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M-Pesa is a digital money transfer, payment and micro-financing platform, founded in 2007 by Vodafone Group Pvt Ltd Company and Safaricom, Kenya's largest mobile network provider. Since then, it has broadened to include Tanzania, Mozambique, DRC, Lesotho, Ghana, Egypt, Afghanistan, South Africa, India, Romania and Albania. M-Pesa helps mobile phone users transfer or withdraw cash, pay for products and services, manage credit and savings and more. The service provided by M-Pesa allows you to deposit money to your bank account, by which you can transfer funds to other customers, including suppliers of products and services, using PIN-secured SMS text messages. Users will be charged a minimal fee for using the service to send and withdraw money. M-Pesa is a type of commercial banking service where M-Pesa users can withdraw cash money from a wide network including airtime resellers and retail outlets that serve as banking agents.

M-Pesa has increased steadily, becoming the most popular mobile-phone-based financing facility in the developing world by 2010. In November 2011 M-Pesa was founded as a close collaboration with ICICI bank in India. Vodafone India had collaborated with both ICICI and ICICI bank, and on 18 April 2013 ICICI introduced M-Pesa. The customer will have to register for this service, registration was free and charges for money transfer services are levied per M-Pesa transaction and DTH and Prepaid recharges can be performed free of charge using M-Pesa. With all its services Vodafone has aimed to carry out the features and benefits of M-Pesa across India. 

For your business, Vodafone M-Pesa is a quick, safe and convenient solution for payment and cash management. It is the most effective mobile money transfer service in the world. India saw the introduction of M-Pesa in 2014 and M-Pesa currently has 5 million consumers in India, with over 1,20,000 marketing channels in India. For the business customer, M-Pesa technology uses its product services to provide companies with two primary items-payments and cash collections.

A business's standard sales cycle would involve the raw material being transformed into the final goods that are delivered to the consumer. This is accompanied by the Customer's cash collection and payment to retailers or employees. M-Pesa eliminates inconveniences in this cycle and makes transfers incredibly easy. So if it's cash collections or payments, safe and fast purchases can be assured for business.

Banking is simplified at M-Pesa:

  • No need to remember bank details such as bank name, branch, ifsc codes etc, senders can transfer amount just by entering the mobile number of the recipient and a 4-digit PIN
  • Your account is checked for minimum balance, if the amount is sufficient in your account the transaction will be completed instantly.
  • Once the transaction is completed the sender will get a notification on his/her registered mobile number.
  • Once the payment is successful the recipient will also get notification

Key Benefits of M-Pesa

Secure and Convenient: Each transaction is triggered by the active mobile number and a confidential PIN of the user.

Easy to use: All instructions are executed via simple messages.

One can access the transaction menu by dialling * 400 #. Or else you can dial from your registered Vodafone mobile number on 55400. Make a note that to access your account no active internet connection, smartphone or GPRS is required.

Time Saving: No longer stuck in long queues, running for your banking transactions during office hours or travelling long distances to deposit or withdraw money.

No cash: Forget your physical cash, credit card/debit card at your home, carry your mobile with you and initiate all the banking services on the go.
Convenient: It's as easy as sending an SMS.

Process to register for M-Pesa

  • Users of M-Pesa can contact official Agents of M-Pesa. The M-Pesa agent will grant you a form to open an account.
  • Fill the form with the required details correctly, attach the form with all the supporting KYC documents and hand over to the M-Pesa agent.
  • After your KYC documents verification is done by the M-Pesa agent, your M-Pesa account will be activated instantly.
  • Once the agent activates your account you can make use of features such as bill payments, mobile recharge and more.
  • Once your KYC documents are successfully verified you can access all the features of M-Pesa.

M-Pesa App

M-Pesa app is one of the secured and fastest digital banking app which can be used to fulfill all our banking needs. M-Pesa, the first and most cutting-edge mobile financial service that enhances the experience of your sending and receiving money from your loved ones. By using the app you can access all the details of your bank account, pay online for goods and services, transfer money globally and conveniently transact from anywhere in the world. 

