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Masterpass is a free digital wallet service that makes shopping online safe and easy by keeping all your payment and shipping details in one easy and secure location. Masterpass helps you to shop, click, and pay online faster in order to save your time. Store your shipping address and favorite cards in Masterpass. So just sign in as you check out online, and let Masterpass handle the rest. The merchant receives the details they need and you get to skip all of the payment details re-entering. Launched in 2016, Masterpass QR now allows customers to pay for their transactions by their smartphones instead of a bank card: they can either scan the QR code used at the point of sale of the retailer or can enter a text code if the mobile phone is not enabled with the camera.  The latest method changes the duty of scanning from the customer to the retailer. When the QR code is verified, the online payment will be accepted through the Mastercard network utilizing M / Chip technology and the secured EMV infrastructure.   

How to create Masterpass

You can register on the website for Masterpass.

Begin by entering your email address or mobile number, then follow the instructions to create your password and account. You can add either debit or credit card, such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express, as well as the billing address. At least one shipping address must also be entered, however, you may add as many as you want. You may be requested to validate your account using a verification code via phone, online, text or an email. You may either sign up by installing the Masterpass app from your Android phone or — if you have a Mastercard from a Masterpass partner bank through downloading the app from that branch. (There is no dedicated Masterpass software for iPhone.) Follow the instructions to create your account using the Masterpass app. A verification code will be provided to you, and then you have to take a snapshot of the card that you are loading to create your digital wallet. "The Masterpass sign-up process is unique whether you have wallets delivered by Citi, Bank of America or Capital One or any other. 

What is included in Masterpass?

Masterpass includes the following services:

MasterPass checkout services: To provide the retailers with a clear means of receiving electronic payments MasterPass will allow the usage of NFCs, QR codes, tags, mobile devices used at points of sale or typical plastic cards for in-store situations, whether in the register or in the lane. MasterPass offers customers a quick check-out method for online purchases, by removing the need to submit comprehensive delivery and payment details for each order. 

MasterPass-connected wallets: To allow banks, retailers and collaborators to make their own wallets open. Consumers can easily store details about their cards, address books, and more in a secured cloud operated by an agency they trust. The wallet is receptive which means that users can use other owned credit , debit and prepaid cards in addition to MasterCard cards.

MasterPass value added services: To enhance the pleasure of shopping throughout the entire checkout process. To enhance the pleasure of shopping before, after, and after checkout. This will include further information such as wallet balance and real-time updates, rewards programs, amazing offers and peaceful insights. 

Masterpass QR

Masterpass QR is a modern online payment method that lets Indian consumers pay from their smartphones for products and services. It offers significant benefits for merchants, issuers, purchasers, and end-users. Masterpass QR is simple, safe, easy, and cost-effective, offering a viable solution to cash-without using POS or MPOS devices. Masterpass QR helps India's increasing number of mobile users and smartphone users to pay merchants directly from their mobile phones. It provides an easy and unique way of paying customers. It also fixes much of the pain points involving merchant e-payments and bank transactions. So it's a viable method to expand electronic payment services to merchants.

Benefits of Masterpass QR

  • Make your transaction done in 4 simple steps: Open the app, scan the QR Code, Confirm the payment, and done.
  • Make payments faster with enhanced security
  • It is one of the most secure ways than carrying cash in your wallet.
  • Confirm your transaction in real-time and get the notification of your transaction instantly on your registered mobile number.

How Masterpass QR operate for cardholders?

  • Launch the app on your mobile through which you can scan the Masterpass QR.
  • Scan the merchant QR code through your mobile displayed at the merchant store.
  • Enter the transaction amount to start the process
  • Enter your 4-digit MPIN to confirm the transaction
  • Once the payment is complete you will receive the transaction alert on your registered mobile number.

Process to use Facebook Messenger to set up your business for accepting Masterpass QR payments

Enrolling as a merchant requires a few simple procedures to receive Masterpass QR payments.

  • Open your Facebook Messenger and search for Masterpass QR bot
  • Now enter a "Hii' message and sent it to start the chatting 
  • Now follow the entire process as suggested by the bot.
  • Once the process is completed you will get a QR Code instantly on your messenger.
  • Now save the OR Code or else you can take a print out of the OR Code and make it visible to the customers for accepting Masterpass QR payments.

Mastercard Nearby Mobile App

Wherever you go, make but faster and easier payments with the use of contactless symbol anywhere you see on checkout. When speed and comfort are crucial, contactless checkout is your perfect partner. It can be used in malls, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, transit areas, and more. Payment without contact lets you to manage and details of your transactions. By making your mobile device handy the contactless payment method minimizes the risk of theft or falsification and makes your transaction secure on the go. You are also protected from double billing, even if you do tap twice by accident.

