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JioMoney is one of the Indian payments banks which started its operations during 2018, is headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India. The payments bank is a special category of banks which can accept deposits and can make payments but are not entitled to issue a loan or other form of credits including the credit cards. 

JioMoney was started as a joint venture between the Reliance Industries and State Bank of India, with a stake ratio of 70:30.

Reliance Industries received a license to run payments bank from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as per Section 22(1) of the Banking Regulation Act of 1949. It registered itself as a public limited company on November 10, 2016, to set up a payments bank in India. On April 3, 2018, Jio Payments Bank started its operations in the country.

Features of JioMoney

Carry Transactions with the Wallet

JioMoney app will help the users to perform any kind of financial transaction be it paying for bills, recharging DTH or mobile number recharge, sending or requesting money or online shopping, payment of insurance premium and so on by using the wallet and usually, the failure rate in wallet transaction is very negligible.

Deals & Cash Back Offers

JioMoney Wallet comes up with great deals, discounts, cash backs and offers daily.

One can also pay for their online shopping, but this option is right now restricted only for few sites.

Loading Money

JioMoney provides its users to load money to the wallet either through debit or credit card or via net banking service. Post this, one can pay for any kind of financial transaction through the JioMoney Wallet App.

Unique Feature

The unique feature of JioMoney lies in the fact that payments at the Reliance Outlets be it Reliance Fresh, Reliance Trends, Reliance Jewels and others can be done using this wallet. The app also allows its users to transfer the JioMoney balance to the respective bank account.

Bar Code Scanner

The Bar Code Scanner is used for faster payments which are also a feature in the JioMoney Wallet. The user can quickly scan the bar codes and make payments at the merchant stores.

Make use of Jio Money at a store or shop

You can pay for your purchases via Jio Money at a range of shops or registered merchants. These stores can be recognized by "JioMoney accepted here" logos that are shown prominently. You can use Jio Money at a store in the below given several ways.

Jio Money Card: The JioMoney card can be used in the same manner that you use a debit/credit card. You can tap or swipe the card conveniently into the shop's mobile point of sale device. You can be asked to enter the PIN for payments above a pre-set limit (currently Rs. 250) or number of transactions (5 transactions below Rs. 250 per day)

Jio Money App: By generating a QR / Bar code that can then be scanned by the merchant on his m-POS device, you can pay directly from your mobile app. Open the payment app of your mobile and tap on ‘Pay at Shop’ in the app to allow the merchant to scan the displayed QR / Bar code.

JioMoney app (Merchant Mobile Number): You can also make payment by entering the mobile number of the merchant. Just click on ‘Pay at Shop’, select the “By Phone Number” tab, enter the mentioned details: Mobile number of the merchant, the amount payable. message (optional)-and hit the send option. The details of your recent transactions can be viewed by logging into your account at www.jiomoney.com or via the JioMoney mobile application. 

How to Register for JioMoney Wallet?

Any customers with a valid mobile number can register with any telecom service provider can opt to sign up with JioMoney Wallet.

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to create a New Account for JioMoney Wallet

  • One can download the JioMoney Wallet from the Apple App Store or Google App and install the app on your mobile phone.
  • Now proceed further and open the app
  • Enter the mobile number (any mobile number be it jio or by any telecom provider) and click on proceed
  • Enter all the relevant details including name, date of birth, password and so on and check the relevant terms and conditions
  • Click on the register button.
  • Now verify your mobile number by entering the OTP which you receive on your mobile number
  • Enter the mPIN and login to the app

Types of Account with JioMoney

JioMoney offers two types of accounts

Basic Account
The transaction limit is capped at Rs 10,000 for a month and no documents are required to operate a ‘Basic Account’.

Advanced Account
Premium customers can keep up to Rs 1,00,000 stored in the JioMoney Account during a month. The customers of advanced account can do unlimited transactions above Rs 1,00,000 for a calendar month.

