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Find ICICI Bank IFSC & MICR Code


The country's central bank (RBI) has specified three ways in which we can remit money. These include the popular NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. However, to undertake these transactions, we must have the IFSC Code allotted by RBI to each bank and the specified branch.

The ICICI Bank IFSC Code is an 11-digit alphanumeric code having special 4 characters, 'ICIC', stand for the name of the bank, the fifth character is always 'zero' for future use and the final six characters specify the 'exact branch address'.

How to Search for ICICI Bank IFSC Codes?

If you are searching for the IFSC code of your home branch, you can use two mechanisms to search. In the offline mode you will find it written on your cheque book, which has been given to you by the ICICI Bank branch. If you are looking for online IFSC Code of ICICI Bank you can find here in Goodreturns.

State Wise ICICI Bank IFSC & MICR Code

About ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank was formerly known as the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, which lent to large industrial projects in the country. It was later transformed to a bank and got its shares listed on the stock exchanges in India.

Today, ICICI Bank is the top private sector lender in the country along with banks like State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda.

Huge branch network

The bank has a network of branches in excess of 4,450. What this means is that if you want to transfer money from one Bank branch to another branch, you need the IFSC Code of ICICI Bank.

We have provided you with the IFSC codes of all of the branches of the bank. We will keep updating the same regularly.

A little more on ICICI Bank

From mere project finance institution, ICICI Bank today provides a range of services through the parent company and a host of subsidiaries. For example, ICICI Prudential Life provides life insurance, while ICICI Direct provides brokerage services. The bank also has a subsidiary that provides general insurance and an asset management company.

The bank also has branches across the globe including places like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, apart from a significant presence in the Middle east, through branches in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

ICICI Bank was also among the first Indian Banks to list on the New York Stock Exchange.

Among the many innovative products of the bank includes the Pockets, MySavings Rewards, Contactless Debit and Credit Cards, Video Banking for Non Resident Indians etc.

Structure of ICICI Bank IFSC Code

ICICI IFSC CODE is an alphanumeric code of 11 characters used for transferring online funds through NEFT, RTGS & IMPS.

Visiting the Goodreturns.in site you can find the unique IFSC code of every bank and branch based on your location. Let’s take an example, for Indira Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the ICICI Bank IFSC code is ICIC0001680. To let you understand more clearly, let's break down this code into 3 sections.

  • The first four digits of the code reflect the name of the bank
  • And for future use, the next digit 'o' is kept aside.
  • The last six characters are explicitly reflective of the ICICI branch addressed.

Remember that another branch will have a specific IFSC code in the same city and state. For a fund transfer facilitated using net banking, the IFSC code must be provided. It can bring the sender in trouble if the proper IFSC code is not assessed in, and it is also a necessity for fund transfers around the country to recognize the payee / beneficiary IFSC code.

Fund transfer using ICICI IFSC Code through  NEFT, RTGS & IMPS

Money can be transferred via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS using the IFSC code. The following information is needed to trigger a fund transfer.

  • Name of the payee/beneficiary
  • Name of the bank, branch and IFSC code
  • Account number of the beneficiary or payee

It is mandatory to register the beneficiary before initiating the fund transfer process and then proceed to choose the 'Fund Transfer' option. Once this is completed, before validating the money transfer with an OTP or pin number, other specifics will have to be filled up. For all NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS transactions, mobile banking or online banking can be used.    

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfers are rendered in batches and have a fixed timing under which ICICI settlements the funds. This system operates on the basis of Deferred Net Settlements and is carried out on an hourly basis. If the batch approval is done within the prescribed time period, the money is credited to the recipient on the same day otherwise the same will be credited on the next working day.

Modes offered by ICICI to initiate NEFT transactions or transfers

  • ICICI Net Banking
  • iMobile
  • m.dot
  • Pockets
  • Icicibankpay

Charges applicable for NEFT transactions by ICICI Bank

  • Cash up to INR 10,000- Rs 2.50 + GST
  • Between INR 10,000 and INR 1 lakh- Rs 5 + GST
  • Between INR 1 lakh and INR 2 lacs- Rs 15 + GST
  • Between INR 2 lacs and INR 5 lacs- Rs 25 + GST
  • Between INR 5 lacs and INR 10 lacs- Rs 25 + GST

Transaction timings:

All days except Sundays, 2nd and 4th Saturdays between 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM 

What are the benefits of NEFT Facility?