Use your MasterCard or Maestro debit, credit or prepaid card or mobile wallet, the MasterCard Nearby smartphone app lets you instantly and conveniently locate locations that you can use or access your funds. MasterCard NearbyTM is MasterCard's next-generation Mobile App which helps you to find the nearest store where you can make a purchase and get instant cashback. Need instant cash and don't want to pay the processing fees? With Mastercard Nearby Mobile App you can find your nearby ATMs when travelling. 

Masterpass Payment 

MasterPass payments – MasterCard's modern, easy, and versatile digital wallet – is a method to transact online using your own bank's multi-tiered MasterCard security network. Payment by MasterPass is the ideal combination of simplicity and current era reliability. It helps your bank to store your payment and shipping details in a secure place, helping you to shop and checkout easily with small and large retailers with any of your devices, whenever you get the opportunity to buy with MasterPass. The mobile wallet utilizes pre-registered debit or credit card information and individual shipping address to facilitate online payment. It helps the customer to do everything like scan barcodes and to purchase goods using their device automatically, instantly. which takes your payment method to another level. MasterPass is a perfect way to improve the customer experience, rendering it as easy as tapping, clicking, and touching. 

Benefits of Masterpass Payment: 

Masterpass Checkout Facility: It allows the retailers with a reliable method to allow online purchases, irrespective of where the customer is. MasterPass payments support the utilization of QR codes, NFC tags, and devices that are used at points of sale with in-store situations. MasterPass enables the customers with a clear checkout method for online purchases which removes the need to enter the card and shipping information with each purchase.  

MasterPass Associated Wallets: It helps retailers, associates and banks to offer their respective wallets. Shoppers can save the card information and address information in cloud storage, which is managed by a leading entity, more safely. The payment wallet means that the customers can also utilize other authorized debit, credit, and prepaid cards in addition to the MasterCard cards.

MasterPass Value Added Services: This enhances the joy of shopping after checkouts. It provides more detail such as real-time updates, wallet balance, rewards plans and beneficial deals. 

Note: MasterPass is the first major digital wallet and is also supposed to introduce vast improvements to the future for mobile payments. This payment network, being present in 24 countries around the globe, arrives as a unified response to the modern era of payment along with high-level security for the payments and transactions. 

Merit initiatives to the merchants accepting Masterpass

MasterPass is the first international digital wallet and is also supposed to introduce substantial improvements to the forefront for mobile payments. Since it is present in 24 countries around the globe, this payment mechanism serves as a collaborative response to the modern era payment requirements coupled with a high level of security. MasterPass payment as the first of its kind having a primary aim on customer's safety first. In the current scenario, MasterPass has not improved the process of checkout but also boosted the e-commerce profits by improving consumer service. MasterCard offers amazing value to the merchants who support and accept MasterPass.

Offering the merchants with a quicker and safer way to check out for the customers, MasterPass also offers a major opportunity to boost sales by offering all the payment options for the merchants to accept payments from their customers. You can know how MasterPass is helping merchants, by going through the below-given examples.

Encouraging consumer satisfaction: MasterPass also introduced more features into the digital wallet, understanding that consumer satisfaction is essential to the merchants. By accepting the loyalty cards, customers are enabled to earn points for each and every transaction.

Standardized Shopping Experience: MasterPass wallet is accessible to everyone. With this secure service the consumers can use any issuer's card. As a convenient way to pay and to enjoy a smooth, safe shopping experience, customers can check out with one simple tap.

Time saving transactions: MasterPass enables customers to check out for their transactions with few quick taps. MasterPass reduces the wastage of time by avoiding to enter the details of billing and shipping at the time of transaction.

Masterpass Payment Options

Expand your business and raise conversions by enabling your customers to pay using their desired payment method. Masterpass supports all types of payment methods and they are:

1. Credit and Cheque Cards

The most common and trustworthy digital payment methods worldwide are credit and cheque cards offered by Visa and Mastercard. Using the most common online payment system to meet customers all over the world. Get instant payments from your customers around the world. Get instant payments from your customers around the world, in ZAR with Visa and Mastercard issued credit and cheque cards. With a range of fraud prevention mechanisms in operation, Masterpass process local and international credit card payments to reduce the possibility of chargebacks.

