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Oxigen Wallet introduced to you by Oxigen House, India's leading provider of payment solutions is the one-stop-shop for all of your payment needs. Get set to be edged over by the absolute convenience of making cashless payments using the Oxigen Wallet. Oxigen Wallet has eliminated eKYC (OTP based KYC) on the app after the Hon. Supreme Court's order. However, paper KYC is still available at Oxigen Retail Stores by submitting the required documents. Install the Oxigen Wallet Android App for easy smartphone recharges / bill payments, online UPI payments and shopping on your favorite websites. Experience trouble-free money transfers, an impressive range of Gift Cards, too. For compliance purposes, Oxigen Wallet discontinued supporting custom / updated OS.

Today Oxigen reaches Indian people's lives through Innovative Technology and their partnerships to provide a variety of business and financial services across a cost-effective network that includes smartphone, web, and POS delivery. While being an industry leader in providing customers with efficient services, Oxigen aims to provide next-generation offerings to the consumers in both Rural and Urban India by providing entrepreneurs a compelling business opportunity in all sectors. Oxigen is enabling rural entrepreneurs to extend the connection of their village to facilities in their markets while improving the quality, usability and range of goods accessible to rural communities utilizing cost-effective technology. Oxigen intends to be an industry leader in mobile commerce applications in the fields of mobility, entertainment and education and to create cost-effective applications to allow access to a broad range of services, including banking, education, financial literacy education, government access to information, focusing on economically weaker sectors, particularly in rural areas

Oxigen Wallet 

Oxigen Wallet is a product of Oxigen Services India Pvt Ltd.-India's leading provider of payment solutions.

They have served India since 2004 through our service aggregation business providing quick recharges, bill payment & money transfer via POS machines at more than 500,000 + retail outlets. Oxigen Wallet has promised to provide luxury facilities through its app and website. With the belief of 20 million consumers and a network of 15,000 online and offline merchants, 170 + banks and 15,000 international trading partners around the nation Oxigen Wallet is one of the country's most widely accepted mobile wallets.

With innovation enabled by cutting-edge technologies, Oxigen Wallet guarantees to deliver a variety of services tailored specifically to satisfy the payment needs of any customer. So if it's mobile / DTH / Data Card Recharges, Bill Payments, Quick Money Transfers, Online Shopping, Gift Cards, or Virtual E Prepaid Cards on the go you can do it all-easily, conveniently and effortlessly with Oxigen Wallet. Trust and durability are at the core of the business ideology and therefore Oxigen Wallet registered Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar as the brand ambassador in September 2015.

How to Download Oxigen Wallet in your Mobile Phone?

The users of Oxigen Wallet can download the app easily from Google PlayStore on all the Android-based phones. The app is even available for download on the Apple app store. 

How to Register and Login for Oxigen Wallet?

The users of Oxigen Wallet can download the app in their respective mobile phones and can log in to the e-wallet in any of the three ways

  • Mobile app registration 
  • Web registration 
  • SMS – based registration 

Mobile app registration 

Step 1: First download the Oxigen app and launch it in your phone

Step 2: Now sign up by providing all the required details including your name, mobile number and so on.

Step 3: An OTP verification will be carried out

Step 4: Now, enter the verification code sent to your mobile number and proceed further and click on the ‘Submit’ button for completing mobile app registration. 


Web Registration 

Step 1: First login to the website via online and sign up after filling in all the relevant personal information. 

Step 2: Now go to the home page and click on the profile icon.

Step 3: Proceed further and click on ‘Sign up’ option 

Step 4: Now enter your name, mobile number, date of birth and choose a password of your choice.

Step 5: Now a pop up will appear showing the list of terms and conditions. Accept it and click on ‘Proceed’ button

Step 6: Enter the verification code which will be sent to your registered mobile number and click on ‘Submit’ option 

Step 7: With this, the registration process will be complete. The user can choose and enter their email id and address now (it is optional, not mandatory)


SMS based Registration 

Step 1: First, compose a message from your mobile in the given format: Oxigen *Agree*Date of Birth (DDMMYY)*Full Name 

Step 2: Now send the typed message in the above format to the following number: 9971888888

Step 3: You have now completed the registration process for Oxigen app via SMS based registration.