  • Accessibility round the clock throughout the entire year
  • Real-time transfer of funds to the account of the beneficiary and settlement of funds under a secure and digital mechanism
  • Coverage of Pan-India via a vast network of branches of all categories of banks.
  • Strong remitter notification via SMS / e-mail on credit to the account of the receiver
  • Implementation of penal interest for a pause in credit or refund of transactions
  • No fees for online NEFT transfers to Savings Account holders
  • In addition to the transfer of funds, the NEFT method can be used for a variety of transactions, such as the payment of credit card dues to issuing banks and the payment of EMI loans.

Is it possible to render a part pre-payment on a home loan via NEFT with ICICI Bank?

Yes, through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), ICICI Bank acknowledges partial pre-payment of your home loan. You need to visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch if you want to make part of the pre-payment on your home loan account via NEFT. In the remarks column in the NEFT form, the Service Request number issued during the branch visit must be indicated when making part prepayment by NEFT. Please notice that transactions involving invalid applicant numbers will be denied. Minimum 1 EMI to be paid as the amount of the part pre-payment. 

Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS)

Transfers are rendered on an individual transaction basis by the Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS), i.e. the settlement of funds is scheduled one by one. ICICI completes RTGS transactions during the current working day, as per the standing instructions set out. RTGS is one of the quickest money transfer mechanisms available and can be carried out on fully safe platforms. It takes at least three working days to schedule an RTGS transaction ahead of time. Among other aspects, you can compensate for transactions such as transfer of cash management, interest, mortgage, securities, tax payment, trade settlement payment and much more.   

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

ICICI Bank's IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) allows you to transfer funds instantly and securely. You can transfer your amount on an Internet-powered mechanism using ICICI Net banking, which makes it easier for you to transfer cash from your ICICI account to any ICICI or other bank accounts across India. This platform can be accessed across the year at any time anywhere. Funds can be transferred through the following mechanisms via IMPS:  

  • M.Dot
  • IMobile
  • Internet Banking

Specifics necessary for rendering a fund transfer using any of the above described modes:

Customers need to provide the following details while making a NEFT or RTGS transaction with ICICI Bank:

  • Amount that you are willing to transfer to the beneficiary
  • Account number i.e. ICICI Bank account of the beneficiary
  • Bank name of the recipient
  • Name as per his / her bank account of the recipient
  • IFSC Code of the recipient’s bank branch

Ways to find ICICI Bank IFSC Code

One can elect-out of some of the ways listed below to find out about the ICICI Bank IFSC Code

ICICI Bank Cheque Book

A cheque book is a document featuring pre-printed pages of information about the customer's checking account. The ICICI IFSC code is written on the top of the cheque, while the MICR code is written on the base of the cheque.

ICICI Bank Passbook

In order to figure out the ICICI Bank IFSC code, ICICI Bank account holders can also use their passbook issued by their particular bank branch

ICICI Bank Net Banking

Customers can perform many banking-related services with the aid of ICICI Bank Net banking. Using the ICICI Bank net banking facility, the appropriate IFSC code can also be found. 

ICICI Bank Mobile Banking

The ICICI mobile banking app needs to be signed in and the specific IFSC Code of your bank branch can be found in the app instantly. 


The ICICI Bank MICR Code is part of the technology for character recognition used by the banking sector for cheque clearance and processing. It is a 9-digit code that helps to identify the bank, the bank branch where the account is held, and all information needed to process the payments from the cheque. 

Following the below-listed ways, you can find the ICICI Bank MICR Code

  • Through ICICI Bank Passbook
  • Through ICICI Bank Cheque Book
  • Through ICICI Bank Net Banking and Mobile Banking


When the transfer of funds between two banks occurs globally, the SWIFT code is used. It is a digital message transfer mechanism that transfers messages in a predefined sequence when a transaction takes place anywhere around the globe. In order to locate the ICICI Bank Swift code, ICICI account holders are required to contact the ICICI Bank customer service center.