Uses of JioMoney

JioMoney helps its users

  • To recharge the Jio mobile number
  • Get discounts, coupons, exclusive deals from JioMoney’s partner brands
  • Pay your utility bills (gas, mobile or landline phone bills, electricity bills)
  • Pay your prepaid or postpaid phone connection, DTH or data card
  • Use Bar code readers and make faster payments
  • Pay shopkeepers directly using mobile number
  • Pay for repeated transactions at your favourite shop within a flash of a few seconds.

Jio Money Transfer

Jio money transfer facility can be made accessible for all Jio subscribers. This program lets clients transfer money instantly from their Jio account to everybody in India. Through this Jio fund transfer service digitally, you can transfer funds from your wallet via your smartphone and it would be deposited in real-time into the beneficiary's account.

The key benefit of electronic payment service from Jio fund is that you can send money digitally without submitting a cheque. Since money is paid in real-time to the bank account of the recipient, you do not need to send the cheque to them. Download the Jio Money app and sign your Jio accounts to use this online transfer money facility. After that, you'll need to create a safe banking PIN and then use this PIN to transfer funds directly from your Jio accounts to everyone in India.

Another advantage of this system is that you can enable cash transfers immediately without adding beneficiaries. All purchases made by the software are safe and stable at 100 percent. You will get an SMS from Jio Bank, and the recipient will get SMS from their bank as soon as money transfer is completed.

Features of Jio Online Money Transfer Service 

Online money transfer service by Jio enables you to make the real-time transfer of money from your account to anyone in India. The beneficiary doesn't need to have an account with Jio. They should have accounts in India with any bank and you can also do a real-time money transfer. You normally have to register and activate the beneficiaries for online fund transfers. But you can do a quick transfer of funds without adding beneficiaries using Jio App. You do need the account number and IFSC code for the beneficiary to trigger fund transfer.

One big advantage of Jio's online money transfer service is that you can conveniently transfer funds to your own accounts. If you have several bank accounts then you can quickly move funds from one account to another. In addition, you can move money from Jio Bank account to other bank accounts even if you have accounts with other banks.

You can also transfer money to the BHIM UPI ID of the beneficiary using the online Jio transfer money service. This allows you to transfer money without asking for bank account number & IFSC code of the beneficiary. If you transfer money, it would be credited to the recipient's bank account which is connected to their BHIM UPI ID. You can also transfer money through your mobile number to your friends and family using Jio app without asking their bank account number & IFSC code or BHIM UPI ID. After you transfer money to them, your bank account will be credited in real-time., which is connected to your mobile number in the Jio app.

Transaction cap is limited to 10 regular transactions, limited to a max of Rs 1,00,000. This is the limit on transfer as stated by Jio Bank. Jio provides a free online money transfer facility, so you don't have to pay any fee to transfer money from your bank account to any account across the country. Online money transfer service is accessible 24x7 so that you can transfer funds in real-time whenever required. This lets you make money transactions without needing to visit the branch or ATM. The service operates on weekends, summer holidays, and general holidays as well.

From the JioMoney app or the JioMoney website, you can recharge your mobile / DTH or make bill payments instantly. You can access all of the mobile / DTH providers and billers listed in the application and portal. This collection is being constantly revised and broadened by adding dish tv payment across Airtel, Dish TV and Tata Sky. 

Register, Activate and Add Funds to Jio Money

Jio Money provides a convenient and seamless process for registration. You can use your mobile number to register a Jio Money account. This is a one-time registration process and each person can only generate a one Jio Money account which is linked to his/her registered mobile number only. Once the registration process is completed your Jio Money account will be activated instantly and you will get the successful message via SMS on your registered mobile number. Through an active Jio Money account, you can add your debit or credit cards, add money to your wallet, and more. If you're a Jio customer already, you'll have to sign up only, once.