Uses of Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet can be used for fulfilling the below-mentioned purposes  

  • To request money/cash
  • To send money to the wallet
  • For recharging mobile or DTH
  • For paying utility bills, grocery bills
  • For sending money to a bank account
  • For prepaid cards
  • For online shopping
  • For purchasing gift cards

How to Collect Money using Oxigen Wallet?

Step 1: First open the Oxigen app on your mobile phone after downloading the same.
Step 2: Click on the ‘Request Money’ option and enter the amount which you are set to transfer and select the individual to whom you are planning to transfer.
Step 3: Proceed further and choose the mode of transfer, email, or mobile number and enter other required details.

How to send amount using Oxigen Wallet?

Step 1: First open the app on your mobile phone
Step 2: Choose how you prefer to send the money (to a bank using the account number or to any preferred bank using MMID). Select the option as per your preference.
Step 3: Now fill in the relevant details and click on the continue button.
Step 4: Proceed further and enter the OTP to complete the transaction

Process to use Oxigen Wallet Gift Card 

A gift card is just like a prepaid or debit card that is packed with a certain sum of money which you can use at retail or online stores for making a purchase. Purchase the gift card by using the Oxigen app and gift it to your nearest or dearest. Below listed is the process to generate an Oxigen Wallet Gift Card.

  • Launch the Oxigen App and login with your ID/Password
  • Now go to the "Gifts Section" and select a gift card and amount
  • Tap on "Self" if you are purchasing for yourself or else tap on "Gift" if you are gifting to your loved ones. 
  • If you are gifting to a friend than enter the mobile number of his/her and tap on "Pay"
  • Once the transaction is complete you will get a successful message on your mobile screen.

Process to generate a Prepaid VISA Card on Oxigen Wallet

  • Open the app and login with your ID/Password
  • Now tap on the "Prepaid Card" option and then tap on the "Add New" option to create one.
  • Now you will be asked to enter card value, enter the amount of your choice and choose a 4-digit PIN
  • Now tap on "Create Card" option and you will get a review of your entered details.
  • Tap on "Ok" and you will see your virtual VISA Card on the screen.
  • Now tap on the "All Good" option and you are done.  

How to Load Money in Oxigen Wallet?

Users of Oxigen Wallet can load the money through any of the following ways and it is easy and a simple process:

  • Through Debit or Credit cards
  • Through IMPS
  • By redeeming the payback points

Oxigen Wallet KYC

Currently, customers can verify their mobile number to use wallet services. But customers will have to complete full KYC using Aadhaar or PAN details for cash transfer to a bank account and also an option to add more than Rs 10,000 in the wallet. You must keep in mind that an OTP based KYC is valid for a period of 1 year. You have to verify your Aadhaar number via OTP to complete EKYC. Once you complete your KYC you are eligible to keep up to Rs 1,00,000 on your wallet. And also you can add up to Rs 2,00,000 on your Oxigen Wallet in a year. After the validity period is over you can complete the full KYC process by visiting your nearest Oxigen outlet.  Here you will get the step by step process to complete the Oxigen Wallet KYC that is valid for 1 year only.

  • Open the Oxigen Wallet and login with your Id and Password
  • Go to the menu bar and tap on the "Upgrade KYC" option.
  • Now enter your Aadhaar Number and tap on accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Now tap on "Verify via OTP" option and you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP on the required section and tap on "Verify".
  • On the next screen, you will see your Aadhaar details, confirm the details by selecting the "Yes" option, and tap on "Submit".
  • Now you will get a successful message on your mobile screen. 

Oxigen Paper KYC

Please visit the nearest Oxigen retailer with the following set of self-attested documents for complete KYC. The retailer will verify your documents before submitting them. For Paper KYC service you have to pay an amount of Rs 50 which will be credited back to your wallet once the KYC process is complete. Below listed are the documents required for Oxigen Paper KYC:

Residence Proof

  • Telephone/Mobile Bill of the last 3 months
  • Electricity Bill for the last 3 months
  • Ration Card
  • Bank/ Credit Card statement of the last 3 months
  • PAN Card
  • Income Tax details
  • Municipal tax/ water bill

ID Proof

  • Voter ID Card
  • Photo ID Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • ID Cards issued by PSU/ Govt./ Defense Department

Finance Proof

  • Form 60/PAN Card Details

Oxigen Travel Services

If you're on your personal trip, Oxygen Travels will support you with all the services for your journey. "Possibilities are Endless"-You need only the ingenuity to discover them and strength to experience them. The goal of Oxigen Travel Services is to provide excellent support to its customers. All the experts at Oxygen Travels are professionals in their profession and each carries with it a special range of expertise that adds value to the country's overall traveller experience. 