A SWIFT code is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC), sometimes also called a SWIFT code. They are used by banks and financial institutions to classify themselves internationally. A type of international bank code or ID, it indicates who and where they are. While transferring money between banks, these codes are used, especially for international money transfers or SEPA payments. These codes are also used by banks to exchange information or messages with each other.


Here, ICICI reflects the Bank Code, IN reflects the country code, BB reflects the location code and NRI represents the branch code.

  • Swift code (8 characters)- ICICINBB
  • Branch name- ICICI BANK LIMITED
  • Branch Code- NRI
  • Bank name- ICICI Bank Limited
  • City- Mumbai
  • Country- India  

What is Wire Transfer?

One of the simplest offline ways of sending money to your family members and friends in India is Wire Transfer. Accessible for transfer from your local bank account to your ICICI Bank Account in 40 currencies. ICICI Bank has a wide array of bank branches from which any bank account in India can be credited with the money. Just address your local bank with Wire Transfer guidance and money will be credited within 1-2 business days to any ICICI Bank or Non-ICICI Bank in India. Trigger wire transfer from your local bank by specifying our correspondent bank details via their online / offline service.

How ICICI wire transfer works?

Follow the below-listed points to know more about wire transfer:

  • Make sure that your name, overseas bank account number, email ID, overseas address / contact number and purpose of remittance are specified in the wire transfer message sent by your local bank for fast and reliable processing of the transaction. Please state charges in the wire (swift) remittance form as "OUR".
  • Please specify the full branch address of the beneficiary bank and most importantly the IFSC Code, in case of credits to any other bank across India. 
  • Please keep in mind that the intermediary bank's SWIFT code / BIC is currency-specific and is standard among all branches.
  •  For opening an FCNR fixed deposit, do not specify the account number, please ensure that your Customer ID is specified.
  • You must have the purpose of the remittance for timely credits to your account. 
  • Do not mention your NRE / NRO savings account number while remitting funds for FCNR deposits to prevent the funds from being converted to INR.
  • It is possible to open RFC deposits in USD, GBP, EUR and JPY currencies only.
  • FCNR deposits can only be made in the currencies of USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, SGD, CHF and HKD.
  • Minimum RFC / FCNR account opening amount: USD1000, GBP 1000, Euro 1000, JPY 200,000, AUD 2000, CAD 2000, SGD 2000, CHF 1000 and HKD 10000
  • FCNR Deposits without a term applied in SWIFT will be made for 1 year 1 day by default.
  • If the wire transfer form of your local bank does not have any authority to enter correspondent bank information, then please check with your local bank to provide the correspondent bank details as specified in the Wire Transfer / SWIFT details.
  • To prevent any error in processing your transaction, ensure your local bank specifies your account number, name address and intent of remittance in the payment message.
  • Swift / BIC Code for ICICI Bank for retail remittances is: ICICINBBNRI

Charges required for wire transfer

  • For Wire Transfers except for Service Tax on Foreign Currency Conversion ICICI Bank does not charge anything, but for wire transfer, the remitting bank / correspondent bank can impose charges.
  • In compliance with the GST Bill 2017, enacted by the Government of India w.e.f. on July 1, 2017, goods and service tax will be imposed on the converted gross INR amount.
  • Demand drafting fees-0.2 percent (making fees) + INR 35 (courier fees). The amount charged is the sum of the charges and the fees for the courier or INR 85, whichever is higher.

All You Need To Know About ICICI Bank IMPS

At any time of day or night and on all 365 days of the year, ICICI Bank customers can use Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) in order to make fund transfer. IMPS is a method of instant money transfer by which money can be transferred as well as received. One of the main benefits of this method of money transfer is that, unlike other kinds of fund transfer techniques, there is no need to wait for money to be transferred in batch wise. IMPS is a seamless, straightforward and handy fund transfer technique for those who need instant money. ICICI's customers can access IMPS services through different platforms through the iMobile app of the bank, and online banking or mobile banking. The Reserve Bank of India ( RBI) and the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) oversee the IMPS framework. Therefore, it is a very safe form of process for money transfer. 