The only difference is that to sign up for Jio Money, you will need to use your Jio Registered Mobile Number and password. You can add money via net banking, debit card or a credit card to your JioMoney account through either the app or the website. Using Jio Money is for banking needs is completely secure and you can even access a variety of features like creating standing payment instructions, accessing and making use of a range of discount coupons, etc. 

Benefits of Jio Money Transfer Service

Below mentioned are the benefits that are only curated for you by Jio Money Transfer Service.

  • No matter where you are you can make real-time money transfer from your Jio Account.
  • No registration or adding of beneficiaries is required for making fund transfer in Jio Money Transfer service.
  • In case you hold numerous bank accounts, you can easily transfer money between your Jio Bank accounts.
  • With Jio Money Transfer service you can transfer money between your self-accounts with other banks.
  • The Jio Money Transfer service is one of the widely used gateways which gives you a 24*7 transfer facility.
  • You can trigger your money transfer on bank holidays and even also on Saturday/Sunday.
  • Jio Money Transfer service is supported by all the banks across India.
  • The maximum transfer limit cap is Rs 1,00,000 and up to 10 transfer per day from your Jio bank account across India.
  • Jio Money Transfer service is free and no hidden cost is charged to make a transfer online.
  • On Jio Money Transfer you will be notified on your registered mobile number via SMS from the bank for your every transaction.
  • Jio Money Transfer is powered by BHIM UPI which is used for real-time money transfer from your Jio Bank account to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Eligibility for Jio Money Transfer Service

You have to meet the following criteria to use Jio Online Transfer Money service: 

  • You must have an existing account or a savings account with Jio
  • Your mobile number must be registered with your existing bank account.
  • You must be a smartphone user (Android or IOS) for utilizing Jio Money Transfer service.
  • You must have an active internet connection

Process to transfer money from Jio account online

  • Open My Jio App and tap on "Bank" option
  • Now you can see the current balance of your account and various options such as Send Money, Add Money, Pay at Shop etc.
  • Tap on the "Send Money" option to proceed further.
  • Now enter the amount you want to send and enter any message which is optional for you and tap on "Proceed"
  • Now you will get two options "Mobile Number" and "Account Number" to transfer money.
  • Select any of the two options as per your comfort and enter the required details.
  • After entering all the details tap on "Proceed" and enter your 4-digit mPIN Number.
  • Once the verification is complete you will get the successful message on your mobile screen. 

Security of Jio Money Online Transfer

Jio Money Online Transfer is completely secured in the following ways:

  • Jio UPI account authentication can only be achieved on your mobile phone by linking your mobile phone number with your current bank account
  • To use BHIM facilities, you must use your debit card to generate a new UPI PIN
  • You will have to use Jio Bank UPI PIN to execute some kind of transaction. No transaction can take place without this convenient UPI PIN.
  • You can also set up an account password for additional security, so that nobody can even access the device without having the application password.
  • You may also establish a PIN or pattern lock for your phone for additional security so that no one can unlock your mobile phone

Jio Money Beta

JioMoney Wallet (Beta) APK is the app in which you can use all the features of the app on its development stage. Beta means it is not the final version of the app it is still under the testing period. The developer of the app launches the beta edition to enable the user to test the app, and then provide the developer with feedback. JioMoney Beta is a smart app provided to you by Jio that offers you all the advantages of cash-without any of its restrictions.
You can also experience the comfort of shopping at any Reliance Retail store with JioMoney-whether it 's Reliance Fresh, Digital Express, Reliance Jewels, or some other Reliance retail chain. You can also digitize your Reliance One reward points via JioMoney. Now inside the JioMoney Beta App, you can receive and redeem your Reliance One loyalty points. So Welcome to a smart app with cutting-edge technology that can guarantee your money's complete security.