Features of Credit and Cheque Cards

  • One of the most popular, innovative, and user-friendly payment option
  • Receive local and international payments from your customers in ZAR
  • Integrated fraud security to mitigate the risk of chargebacks.
  • Option to tokenize card details for recurring subscriptions or payments with a simple click
  • Pay a nominal all-in-one processing cost when making a sale

How credit and cheque cards functions

  • Buyers are required to submit their credit or cheque card details during the checkout process.
  • After submitting the details he/she will be redirected to the 3D secure page for the authentication process
  • On the same buyers will have to authenticate themselves and their bank details by using a password or by generating an OTP. 
  • Buyers will then make the payment which will be seen in your PayFast account once it has been processed.

2. Electronic Funds Transfer 

Quick EFT enables you to shop online with Internet banking access to create an instantly verified Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). ETF is one of the most popular and secure payment options after credit and cheque cards. Unlock Instant EFT as a method of payment and provide your customers to automatically generate a payment. Your customers can trigger the payment themselves via their preferred banking gateway. Moreover, EFT relates to any transfer of funds that are performed by an electronic terminal, like transfers via credit card, ATM, Fedwire and point-of-sale (POS). It is also used for credit/debit card payments, mortgage payments, payroll payments and more. 

Features of Instant EFT

  • You can make the payment instantly without waiting for hours
  • No delays at the time of check-out
  • Pay a small all-in-one transaction fee only when you assign a sale

How to initiate instant EFT?

  • Select your bank and login to your net banking account using the credentials
  • Now select the account from which you want to make the payment
  • Now verify the payment with your bank on your mobile device
  • The payment will be processed and you will get the transaction details instantly

3. Masterpass

A free Mastercard digital wallet which allows online shoppers to check out and make online payments quickly and securely. The digital Masterpass wallet allows online purchasing simpler, quicker and secure by storing payment details in a secure location. Masterpass operates for all major credit, cheque and debit cards and utilizes industry-leading technologies to protect the buyer's information. Unlock Masterpass as a payment option and allow your customers to get a faster checkout process.

Masterpass Contactless Payment

Masterpass Contactless payment method is the fastest and convenient solution for instant payment, which enables you to not to carry physical cash in your wallet. It is a secure and easy payment solution and can be used anytime anywhere. Just see the Contactless symbol at the time of checkout and that's it.

Contactless checkout is the ideal partner of your lifestyle when it comes to triggering a secure and convenient payment on your go. You can use it in shopping areas, dining, gas stations, supermarkets, transportation areas and more. Contactless payment takes control of you and prevents your data. Your card or handset never leaves your palm, minimizing the risk of loss or counterfeiting and every purchase are encrypted in a unique way. Also, you are protected against double billing, even if you tap multiple times by accident.

It'll be simpler than ever to use your contactless Mastercard or phone to checkout whenever you see the universal contactless logo. It is easy and secure as compared to the cash payment. Just tap, scan and go. Contactless is embraced internationally at all kinds of merchants like retail outlets, fast-food outlets, hospitals, groceries and transport sites.

Process to tap and pay with Masterpass

Follow the given steps to make Masterpass contactless payments:

Step 1: Register for Materpass
Generate a secure account that you can use to pay anywhere you want.

Step 2: Download and Install the Masterpass app
Download the Masterpass app from the default app store of your mobile which enables you to tap-and-pay with Mastercard from any banking institution.

Step 3: You are done with it, just sign in using your credentials and enjoy shopping at your favourite retail outlets just by using the Materpass logo.

The MasterPass payment platform contains

MasterPass Checkout Services: It offers an effective way for merchants to approve electronic payments, irrespective of the location of the consumer. Through in-store instances, MasterPass payments enable the use of QR codes, NFCs, tags and equipment used at points of sale. For online purchases, MasterPass provides consumers with a quick checkout procedure that removes the need to enter card or shipping details.

MasterPass Connected wallets: This allows merchants, associates and banks to deliver their own wallets. Users can upload card details and delivery address in a secure manner in the cloud storage hosted by a legitimate source. The payment wallet implies that, in addition to MasterCard cards, users may also use other authorized debit, credit and prepaid cards.

MasterPass Value Added Services: This enhances the customer experience during, or after the check-out. It covers enough information such as real-time alerts, loyalty programs, offers and account balance.

Add-on benefits for merchants accepting MasterPass

MasterCard reaches with exciting value for the merchants accepting MasterPass. Apart from allowing merchants a seamless and secure way to accept payments it also offers a great method to improve sales by making slight changes to the way merchants usually accept payments. Go through the below listed points to know how MasterPass can benefit the merchants.

Enhanced reward benefits for the customers: MasterPass has implemented more usability into the open wallet, understanding that customer loyalty is essential to the merchants. It will allow loyalty cards and will enable consumers to earn points.