Process to transfer money using ICICI Bank IMPS via net banking using IFSC Code

All ICICI bank customers are eligible via net banking and mobile banking to use IMPS services. To use net banking service to transfer funds please follow the below given steps:

  • Visit ICICI Net Banking portal and sign in to your net banking account using the required credentials
  • Now click on the ‘Funds Transfer’ option under the left side on the menu bar,
  • Now select non-ICICI Bank Account option and click on transfer using ‘NEFT/RTGS/IMPS-IFSC’
  • Now select the ‘IMPS 24/7’ option and click on ‘Continue’
  • Now select the beneficiary and payment option
  • Now select the account using which you want to transfer money
  • Now fill the required specifics such as transaction remarks, amount, IFSC code and bank account number of the beneficiary
  • Confirm the transaction and specify the transaction password
  • Once your transaction is successful, a confirmation message will be sent to by the bank to your registered mobile number     

Procedure to register for ICICI Bank IMPS

All ICICI bank customers are eligible via net banking and mobile banking to use IMPS services.

Steps to transfer funds using ICICI Bank IMPS with MMID via net banking

  • Sign in to ICICI net banking portal and head to ‘Funds Transfer’ and select ‘IMPS Fund Transfer’ using ‘Mobile Number and MMID’
  • If you have multiple accounts, select the account from which you want to transfer the funds
  • Now enter the required detail of the beneficiary such as mobile number and MMID
  • Now enter the amount that you want to transfer and confirm the details
  • Now enter transaction password and your debit card details
  • Proceed further in order to complete the transaction, once it is done successfully a confirmation message will be delivered to your registered mobile number via SMS.

Steps to transfer funds using ICICI Bank IMPS via iMobile with IFSC

  • Open the iMobile app in your mobile phone and sign in to your mobile banking account using the required credentials
  • Head to the bank account section and select the respective account for IMPS transfer
  • Now tap on  ‘IMPS Payments’ and then select ‘IMPS-Account Number’ option
  • Now enter the bank account number, transaction amount and IFSC code of the beneficiary
  • Now verify and confirm the details and authenticate the transaction using your debit card details
  • Once details are authenticated, the money transfer will be initiated. This will provide a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number.    

Procedure to transfer funds using ICICI Bank IMPS via iMobile with MMID

  • Open the iMobile app in your mobile and sign in to your account
  • Now head to your bank account menu and select the respective account for IMPS transfer
  • Now select ‘IMPS Payments’ option and tap ‘IMPS-Mobile Number’
  • Enter the MMID,mobile number of the beneficiary/payee and amount to be remitted
  • Verify and confirm the details
  • Once details are confirmed, money transfer will be processed and you will get a successful confirmation message on your registered mobile number for the same.

Steps to get MMID via iMobile

  • Open the iMobile app and sign in to your account
  • Now select the bank account and select ‘Insta FT(IMPS)’
  • Now click on ‘Generate MMID’ and you are done

How to generate ICICI MMID via SMS?

Type MMID (space) and the last 4 digits of your account number and send it to 9222208888. You will get the MMID instantly via SMS.

Procedure to add recipient for ICICI Bank IMPS in iMobile app

  • Open the iMobile app in your phone and sign to your account using user ID and MPIN
  • Head to the home screen and select ‘Funds Transfer’
  • Tap on ‘Add New Payee’ and select the type of payee. 
  • Now enter the required details of the recipient i.e. name, account number, IFSC code, and account type.
  • Confirm the details and tap on ‘Submit’
  • Now verify the payee through OTP-based verification and you are done

Steps to add payee for ICICI Bank IMPS via net banking

  • Visit ICICI Bank net banking portal and sign in to your net banking account using the required credentials.
  • Head to the ‘Payments and Transfer’ tab and click on ‘Manage Payees’ option
  • Now click on ‘Add Now’ option under the ICICI Bank Payee tab and enter all the required specifics of the payee.
  • Click on ‘Next’ and verify your details
  • Now proceed further and select the payee and enter the specific reference number which you will get on your mobile number
  • Payee registration pending notification will be displayed on your device screen, now you need to click on ‘Confirm Payee’
  • Once done you will get a confirmation message on your device