Features of Jio Money Beta

  • Jio Money Beta allows you to trigger secure digital payments from anywhere.
  • The application is easy for everyone to navigate and easy to use.
  • Jio Money Beta allows you to make digital payments without worrying about any type any of fraudulent activity.
  • You can recharge your mobile within a few minutes for which you will get offers on your Jio payments once the recharge is successful.
  • With the help of new PayMyBill feature you can recharge your prepaid, postpaid, DTH, data card connection and much more.
  • Effectively render easy, smart & safe bill payments to a range of billers including Mahadiscom, Mahanagar Gas, Reliance Landline, Airtel, Tata Sky and many more
  • Make payments quicker than cash with its innovative barcode functionality in your neighborhood shops or directly to the mobile number of a shopkeeper
  • Get amazing deals offers and vouchers from JioMoney's associate brands.
  • Book tickets for bus, train, flight, movies instantly from the app and get amazing benefits for your booking right from the app.
  • Book your meals and pay your insurance premium on the go, directly from your smartphone.
  • Enjoy amazing cashback for your purchase on top shopping platform like Amazon, Flipkart, AJIO, ABOF, Jabong & more
  • Recharge FASTag for your vehicle and make your journey peaceful by avoiding toll booths.
  • You can also digitize your Reliance One loyalty points via JioMoney. Now within the JioMoney app you can earn and redeem your Reliance One loyalty points.

How to download Jio Money Beta App

Go through the below-given process to download the Jio Money Beta App.

  • Visit Google and search for 'Jio Money Beta App'
  • Select the latest version of the app to download, currently the latest version is JioMoney Wallet (Beta)
  • Now click on the 'Download' option to start the download process.
  • Once the download is completed you can install the app on your mobile by tapping on the 'Install' icon.
  • Now open the app and complete the general registration process.
  • After completing the registration process you can use the Jio Money Beta App, right from your comfort.


On 5 September 2016, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited ("Jio"), an affiliate of Reliance Industries Limited introduced JIO and take the telecom industry into a new level by providing free calling and data packs services across India. It is the first network in India that supports Voice over LTE. JIO has provided an amazing array of free benefits to all users with a mission to connect everyone, everywhere and provide the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. It has driven India to lead the digital economy globally.

JIO offers a broad range of prepaid recharges. JIO smartphone recharges are quick and trouble-free. FreeCharge, a digital online payment portal, enables you to make recharge from anywhere from your mobile.

Benefits of Jio Prepaid Mobile Recharge on Freecharge

Initiating a mobile recharge on Freecharge is easy, simple, fast and secure. The below listed are the benefits you will get by doing Jio Prepaid recharge on Freecharge.

  • FreeCharge delivers great rewards and cashback on mobile prepaid recharges. 
  • FreeCharge provides all the latest JIO prepaid mobile recharge plans and packs covering talk time, 4G data packs, special recharges, add-ons and more. You can choose the Jio prepaid recharge plan according to your need.
  • Mobile online recharges are quick and simple with FreeCharge. With Freecharge you will get a time-saving recharge option so that you make hassle-free payments and never worry about running time and insufficient balance.
  • Offer is crafted for you according to your recharge choice. Make JIO recharge for unlimited plans or voice call services and get amazing deals and cashback offers for your successful recharge.
  • FreeCharge online recharge platform ensures you 100% safety and security. Making sure that all your personal information with Freecharge are extremely secure.
  • Lots of payment choices at FreeCharge for you. Pay securely via credit card, debit card, net banking or mobile wallet or FreeCharge UPI with no extra charges at your convenience.

Process to recharge Jio Prepaid Mobile on Freecharge website

  • Visit the Freecharge website and click on the 'Mobile' under prepaid option.
  • Now enter your Jio number and select your preferred plan
  • Now select your payment method and make the payment complete
  • Once the payment is successful you will get the transaction details on your registered mobile number via SMS.

Process to recharge Jio Prepaid Mobile on Freecharge App

  • Open the Freecharge app in your mobile and under the prepaid section tap on 'Mobile' option
  • Enter your Jio prepaid mobile number and enter the recharge amount or select the recharge plan of your choice from the list.
  • Now select your payment option and complete the payment
  • Once the transaction is complete you will get the successful message on your registered mobile number.

