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Key Problems Associated with Aadhaar Card

The UIDAI has taken up lots of efforts to provide best Aadhar services to the end-users, despite this some of them face some grievances, to help them to rectify the same, the UIDAI has set up a “grievance redressal system” which acts as a platform to deal with the concerns or problems faced by Aadhar cardholders.

Individuals who have complaints and grievances can write to the authorities or can dial the voice-based helpline number through the following.

E-mail ID: help@uidai.gov.in

Voice Helpline Number: 1800-300-1947

Any kind of issue or grievances that will require the involvement of an enrollment agency, will be directed through a web portal to the registrar appointed Nodal officer.

Common Resident Grievances Related to Aadhar Card

Biometric Authentication

Though the system of biometric authentication provides veracity for both iris scan and fingerprint scan, sometimes it fails to provide 100% accurate results in capturing.

Individuals may have to run to get their scan for up to 10 times or more before getting a valid match. This will become a tedious and time-consuming process.

Protection of Information and Data

In some of the cases, the sensitive aadhar identity information, as well as the demographic information, was leaked and made public questioning the safety of the information. There have been several instances, wherein bank accounts which are linked to aadhar accounts were vulnerable to hacking and information leaking.

Typo Errors, Mis-Print and Spelling Mistakes

One of the main common mistakes is the error of spelling mistake. Such kind of errors in Prime ID documents will make it impossible for individuals to avail services until it is rectified and corrected. Some of the errors will require the individuals to take ample amount of time from their routine to get it corrected.

Address Error

Incomplete addresses and address errors are one of the common errors in case of aadhar cards. They are difficult to spot by an authority or by an agency. Usually, an incorrect address leads to the failure of delivery of service or identity authentication to the concerned individuals. An incorrect address in the aadhar card will make it difficult for the user to use it as an authentic document for Proof of Address.

Name Error

Errors while entering name also needs to be rectified and the name error is the most common form of error in India as error can occur while entering initials, errors in recording and manual entry systems etc.

For example: if there is no spacing between the first, second and third name then it will lead to name error and this requires rectification.

Common Resident Grievances while issuing Aadhaar and its Solutions

There are umpteen grievances related to Aadhaar, the most common ones faced by the resident Indians are as follows

Misplacement or Loss of Aadhaar Card

If a resident misplaces or loses his/her Aadhaar card, then the individual has to get in touch with the respective contact centre either via phone, post or e-mail. The resident can do so by using his or her enrollment number and a request to send a new Aadhaar card can be raised. To avail off this service, one has to pay a nominal fee.

If an individual requires his/her aadhaar number to avail any services then they can avail the same by getting in touch with the agency which has offered him or her the aadhaar card facility.

Rejection of Resident by UIDAI

If the UIDAI rejects, the resident’s application for issue of Aadhaar card, then valid reasons for rejecting the same will be communicated to the respective individuals along with its registrars. Any step taken post rejection will be communicated to both the parties also.

Baal Aadhaar is in Blue Color. Is it valid?

Yes, the UIDAI has purposefully issuing Baal Aadhaar in blue colour as it helps to differentiate between aadhar issued for kids and the ones which are issued for others. Baal Aadhaar is issued for children who are aged between 0 and 5 years. After the child reaches 5 years, the blue aadhaar will become invalid. Hence it is mandatory to get the biometric and demographic details updated after the child reaches 5 years at a nearest Aadhaar card enrollment centre. If it is not done on time, then Aadhaar is likely to become invalid. 

Misplacement of Aadhaar Number

In case, if the Aadhaar cardholders have misplaced their aadhaar number, then they can look out for the same using the online Aadhaar service. An individual can even call up the toll-free number at 1947 and get assistance from an agent for retrieving his or her enrollment identification number. A resident can use it further to download the e-aadhaar card via the official portal.

Duration for Aadhaar to arrive post-re-application

If Aadhaar card is generated since the beginning of the initial enrollment, then please note that every attempt after that will be rejected and hence there is no point in re-applying for it. Instead, aadhaar card can be retrieved through any of the below-mentioned ways:

  • By visiting the enrollment centre near you
  • Visiting the official web portal of UIDAI
  • Dialling the toll-free number – 1947

Delivery Failure of Aadhaar Card

If the Aadhaar card which is supposed to be sent to your residential address as mentioned in the application form at the time of enrollment is not delivered then he or she should get in touch with the UIDAI Contact Centre and provide them with your respective enrollment number. Alternatively, the resident can even log in to the UIDAI web portal and check the status of the Aadhaar application by filling up the required information on the website. 

Spelling Errors in Aadhaar Card

During the time of enrollment, it is mandatory for every individual to correctly check for the spellings while filling up the form. Since the resident can view the entry of the data, it is better to double-check the data and to make sure that there are no mistakes or errors found on the form before submitting the information.

However, if the information provided still has some errors, then the resident is given another opportunity to correct their mistakes before the details are sent for finalization. If errors are not identified and corrected, the details on the enrollment acknowledgement letter will get printed as per the submitted data.

If errors are not spotted and rectified at this stage also, then the resident may have to visit the nearest enrollment centre to perform the demographic correction and please note that this has to be done within two days after enrollment. Plus, the resident has to submit all the documents relevant to the corrections along with the enrollment acknowledgement slip at the centre.

Recently updated Aadhaar says manual Check

Usually, when an aadhaar is updated in the system it takes at least 90 days for the procedure to get completed as enrollment packets will be sent for manual quality checks wherein various quality check operators will check the data for photo quality and demographic related issues and this includes sanity tests against the resident photo – existence of gross errors in gender, human image, issues related to captured data, age, photo mismatch, gender and so on. Due to the above-mentioned procedures, the generation of Aadhaar card gets delayed. However, if the status remains same even after 90 days, then it is better to contact the authorities by ringing in the toll – free number 1947 or email them at help@uidai.gov.in for any further assistance.

Is it possible to access Aadhaar or UIDAI web site services outside India?

The official website of UIDAI can be accessed despite one’s location. There are no restrictions on them. But some of the web portal services can only be accessed based on the geographical policies and they include Aadhaar Linking Status, Resident Portal, Self Service Update Portal (SSUP), e-Aadhaar and so on. The above-mentioned services cannot be accessed outside India.

Name mismatch in Aadhaar and PAN card

An individual’s demographic information must match in both the Aadhaar and PAN card to link them. Even a minor mismatch can cause an issue at the time of linking procedure as the process will fail as there will be a prompt to modify the name in the database. One has to go through the paperwork to resolve the issue.

If in case, everything is correct, then an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the registered mobile number to make sure that the date of birth and gender in Aadhaar and PAN are same.

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