Key benefits of Oxigen Travel Services

Zero investment: No need to invest for earning through your own travel business

Amazing rewards: Exciting commission for every booking

Affordable cost: Book hotel and flight tickets online at a minimal price 

Amazing deals: Best offers and deals for your customers

Steps to subscribe for Oxigen Travel Service

  • Visit ro.oximall.com and log in by using the credentials
  • Under the menu bar click on ‘Travel’
  • Now enter your registered email id and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option
  • Now re-enter your email address and click on ‘Continue’
  • Now open your email and click on the password reset link
  • Now create a new password as per your choice, re-enter the password on the required field and click on ‘Proceed to login’

How to login

  • Visit ro.oximall.com and login
  • Under the menu bar click on ‘Travel’
  • Now enter your registered email id and password
  • Now compare the best hotels or air tickets and make your booking

Oxigen’s POS Terminal

Oxigen's POS terminal works seamlessly with its proprietary software which makes any Retailer to conduct both online and offline transactions. Oxigen believes that retailers on the POS will significantly benefit in the upcoming days with add on facilities such as biometrics and more. This makes the Oxigen’s POS Terminal one of the most admirable modes of connectivity across India. There are many services that can run on the same PoS. The POS terminal requires minimum storage to set up and comes with an affordable operating cost. Oxigen used to streamline the PoS terminals earlier (from 2004 to 2010) In 2010, with new innovations & rising of GPRS,

Oxigen therefore developed & rendered a GPRS modem that could be directly connected to any POS machines. The market accepted this POS with welcoming hands in 2011, and was giddy about its speed, efficiency etc. And Oxigen received reviews from rural communities that the accessibility of gprs was not really reliable at the indoor conditions. That's why Oxigen established its own POS terminal that can meet the requirements and desires of the retailers as well as the customers. After Oxigen started creating its own POS devices, the path for POS acceptance for payment digitization in urban and rural areas of India has transformed. 

Oxigen POS Machine

Oxigen's POS terminal works seamlessly with security software which allows any Retailer to conduct both online and offline transactions. Oxigen assumes that retailers on the POS would greatly benefit in the upcoming times, with some add-on benefits such as biometrics, that will make Oxigen POS Machine one of the outstanding connectivity modes in the market. The Oxigen POS Machine needs a small space of the shop and has the minimum operating costs by which you are able to run a massive range of services on the same POS.
In the sector of financial participation, Oxigen has taken a move ahead by collaborating with RBL bank and launching its new Oxigen Micro ATM-Super Service Agent. Apart from debit/credit card transactions, the New Oxigen MicroATM-Super Service Agent (OSSA) will be able to do a lot more with innovative & additional Financial Inclusion features like cash withdrawal & cash deposit. The unique multi-feature POS terminal, Oxigen Micro ATM, introduces new sources of revenue for the OSSA. Being an agent of Oxigen Super Service you can offer different services such as:

  • Visa Master Card Debit Card/Credit card payments options
  • You can accept card payments from Visa/Master/Rupay Card
  • Aadhaar registration and opening of new bank account
  • eKYC service for Oxigen Wallet and Virtual Visa Card.
  • You can generate new Oxigen wallet for the customers
  • Cash withdrawals /Cash@PoS by using Rupay Cards
  • Adding cash to different mobile wallets such as Oxigen Wallet, Reliance Jio Money, Airtel Money and more.
  • You can accept Aadhaar Enabled Payment System(AEPS) for cash withdrawals from any Indian bank account that supports Aadhaar (Micro ATM facility).
  • You can generate services to the customer such as Oxigen Money Transfer Services (OMTS), Recharge, Bill Payment, and more.

Oxigen Wallet Prepaid VISA Card

Prepaid VISA is a prepaid card developed using the Oxigen Wallet app, endorsed by RBL Bank and operated by Visa. It is just like a multi-use debit card with a 3-digit CVV number, expiry date and 16-digit card number. After the card is issued the same can be either saved for self-use in the app or can be sent via email or SMS to friends and family.  It is a Visa-powered virtual card that will enable users who do not have debit or credit cards to safely make purchases on any e-commerce platform and also allow users of Oxigen Wallet to transact through any other wallet.