Pros of ICICI Bank IMPS

The iMobile banking app assists customers, at the press of a button, to transfer funds without any inconvenience through IMPS. You can trigger IMPS transactions by entering your IFSC code and account number, or by specifying your mobile number and MMID. The fund transfer mechanism is very quick when it falls with IMPS and not as time-intensive as other electronic transfer forms. In addition, the key benefit of this mode of service is that it is available 24/7, including on bank holidays. One of the key benefits of IMPS is that the funds are immediately transferred without any gaps to the beneficiary / payee account. The payee receives the money as soon as the fund transfer has been initiated. On a real-time basis, the transfer mechanism occurs as well.     

ICICI Bank New NEFT Timings

ICICI Bank offers the possibility of making simple online transfers of funds. NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer which is accessible in over 99 banks around the nation. Soon after it was introduced, ICICI Bank was one of the banks that adopted this service. The ICICI NEFT timings, charges and other relevant details should be known to any account holder using this platform. ICICI Bank modified its operating hours, diminished staff and briefly halted some of the non-essential services due to the lockdown in India due to COVID-19. Additionally, every day except 2nd & 4th Saturday, the bank resumed its opening hours in August, i.e. 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. In addition to this the bank has also agreed to run all the facilities as regular. Every day from Monday to Saturday (except 2nd & 4th Saturday) from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM, NEFT services will be processed at ICICI Bank. The bank takes special care and safety initiatives to secure both its customers and its workforce. Without a face mask, customers are instructed not to visit the bank. Appropriate sanitization of hands should also be maintained before and after visiting your nearest ICICI bank branch. In the event of an unusual circumstance, account holders can only visit branch offices. Otherwise it is recommended to use ICICI Bank Net-banking or ICICI Mobile Banking. ICICI Bank's customers can also use ICICI Bank's Whatsapp services for standard banking facilities.      

ICICI Bank also has some deadlines that enable you to render these transactions, like all participating banks in the NEFT System. Timings for ICICI Bank NEFT are Monday to Saturday: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm (except Saturday 2nd & 4th). NEFT transfers cannot be conducted on Saturday, Sunday and on bank holidays on the 2nd and 4th of Saturday. In case you have rendered transfers on these days the amount will be transferred into the account of the beneficiary on the next working day. In order to avail NEFT services at any time, 24×7 you can use internet banking or mobile banking services of the bank. NEFT settlements are rendered in batch wise and this enables you to render NEFT transactions during the day in 23 half-hourly settlement batches. All account holders of ICICI Bank are provided with NEFT transactions. Direct cash transfer from a branch can also be made by filling up a NEFT Form. This is in the event that you do not have access to your account or that your mobile banking or net banking account has not yet been enabled. For this, you'll need to visit the nearest ICICI Bank Branch. Only in beneficiary accounts that are backed by NEFT enabled banks you can initiate transactions. You can search on the Reserve Bank of India website if you want more information on the banks that are enabled by NEFT.    

Key takeaways of ICICI Bank NEFT

  • You can navigate and make fund transfers on the go from your account.
  • This is a service open to all of ICICI Bank's customers.
  • Since the Reserve Bank of India tracks all transactions, it is also one of the most trustworthy alternatives.

Steps to use ICICI Bank NEFT

You can use ICICI NEFT online as well in addition to the offline alternative. This is one of the easiest alternatives and the reason why NEFT is preferred by most people. You should thoroughly verify the ICICI NEFT timings before doing any NEFT transfers. In order to make a transaction through NEFT from your ICICI account you have to follow the below-listed steps:

  • Sign in to your ICICI Bank Net Banking account or mobile banking account using the required credentials i.e. User ID and password.
  • Navigate to the “Transfer Funds” option and select NEFT.
  • Under the Add/ Manage Beneficiary section, add the required details of the beneficiary.
  • Now enter the details of the beneficiary such as name, account number and IFSC Code of the branch.
  • Now select the account from which you want to transfer the amount
  • Click on ‘Submit’ and you will receive a transaction reference number which you will have to keep handy.
  • Confirm the transaction and you will get a confirmation alert on your mobile once the transaction is successfully completed.