Features of M-Pesa App

  • Using your M-Pesa 4-digit PIN you can securely log in to your account
  • With a stable internet connection, you can manage your M-Pesa wallet anytime, anywhere.
  • You can manage and check your account balance with a single tap.
  • Transfer money to friends on any network easily by choosing your favourites or the new recipients from your phone book.
  • Use the mini statement function to view and download recent transactions
  • Manage your favourite contacts and business with a single tap
  • Render payments to businesses and merchants by merely choosing favourites or new recipients from your business.
  • Use the mini statement function to view and download recent transactions
  • Manage your favourite business and contacts under one place
  • Make payments to companies and merchants by selecting favourites or recent recipients from your business.
  • Allow payments at partner merchants using QR codes
  • Withdraw from the leading network of agents and ATMs
  • Withdraw cash using the QR Codes at partner merchants
  • Transfer funds from bank to M-Pesa or M-Pesa to your bank account
  • M-Pesa is certified by GSMA Mobile Money

What's new on M-Pesa app

M-Pesa app now supports SMS channels, you can now use the M-Pesa App even though you don't have access to a mobile network.

1. Improvements of contact and favourites:

  • Users can now choose the Contacts as favorites for sending money and Buy Airtime transactions from the recipient selection screen.
  • To add or delete your favourite users simply tap and untap the star icon
  • You can now save up to 200 individual contacts as favourites
  • To select the contact as favourite users are now recommended to save the contact first in the list of phone contacts.

2. Enhancement of favourite organizations:

  • Users can now pick Organizations as favourites for purchasing of products, withdrawal of agents and bill pay transactions from the receiver selection screen.
  • Users can make the organization as favourite from the recent tab.
  • Users can now select the desired organization from a predefined list of organizations or organizations that are not listed.

3. Improvements in Payment Reminder:

  • Reminders can be handled from the 'Scheduled Reminder' menu on the home page or when a transaction is completed.
  • The reminder due is specified in the ascending order of the date and time
  • Users can configure reminders for transferring money and bill payments
  • Users can trigger payments by simply clicking the reminder notification and entering the PIN to finish the transaction.

Safety and Security with M-pesa

M-pesa Telecom Service has not left unanswered questions about the convenience and security of its customers in terms of online banking services. Your all banking and financial services are secure because: 

Registration Process: The M-Pesa services are only offered by M-Pesa agent to Vodafone customers who have validly approved for the same and registration happens only at registered M-Pesa store.

Activation process: The user is mandated to use a 4-digit PIN to launch the M-Pesa on their handsets. The consumer will use a 4 digit start key to unlock the M-Pesa on their handsets. Such 4 digits are generated randomly by the M-Pesa framework and are provided to mobile customers once the agent registers them. It means that M-Pesa on his phone is only allowed by the authorized account owner who has completed the KYC. 

User-generated PIN: User is mandated to generate a 4-digit numeric PIN of his/her choice. This PIN is confidential for the user and it is secured with the owner of M-Pesa account. The PIN is required for a verification purpose before initiating a transaction on the M-Pesa system. In case five incorrect PINs are entered continuously, the application gets locked.

Instant Notification: The M-Pesa system ensures you enhanced security for each and every initiated activity. You will get an instant SMS with each transaction authenticating the same.

Uses of M-Pesa

You can use M-Pesa to initiate various banking services and day-to-day usage on your go.

Cash Deposit: By visiting the nearest authorized M-Pesa agent you can raise a request to deposit your money. The M-Pesa agent will modify the system and you will get an SMS notification immediately. Kindly handover the amount to be deposited to M-Pesa agent after receiving the SMS.

Cash Withdrawal: 

Registered M-Pesa users: Dial *400# >> Select withdraw option >> Enter your M-Pesa agent number >> Enter the amount you want to withdraw >> Enter PIN >> Press 1 to confirm.

Non-registered users: You will get an SMS which includes transaction details and a voucher code. After confirming your proof of identity, mobile number and withdrawal code, the M-Pesa agent will render the withdrawal request. No charges are applied for cash withdrawals by M-Pesa.

Prepaid Recharge:

For Vodafone number: Dial *400# >> Select prepaid recharge option >> Select self >> Enter recharge amount >> Enter PIN >> Tap 1 to confirm >> Get confirmation by SMS

For any other number: Dial *400# >> Select prepaid recharge option >> Select others >> Select network provider >> Enter your mobile number >> Enter the recharge amount >> Enter PIN >> Press 1 to confirm >> Get confirmation message.

DTH Recharge: Dial *400# >> Select DTH option >> Select your operator >> Enter the subscription ID >> Enter the recharge amount >> Enter PIN >> Press 1 to confirm the transaction.

Dos & Don'ts for M-Pesa Users

Below listed are the Dos and Don’ts for M-Pesa for security purposes.