By using Oxigen Wallet Prepaid VISA Card users can generate one mobile virtual card for their account or create a different virtual card for each transaction. It also enables users to do flexible transactions on Amazon, Flipkart, UBER and more. The strategy can only operate in India where users of credit cards and debit cards are much inferior to users of mobile wallets. The physical debit or credit cards are linked to the bank account of the customers, making them more susceptible to money laundering. Utilizing a Virtual Card an individual can make a transaction via wallet, which minimizes the risk of all types of fraudulent activities. 

Key Highlights of Oxigen Wallet Prepaid VISA Card

  • It is a virtual prepaid card supported by RBL Bank and operated by Visa. 
  • Pay in advance using Oxigen Wallet and pay only the amount that you add to your card.
  • Backed by bank-grade encryption, it allows you pay online without revealing information about your bank account. 
  • You don't require a bank account just utilize the Oxigen Wallet App in your mobile and manage all the banking services in your fingertips.

Process to Pay online using a Prepaid VISA Card

Triggering an online payment via Prepaid VISA Card simple as paying using your debit card. You don't have to disclose all your bank details to pay via online. To do a transaction on a website or application (where VISA is accepted), follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Head to the credit card section on the payment page and enter the details of your Prepaid VISA Card such as 16-digit card number, expiry date, CVV number.
  • Now enter the 4-digit PIN of your card and complete the transaction.
  • Once the transaction is completed you will get the successful message on your registered mobile number via SMS. 

Oxigen RuPay Debit Card

Oxigen RuPay Debit Card has introduced by the payment solutions industry Oxigen Services. Oxigen has collaborated with Rupay and RBL Bank to give born to this initiative. The card is designed to provide different services, benefits, rewards, incentives and wage disbursement for small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs) and large corporations. One can avail this card without opening a bank account. This debit card can be utilized at PoS terminals, e-commerce platforms and ATMs to withdraw cash across India. For withdrawing cash from ATMs employees can add money into its ‘General’ category. Employees can witness unique Oxigen’s expense management system to get amazing deals and offers without maintaining any minimum balance. Oxigen Services with a massive offline reach of 2,00,000 retail touchpoints and Oxigen Wallet operates digitally via online and offline to provide unique benefits of Oxigen’s expense management solution across the country. 

Key points of Oxigen RuPay Debit Card

  • Many of the rewards and recognition schemes of the company are paid out by gift vouchers or any other, which can be redeemed at selected merchants/outlets. 
  • Generate your own PIN and transact securely
  • To apply for Oxigen RuPay Debit Card no any bank account needed
  • Make recharge and self top up with Oxigen RuPay debit card
  • The card is accepted at all the online and offline merchants
  • The Oxigen RuPay debit card is accessible via the Oxigen wallet app
  • Get load up to Rs 50,000 instantly
  • The Oxigen RuPay debit card comes with standard security features
  • Get lost card liability feature and make your travel hassle-free

Oxigen Micro ATM

In the area of financial inclusion, Oxigen has taken a move ahead by collaborating with RBL bank and launching the new Oxigen Micro ATM-Super Service Agent. With modern added financial inclusion functionality such as cash transfer, cash deposit including debit/credit card transactions, the Latest Oxigen Micro ATM-Super Service Agent (OSSA) will be able to do even more. The unique multi-functional POS terminal, Oxigen Micro ATM, introduces new revenue streams for the OSSA. For retailers and merchants, it's the best retail POS software solution.

Key Benefits of Oxigen Micro ATM

Below listed are some benefits of Oxigen Micro ATM

  • The device can be used by business owners as a payment option.
  • It supports all domestic (RuPay) and international (Visa and Mastercard) debit cards.
  • In India, business owners can perform banking activities for any bank. 
  • It covers all the banking needs such as Balance Enquiry, Money Transfer, and withdrawal of cash using AEPS, Cash, etc.
  • Offers in-built connectivity to gateways for all telecom operators and other utility providers to recharge and bill payment services.
  • Oxigen Micro ATM is priced at Rs. 13500/- per user. 

Features of Oxigen Micro ATM

Being an agent for Oxigen Super Service will allow you to get a range of services which are listed below.