Procedure to generate MMID for ICICI

Manual fund transactions have appeared a fact of the old days with the revitalisation of the Indian banking system. For Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), there are various readily available modes that have made life simpler for all. NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, UPI, AePS, etc. are among these new approaches. IMPS is the most common among them, offering many specific features and advantages. 

What is IMPS?

IMPS means for Immediate Service for Payment. The Indian government initiated this facility in 2010 and is supported by India's National Payment Corporation (NPCI). It performs every transaction immediately, as the title indicates. Using his or her registered mobile number, IMPS allows the user to make payments instantly from their mobile phone without compromising their comfort on a 24x7 basis. The transfer of funds from one account to another is also a safe process. The great thing concerning IMPS is that irrespective of national and bank holidays, it is available around the clock and throughout the year. Almost every Indian bank is a participant of the IMPS network at present. When a customer transfers funds to someone via IMPS, the registered mobile number integrates the customer to his bank account. IMPS does not transfer the balance directly to the recipient's account, unlike RTGS and NEFT. It transfers the balance from the account of the customer instead and transfers it to their associated mobile number. Next, the balance is transferred from the mobile number of the user to the mobile number of the recipient. Ultimately, the balance is sent from the mobile number of the recipient to the associated bank account. 

Ways to generate MMID for ICICI

A unique 7-digit code for IMPS transactions issued by banks to their customers is MMID. It is a blend of the account number of the account holder and the mobile number registered with the bank. Banks only offer their consumers with MMID codes when they request. Using various methods, customers can generate MMIDs from their respective banks. In order to generate this code, ICICI bank provides 3 different ways. For smooth IMPS transactions, the following steps will instruct you on how to create MMID for ICICI on different platforms.

ICICI Bank Mobile Banking App: The mobile banking app from ICICI, iMobile, provides a fast and convenient way to create your MMID. Besides that, make sure that you log in with your credentials. Select Bank Account > Chosen Bank Account > IMPS > Generate MMID. Once done the MMID will be instantly displayed on your device screen.

Vis SMS: Your MMID code can also be retrieved via SMS. Type 'MMID' with the last 4 digits of your bank account number and send an SMS message to 9222208888 from your mobile number which is registered with the bank. A reply SMS containing your 7-digit MMID code that you can use for IMPS transfers will be delivered to you instantly. 

Via net banking: To get your MMID, you can use your internet banking credentials. Only login and follow these measures in your online banking account. On the left-hand menu, click on Retrieve/Generate MMID. Choose the account you want to create an MMID for. Select Retrieve/Generate MMID. It will immediately show your MMID code.

Steps to transfer funds using ICICI IMPS

ICICI Bank provides customers with IMPS services at all time periods. In addition, it is a two-way operation, implying that money can both be sent and received. It is straightforward, fast and convenient. A few banks have made it their main option for money transfers for their customers, often delivering convenient access to the facility. On multiple platforms such as mobile banking and online banking, ICICI Bank customers can also use this service. The transfer of funds to and from ICICI by IMPS through the ICICI iMobile banking app is seamless. 

  • Open the iMobile banking app and tap on the ‘send money’ option.
  • Enter the beneficiary’s 10-digit registered mobile number and associated 7-digit MMID code.
  • Now enter the money that you want to transfer and confirm the transfer.
  • Although you can use the account number of the recipient and the registered mobile number, the best way to transfer funds is to use the MMID and mobile number.
  • If all of these specifics are inaccurate, the transaction will be terminated immediately.   

