch. At times, the IFSC Codes list of PNB branches may not be updated, in which case, you should find a way to look at other ways to fund the updated list. The best way would be to visit the branch of PNB and source the exact IFSC Code from them.

How long does it take to register a beneficiary by Punjab National Bank?

Once you have logged in and created your internet banking account, you have to register the beneficiary by using the IFSC Code, name of the beneficiary etc. Now, different banks have a different time period to register a beneficiary. Some do it quickly, while others take a few hours, while still others may take some time.

Make sure that you register a beneficiary with their IFSC account, when you have to make regular payments. Let us give an example. When there is a need to make payment for say a payment like credit card, which is every month, there is a need to make payments at regular intervals. So, you need to register the beneficiary through your PNB account. For this you need your internet banking account, which is a must. In case you do not have one, you can approach the branch to get all the details of the same.

What is the Relation Between Punjab National Bank branch code and IFSC code?

Punjab National Bank is one of the banks which are in existence before India got Independence. As of now, PNB has nearly seventThousand branches and almost ten thousand ATMs in more than seven hundred and fifty cities. The bank has nearly eight crore customers and has branches in other countries as well such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Kabul, etc. The founder of Punjab National Bank was Lala Lajpat Rai. He was a freedom fighter and popularly known as Punjab Kesari. This bank came into existence in 1984.

If we see the IFSC code of Punjab National Bank for all the branches, the IFSC code starts with PUNB and then the number will change accordingly. To understand this, we need to know how IFSC code is determined or assigned for a bank.

If we see the IFSC code, there will be 11 alpha-numeric code of which the first four will be alphabets, and those alphabets are bank code. And for Punjab National Bank the bank code is PUNB. The fifth character will be zero; This is zero because this is a slot which is kept for future use and the remaining six digits represents the bank code which explains the exact location of the branch.

Do we need IFSC Code if we are transferring money using MMID?

Punjab National Bank has offered a lot of services to its customers to make banking easy for them. Services such as mobile banking, Internet Banking, recently Punjab National Bank has launched its official UPI App as well called as PNB UPI app. This app can be downloaded from your respective mobile stores.

To know if PNB IFSC Code is required in transferring money using MMID. First, we need to know what is MMID and how it works?

MMID full form is Mobile Money Identification Number, and it is a part of IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). Basically, in IMPS there are two types of services one is using MMID, and the other is using account number.

Using MMID service means in this service firstly you need to generate your MMID code by visiting your bank or by Internet banking service. Once your MMID is generated. Anyone can send you money by keying in your MMID and mobile number. In this service, IFSC code is not needed. In case you want to send money MMID the recipient should have pre-generated MMID.

Using Account Number service is like sending money in the traditional way. Here you will be sending money using the recipient's account number and IFSC code of his bank branch. This is very simple and an easy process.

Delay in using NEFT and RTGS transfer through PNB IFSC Code?

You can use the IFSC Code to send and receive money, but, what if there is a delay after you send the money to a Punjab National Bank branch. In such case, you have to contact your branch. Sometimes, it may take a couple of hours to transfer the money and the beneficiary to receive the amount. However, at times it may take even longer than that. In such cases what you need to do is check and check again, if the PNB IFSC Code that you have furnished is correct. Today, there are so many branches of the IFSC Code, however, there are unlikely to change the code. In fact, they might eliminate the same altogether, if the branch itself has closed.

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