Seamless shopping experience: MasterPass is a wallet available to everyone. With this safe service, the customers can use any issuer 's card. With a secure and seamless way to pay customers can gain shopping experience with a one-tap checkout facility.

Time saving: MasterPass enables customers to make a few short taps to check out and also MasterPass prevents the waste of time by allowing the customers to avoid entering basic billing and shipping details at the time of checkout. 

Easy steps to get started with MasterPass

  • Activate your MasterPass wallet through your bank account.
  • Search for “Pay with MasterPass” logo and checkout by tapping on the “Buy with MasterPass” option.
  • Shop anytime anywhere

Mastercard SecureCode

SecureCode is provided as a one-time-password / PIN (OTP) and is sent to you through SMS. This OTP is issued by your issuing bank and is necessary each time you shop online at a merchant which also offers the service. Contact the issuing bank to understand more about this facility and sign up process. This security facility is provided to you with the below-listed security measures:

  • Get security everyday
  • Online security


Below are the benefits of the Masterpass SecureCode feature.

Secure than physical cash

When it comes to hassle-free payments and security, one thing strikes in mind is to pay through a card. Paying through a card or a digital wallet provides you with a host of security protection against online fraudulent activities. And whether you 're shopping in a supermarket, online or on your mobile you can trigger your transaction securely. 

Secure and Smart Network

While using your card for making payment you are covered by a payment network that 's built to be safe and efficient.

Multi-layer security

Card or wallet payment is always the best payment method as it provides you multi-layer security which protects you from illegal purchases.  The authentication safety system ensures a constant track of transfers, making it easy for financial firms to track and retrieve the money in the event that the account is being used for fraudulent purchases. 

How Masterpass works online?

MasterPass-connected wallets allow banks, retailers and affiliates to make their own wallets accessible. Customers can store card details, contact lists and more safely in a secure cloud, which is managed by an organization they trust. The wallet is available, which ensures that customers can use other branded credit, debit and prepaid cards in addition to MasterCard cards. MasterPass is an online platform that enables consumers to use any payment card or device that allows them to go against plastic and explore enhanced shopping experiences that are as simple as a click, tap or touch – online, in-store or anywhere else. 

What market challenges MasterPass can solve?

MasterCard seeks to overcome below-listed challenges:

  • MasterPass wallets offer a secure and easy accelerates the checkout process without asking customers to input their financial and shipping details at any new merchant platform.
  • Managing Wallet alternatives: MasterPass Online helps merchants to add a single click to enter a universe of wallets that either exist or may be established in the future.
  • Facilitating Wallet rivalries: The MasterPass Wallet helps the affiliates to stop building a scratch wallet. Utilizing MasterPass therefore prevents needing to create a network of approval for each wallet approach.

Masterpass Wallet Registration

A User may enroll in the program only with Mastercard 's explicit prior approval. A customer shall use the Masterpass Network, which is considered to be Mastercard backed, for the primary purpose of improving program-related services and shall not use for any other reason without Mastercard's prior written approval. Until connecting to the Masterpass Network, and as a provision of enrollment in the Program, the User must authorize his/her Wallet in the Masterpass registration method, which involves completing the Wallet verification procedure.

All specifics and material required by Mastercard (including but not restricted to the Masterpass Registration Form) in conjunction with the Partner-Hosted Wallet registration must be sent by the User to wallet partners@mastercard.com at least 90 days prior to a scheduled Wallet launch date. Upon distributing a Wallet, users have to ensure compliance with all validation procedures provided by Mastercard, including the Wallet approval method. Wallets may not be allocated to users and/or the Masterpass Mark before Mastercard accepts compliance. Mastercard must specify the criteria for the delivery on behalf of the Customer of a Mastercard-Hosted Wallet which requires registration through the Wallet authentication method.  

How to use Masterpass to purchase something?

Masterpass is operated by Mastercard, which has worldwide credibility for reliability and safety. They develop their stable servers and technologies to protect your confidential records. Once you are ready to check out after filling your online shopping cart click or tap the Masterpass icon. In case you have already saved your wallet on this browser, log in and select the payment card and shipping addresses. Or else you can also add a new card or shipping address during the checkout period.

If you are going for the first time checkout on this browser with your wallet you need to sign in and authenticate via a one-time code that will be generated on your registered email id and mobile number. Now you need to choose your card and shipping address in order to continue your checkout process. You can also review your order before initiating checkout. You can add Mastercard, American Express, Diner's Club, Discover and Visa credit, debit, or prepaid cards for online shopping. Note, not all types of cards will be approved as per your wallet.  






















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