JIO Money Merchant

Major online retailers and countless offline stores accept payments through Jio Money across India. Experience the fastest growing community of Jio Money merchants and expand your business faster.

Merchant Benefits on Jio Money

Below-listed are the advantages for merchants at Jio Money


  • All you need is a mobile number to manage your merchant account through Jio Money.

Easy Registration

  • You can easily sign-up for your merchant account by using JioMoney Merchant App.

Quick alerts

  • SMS notification for all payments

Cashless payments

  • Easy and convenient cash-free payments

Money credited to your account

  • Daily payments credited directly to your registered bank account


  • No registration fees, security or hidden charges

Payment history

  • View all your past transactions at one place

Opportunities for growth

  • Grow your business with millions of Jio Money users

Easy steps to start

  • Download and install the JioMoney app in your mobile
  • Get registered by entering your business details
  • Submit your bank account details to accept payments in your bank account
  • Or else give a missed call on 1800 200 200 7 to open an account. You can also send an SMS by typing JM <PINCODE> and send it to 92200 92200

Using Reliance Jio

You will experience free data and unrestricted voice calls with your activated Jio SIM. Jio SIM comes with a number of services with a per day limited usage of free data, SMS and voice calls. Remember that all the data used when watching live tv or consuming on-demand shows will be measured against your limit of regular use if you like the content on offer with the Jio apps. 

How to activate Jio SIM?

You have to activate it once you have got your Jio SIM card. Once you enter the Jio SIM card in your mobile you will get a text message on your Jio number saying that the service is ready to be activated. Now dial 1977 to get a confirmation via call and start using your Jio SIM. 

Jio Payments Bank

The Reserve Bank of India ('RBI') granted Reliance Industries Limited an in-principle authorization to develop a new Payments Bank under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. It then collaborated with SBI to fund this innovative effort to develop the infrastructure of Payments Bank for each Indian, and Jio Payments Bank Limited was established in November 2016. 

Reliance sees the Payments Bank initiative as a major opportunity to have a profound effect on India's financial inclusion environment, leading and co-creating an eco-system to provide open, easy and inexpensive banking solutions for all constituents of the nation. Jio Payments Bank aims at digitizing payments and serving as a platform for a cashless India. 

Key benefits of Jio Payments Bank

  • Streamlining digital payments for every Indian, including banking and financial presence.
  • All transactions at Jio Payments Bank stores are encrypted by your bio metric Aadhaar, ensuring you can achieve your account only through hitting the nearby offline store.
  • By utilizing your Jio Payments Bank account through your MyJio App or by heading to your nearest Jio Payments Bank outlet you can make Jio recharges, pay bills, transfer money, purchase Jio Mobiles and more. 
  • You can now deposit / withdraw cash from your account at Jio Payments Bank. No need to fill a form, or holding a passbook to deposit or withdraw money from your Jio account, just hot to your nearby Jio Payments Bank outlet and you are done. 
  • Expected to come across over 70,000 banking outlets across India.

Process to create Jio Payments Bank UPI Address

  • Open the My Jio app in your mobile and tap on ‘BHIM UPI’ option under the homepage.
  • Now search your bank and select it.
  • Generate PIN and link your bank account.
  • Once your bank account is linked to the Jio Payments Bank you will get a successful message along with your JIO BHIM UPI id.

JioPOS Lite App

Collaborate with Jio and start earning now! JioPOS Lite App is for you to become Jio Partner for initiating Jio customer recharges. No paperwork required, just download the app complete some steps and get started. For your ease, the partner onboarding method has been simplified and streamlined. No paperwork, no external verification. Just fill out the details, upload documents and enroll online.  

Key features of JioPOS Lite App

  • Prospected retailers can register with Jio Mobile Number and Email I d
  • Add money into your Jio wallet and get amazing benefits
  • Recharge for costumers using your wallet balance
  • Monitor your daily earnings through earnings dashboards

Two ways to collaborate with Jio

Become a Jio partner by going through the below-given ways.