Banking Facilities

1. ATM Services: Cash Withdrawal and Cash Deposit

2. Aadhaar Enabled Banking: CashDeposit/Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry

3. Money Transfer: Oxigen Money Transfer methods (IMPS & NEFT)

4. Multiple Payment options

5. Recharges and Bill Payment (BBPS) 

6. Oxigen Mobile Wallet

Merchant Payment Solutions in Oxigen’s Micro ATM

Oxigen 's Micro ATM offers the retail store's with multiple payment options for managing all forms of payment which include debit/credit card, Bharat QR code, BHIM Aadhaar Pay and UPI etc. The Micro ATM offers a range of payment options which enhance your day to day payment experience. For all retail transactions, it's simple to handle swiped debit/credit cards through Oxigen 's Micro ATM or via a retailer application and web portal. Whether it's a Chip & Pin, Magnetic Swipe, or NFC, Oxigen Micro ATM provides a secure and effective end-to-end solution.

BHARAT QR Code Payment

It is a payment accepting method for retailers where it is not required for a physical card or entering details of their bank account. Just scan the Quick Response ( QR ) code and go. The merchant enters the payment amount in Micro ATM with an enhanced version of the Bharat QR code, and the screen shows a unique Bharat QR code which consists the payment amount. The consumer merely needs to scan this QR code from their mobile and by using the MPIN / Password / Touch-ID he/she can authorize these payments as specified by their bank. 

Why choose BHARAT QR Code?

  • Advanced payment method for users to allow payment without needing a physical debit or credit card.
  • Quick and Stable Transaction which makes it simple and secure way to accept transactions with quick alert for transactions.
  • Allow payment for Visa / MasterCard / RuPay Debit / Credit cards at any time via POS or retail app on a 24x7 basis. 

BHIM Aadhaar Pay

Oxigen 's Micro ATM enables merchants / retailers / small traders to receive payment from consumers using a person's biometrics to approve the transaction through BHIM Aadhaar Pay. 

Why choose BHIM Aadhaar Pay?

  • User may pay using the Aadhaar number, the system retrieves a bank account registered to his Aadhaar and debits a bank account related to the debit card or the Bharat QR Code.
  • A safe way to receive payments that offer instant alerts and a physical receipt for every transaction.
  • Government offers reward programs for merchants who accept payments by Aadhaar.


Similar to BHARAT QR, merchants can also use UPI to accept payments from their customers directly. Customers don’t need to submit bank or card details while making payment, just open any UPI supporting app and make the payment with a single tap. 

Why choose UPI?

Smart and secure transaction

Receive payment for a transaction from your customer without the debit/credit card details. The UPI service has more than 50 million users.

Safe and fast transaction

Receive payment at any time via POS with no threat of forfeiting virtual customer address such as cards.

Low cost payment mode

A method of low cost relative to other forms of transfer of funds.

Online registration for Oxigen MicroATM - Super Service Agent

To join the growing community of more than 20000 super-service agents, follow the below steps.

  • Visit the Oxigen website and click on ‘Micro ATM’
  • Now navigate to the ‘Apply for Oxigen MicroATM Agent’ tab.
  • Now enter all the required details and click on ‘SUBMIT’

Documents required

  • Address Proof
  • Photo id proof
  • PAN Card

Oxigen will reach you by phone and will complete all the necessary paperwork via an e-sign method. To authorize your application through RBI you need to pay INR 11,800/- while you submit the document. A Micro-ATM will be installed at your designated area upon approval. Please note: As part of Software Development charges an amount of Rs 150 will be charged.

Oxigen Retail Agent App

Oxigen Retail Agent App emboldens both retailers and shop owners throughout India to utilize and benefit more from Oxigen 's services. This app is also completely free to access from the Android playstore. Once activated and authorized by a merchant, it can be used to experience certain services at a nominal price and deliver the same to the customer base. Using this app you will get a range of services such as transfer of funds, Merchant Payment Service, Wallet Recharging, Recharges or Bill Payment Service and more. The retailers can also buy eKYC and AePS facilities at an additional cost. 

There are a number of Oxigen driven services available inside the Oxigen Retail Agent viz app. Money transfer facilities, bill payment and recharge facilities and more. Additionally, this application can be used to load money into a variety of digital wallets including Oxigen Wallet, Jio Money, and more. In brief, the Oxigen retailer application puts together all of Oxigen 's offerings in one location so you can take advantage of all of them with only a few taps. It's also very simple and quick to use, which helps you to deliver hassle-free customer services. Install the Oxigen retail agent app today and experience all the services provided by Oxigen absolutely free.  

How does it work?