  • Create M-Pesa account with zero balance.
  • Before making a transfer or payment thoroughly check the mobile number of the beneficiary.
  • Before making any action carefully go through the instructions in the handset.
  • Get in touch immediately with the M-Pesa from the nearest agent or by calling customer care at 55400 to solve related queries with M-Pesa.
  • In case the lost or stolen of your mobile, get in touch with the customer care immediately
  • Create a strong PIN and keep changing the PIN frequently
  • View the SMS confirmation for every transaction to make sure it's accurate. Inform the customer service if you do not get a confirmation SMS within 15 minutes of the transaction.
  • Wait 5 minutes before making consecutive transactions of the same amount to the same beneficiary.
  • In case you forgot your PIN, call the customer care immediately
  • Share coupon code with an authorised M-Pesa agent only when you visit the cash withdrawal store.


  • Do not share your PIN with anyone who is not an M-Pesa agent or customer executive.
  • Do not allow anyone to see your PIN while using or entering. Keep your PIN always confidential.
  • Do not exit the shop of your agent until you obtain a text message confirming your transaction.
  • Do not share your voucher code except with the M-Pesa agent who will ease your withdrawal request
  • Don't pay any agent fees or costs in cash. All applicable fees or charges will be directly deducted from your account
  • Do not sign a blank application form, to be filled out later by an agent
  • Do not hand over the money, copies or original copies containing your personal details such as date of birth, PAN, proof of address, etc. to someone pretending to be an agent of M-Pesa. Visit approved M-Pesa stores only to deposit or make withdrawals
  • Do not reply to any e-mails or telephone call wrongly pretending to be from a bank or MCSL, and requesting you to share sensitive information relevant to your personal and M-Pesa account. M-Pesa never asks you to share details about your personal or M-Pesa account.

Pay utility bills via M-Pesa App

'M-Pesa App' that allows consumers to pay bills and recharge their mobile phones also allows its users to load their M-Pesa wallet absolutely free on the App via net banking / debit card. Users can recharge their smartphone & DTH quite easily with the 'M-Pesa App’. Making payment for post-paid, electricity, gas and landline bills from mobile is just a few clicks away to complete. Users can get an offer of 5 per cent cashback on payments made through the app (up to a maximum of Rs 50 per month). Vodafone has always been a leader in the unveiling of innovative solutions that are relevant to the customers' needs.

With its highly safe and secure M-Pesa app, users can reap all the baking and payment benefits transfer money instantly, pay utility bills, mobile recharge and more through their mobile phone. With a pan-India network of more than 90,000 representatives and more than 3 million users, Vodafone M-Pesa is the nation's largest bank intermediary and plays a crucial role in facilitating financial development and m-commerce. 

Vodafone m pesaCash Grievance Redressal

Contact the Toll Free Customer Support (8:00 AM to 10:00 PM) for any concerns about M-Pesa products or services.

For a Vodafone user: 5540

For a non-Vodafone user: 1800 123 55400 

Email: mailto:customercare.vmpl@vodafone.com 

Time period for clarification

  • It will take 2 working days for normal cases other than the below listed
  • 9 working days related to a settlement
  • Whenever a case requires extra time, the customer service will notify you of the reasons for the interruption in resolution and include the expected deadlines for resolving the problem

Help Desk for fraud-related issues

Dial +91(079)71250017 from 9:00AM to 06:00 PM except Sunday.

Or drop a mail at mailto:fraudsupport.vmpl@vodafone.com 

Nodal Officer

You can also contact the Nodal Officer for the respective circle in order to lodge your complaint by submitting complaint docket number (the unique complaint number that is issued when you lodge your concern at Customer Portal) between 9.30 am and 6.00 pm, from Monday to Friday. And also you need to include your M-Pesa mobile number along with your query, and it will take 2 working days to respond to your complaint. 

Appellate Authority

If you ever plan to complain further, you can do so by enticing to the Appellate Authority for the relevant circular at any period from Monday to Friday, between 9.30 a.m. and 6 p.m., with your grievance docket number and your M-Pesa mobile number (you will get unique complaint number after lodging your grievance with Customer Care). 

Points to consider while appealing to the Appellate Authority,

  • You must file the grievance within 90 days from the expiry of the time period stated by customer support for complaint / query settlement.
  • You must provide your docket number for grievance while you address the Appellate Authority. This will benefit the Appellate Authority to get the entire facts of the case.
  • Your appeal docket number will be assigned to you. The appeal will be evaluated within 39 working days of the day the grievance is lodged.
  • Please acknowledge that you will also get the resolution time along with your appeal docket number via SMS.

Write to the Nodal Officer

The Nodal Officer

ICICI Bank Ltd

Bandra Kurla Complex

Mumbai 400051

Email: mailto:headservicequality@icicibank.com 











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