Recharge partner

  • Completely paperless registration process
  • Generate your account within 10 minutes
  • Add money to your Jio wallet
  • Recharge Jio numbers and get returns

Activation and recharge partner

  • Aadhar card, Pan card and local address proof is required for registration
  • Completely online and paperless method
  • Get your Jio Partner ID instantly

The app is like an online and virtual recharge spot where you can add money in your wallet and use them to make Jio Mobile recharge which enables you to get commission up to 4.16%. As of now, JioPOS Lite is accessible exclusively for Android devices and can be downloaded free from Google Playstore. With the app’s Passbook feature you can track the transactions of the last 20 days. 

Here's how Android users can use their Jio number to register for JioPOS Lite.

Before starting you must keep in mind that, only Jio subscribers can register for JioPOS Lite.

  • Download the app from the Playstore and grant access to all the permissions such as contacts, location and media.
  • Now you have to add money in the JioPOS Lite wallet starting from Rs 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2000. 
  • For every Rs.100 spend on Jio recharge via the app, you will get a commission of 4.16 per cent.
  • The App's FAQ tab will display a variety of recharge options to select from. You can opt for a Reliance Jio recharge plan from here. 

MyJio App

MyJio is a digital life portal. Using the MyJio app, you can access your high-speed Jio data to experience the services such as manage your account, mobile recharge, view your active 4G plan and validity of the existing plan, usage details of your calls, texts & data, generate e-statements up to 6 months, nearby Jio stores or JioNet hotspots, update your registered email id or mobile number, view FAQs, troubleshooting videos, helpful suggestions and even speak to the virtual assistant just say 'Hello Jio' for all your queries related to any Jio service. Link accounts, save your contacts and do much more with Universal QR. 

Want to know more?

Just go through the below given features and benefits of MyJio app to experience the app right from your comfort.

Search and Locate

  • Search your favourite recharge plan and recharge in a few taps.
  • Search for your nearest Jio stores
  • Search for amazing MyJio features and services
  • Find Jio apps and get ready to install
  • Troubleshoot and solve your queries instantly.


  • Simple login interface
  • Improved login experience with various Jio products for customers

Quick access to:

  • Jio mini apps: Now get instant access to other Jio apps such as Jio Together, Jio Saavn, Jio News, Jio Cinema, Jio Engage, Jio Cloud, and more.
  • Alerts: Get personalized notifications for every in-app activity or transactions.
  • 3D touch: Access your frequently used features from quick shortcuts.

Account summary:

  • Account summary: Get a real-time summary of your account balance or amount due for payments.
  • Usage Summary: Track the details of your Calls, Data, SMS and Wi-Fi usage pattern
  • Statement: Get e-statement on your registered email id.
  • Multiple accounts: Link and manage your multiple Jio accounts under My Jio app.


  • Profile Settings: Update your personal profile and Jio account
  • Do Not Disturb [DND] preferences: Allow DND to select categories you want to accept promotional messages for.
  • Manage Devices: Oversee your JioFiber devices comfortably! Enable someone who connects to your JioFiber Wi-Fi to access names and passwords of Wi-Fi.
  • International Roaming: Manage and update the settings of your International Roaming


  • Payment resources and wallets: Choose from a range of recharge plans and take advantage of exclusive deals. Link and pay through wallets such as JioMoney, Paytm, PhonePe or other and save your UPI IDs for future transactions.
  • JioAutoPay:  Activate auto-pay feature for hassle-free and seamless payments
  • Saved Cards: Make faster payment through your saved cards at My Jio app.


  • Get FAQs and find answers to all your queries
  • Go via helpful advice, or contact the JioCare Customer Care executives
  • Troubleshoot the issues of your device or submit a service request 
  • Now conveniently locate the nearest Jio stores, service centers and Jio hotspots!