After downloading the Oxigen Retail Agent App, complete the simple sign-up process. For sign-up dial on the number 0124-66 55 222 and share your contact details with the representative(s) or else you can also write to customercare@myoxigen.com 

You can load money into the app, which is your trade balance (TA). That money would then be used to provide the customers visiting the shop with services. You can start tapping the service tab and enter relevant information just as you use your web dashboard to provide a service as a retailer. For example, if you tap 'Money transfer,' you can choose whether to transfer money through OMTS or RBL. Next hit the mobile Wallet number that must be used to take advantage of the service. Send the money and enter the wallet PIN and you are done.

The Oxigen retail agent application is free to download and install and get access to seamless services from Oxigen. If you have become aware of the Oxigen retail app, all of the relevant Oxigen services are guaranteed to be accessible, as a flow.

Retail Management Unit through Oxigen

Oxigen has tied up numerous Retail Outlet Management Units (RMU) or Distributors to support the Retail Outlets in a customer-centric and efficient manner for stronger marketplace absorption. Currently, Oxigen have more than 2000 distributors of pan-India services. Spellbinding and visionary entrepreneurs who share the dream of joining as the distributors / RMU / Retailers in Oxigen, throughout separate Indian cities and pursuing a new future of unimpeded and accelerated development of a new world. 

Key benefits of Retail Management Unit

  • Lessens physical directory
  • Lessens the need for retail outlet operation up to 60%.
  • Helps to broaden the portfolio of products.
  • The online RMU panel strengthens product development and coverage.
  • Decreases the risk of manipulation.
  • Provides value-added quality advantage.
  • Provides an effective system of retailer management; digital transfer of funds; and a reliable solution of updating the trading balance.
  • Increases productivity, revenue and return on investment.
  • No chance of territorial division as you broaden.
  • Enhanced services / items are accessible without any additional costs.
  • Higher return on investment as compared to FMCG Business. 

Oxigen Retail Outlets

As we all know that mobile phones are the crucial part of our lifestyle, and therefore most of the customers prefer prepaid mobile. Prepaid Mobile Recharge is undoubtedly becoming one of the most profitable retail businesses. In addition to the recharge service, Oxigen has introduced Oxigen Money Transfer service which is best suited for your retail business.

Benefits of Oxigen Retail Business

  • Become a one-stop shop for all types of prepaid recharge and services.
  • Initiate online recharge for many utilities such as telecom, broadband, TV / DTH, Railway / Bus / Airline bookings and more including batch access and storage facility in the terminal. 
  • Reports are accessible on the terminal and on the website of the retailer at any time.
  • Specialised customer service for the retailer
  • Business oriented and non-stop profits terminal for all services
  • Retail Outlet can instantly order and get airtime and other services.
  • The visibility materials offered to generate consumer footfall at frequent intervals.
  • No minimum quantity of order to address and no complexity in delivery.
  • Simple cash flow on retail outlets
  • Incredibly lucrative business, without needing storage space.
  • Manage your transaction records anytime on terminal
  • No need to maintain trading balance
  • No threat of damage related to fraud, recharge coupons or flaws in calculation. 
  • Convenient access to online training portal

Oxigen Distribution Model

Oxigen 's reach extends throughout India, including more than 200,000 touch points are responsible for 150 million satisfied customers experiencing more than 60 services. The platform used to deliver such facilities to retail is very peerless. Such facilities, accessible by the distribution channels, using varying directive types, to fit with the need and budget of a retailer. Oxigen always empower small businesses and businessmen to participate either as a Retail Outlet (RO), a Retail Management Unit (RMU / Distributor), or a Banking collaborator for SBI CSP Kiosk Banking / RBL CSP and MicroATM Super Service Agent with them. 

Retail Outlets can utilize their account balance to deliver such facilities to their clients. The leading retailers of India such as Next, TMS, Aadhaar, Basix, Big Apple, Digi World, E-Zone, Poorvika retail, RDRL, Sahara Q Shop, Vijay Sales, Croma, Pantaloon, Planet M, Vishal Mega Mart, are the companies utilizing Oxigen’s Point of Sale device. Furthermore, Oxigen Money Transfer service is a safe and quick trading system, which operates on a 24x7 basis. Oxigen provides effective support and services to its collaborated partners. The customer support teams are available 24x7 to meet your needs and queries. 