ICICI Bank Credit Card IFSC Code

A credit card IFSC code is required by a cardholder to settle an unpaid credit card bill via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). The Credit Cards Indian Financial System Code is clearly developed to make the method of bill payment easier. The IFSC code of the ICICI Bank credit card is ICIC0000103, which consists of 11 digits, both numeric and alphabet. In this instance, the bank's title is signified by the first 4 letters, 'ICIC' and the following digit, '0' or zero, is left aside for future use by the bank. The last 6 digits '000103' apply to the bank branch that will approve credit card payments. This implies that even though they do not have an account with the ICICI bank, those who own an ICICI credit card can cover their bill via NEFT. Consequently, using this service, all those who have an account with some other bank will be able to pay their bill as well. 

How to locate ICICI Bank Credit Card IFSC Code?

ICICI credit card IFSC code can be located on different finance websites online and can also be identified on the website of the bank as well. For all ICICI Bank credit cardholders, this code is similar and will not alter as the IFSC bank code, which is branch-specific and used to facilitate the transfer of funds using NEFT, IMPS or RTGS. It is necessary to remember that an IFSC credit card code is not similar to a savings account's IFSC code. The card must first be enrolled as a beneficiary in order to make payments using the IFSC credit card code. It is important to give the 16-digit card number as the account number, followed by the IFSC credit card code.  

Benefits of ICICI Bank Credit Card IFSC Code

Cardholders who do not have an ICICI savings/current account can transfer funds through NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) to cover their credit card bills. They need to know the IFSC Code of the ICICI credit card to do this. An IFSC code will be required for customers who want to transfer funds from one bank to another. IFSC means Indian Financial System Code. This is a distinctive 11 digit code allocated to each and every branch of the bank. And this allows you to transfer the money to the right branch of the bank. ICICI Bank credit card IFSC code is ICIC0000103. Other branches' IFSC codes are accessible on the official portal of ICICI Bank. For the same reason, customers can even call the customer service centre. The payment will take 1 working day to be reflected in the credit card account. In order to prevent late payment charges, ICICI Bank allows its cardholder to make a payment through NEFT at least 1 day before the due date of the bill. The following situations will occur if a customer enters the wrong IFSC code to clear his or her credit card bill.

  • The transaction will be denied and the balance will not be deducted from the account of the customer.
  • The balance might be debited from the account of the customer and not fully reimbursed to him or her.
  • Remember that, based on the details provided by the customer, the bank is not responsible for funds once transferred.

How to make credit card bill payment using ICICI Credit Card IFSC Code?

To prevent late fees and finance charges, it is necessary to pay your credit card bills on or before the deadline. There's also a significant impact on your credit score through skipping credit card payments. ICICI Bank supports payment of credit card bills in different forms, such as net banking, mobile banking, auto debit and more. Check below for information on the payment options for ICICI credit card bills.

ICICI Bank credit card bill payment via NEFT with IFSC Code

You can reimburse your ICICI credit card balance from any other bank account using the NEFT service. Follow the instructions that are provided below for the same:

  • Visit the official site of ICICI Bank and sign in to your net banking account using the required credentials i.e. User ID and Password.
  • Now select the ‘NEFT’ payment option and in place of account number add your  ’16-digit ICICI Bank credit card number’ correctly.
  • Now add ICICI credit card IFSC Code as ICIC0000103 and proceed further to initiate the payment.

ICICI Bank Timings

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India in short ICICI, is among the leading banks across the country. With 4,850 branches and over 13,500 ATMs across the country, ICICI Bank is among the largest private sector banks in India. It provides its customers with numerous banking services. Different forms of bank accounts, deposits, life and general insurance, different investment schemes, different types of loans, pocket wallet, credit cards, rural banking and personal finance management are some of the services provided by the bank. The bulk of banking activities are conducted online in this modern environment, but there are moments where you need to visit your bank branch for banking needs. Then read more if you want to visit the ICICI bank branch and want to learn about the working hours and lunchtime of ICICI Bank. There are various types of branches of ICICI bank, such as wealth branch, retail branch, Demat desk enabled branch, touch banking branch, gold loan branch, forex branch, branch enabled by lockers, branch enabled by ASBA and branch enabled by RTGS and so on. All ICICI bank branches have nearly the same timing, but there is a difference for a few service branches.    








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