  • Listen music according to your mood. With JioSaavn you can enjoy music of all languages online and offline on your go.
  • Access a music library containing over 45 million tracks. There's music for everyone from Bollywood to International hits.


  • Get a quick preview of the new trailers and get the perfect dose of entertainment at your comfort.
  • Scroll across famous box office hits, feature films, blockbusters, television shows and web series.
  • Grab your popcorn and enjoy popular TV shows from your comfort.


  • Do you feel unloved on getting back home? Let's enjoy some time enjoying fun games to win spectacular awards. There is a game for everyone from Cricket to TV shows. Just login to JioEngage and get engaged in your favourite game to experience your gaming skills. 

JioMoney Customer Grievance Redressal

JioMoney handles all of its customers equally. Whether you have some queries, requests or grievances, Jio is ready to assist you on a 24x7 basis. You can contact Jio Money using the following methods to address your issues. It will take 2 working days from the date of receipt in order to resolve your concerns. 

By calling: 18008919999 

By mail: care@jiomoney.com 

1. If you've not received feedback on your complaints or not happy with the solution from the above-mentioned ways, you can submit an email to Headcustomercare.Jiomoney@ril.com to the customer service Head to escalate your queries. You need to attach the reference number issued to you in your previous interaction for a quick resolution. The customer service head will reach to you in 1 working day to resolve your queries.

2. In case you are not happy with the response of Head – Customer Service, in that case, you can reach to the Nodal officer: Vishal Gupta, to assess your grievances by sending an e-mail to Nodaloffice.Jiomoney@ril.com 

3. If no response is received within one month from the date you portrayed your grievance, or if you are unhappy with the feedback provided, you may write to the Banking Ombudsman for an independent analysis.

JioMoney Correspondence Address

Reliance Payment Solutions

Reliance Corporate Park,


Navi Mumbai - 400 701

Maharashtra, India

JioMoney Merchant Helpline Number

Dial: 1800 891 2345 (24x7)

Email: merchant.care@jiomoney.com 


Q: What is JioMoney?

Ans: JioMoney is a safe and secure way to make digital payments over physical and online channels. You can make instant bill payments, perform mobile / DTH top-ups, pay in thousands of online and physical stores, and more. You can also link your cards and bank accounts to JioMoney.

Q: What are the benefits of using JioMoney?

Ans: By signing up for JioMoney, you would have access to a variety of services, including:

Cashless transactions anytime, anywhere safely store all your credit/debit cards and bank accounts for convenient and faster payments make payments in-store and online at a variety of merchants transfer funds to other JioMoney users and bank accounts pay your bills and recharge your mobile / DTH using a single application great deals, deals and coupons from top brands and also from your neighbourhood stores.

Q: Who can hold a JioMoney account?

Ans: Anyone over the age of 10 can hold a JioMoney account.

Q: How secure is my JioMoney account?

Ans: Your JioMoney account is 100% secure. JioMoney stores your confidential information on the most secure servers, using world-class security procedures and cutting-edge technology to protect your data against theft. These credentials are not disclosed to anyone when you pay via JioMoney.

However, do not share your mPIN and password information with anyone by phone, email, text or in person for your account security.

Q: Is my money safe if I lose my phone?

Ans: Even if you lose your phone, your money is 100% safe. No one can access your JioMoney account, because only you can do so using your password and your 4-digit mPIN. JioMoney locks your account for your security after 3 consecutive incorrect mPIN attempts. you can suspend your JioMoney account and block payments by calling Jiomoney customer care service at 1-800-891-9999 (toll-free) or by sending mail to care@jiomoney.com

Q: Who can register for JioMoney?

Ans: Any customer with a valid mobile phone number, registered with any telecommunications operator, can register with JioMoney. 

Q: Where can I download JioMoney app?

Ans: You can download JioMoney application from the Android Playstore or the Apple Appstore.

Q: How can I register for JioMoney?

Ans: You can download and install JioMoney from https://www.jiomoney.com. You can see the registration page and complete the process your account.