As a channel associate of Oxigen, you can experience services such as:

  • Mobile recharge and bill payments
  • DTH Recharge
  • Booking air and train tickets
  • Booking movie tickets
  • Money transfer
  • Mobile wallet recharge
  • Merchant payment 

Oxigen Rail Agent

Oxigen Retailers can register for the IRCTC Agent service allowing them to serve customers with rising rail service needs. Reach or write to: railagent@myoxigen.com or feedback@myoxigen.com for more details. As per the new IRCTC guidelines implemented from Sept. 25, 2019, the IRCTC Rail Agent is now needed to validate this cancellation for any Manual Cancellation or Auto Cancellation of the IRCTC Waiting List ticket, via OTP confirmation through SMS provided on the customer's mobile.

Steps to cancellation of ticket

  • Visit Oxirail.com and log in using the credentials
  • Now go to the ‘My Transactions’ section and the screen will display the transactions like booked or cancelled tickets on your dashboard.
  • Now select the ticket which you want to cancel and then clicks on Cancel E-Ticket. 
  • You need to click on the ‘Verify’ icon corresponding to cancelled tickets, for Both Manual cancellation & waiting ticket cancellation
  • Once you click on the ‘Verify’ button and a pop-up window will appear and an OTP will be sent to the customer’s mobile.
  • Now enter the  OTP in the pop-up screen and then click on ‘Submit’
  • Once the OTP is verified and then click on ‘Cancel’ 
  • The amount of the cancelled ticket will be revised in TA balance after the verification of cancel ticket is complete. 

Points to remember while verifying the cancel ticket via OTP Validation on Oxigen

  • As per IRCTC 's latest regulations, rail agents must submit customer consent in the form of OTP to recover the amount of a cancelled ticket.
  • Retailers need to use the appropriate mobile number of consumers when booking / reserving their tickets.
  • If Oxirail Agent has entered OTP incorrectly, the alert "Incorrect OTP" will pop up on the screen and Rail Agent will then be asked to enter the correct OTP.
  • In case OTP is not generated on the customer mobile number then the rail agent can resend the OTP by tapping on the ‘Resend’ option available at the Pop-up window
  • Oxirail Agent is authorized to resend the OTP to the customer's mobile number 3 times a day & up to 9 times for 3 days including the cancellation day.
  • Verification of OTP that occur 5 times a day & up to 15 times for 3 days, including the cancellation day, which implies that if Oxirail Agent enters wrong OTP more than 5 times a day for the whole day he will not be allowed to re-enter the OTP.
  • The ticket will be cancelled and the balance of that cancelled ticket will be on lock if Oxirail Agent click on “Cancel” E-ticket by submitting the Oxirail ref number & Web vendor code 
  • OTP verification period is up to 3 days from the period of cancellation, therefore Oxirail Agent is allowed to verify the ticket cancellation OTP post within 3 days from the date of cancellation of the ticket. If unresolved, the amount of the cancelled ticket would be put on hold. 
  • When Oxirail agent clicks on 'resend tab' to resend the OTP, then resent OTP remains valid for up to 72 hrs. The same OTP will be generated and sent even if the Rail Agent requests to resend OTP during the above-mentioned period
  • Presently, the authentication period for OTP is extended by 3 to 30 days.   

Oxigen Micro ATM for oil firms across fuel stations in India

Oxigen is fast to introduce a secure digital payment framework through India 's Fuel Staions. Oxigen enlightens Petrol pump operators regarding automated payment processes with the goal of encouraging cashless purchases in an attempt to enable customers to adopt cashless means of making payments. With the implementation of the Oxigen Micro ATM, the petrol pumps get unlocked and are able to experience the potential benefits. Generally, most of the bank's offered POS devices only have credit card and debit card facilities, which are limited for purchases of fuel or transactions made at the petrol pump station.

With Oxigen 's Micro ATM, they also accept payments made by Aadhaar utilizing biometric verification, in addition to regular authorization of payments. In addition to accepting payments, the Oxigen Micro ATM is operated by many other utilities, which renders it appealing to owners of petrol pumps and, as a consequence, the Petrol Pump becomes a mini bank, an ATM, a Bill payment hub, all wrapped in one. At an Oxigen MicroATM point, customers can also use fuel pumps to pay their utility bills, recharge and also render banking facilities. Oxigen is currently striving to build identical partnerships with BPCL, HPCL & Nayara, after effectively expanding the footprint of IOCL's fuel station network. 



















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