Q: What are the different types of accounts offered?

Ans: From now on, JioMoney offers a minimum KYC account. You can load up to Rs 10,000 per month and spend up to Rs 10,000 per month with this account. Also, you can charge a maximum of Rs 1 lakh during an exercise. Transferring funds to another person or a bank account is not allowed with this account.

Q: Are there any fees/charges for using JioMoney?

Ans: Using JioMoney service is free. You can use it at any time and anywhere.

Q: What is JioMoney's expiration policy?

Ans: There is no expiration date for your JioMoney account. Your account is valid until your registered mobile number is active.

Q: How many JioMoney accounts can an individual have?

Ans: Each person can only hold one JioMoney account following the regulations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Q: How can I load money into my JioMoney account?

Ans: You can load money into your JioMoney account via Net Banking, credit card / or debit card.

Q: How to link debit/credit cards with Jio money app?

Ans: You can link your bank account or your credit/debit cards by logging into the Jio Money application and clicking on "Add a card/bank account" in the Manage accounts section.

Q: What happens if I fail to load the account?

Ans: In the unlikely event of a transaction failure, the amount deducted will be refunded to the source account or card.

Q: Does the money loaded in JioMoney have an expiration period?

Ans: No, there is no money expiration period in your JioMoney account as of now.

Q: To whom can I pay by using JioMoney?

Ans: Using Jio Money app payment can be made: 
For all your Jio services in all your neighbourhood stores (large and small), restaurants, shopping centres, university canteens, clinics, hospitals, etc. Payment can also be made online to more than 50,000 e-commerce sites like Book myShow, Yatra, Burrp, etc. and also via the mobile application option offered by many online merchants.

For paying utility bills like postpaid mobile connections, electricity, gas, landlines and insurance premiums. For prepaid mobile top-ups and DTH connections. The app can also be used to give donations to the charity like National Association of the Blind, Siddivinayak Trust, CRY etc.

Q: How can I make payments for online purchases?

Ans: JioMoney is available as a payment option on more than 50,000 e-commerce sites like Book myShow, Amazon, Flipkart, Yatra, Burrp etc. And also via the mobile application option offered by many online merchants. You will see the JioMoney option on the payments page of the e-commerce / mobile application site; simply select JioMoney and complete your purchase.

Q: How can I pay at a nearby neighbourhood store or the mall using Jio Money?

Ans: Simply choose "Pay at the store" in your JioMoney application and the merchant will do the rest.

Q: How do I know if my payment has been made successfully?

Ans: You will see the success page with the details of the transaction. You will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile phone number and by e-mail (if registered). You can also view your recent transactions in the transaction history section of your application.

Q: How do I unblock my account?

Ans: JioMoney locks your account for your security after 3 consecutive incorrect mPIN attempts. To unlock your account, please contact JioMoney Customer Service at 1-800-891-9999 (toll-free) or write to care@jiomoney.com

Q: What should I do if I forget jio money app mPIN?

Ans: To set a new mPIN in jio money mobile application, click on the "Forgot your mPIN" option which is available in the JioMoney application. Follow the instructions to complete the process to set a new mPIN.

Q: How to contact JioMoney?

Ans: You can send us your comments from your JioMoney application itself. Simply click on the JioMoney icon in the upper right corner of your application, then select "Report a problem". Alternatively, you can also contact JioMoney customer service at 1-800-891-9999 (toll-free) or write to care@jiomoney.com

Q: How to check my JioMoney balance?

Ans: Your JioMoney balance will be displayed on the home screen when you log into your account.

Q: How can I see my past transactions?

Ans: You can see your transaction history by clicking on the next button in jio money app at your balance on the home screen.

Q: How to change personal information in Jio money application?

Ans: You can update your personal information in the account settings (upper right corner in Android and lower in iOS) on the JioMoney app. To change information such as phone number, address, etc., you need to provide relevant documents from the JioMoney app.

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